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(570.02 KB 956x720 2020.png)
2020 United States Presidential Election Anonymous 08/12/2020 (Wed) 23:00:34 Id:bebaa2 No. 1391
So, now that all the players are announced, let's see how the next three months unfold. Streams to watch the election results: https://watch.8ch.moe/view/26985367-f948-4c5a-8da9-bc85a4cdb21d/ https://cytu.be/r/vchgameawards https://invidio.us/watch?v=9qd2aMTFkDE https://invidio.us/watch?v=2k8VFRjbsi4
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/04/2020 (Wed) 02:02:12.
>>4049 He plays golf when he is planning something. It's his way of meditating as in planning, look to the 80's, he did the same shit each time that he came up with something. Hell he even wrote about this in The Art of The Deal. Strange how the commies never noticed this, then again they don't read books.
>>3596 >>3623 >>3648 Here's a better one.
>>4065 The election is still up in the air, the Biden camp is celebrating but they haven't declared victory Wait to see what the courts say.
>>4072 >Biden camp is celebrating but they haven't declared victory I'm not sure about Biden specifically, but plenty of people including MSM has declaring victory. It's demoralization shit.
>>4061 that biden video was truly bizarre >>4058 communists are immune to corona chan
>>4075 >I spent all fucking morning crying Gay as fuck
>>4075 Kill yourself, retarded shill.
(1.46 MB 300x300 eastwood_disgust.gif)
>>4075 go shill somewhere else nigger
>>4075 Niggerpill, just move to another country, you obviously don't have what it takes to be a fighter nya~ >The Left is now God A false god for fools and slaves nya~
>>4073 That's the point. They're trying to gaslight in hopes that it doesn't go to court. However, Trump and his campaign are pushing to take it to court. If it does go to court, there is a chance that the Dems implode. Many of them are already rattled. The threat of lynching would push many of them over the edge, and lynching would become justified if massive voter fraud is proven.
>>4080 It will be fun when the voter fraud is proven
>>4081 Let me rephrase this - when it is proven by the courts, and action is taken against it.
>>4080 >lynching would become justified if massive voter fraud is proven. Already is justified, given the media censorship. Censorship of this level should be unacceptable. The Republic will not survive. Indeed, one could say that it is already dead. The Question is what comes next? The USSA? Trump as Caesar? Peaceful division between the states? Civil war 3? Who knows nya~
>>4085 Choke on gas jew.
>>4086 stop fucking responding to him, you massive retards - when will you dipshits learn you're just enabling him?
>>4085 >>4086 >>4087 https://9chan.tw/bestpol/thread/24764 Ignore the nigger pill kike satanist shill nya~
>>4080 >That's the point. Yes, that's why I stated it.
Reminder the commie revolution happend on the 7th of november, they are trying to rub it in. They will be sorry. >>4087 My bad.
(49.76 KB 640x640 TI-89.jpg)
>>4093 https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=byJVUq2dNoQ Hi niggerpill!
>>4095 Nice yt embeds don't work. Apologies
>>4093 We still have our lolis and our freedom, Hanging Flesh/CP spammer from julay's /cow/ There is nothing that you can do about it. Leftists can't control us. You won't do shit.
(2.63 MB 320x568 sacramento ca.mp4)
(5.44 MB 320x320 austin.mp4)
(539.33 KB 480x270 LBVdEoW_3Pc3ez5z.mp4)
These happened today and this isn't all of them. If you're getting blacked pilled, off yourself.
>>4075 >I spent the whole morning crying Yeah you’re a leftist, normal adults don’t act like children at the end of a tantrum because old man number 1 lost or won. In fact the leftie salt crybaby stuff showed how insane these fucks were to the common man. It’s why they had to double up on fraud this time around.
>>4103 All the videos showing cameras pulling back and the turnout on democrat rallies say otherwise.
>>4105 you mean like this one >>4061 ? Sleepy Joe doesn't even show up to his own rallies.
This gives the slight hope that as long as trump doesn't concede, and insist in the existence of election fraud up to his final day in office, there might be some armed resistance.
