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(143.41 KB 500x282 kenoshakylevid_0.png)

Rittenhouse Hidden Footage Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 00:04:49 Id: 36eefd No. 12473
JURY DECISION: NOT GUILTY! In other news today, Kyle Rittenhouse is getting off scot free, cleared of all charges, and will be able to countersue the media, his prosecutors, and all political groups involved for hundreds of millions in slander and libel damages. https://www.zerohedge(Please use archive.today)/political/fbi-sat-bombshell-footage-kyle-rittenhouse-shooting https://archive.md/rGHSF FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting On Tuesday, opening statements in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, an18-year-old aspiring police officer accused of fatally shooting two men and wounding a third on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, as BLM riots raged in the streets of Kenosha in response to a white-on-black police shooting. While prosecutors have slapped the teen with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide, Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to all charges, claiming self-defense. Now, new footage has emerged which bolsters his case. Now, Human Events' Jack Posobiec reveals that the FBI sat on potentially exonerating evidence in the Rittenhouse case, where threats against Kyle can clearly be heard before he opened fire, as well as what appear to be muzzle flashes from people shooting at the teen. We recommend playing full screen.
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:31:00.
Glowniggers gon glownig
>>12473 Fuck yeah! Hail Rittenhouse! I just wish I could watch a vid of him doming all those faggot bitches LMAO.
(8.18 MB 960x540 kr.mp4)

>>12473 The video.
Score one for the controlled opposition.
rule of law is dead, only identity matters. derek chauvin's "crime" was being white and letting a black guy die. rittenhouse's "crime" was being white and killing three antifa jews. there is no political solution.
>>12491 >he thinks violence isn't politics ngmi
>>12473 >>12481 >they held footage so the news could properly spin this for ages and turn as many people as possible against him before the truth finally came out So damn predictable. Fucking faggots.
fuck me, use a knife next time, identify with islam
(204.90 KB 933x1244 America 2020 2021.jpeg)

>>12473 So what you're saying is that the glow niggers stood by and watched as other niggers burned down cities.
>>12499 i dont trust my vpn enough to state the true solution in plain text
>>12546 Imagine being so afraid of jews that you refuse to say words in your own defense.
>>12548 i cant play minecraft if i brag about my plans to internet glowies
>>12474 That's CIA, this is FBI.
>>12473 i don't hear any threats. the "shots" make no one duck. i see him walking along the whole time and people walking alongside. i don't see looting or rioting.
Tangentially related to the case >Who is Kenosha's mayor? John Antaramian >Who is the prosecutor for this trial? Ed Antaramian >Who is the lead detective for the prosecution? Benjamin Antaramian https://archive.ph/cFFP3 https://thepostmillennial''(Please use archive.today)/kenosha-mayor-has-close-family-ties-to-lead-detective-prosecuting-da-in-rittenhouse-case https://archive.ph/hbk43 https://kenoshacountyeye''(Please use archive.today)/2021/11/02/opinion-kenosha-mayor-who-let-city-burn-has-surrogate-in-rittenhouse-courtroom/
>total acquittal on all three murder charges >state’s own witnesses admit that Kyle did nothing wrong >prosecution literally in tears and shaking in the fucking courtroom, on camera >third kike Kyle didn’t kill openly admits to attempted murder, multiple counts of lying under oath, multiple counts of false witness across the last year in statements to police, and destroyed the basis of his own civil suit in which he was demanding $10,000,000 Kyle may get off scot fucking free, AND he can now countersue for the attempted murder charge.
>>12625 The only way he gets convicted now is if the jury is literally stacked. Hard to imagine the prosecution was able to select correctly given their general incompetence, though. Too bad that one guy got removed.
>>12626 The judge can stop in and declare the Kyle is innocent if he sees that the jury is swaying that way.
(4.00 MB 720x406 judge_is_pissed.mp4)

(2.10 MB 640x360 right_on_the_borderline.mp4)

Judge is not having any of their shit today.
(976.08 KB 649x3668 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12652 >Rittenhouse Trial Heats Up as Judge Screams at DA: 'Don't Get Brazen With Me' https://archive.md/wzqc6
>>12649 >the men Rittenhouse shot were all WHITE! If I recall they were all Jews.
>>12652 Damn the judge is pissed!
>>12656 He just yelled again. And the prosecutor continues to tell the judge what the judge said.
>>12505 >So what you're saying is that the glow niggers stood by and watched as other niggers burned down cities. Chances are that glowniggers were doing the burning. All of the left-wing orgs are counterextremism intelligence contractors run out of London and financed by the Pentagon. Look into Demos, Avaaz, the World Economic Forum, and the Global Steering Group for Impact Investment.
Nigger is trying to say Kyle putting out fires is a bad thing. How the fuck does this make sense.
>>12659 >you knew it was an angry mob when you went to put out fires This fucking guy.
(1.70 MB 1280x720 Sum.webm)

