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(7.34 KB 640x640 1635361489805.cleaned.png)

covid secret key leak Anonymous 10/28/2021 (Thu) 18:44:10 Id: 000000 No. 12357
Help me out. I heared that the secret key used to verify the code was leaked. Where can i find it and how to generate the qr code. Someone alredy did it
>>12358 Any onions on a burger epass? Card stock PDF has been distributed widely but I’d rather a digital to avoid physical papers please complications.
>>12400 Good luck anon, just be careful with those niggers selling vax passes on telegram and those turks from Dr, Wilon Issic on fb, they are scammers and/or glow niggers
>>12401 Thanks and noted, relaxation was never an option. I’ve been trying to cast a wider net in anticipation of info on functioning private keys getting leaked but no luck so far.
>>12405 >>12400 Any luck on those keys?
I'm working on the Canadian fag pass. I was hoping that alg=none would work in the header but no luck. I can open and edit, can't close and pass.
so no one knows anything on those leakse ???
>>12405 i need the paper ones, have u got them? or anyone else do? The exemption from the vax too maybe
>>12929 what country was it for?
>>13040 >8chan <KC

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