>>4102 What exactly is this going to accomplish? I'm not trying to be blackpilled I'm asking a legitmate question. Is there still hope Trump can pull this back in the courts?
>>4102 meant for >>4102
(1.24 MB 720x720 CEct9PkfbmFjRd2A.mp4)
>>3886 >Good thing Kamala got elected, jeez. If she actually gets inaugurated, then this'll be the voice that you hear for the next four-to-eight years.
(108.38 KB 960x741 hitler_go_away_fag.jpg)
>>4108 trumps not gonna give up his power so easily. if he cant do it on the court then he will bring it to scotus >>4111 >>4110 hows the niggerpill taste? >>4112 god help us all
(105.38 KB 1100x733 1 kid took out 3 terrorists.jpg)
>>4108 Simply put, it's a show of force. It's to show that people are willing to off their asses. Americans have already given a small taste of the will of the people. Buying munitions these days is difficult because people are buying it all up. Everyone knows why and that's why they are trying to blackpill everyone.
>>3940 Why didn't you just cut it with ffmpeg? fag
Is mike pence also fighting for his seat as VP or he drops in order to support trump for the Supreme Court?
>>3590 is it true that you live in the land of chocolate?
(211.80 KB 1280x960 anti_liberal_movement_3.jpg)
There is absolutely no reason for ordinary Middle Americans to start slaughtering these fucking kikes at this point. https://archive.vn/ft59w "I Am Done, I'll Not Vote Again" - One Middle-American Mom Rages At 'Real-Life Idiocracy' >I was born at the end of Gen X and the beginning of the Millennial Generation, and grew up in a middle class town. Life was good. Our home was modest but birthdays and Christmas were always generous, we went on yearly vacations, had 2 cars, and there was enough money for me to take dance classes and art lessons and be in Girl Scouts. >My 1940s born Dad raised me to be patriotic and proud, to love the war bird airplanes of his era as much as he does, and to respect our flag and our country as a sacred thing. I grew up thinking that being an American was the greatest gift a person could have. I grew up thinking that our country was as strong, and honest and true as my Dad. I grew up thinking I was free. >As an adult, I have witnessed the world I grew up in fall to ruin. I have watched as our currency and our economy have been shamelessly corrupted beyond redemption. Since we’ve been married, my husband and I TWICE had our meager investment savings gutted by the market that we were told to invest in, now that pensions no longer exist and we working stiffs are on our own. We will be working until we die, because the Social Security we’ve been forced to pay into has also been robbed from under us. >I have watched as our elected officials enter Congress as ordinary folks and leaves as multi millionaires. I have watched my blue collar husband get up at an ungodly hour every day and come home with an aching back that we pray will hold out long enough to get him to old age in one piece. Outside of shoes, socks and underwear, almost everything my family wears was bought used. We’ve been on one vacation in 12 years. >We don’t have cell phones, or cable, or any sort of streaming services, just a landline and internet. We hardly ever eat out. Our house is 1400 square feet, no air conditioning. I cook from scratch and I can and I garden and I raise chickens for eggs and meat and I moonlight selling things on Etsy. Still it is barely enough to pay the bills that go up every year while service quality and the longevity of goods goes down. What I just described is the life you can live on 60K a year without going into debt. >At last calculation, when you consider all of the federal, state and local taxes plus registration and user fees, Medicare and SS payroll taxes, almost a third of what my family earns is stolen by the govt each year. What’s left doesn’t go far, just enough to cover the basics and save a little for when the wolf howls at the door. >I watched as my family’s health insurance was gutted and destroyed. Our private market insurance, which we had to have because my husband’s employer is too small to have a group plan, was made illegal. We were left with the option of either buying an Obamacare plan with unaffordable deductibles and insanely ridiculous out of pocket maxes, or paying the very gov’t that destroyed our healthcare a fine for not buying the gov’t mandated plan that we cannot afford. We now have short term insurance that isn’t really insurance at all, and I live in fear of one of us getting injured or sick with anything I can’t fix from the medicine cabinet. >I have watched as education, which was already sketchy when I was a kid, became an all out joke of wholly unmathematical math, gold stars for all, and self-loathing anti-Americanism. My family has taken an enormous financial hit as I stay home