>Prosecutor just goes "hey he had a pistol, but your AR-15's bigger and he wasn't pointing it at you at this exact frame of the video so..." This is getting more and more ridiculous.
>>12662 No wonder libs always think guns are used as penis extensions, to them they are.
>>12659 >Nigger is trying to say Kyle putting out fires is a bad thing This is america. Putting out fires racist somehow.
>>12473 >>12653 >>12659 I like the judge but knowing America the jury probably all BLM plants. Call me black pilled. But crackhead Floyd shows how third world america Justice system is.
So the Liberal Mainstream Media, which is the propaganda arm of the Establishment, is running smears of Kyle Rittenhouse who shot a pedophile, wife beater, and Antifa in self defense in the middle of a riot. And this same MSM is defending and pumping out sympathetic articles for this brave and innocent victim Gaige Grosskreutz, the Antifa who is an avowed communist and stated that if he could go back he would magdump Kyle. An Antifa who just so happens to be jewish and also a repeat felon that was wielding an illegal firearm and even wore a bandanna with the Satanic Temple's logo on it; on the same night of the Kenosha Riots for Jacob Blake, who had broken into his ex girlfriend's home, raped her, then tried to kidnap her kids. Riots in fact that were part of the larger George Floyd riots that had already been raging for months, protests and riots for a career criminal, drug addict, amateur porn star that once broke into a pregnant woman's home and held her up at gunpoint that overdosed during a police altercation. And at the same time our governments shut down our lives and economy for a reportedly deadly virus, the MSM was pumping out articles claiming these massive BLM protests, some numbering in the thousands, were actually slowing the spread So the MSM and cultural institutions are defending an Antifa eventhough they say it'sa Far Right boogeyman. And the Left is simultaneously claiming the violence over the Summer of Peaceful Protests was actually the Far Right, yet if Kyle is freed they will burn Kenosha again. And the Left were claiming this Coronavirus Pandemic was super deadly, yet they were out protesting by the thousands across the country for BLM. And the State itself is trying to lock up Kyle Rittenhouse for shooting a pedo, wife beater, and Antifa in the middle of a riot. And the Left, Liberals, and Democrats are defending a communist..........yet you all call me the Far Right schizo conspiracy theorist? Who the fuck is writing this script?
>>12652 Is the judge fair so far?
>>12669 At times he has been better defense for Rittenhouse than his lawyers were
>>12670 >At times he has been better defense for Rittenhouse than his lawyers were That’s why the jury more concerning. Juries are retarded and political post Zimmerman. Can judges override retarded juries?
>>12671 Directed verdict or judgment notwithstanding verdict, but it's rare.
>>12671 >Can judges override retarded juries? Yes, and they can only say they were wrong if they return guilty and he thinks they should have said innocent, but it is extremely rare. More likely (but still very unlikely) is a directed verdict, where he tells them at the end of the trial, "on charges 1, 2, 3, the prosecution was shit, so come back with not guilty on those". Only if they came back with 'guilty' would he overrule them as previously. He can also just drop the charges, no verdict. The defense is going to put forward motions in the coming days to A) declare a mistrial with prejudice (i.e. it can't happen again, Kyle is free), B) directed verdict. Judge can do what he wants, but probably will let jury go ahead on most if not all of the six(?) charges.
>>12673 >Judge can do what he wants, but probably will let jury go ahead on most if not all of the six(?) charges. The prosecution’s own witnesses and footage admitted (and proved) self-defense on all three murder charges. The curfew charge has been dismissed because it wasn’t a legal directive. The underage firearm ownership charge is irrelevant because Wisconsin law allows him to do everything he did with it, so he can’t legally be declared guilty on that (and the judge knows it, so expect that to be dismissed if the jury declares him guilty on whatever bullshit they’re directed to rule on, instead of the contents of the law). The only charge with any POSSIBILITY of legal standing is the “reckless endangerment” charge because he missed a few shots and a witness said one went past him. But that has extenuating circumstances, in that HE WAS ON THE FUCKING GROUND AND BEING BEATEN at the time, so there’s no honest way to say he’s guilty of that. He’s not some dune coon firing into the air because he’s too stupid to understand basic physics (like all dune coons do for celebrations). Until today, I would’ve said a directed verdict was a long shot. But now we have a formal submission of directed verdict AND dismissal with prejudice thanks to the literally criminal incompetence of the prosecution.
