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(3.05 MB 3120x4160 riotriot.jpg)

Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 01:23:46 No. 1224
I found this sticker at CHAZ's garden (yes, they still have a garden). which one of you did this?! Also, I can't find ANYTHING about this online, please tell people it happened.
>>1224 MLK was a sicko that wanted race mixing. Fuck off.
If Americans don't mind if states ban websites, ban protests, arrest reporters, close churches, outlaw guns, seize property, wiretap phones, torture, and have kill lists, would Americans care if states legalize slavery?
>>8299 >arrest reporters Reporters are communists. It is ok to kill them all.
>>1224 CHAZ is still alive? I thought they broke up after Warlord Raz took control and people started getting murdered due to obstructed police/ambulences.
>>8304 I think they've got a new one going in Minneapolis in and around the spot where George Floyd died. Things are picking up in anticipation of Derek Chauvin's trial.
>>8345 The personal mandate is the worst supreme court decision made in probably a century. I can't believe they allowed it.
Maybe the government says masks must be mandatory because the government taxes mask sales and mask companies lobby for mandatory mask laws.
>>1231 you have to slowly gwet in therehead by using their icons aginst themselves, anon. This is mind games.
>>1224 >which one of you did this?! Given the multitude of words, I'm guessing a lefty who had his business raped more than once.
>>8600 It's republicans doing the usual based nigger routine. >Big Nig said this so we all have to do it okay?
>>8632 Why would a leftist own a business?
(73.32 KB 506x480 performative-grifting.jpg)

>>9422 Why indeed
>>9426 2 million dollars just for wearing a shirt saying you're a berniebro on tik tok. Do Americans really?
>>9426 Is there a higher resolution version?
>>9427 I doubt people simping made her that much money, unless she's belledelphine levels of popular. Most likely rich dad/boyfriend or just lying its not $2mil
>>9426 Holy shit. She isn't even hot

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