to home school our child. At least she’ll be able to do old-fashioned math well enough to see how much they are screwing her. A silver lining to every cloud, I guess. >I’ve sat by and held my tongue as I was called deplorable and a bitter clinger and told that I didn’t build that. I’ve been called a racist and a xenophobe and a chump and even an “ugly folk.” I’ve been told that I have privilege, and that I have inherent bias because of my skin color, and that my beloved husband and father are part of a horrible patriarchy. Not one goddamn bit of that is true, but if I dare say anything about it, it will be used as evidence of my racism and white fragility. >Raised to be a Republican, I held my nose and voted for Bush, the Texas-talking blue blood from Connecticut who lied us into 2 wars and gave us the unpatriotic Patriot Act. I voted for McCain, the sociopathic neocon songbird “hero” that torpedoed the attempt to kill the Obamacare that’s killing my family financially. I held it again and voted for Romney, the vulture capitalist skunk that masquerades as a Republican while slithering over to the Democrat camp as often as they’ll tolerate his oily, loathsome presence. >And I voted for Trump, who, if he did nothing else, at least gave a resounding Bronx cheer to the richly deserving smug hypocrites of DC. Thank you for that Mr. President, on behalf of all of us nobodies. God bless you for it. >And now I have watched as people who hate me and mine and call for our destruction blatantly and openly stole the election and then gaslighted us and told us that it was honest and fair. I am watching as the GOP does NOTHING about it. They’re probably relieved that upstart Trump is gone so they can get back to their real jobs of lining their pockets and running interference for their corporate masters. I am watching as the media, in a manner that would make Stalin blush, is silencing anyone who dares question the legitimacy of this farce they call democracy. I know, it’s a republic, but I am so tired of explaining that to people I might as well give in and join them in ignorance. >I will not vote again; they’ve made it abundantly clear that my voice doesn’t matter. Whatever irrational, suicidal lunacy the nanny states thinks is best is what I’ll get. What it decided I need is a geriatric pedophile who shouldn’t be charged with anything more rigorous than choosing between tapioca and rice pudding at the old folks home, and a casting couch skank who rails against racism while being a descendant of slave owners. >I’m free to dismember a baby in my womb and kill it because “my body my choice”, but God help me if I won’t cover my face with a germ laden Linus-worthy security blanket or refuse let them inject genetically altering chemicals into my body or my child’s. I can be doxed, fired, shunned and destroyed for daring to venture that there are only 2 genders as proven by DNA, but a disease with a 99+% survival rate for most humans is a deadly pandemic worth murdering an economy over. Because science. Idiocracy is real, and we are living it. Dr. Lexus would be an improvement over Fauci. >I am done. Don’t ask me to pledge to the flag, or salute the troops, or shoot fireworks on the 4th. It’s a sick, twisted, heartbreaking joke, this bloated, unrecognizable corpse of a republic that once was ours. >I am not alone. Not sure how things continue to function when millions of citizens no longer feel any loyalty to or from the society they live in. >I was raised to be a lady, and ladies don’t curse, but fuck these motherfuckers to hell and back for what they’ve done to me, and mine, and my country. All we Joe Blow Americans ever wanted was a little patch of land to raise a family, a job to pay the bills, and at least some illusion of freedom, and even that was too much for these human parasites. They want it all, mind, body and soul. Damn them. Damn them all.
>>4125 *to not start
>>4108 It shows people aren't going to just calm down over this. Efforts to demoralize were not successful, and given enough push, the response is going to be of rage, not depression. Oddly enough I still think Trump has a reasonable chance, however the overall outcome will still lead to mass civil unrest regardless who officially wins now. It's going to get messy.
>>4127 >Oddly enough I still think Trump has a reasonable chance, They've already backpedaled twice now and a recount is coming. The only way he won't win is if everyone goes back to sleep.
>>4128 >The only way he won't win is if everyone goes back to sleep. Exactly, which is why the more noise the better.
>>4128 They were counting on him to Al Gore the fuck out over the weekend and the couple of days of "counting". But they forgot the man fought real-estate jews for fun, and that being in the WWE imbued him with the power to nosell this bullshit.