>>12676 I think I agree with most of your read of the different charges, but I don't want to get too excited/hopeful. The judge must be feeling the attention pressure from the local community and the nation, and as much as umpires say they stay above it all, it is not true. If he can I think he will want to avoid the appearance to the layman of 'the judge got him off'. If he wants to nuke the trial, I think a mistrial with or without prejudice is a cleaner quick end for this, and easier to understand. But he has also been looking at the jury all week and must have an experienced feel for how they are leaning. Since the prosecution has indeed done a shit job, if he is very confident they are pissed too and will deliver not guilty on the big charges, he can send it to them and pass a low sentence on anything guilty with a harsh lesson about 'don't be a fucking idiot, kid' and the appearance will be that justice was done all according to the rules. The prosecution failed to convince the jury that traveling there or going after the dumpster was 'reckless' according to statue, so that's what the jury came to. I think that looks better than him sticking his neck out, so he'll do that in almost all situations. I guess it all just comes down to stuff we don't know about his temperament. Or if the prosecution have one more big fuck-up, I think he will have an out for a mistrial, although I imagine the DA has been reaming them out for embarrassing him all this evening.
>>12676 >The prosecution’s own witnesses and footage admitted (and proved) self-defense on all three murder charges. The curfew charge has been dismissed because it wasn’t a legal directive. This is america. Where Latinos defensive themselves against basket ball Americans and BLM rioters are white supremacists. You being too Optimistic.
>>12491 >rittenhouse >white
>>12679 It's still less shitty to see some retard say that than to claim Rosenbaum and the like.
Trial is going if anyone needs a link to watch: youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=EKD_U6Re-Mc
This woman should be awarded a lifetime Platinum Deluxe N-Word Pass.
>Leftwing mainstream media acting like Kyle Rittenhouse already won and staying quiet >Journalists now attacking the judge like it going to overturn the case >people already trying to dox the jury Is this a good sign? I don’t trust American juries to not be pozzed. But still. It's odd they are being this quiet.
>>12701 Twitter and blm going to try eating her alive for saying the n word.
>>12710 >Is this a good sign? Sure, whatever helps whites fall back asleep and not notice their genocide
>>12666 >Putting out fires racist somehow. have you forgotten?
>>12679 >rittenhouse >white he's invited to live in my imaginary ethnostate. you're not.
USA TODAY: Rittenhouse legal expert: I've never seen a judge act like this in a criminal trial. >In the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, Judge Bruce Schroeder began the day on Thursday asking everyone in the courtroom, including the jury, if they had served in the military. >As it turned out, the only military veteran in the courtroom who spoke up was the defense expert on use-of-force, John Black. >Schroeder then motioned to the jury, and said that he thinks that everyone should give a “round of applause to the people who have served,” while gesturing back over toward Black. >I have been a criminal law attorney for 27 years. I was both a federal and state prosecutor, and defense attorney. >In all my years of practice, I have never seen a trial judge during a trial put the jury in a position where they would have to applaud a defense witness right before they are about to take the stand and testify. >A judge in any criminal jury trial should never put members of the jury in a position where they are asked to applaud for a witness about to testify for something that they have done in the past. I am a Marine Corps veteran. https://archive.ph/EwpOD They are getting desperate?
>>12701 Must be a sweet job.
>>12722 The prosecution are going to try to claim a mistrial because of the judge.
>>12724 Sounds about right.
>>12473 Winsconsin is holding back his name, but I'm suprised that they could find Jumpkick Man but HalfChan or anybody here couldn't https://infowarsarmy(Please use archive.today)/posts/rittenhouse-case-mysterious-jump-kick-man-ided-as-career-criminal-and-domestic-abuser/
So the prosecution doctored evidence to give to the defense? Or am I misunderstanding this?
>talks of windows media player now Jesus fucking christ.
>>12764 Yes. They created and submitted a low-res version of the evidence so that the defense couldn't make out details and come up with a defense. Then they tried to use the high res version anyway, because they're fucking stupid.

