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CHILEAN ELECTIONS – AN ALLY IN DANGER TO FALL UNDER COMMUNISM Anonymous 12/02/2021 (Thu) 21:18:04 Id: 000000 No. 13175
WE MUST stop the Communism in the west hemisphere!! This is a joke and a shame, things like this is what the bastards like AOC want, we don't! In 3 weeks, there will be an election that will decide who will be president in Chile for the next 4 years, the candidates are J.A. Kast (pic related) and G. Boric. Boric is a communist under cover, he is a lie and there must be a way to stop him become president. Kast on the other side is a based conservative and his party (the chilean republican party) is just trying to save the country from what the communist are trying to do. Here we will discuss what we can do to help J. Kast win the elections, we cannot allow this liberal globalist shit to spread throughout the Western Hemisphere even further.
But what to do
>>13184 Muslim tactics get results.
>>13175 you could try to commit voter fraud but if you get caught you burn for it
>>13175 You're a faggot

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