(15.79 KB 400x271 W.jpg)
>>4130 This was way worse than Al Gore though, and that shit was blatant back then as well.
>>4131 At least then it was two candidates who were closer together so it didn't matter so much who got the shaft. I don't recall talk of hunting down either sides supporters.
Twitter's apparently flagging any tweet that contains the word "hammer". Do they not realize this sort of ridiculous censorship only makes people more confident that something is wrong?
These demonstrations better not become a mirror of the 2016 inaguration >>4112 what an insidious laugh. she trying so hard to not show joy over the thought of his death coming.
>>4134 What is this about a hammer? Is that the voting software?
>>4136 CIA created software used to rig elections in foreign nations. Another thing was also mentioned, "Scorecard"? I think was its name. I only read a tweet mentioning it, another anon may have details.
(15.34 MB 1280x720 Sign_of_the_Hammer.webm)
>>4134 >>4136 Was somebody trying to tabulate voter data with Valve Hammer Editor 3.5? That shit was always buggy and crash-prone.
>>4136 What this anon >>4137 said. What I haven't seen anybody raise concerns about is why the intel agencies have this software in the first place and what elections they've fucked with in the past using it.
>>4137 >>4139 Americans are getting a first-hand taste of why so many other countries in the world fucking hate them.
>>4140 But, we've know for decades that McDonalds is trash.
>>4140 Especially South America, boy the CIA fucked with them really hard.
(2.36 MB 480x270 whistleblower.mp4)
(1.82 MB 480x270 spoiled ballots.mp4)
>>4130 >>4129 Nobody is going to sleep.
>>4140 Believe me, I am as eager to return to isolation as you are to see us away.
>>4144 I also want isolationism, and for all of the shitskins in Western countries to be removed.
>>4145 *And nuke Israel.
>>4146 Just send all of the blacks in white countries to Israel and call it even.
>>4147 >>4145 One problem, who's going to pay for it?
>>4148 Mexico?
>>4148 I would gladly live a life of destitution for the future to be brighter. Take it from the Rothschilds.
>>4148 Someone should just take control of the nuclear bombs already in Israel and blow them up in Israeli cities. Way easier and cheaper than having another nation blowing up Israel and facing the consequences in international affairs.
>>4143 >Project Fart-in-ass Has anything useful or actually true come from these clowns or are they just QAnon faggotry?
>>4152 they've been around uncovering shit since 2015. Nothing really changes despite these findings but that's because justice doesn't exist in America.
(3.60 MB 1280x720 200 year old voters.mp4)
Does anyone remember if Hilary was erroneously announced as having won back in 2016?
>>4143 What faggots, trying to pull up shit on him to fire him on top of election and postal fraud, gee Billy.
>>4140 You think I care what the utterly jelly world gives a fuck about the US? Faggot children with chips on their shoulders the lot of them, useless crying women people all.
(1.92 MB 480x270 dead woman voting.mp4)
>>4156 no, there was some dewey-tier shit with a bunch of media being prepared for Hillary's victory (only a single news article got out in a pre-egaculate fasion from huffpost, iirc) and none for trump, but nothing along the lines of several media sites declaring her victory.
Why are you cake jew niggers suddenly active?
>>4153 So what's the point of this then? Is anything going to change because of these findings? You'd think if their findings were real they'd be actionable in any way.
>>4162 Somebody has to document it.
(1.56 MB 1586x875 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4140 >Unga bunga bugmen in third world shitholes hate Americans
>>4162 They are actionable. The issue is that the media ignored them and not as many people cared. The fraud was stupidly obvious during the biggest election in recent history. A lot of people are angry and now paying attention. The president is also calling it out, which validates it for plebs. Now is a great time to expose the dems/RINOs and bring us all that much closer to the day of the rope.
(190.31 KB 586x874 ClipboardImage.png)
(198.32 KB 756x516 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4167 To add to this, there is no victory condition for the dems here. This is the first time a president of the US has done this, and data travels way too fast for the shitshow they pulled. If they block this from going to the SC, shit pops off. If it goes to the SC, and they try and jew their way out of it, shit pops off. The big reason Biden and co are pushing for all smart guns, is so that they can avoid random anons popping them at random times.