(1.69 MB 642x6908 ClipboardImage.png)

(542.20 KB 1004x2759 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.17 MB 446x788 Georege Floyd's Nephew.mp4)

How is this trial still fucking going. <Fox News host Sean Hannity obliterated MSNBC's "unethical" coverage of the Rittenhouse trial after the left-wing network was banned from entering the Kenosha courthouse over concerns that a staffer was attempting to contact jurors >Judge Bruce Schroeder scolded the media for its 'grossly irresponsible' coverage of the proceedings https://archive.md/5QDr6 <Man saying he’s George Floyd’s nephew accused of suggesting Rittenhouse jurors will be doxxed if verdict’s not-guilty >The now-deleted video was shared on Twitter showing Cortez Rice saying he knows people at the trial and that there are “cameras in there,” seeming to imply that jurors will allegedly be doxxed if they don’t deliver “the same results.” https://archive.md/wGR8S
From the JackPosobiec on Nick's lawyer stream: Allegedly the verdict will be in next hour.
Judge is back in. Verdict inc. confirmed.
Rosenbaum: Not Guilty McInnes: Not Guilty Unknown Male: Not Guilty Huber: Not Guilty Groskreuz: Not Guilty
>>12788 >>12789 He almost just died there. Thank god justice won out.
>>12791 FREE AS FUCK I hope the rioters don't target anyone.
(5.81 MB 1280x1080 Dancing in bunker.webm)

(10.61 MB 1280x720 if_they_dont_dance.webm)

(2.33 MB 720x406 the_verdict.mp4)

The ghetto is going to burn tonight. It's gonna be a fun one.
Best part is they returned verdict before movie time. Now to watch the LOTR
https://www.resetera(Please use archive.today)/threads/jury-reaches-a-verdict-in-kyle-rittenhouse-murder-case-not-guilty-on-all-counts.516537/ https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/JuneBugBecca/status/1461761225528856586
>>12801 Grab as much as you can. Watching this ass blast is going to provide so much entertainment later.
How long until he sues the shit out of the media like that other kid did? didn't he get like $2 million or some shit?
>>12803 All the fags complaining about violence from Kyle while also saying shit like I won't care if Kenosha burns/I hope people get harmed/killed/etc are so fucking dumb. No idea how they manage to convince themselves that there is nothing wrong with that response. >>12806 I hope he sues all of them. His name has been run into the ground and leftist niggers are going to be salty about this shit for many years to come.
Best tags to search for salt are #Rittenhouse #KyleRittenhouse #whitemen (lol, he's a mutt) #BLM (wut)
(3.44 KB 600x60 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.42 KB 598x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(14.35 KB 598x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(13.83 KB 598x118 ClipboardImage.png)

(11.89 KB 598x118 ClipboardImage.png)

(21.32 KB 598x240 ClipboardImage.png)

(16.73 KB 598x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(17.00 KB 598x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(210.18 KB 598x563 ClipboardImage.png)

(328.67 KB 598x567 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12808 Lol these are fucking great, doing the lords work humble salt miner.
>>12805 >if you cross a border you lose the right to self-defense Damn democrats must really hate illegal immigrants.
Now is when you can see if your favorite eceleb oozes out of the woodwork.
(25.24 KB 575x238 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.03 MB 951x1240 ClipboardImage.png)

(13.62 KB 598x158 ClipboardImage.png)

(16.86 KB 598x178 ClipboardImage.png)

(21.22 KB 598x266 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12818 >illegally cross state lines Do these people know it isn't illegal to drive 15 minutes to another city? Do they actually think leaving your state is illegal?
(31.13 KB 1146x397 Sandman.png)

>>12806 >>12807 He got hundreds of millions of dollars(not sure what cut the lawyers got), hope Kyle sues everyone, including Facebook and Twitter.
>>12821 >not sure what cut the lawyers got I think 40% is the standard jew cut
>>12805 >kiling black people isn't a crime Does this retarded negress still think the people that ate a bullet were black?
>>12823 Not really indicative of anything(since it's twatter) but there was this compilation of twatter posts somewhere of people posting under that very assumption, that all three of his victims were black.
(1.34 MB 1099x8899 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.86 MB 1247x9777 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.45 MB 1281x9703 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.52 MB 1297x10204 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.49 MB 1295x10255 ClipboardImage.png)

Have a few pages of retardera salt. >>12820 These are people who think even owning a gun while being white makes you a right wing terrorist. Also it would be safe to assume 95% of them know absolutely nothing about the law and are just emotionally reacting to their side losing.
>>12822 Even with a huge 90% cut he would still have tens of millions of dollars, and even with a tax cut(unless the lawyers managed to avoid that as well), he would still have tens of millions of dollars, which is more than enough to live a comfortable life without a job, raise two kids, and leave something for them as well.
>>12823 Yeah for whatever reason leftists are very confused about who kyle even killed. Tell em they were jewish pedos and they wont even believe you. This shits been so crazy.
(41.63 KB 680x719 neat.jpg)

(95.67 KB 828x850 16cec198f2d70774.jpg)

