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(6.38 KB 241x176 QR Code fail.PNG)

Causing a Problem for the QR society. Anonymous 10/22/2021 (Fri) 16:35:36 Id: 82485c No. 12301
I was thinking a bit lately, and in my country they are going for a QR code strategy to allow you even enter restaurants, events etc. So I was thinking, seeing as it is a QR code, and thus contain data. Why could we not cause a problem? By putting what amounts to a Virus or Malware code that disrupts the whole QR systems code base into disarray? Into a QR code that the scanners would be able to scan and pickup on.
(495.75 KB 3000x3527 fire.jpg)

>>12301 >enter restaurants, events etc. collaborator places don't exist
No any problems, everything works fine. QR Heil!
(7.16 KB 279x119 qrcode_capacity.png)

>"Based on the different error correction values above and the different versions available, The maximum storage capacity can therefor occur at 40-L. This is version 40 with error correction set to low. This QR Codes would allow for 3Kb of data to be encoded." >"How this then translates into readable data is determined by the datatype in use. These have been detailed to the left. Bare in mind the 20 character limit of a traditional barcode."

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