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(496.55 KB 862x928 powell.png)

Powell Bumped Off By The Jab Anonymous 10/18/2021 (Mon) 13:42:06 Id: 000000 No. 12203
The jab Holocaust genocidal Gestapo meme virus suicide cult, that is. F for respect, Colin Powell. https://archive.is/UBKOr
(182.17 KB 900x477 heavens gate suicide cult.png)

"Let's all go into outer space and meet God. Jab-style!"
(106.88 KB 680x386 160766273176.jpg)

>>12203 Good. Everyone in the federal government deserves death.
>One of the main people responsible for the war in Iraq and the multitude of problems that came with it, including Obama getting elected as backlash against the Bush administration's monumental, century destroying fuckups. >respect I know we have plenty of people that would and should elicit more emotional reactions now, so it's easy to forget how this guy helped to fuck things up, but still. No.
>>12203 literally ruined millions of lives because of his god awful decisions on foreign policies. he can rest in shit and piss
rot in piss war criminal

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