>>12822 contingency fees are the cheap lawyers that go to small court. most are paid by the hour, the average cost 100-$300 per hour
>>12831 >muh distraction Maxwell case is closed court so we can't even know what the fuck's going on. What do you want anons to do, just talk about absolute lack of info about it for two weeks?
>>12826 >the laws are bad! >the judge was a white supremacist >we weren't wrong! God the cognitive dissonance is really kicking in for these retards.
From Ghislaine's trial surrounding scandal >BoJo’s sister reveals his secret history with Ghislaine Maxwell https:/yewtu.be/watch?v=kvxVngijXOs This is huge.
>>12835 Interesting
(1.48 MB 1294x10680 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.57 MB 1284x11062 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.58 MB 1306x10823 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.66 MB 1303x10641 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.62 MB 1300x10980 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12826 I might as well finish capping the thread.
(1.76 MB 1299x11064 ClipboardImage.png)

(545.19 KB 1302x3202 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.97 KB 540x413 henry smile.jpg)

Congratulations americunts, you can keep killing leftists in self defence!
(68.24 KB 960x960 431231-b.bhood.jpg)

>>12473 Faith in humanity restored.
>>12838 >the precedent this sets is insane. the direct opposite of the rule of law what the fuck do they think this was all about
>>12841 They think it was about making sure people with the wrong politics have to let themselves be beaten possibly to death or sent to prison for life. Simple friend-enemy distinction for them.
>>12841 About evil racist kid shooting literally all the black folks in the US.
(43.27 KB 412x242 280.jpg)

God bless Rittenhouse. May he live a long and prosperous life. Fuck pedophiles, niggers, kikes and social degenerates.
(1.16 MB 900x1600 Eat lead, red.png)

>>12833 Although I agree on a closed court being more difficult to pay attention to, it should also be noted that it would make sense to be on the lookout for some fucky shit going on.
>>12833 So the case involving human sex traficking on the high spheres of power is closed court.... Its like nothing fishy is going on.
(30.52 KB 800x458 terminator tactical entry.jpg)

>>12845 EAT LEAD RED!
(69.07 KB 300x100 Rhodie M76 Banner .png)

>>12845 EAT LEAD, RED!
>>12845 EAT LEAD RED!
(480.78 KB 1156x799 ClipboardImage.png)

Biden released his statement about it. >>12845 EAT LEAD RED!
>>12851 Lol this nigger knows hes getting sued for defamation of character. LETS GO BRANDON
(620.13 KB 1080x1360 ClipboardImage.png)

(14.48 KB 598x138 ClipboardImage.png)

(29.79 KB 598x348 ClipboardImage.png)

(47.20 KB 535x602 ClipboardImage.png)

(52.58 KB 535x674 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12852 I hope they all get fucked. Running their mouths constantly with nothing to back up any of their bs. They deserve to have their wallets raped.
(18.38 KB 535x305 ClipboardImage.png)

(27.79 KB 535x455 ClipboardImage.png)

(30.70 KB 535x455 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.43 KB 535x280 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.42 KB 535x280 ClipboardImage.png)

(22.05 KB 535x330 ClipboardImage.png)

(20.58 KB 517x188 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.55 KB 535x280 ClipboardImage.png)

(13.78 KB 535x230 ClipboardImage.png)

(13.60 KB 535x230 ClipboardImage.png)

(22.99 KB 535x364 ClipboardImage.png)

(37.58 KB 535x479 ClipboardImage.png)

(44.09 KB 738x570 ClipboardImage.png)

(377.39 KB 478x649 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.23 KB 478x317 ClipboardImage.png)

The twitter checkmarks are really upset about this.
(16.29 KB 478x295 ClipboardImage.png)

(215.81 KB 478x630 ClipboardImage.png)

(18.94 KB 478x368 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.44 KB 478x318 ClipboardImage.png)

(19.94 KB 478x385 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12853 Agreed, fucking scum the lot of em.
(19.82 KB 478x317 ClipboardImage.png)

(36.28 KB 478x484 ClipboardImage.png)

(134.34 KB 478x482 ClipboardImage.png)

(14.53 KB 478x250 ClipboardImage.png)

(15.00 KB 478x250 ClipboardImage.png)

Alright taking a break for a bit, someone else take over.
(771.72 KB 1280x720 paulharrelXKenoshaKid.png)

