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Supply chain Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 03:53:59 Id: 440f29 No. 12123
Current supply chain problem at the LA seaport https://archive.ph/5TYqT https://www.businessinsider''(Please use archive.today)/shipping-containers-stuck-california-ports-combat-shortages-2021-9 >Key US ports in Southern California are facing near-record backlogs of cargo ships. >About 98% of warehouses in Southern California's logistics-heavy Inland Empire region are fully occupied, while the entire Western U.S. has a 3.6% vacancy rate, according to The Journal >Executives have warned the shipping crisis will continue into 2023. In other kind of related news https://archive.ph/1qtmq https://amac.us/with-acquisition-of-california-port-china-broadens-influence-on-us-commerce/ >This alarm comes in the wake of China’s largest shipping company, Cosco Shipping Holdings Co., taking control of a major US trade terminal in Long Beach, California >In the mid-1990s during Bill Clinton’s campaign for his second presidential term, the Clinton administration worked towards ensuring a Chinese shipping company with communist ties received a good deal on another Long Beach shipping terminal. >The bad China deals didn’t stop with Clinton, either. Under the Obama administration, US-China relations shifted, with Obama positioning the United States as a partner to China, rather than a competitor. As the US became less competitive with China in the name of “international cooperation”, the Obama administration gradually began to allow more and more Chinese conglomerates to buy out American properties and businesses. The Democrat-backed policies that gave China trade advantages are, in part, responsible for the development of the current state of affairs in which China has a disproportionately large influence on American commerce. Also do note that the fentanyl problems comes from China Previously: https://archive.ph/2G0di https://www.forbes''(Please use archive.today)/sites/wadeshepard/2017/09/06/chinas-seaport-shopping-spree-whats-happening-as-the-worlds-ports-keep-going-to-china/ >China has been buying up the development and operational rights to a chain of ports that stretch from the southern realms of Asia to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and even South America.
>>12123 why won't the ass clowns on the West Coast empty the goddamn warehouses and get those ships unloaded so we can solve the supply backlog? Seems pretty easy to just do your fucking job.
>>12124 because there are not enough chassis for the containers to bring to the final destination.
>>12124 California, in its unending wisdom, has passed a law that basically bans all older trucks/trucks with older parts from the state. That means a significant amount of trucks can't operate within the state since trucks are too expensive to upgrade constantly. Clean Air Regulations for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles is what you wanna look at. That aside, port terminals get shut down for chinkflu constantly, and the work is shit, so people don't want to do it after they discovered how little money they can spend during lockdown.
We are living in the end times. This lockdown is permanent. Those who thought that the US was too big to be locked down now have found out that the entire world can easily be put under house arrest. The elites will not stop because no one will resist. Even if there is a vaccine for this virus, the globalists will create another virus scare or start another crisis by saying that the Russians are coming. The ruling class will cull the 99% by using abortion, suicide, starvation, war, and concentration camps. When the government says report to the town square, run for the woods.

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