Stop posting in this dead shithole. 8kun.top/pnd 9chan.tw/bestpol
>>4174 What's the table below showing? The most unbelievable thing I see there is 0 provisional ballots.
>>4175 >The big reason Biden and co are pushing for all smart guns, is so that they can avoid random anons popping them at random times. Good fucking luck with that. How many firearms are there in the United States per every man, woman and child?
>>4176 Go back to josh's kiwifarms, you fucking nigger.
(369.65 KB 384x498 24124.gif)
>>4176 >9chan now that josh jumped ship who the hell is ruining that fucking place, CIA anon?
>>4178 Those 3d printer guns might start popping up.
>>4180 >>4179 Endchan.
>>4181 No need. Even a "smartgun" can be returned to it's basic function with rudimentary engineering knowledge. Regardless, there are millions of existing guns that can be purchased privately with no background checks. I have plenty of guns already and I plan to buy more gun and ammo. You can never have too much.
(126.93 KB 1280x720 lol.jpg)
>>4182 >dead honeypot chan. lol, fucking sad. shoo shoo federal jew, nobody wants anything to do with you. (even josh moon)
With the allegations of Fraud and lots of witnesses on testmanonies for shit they pulled. Are the democrats preparing shit on monday or in their arrogants nothing?
>>4184 You can call me a jew, but at least those are baseless accusations. Mark on the other hand is an actual jew so you have the choice of a small chance vs the real thing. Remember that J*sh fucked over criplekike and even still we chased him off for being too extreme for him to handle.
So what happens now? Monday decides whether the courts investigate or not? This isn't how an election should be, right? I was curious because the last one here I don't think anyone actually bothered to go vote for anyone, everyone knew it would be Sisi anyways
(113.95 KB 1200x675 cQDLro6.jpg)
>>4186 we've seen how kiked the /pol/ on end chan was. threads full of cuck porn left to rot for days (weeks even). the birthplace of the shit cuckhime meme. if you shill for (((endchan))) you might as well be a juden (a government employed one at that). go back to your cesspit.
>>4187 Supreme Court is on Trumps Side cause they got republicans on their and iirc they sent Armed Agents to secure the voting polls
(139.28 KB 1920x1080 republic system moment.jpg)
>>4187 >This isn't how an election should be, right? Uh
>>4186 >>4176 You stupid nigger retard, no one is on here for Mark, /v/ already has it's separate site for that which you didn't list, you on the other hand just shilled Jim's shithole after he banned over 30 boards and cucked out, even Ron couldn't stand being there anymore.
>>4188 That is a result of absent moderation. The Endchan crew are lazy fucks and anything they are in charge of is left unattended. In my estimation, that is how imageboards should be, unmoderated.
>>4190 lol no. The newest appointee is a female who will willingly betray trump and america.
(11.71 MB 1280x720 8 NOV on pol.webm)
>>4046 We all do.
(1.89 MB 450x285 b2_victory.gif)
>>4193 Don't you remember /b2/? They didn't have rules until the board was spammed into oblivion, then they decided to have at least one rule: No fucking spam.
>>4196 And that one rule was the cancer that ruined /b2/, That faggot tybb (shit be upon him) would ban anything he didn't like and list "flooding" as the excuse. Things were better before.
(13.19 KB 225x225 glow nigger.jpg)
>>4193 >>4198 >yes goy subject your community to constant spam, shilling, attacks, with endless demoralization. sounds like lots of "fun" agent goldberg. mods are just fine as long as they don't power trip and do their jobs. if we wanted an unmoderated chaotic hellscape we could go to any dead image board. no reason to pick your particular glow nigger graveyard.
>>4190 >>4194 >lol no. The newest appointee is a female who will willingly betray trump and america. Amy Coney Barret adopted niggerbabies from Haiti.
(22.94 KB 430x327 Missionaries.jpg)
>>4200 Christians (like her) have a real problem with adopting 3rd world children.