>>12859 Every lie told makes Kyle stronger. Keep em coming boys.
>>12828 >Tell em they were jewish Can you prove that beyond a last name or subjective Jewish appearance?
>>12861 >can you prove beyond his family heritage and genetic appearance that he was a jew Dude what
>>12861 Well he was also encouraging niggers to steal and riot. Seems pretty damn jewish. Plus have you seen his nose?
>>12801 >>12803 >>12805 >>12808 >>12812 >>12814 >>12818 >>12819 >>12826 >>12830 >>12851 >>12853 >>12854 >>12855 >>12856 >>12857 >>12859 /pol/, what music would you think is best for the compilation video?
>>12862 I guess their last names are good evidence but their appearance is subjective.
>>12865 Do you think whether or not someone is a nigger is subjective too retard?
>>12866 That's a stawman, obviously blacks look like blacks, their entire skin is brown, but Jews mix with other races and other races can look like them.
>>12868 Only to the blind or foolish. Anon if your telling us you have no jewdar then yes that's a problem. I suggest you spend some more time looking at faces until your jewdar works.
>>12868 It's not a strawman, it's analogy. The point is that appearance is clearly not subjective. Just because it's more difficult to analyze ones appearance doesn't suddenly make it a subjective metric by which we determine race. Genetics and appearance are still very much objective reality.
>>12870 >Genetics and appearance are still very much objective reality. Okay, i agree with that, but it's only objective if you have some background in evaluating the genetics of someone's appearance.
>>12872 I would think using /pol/ is exactly that background. But if you are asking for additional material, might I suggest Der Ewige Jude? Great film, and has a whole segment on identifying filthy Juden.
(6.28 MB 640x360 awoo_in_space.webm)

(4.16 MB 640x360 Better World.webm)

(14.42 MB 320x214 Caramel dansen.mp4)

(7.18 MB 480x270 D.K.Pop Rap.webm)

(7.17 MB 1280x720 downloadfile.mp4)

(3.37 MB 854x480 Up in Kenosha.webm)

>>12867 >>12864 >>12871 https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=NwjiGDobJqs https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=BNs_o8bVl5I I would say Big Iron would be a bit lazy of a choice.
>>12864 https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=TUOPvtVZwo8 How long do you think it will be?
>>12881 That's it from me.
>>12625 >>12806 >>12807 >>12821 >>12852 >>12853 Given how Kyle collapsed in relief after hearing his verdict, I wouldn't be very hopeful that he'll be willing to throw himself back into the judical system after dodging a bullet from being turned into another Chauvin.
>>12884 You don't have to appear in court yourself in a civil suite, you can just have the lawyer representing you show up.
>>12885 I guess he'd probably take that option, then. I'm admittedly cynical and these worms will probably just settle for pennies to shove their shit under the rug, but honestly I totally expected the poor kid to get kangaroo courted and got proven wrong, so maybe their irrationality will cause them to dig their heels in.
>>12864 Too lazy to make webms, but obvious choices that I don't think have been said already include... >Pumped Up Kicks >I Need A Hero by Bonnie Tyler >Hero by that guy from Nickelback >The Star Spangled Banner
>>12820 It was illegal in the country they idolize and worship, so they think it should be illegal here. >>12823 >>12825 That has literally been the narrative for an entire year, yes. I've had people in my life ask me even TODAY, "Wait, the people he killed weren't black?" The media has done nothing but lie about these dead kikes since the Kenosha riots happened.
>>12884 He'll never get a job or be hired by anyone, ever, for the rest of his life. He has to live off of the defamation suit, anon. He can easily get hundreds of millions from SETTLEMENTS alone.
>>12889 >He'll never get a job or be hired by anyone, ever, for the rest of his life. He has to live off of the defamation suit, anon. He can easily get hundreds of millions from SETTLEMENTS alone. There's plenty of jobs he can get, I don't think you understand just how big support for him is among normalfag conservatives. Megacorps are probably out but there's a lot of small business owners that'd love to help him out. We've already seen hints of this with ability to fundraise for him.
>>12889 I don't think thats True. Plenty of boomers would hire this kid now if only for the free promotion doing so would net them, that being said Kyle already got millions for his legal defense, and I can't imagine that all got used up. He has enough to live comfortably for the rest of his life without working already probably. Richards said in an interview after court today though that he wanted to go to college and become a nurse however, so we will see what happens with Kyle.
>>12891 >college After setting off the leftist horde? They'd never let him in.
>>12891 >>12892 Honestly I hope he doesn't do college, that's just asking for some insane leftist to claim he raped her right after honeypotting him with his DNA still inside her.
>>12892 >>12893 Oh totally agreed, but that's what he told his lawyer he wants to do. If it was me? Fuck no, not in a million years.
>>12893 I mean if it was my little brother I would be telling him this right now, which begs the question. Where the fuck is this kids Dad? I mean Jesus christ what kinda asshole doesn't come to their kids fucking murder trial? Or give him even a little life advice?
>>12894 There's a significant chance his team is just saying that to look "wholesome" or something. Once he has some money and realizes he never has to work again, he probably won't want to. Plus, he's probably the most redpilled man in the world now, and is likely not that naive about what goes down in modern colleges.
>>12896 I hope that's true, but he is a young kid. And I worry he's a little naive. I wish he had someone to tell him this stuff.
>>12897 If he wasn't redpilled he wouldn't have been so nervous during the case, because if he was still naive and optimistic, he would have faith in the justice system, which, if objective, would have never put him through this in the first place. And in a way that's the saddest part of this. They stole a young man's innocence. But I suppose that's necessary to create a hero. All they've done is come up with a great origin story.
>>12898 Anon, now you've restored MY smile and optimism. Good take, thanks man.
(26.80 KB 610x205 ClipboardImage.png)

>>12889 If he sues the MSM for defamation and wins like that feathernigger-remover kid, he's going to get at least double digit millions. There's a fair chance he won't need to work. And that aside, he can start a business himself. Like a security company.
>>12861 Shut up you stupid kike
>>12875 Love It!!!!
(30.48 KB 595x112 JUICE.png)

>>12814 This nigress managed to forget OJ.
#cope on Twitter is fun.
>>12907 Also, Obama. Drone-striking US citizens without trial is still murder.
(11.58 KB 275x183 proxy-image.jpeg)

>>12909 That's what happens when you let the TV elect your politicians. We didn't vote for any of this. The media cartel selected the politicians they wanted the public to know about and then they told you who won. Because it's an Israeli cartel, they can coordinate to convince the Feds and public anyone they choose won. We didn't vote for any of this, plain and simple. We haven't had free and fair elections in the USA for at least 40+ years. We didn't vote for this. It's just the TV saying these past 40 years of presidential administrations have any authority. It's just the TV saying they were elected. And it's just the TV saying they're in charge. When this is over, we're going to have to take a hard look at whether or not the Federal government agencies had the authority do to anything on behalf of an Israeli media cartel appointed regime. If you strip away the illusion that a legitimate president appointed their agency heads, you just see a foreign mercenary force carrying out a terrorist campaign against the Western population for an illegal colonial occupier. No one put them in charge except the TV. They had no authority or mandate to operate.
>>12864 Follow up: I'm fiddling with video editing software. If someone can recommend tips on encoding to get the file-size below the limit while keeping the text readable that would be helpful.
>>12919 >interlacing >keeping framerate low but not below 24 >reducing resolution, although don't go full retard on this
(1.14 MB 2400x3420 ffmpeg_WebM_Guide_v1.0.1.png)

>>12919 >finish editing your video and encode it in the highest quality possible using whatever encoder of your editing software works as you'll re-encode it afterwards for webring usage >when reencoding use AV1 for Video and Opus for audio assuming you didn't use Opus to encode your audio to begin with >use the libaom reference encoder, have ffmpeg pipe raw YUV into it ffmpeg has an internal libaom wrapper but it's shit >resolution scales with bitrate and --cpu-used value, low cpu-used values result in better quality+smaller sizes at the cost of speed, personally I'd recommend 4 >at --cpu-used=4 400kb/s is enough for okay-ish 720p30 video, 1080p30 bumps that to 600-800kb/s >use two-pass encoding for better bitrate optimization >remember to enable some optional autism to make it encode faster at higher quality, such as >--row=mt=1 >--lag-in-frames=25 >--tile-columns=6 --tile-rows=6 if the number is too high for the given target resolution reduce it by 2 until it works >--auto-alt-ref=6 >--fwd-kf=1 >--sharpness=7 >--static-thresh=0 >--noise-sensitivity=0 >when encoding the audio track with Opus ffmpeg can be used, 96kb/s is near-perceptually lossless in most cases and 64kb/s is okay when dealing with file size constraints on a Bornean canoe forum, 32kb/s is good enough for voices >use the formula in pic related to calculate the video bitrate >encode >use ffmpeg to merge Video+Audio files into a single webm, always put the video track before the audio track else uploads here and other boards will be rejected
I see this as an absolute win; also the retarded nigger screeaming I AM A MONUMENT made my day
>>12901 >double digit million He can get triple digit millions, see >>12821
>>12854 >>12855 >>12856 >>12857 >>12859 >>12900 >>12907 >>12924 As I read and listen to these reactions I struggle to enter into the mindset of these people. I've been following stuff like this for years, but it always boggles my mind when I see reactions like this. What planet do these people live on? In my mind gun control itself is illegal, at least in the US. Yet in their minds self defense is illegal and a riot is legal. The first thought that comes to my mind is a divorce citing irreconcilable differences
>>12927 They believe they know the truth and that their righteousness is self-evident. Spoiled children who always get their way become spoiled adults that believe things should go their way, and that they are correct because they have always got what they wanted. There is no point in this line of thinking that requires critical reflection. Therefore, the conflicting trains of thought never have a chance to collide.
(550.87 KB 1024x1365 kyle.jpg)

https://archive.ph/wip/UK1Ah https://twitter''(Please use archive.today)/emeriticus/status/1462231201272455170
>>12864 Video is encoding. Please wait warmly.
>>12951 Great montage anon.
>>12927 Yeah it is fucking bizarre how these fags operate and never notice how insane their views are. Seems like so long as they believe in the cause then any ends justify the means. Their side can do no wrong and anyone who disagrees is a terrorist or a nazi. >Yet in their minds self defense is illegal Fatlock from the trial even said Kyle should have just taken the beating. Ignoring all the lasting physical injuries on top of the mental trauma that such a beating would incur (assuming he would have survived that mob beating him into the pavement). >>12951 >anon actually delivered God bless you anon.
>>12953 >lasting psysical damage and trauma So what you're basically saying is that driving out of state and right into a riot with an assault rifle and then getting beat up for it causes more psychological trauma then shooting 3 people and watching 2 of them die? That he would've had more lasting physical trauma if he didn't kill anyone and stayed home instead? (I think I misunderstood what you wrote but fuck it I'm still posting this) I don't know man this really looks like it has Harambe written all over it. Pretty sure 95% of the people here thought the white bitch didn't have any business jumping into the gorilla pit and caused the death of Harambe for doing so. It's literally the same shit it's kinda funny now that I realize it. HARAMBE X RITTENHOUSE MEME PLEASE
(684.15 KB 666x666 harambeXrittenhouse.png)

>>12953 >>12955 here goes
>>12955 What that anon is saying is that Kraus completely disregarded the damage being ground into the asphalt by a herd of rioters when he asserted that Kyle should have dropped his gun and fought off everyone by hand, including the "unarmed" man with the harmless skateboard
>>12948 How long is it going to take for normalfags to learn of this?
>>12955 (digits) Pretty much what >>12957 said. >>12958 Most of the people I know just focus on the "he went looking for a fight" angle. The felon and pedophile shit just gets ignored + quickly forgotten. I know since I've told people several times already and each time they give me a confused look.
>>12951 I thought there would be less images and as such the images would be flashed more slowly, making Big Iron and Up In Kenosha a fitting choice for pacing. In the case of this Big Iron is a bit too slow paced for the footage. Thematically Big Iron is very fitting but not so in terms of speed. Also putting the logo is pretty standard but having it slowly float towards the corner is a bit too silly. And if you want it as a watermark, why not just have it overlay over everything and not just over the background? I get I am nitpicking and that it took long to make, but this is what comes to mind after seeing it. With that said, the webm is well done.
>>12961 Legitimate criticism. What I originally wanted to do was a lot more ambitious like I've seen in other anons' SALT PARTY videos, with the caps tiliing and threads scrolling by rather than just the static boring one-by-one slideshow I did make, but this is my first time doing multi-track video editing and I simply lack the experience to do anything better, as well as, this was time-sensitive, so if I came back in six months after making the video I actually wanted to make no one would give a shit. Also, the thing with the logo transition into the corner was one of those Bob Ross "there are no mistakes; only happy accidents", which I didn't intend to do, but I liked it so I kept it in.
>>12960 Next time pull up his actual record and read the state documents about him anally raping a boy. Pretty much guarantee that shock value will make it stick with them a bit better.
>>12668 the end game of this circus trial was an attack on the rights to bear arms and self defend, (possibly also the rights to cross state lines without telling the glowies) what a shitty hill (((they))) chose to die, now that this trial has backfired any progress they had in undermining self defense rights has been kicked back to square one
>>13011 What's funny is that you actually believe that.
>>12955 Paid shill. Allowed to remain up.
>>13011 They really hate that we have guns. And yeah Biden really wanted a high profile case of self defense fucking over an innocent kid. It would have helped him intimidate boomers. Luckily we won this round, but the fight will never be over.
>>13025 oh we will always be in a constant state of war and there will never be an end to it
(214.71 KB 499x662 Peace Was Never An Option.png)

>>13070 Very true.
>>13070 Speaking the eternal struggle https://www.nationalreview(Please use archive.today)/news/three-dead-in-michigan-high-school-shooting-15-year-old-suspect-in-custody/ New school shooting incident, semi auto handgun was used. Which is unusual for these kinds of glow ops. Biden coming for handguns now?
>>13116 Oh for fucks sakes. FINE https://archive.ph/IDCZ7 Happy?
>>12652 > Based--ic law is this country ... Judge is OG
>>12883 I hate niggers.

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