(385.84 KB 1024x943 glow nigger glow.jpg)
>>4198 If it wasn't that, then the scat and cheese pizza spam would've killed it. I'm with >>4199 that light moderation is needed to stop a board from being completely unusable, especially with the coordinated attacks from outside agents as imageboards are thrust more into mainstream awareness.
>>4061 Third one is wrong. Joe would be sniffing on the little mailbox instead.
>>4202 >Christians (like her) have a real problem with adopting 3rd world children. Mrs. Jellyby from Dickens' Bleak House story.
>>4205 Toiletman is the light and the life of the world. HE is the saviors of /b/. Cope.
>>4176 >Stop posting in this dead shithole >go to 8kun Well I guess /pol/ specifically has a lot of users, all of which are boomers
>>4082 I believe that will likely happen. When all these people who are dancing in the streets find out that scotus threw out the illegal votes, it will turn into the greatest NPC rage of our lifetimes, of any lifetime in human history. That's what's being setup.
(1.14 MB 446x469 what the fuck am I reading.gif)
>>4079 >nya~
>>4213 That's why it essential to never react impulsively and weigh in all considerations before celebrating. The true point of victory is when the opponent concedes. They seem to be forgetting that.
>>4102 lol that brown waluigi.
>>4216 >The true point of victory is when the opponent concedes. They seem to be forgetting that. I think many of them were too fucking stupid to even know that in the first place.
>>4217 That's one of the most repulsive things I've ever seen. Here, have something in exchange.
>>4115 Because ffmpeg is convoluted as fuck and never gives clear instructions for how to cut videos. It's easier to pirate Sony Vegas or Adobe studio.
(1.14 MB 2400x3420 webm_guide.png)
>>4221 ffmpeg -i '/path/to/input/file.nig' -c copy -ss 00:00:00.00 -to 00:03:00.00 '/path/to/output/file.~nya' All you have to do is look shit up online, there's plenty of guides... but I'll spoonfeed you just this once.
>>4127 I don't mean to blackpill but this is one zionist handing the reins over to another zionist. The best we can hope for is trolling the dems for the next four years by reminding them that their president is an illegitimate farce who stole the election by cheating. Never forget the 100,000.
>>4223 The biggest threat I see is how the tech censorship will escalate along with the media getting too brazen with their propaganda. They're already starting a "Trumpism" narrative as a means to justify continuing their authoritarian policies even without Trump being relevant anymore. However such a narrative will swing both ways if played a certain way. Which means it may end up serving as a banner for the rebirth of old traditional American values, fighting against the (((foreign))) subversion that has infested its institutions. If I had to predict how this will play out, in their desperation to crush any form of what they declare as "Trumpism", they inadvertently glorify it for many disgruntled factions (both moderate left and right surprisingly enough) to unite behind it informally and organize underground.
>>4162 You don't get how cases get made.
>>4228 >The biggest threat I see is how the tech censorship will escalate along with the media getting too brazen with their propaganda. If it gets too brazen then new platforms will popup. You don't really have as much to worry about as far as government tech censorship as much as the tech platforms taking it upon themselves to censor, which puts it in more of a constitutional gray area. Worst cones to worst it will end up speeding up the migration of non lefty and non normal fags off of the surface internet which is something that's already inevitable anyway.
(105.44 KB 1079x589 Biden Internet Taskforce.jpg)
>>4231 Just post a picture, faggot.
>>4232 Nigger, what are you doing helping blackpillfag?
>>4234 >taking the niggerpill seriously He would've posted it himself eventually but more importantly, why are you listening to the niggerpill? Just ignore him, all he can do is impotently shitpost.
Niggerpill works for shareblue. It's a team of at least 3 people at it now.
>>4232 Isn't this already the norm though? Don't they just monitor pretty much everything for that sort of thing?
>>4241 Yes. He's just listing a bunch of shit to make himself look good like any other politician ever. What they'll actually be doing is more neocon shit in the middle east and more sucking up to Israel.
>>4242 Worse, he's going to suck up to China again. That's the real problem a Biden presidency would bring, a lasting one for the entire world. A couple good goys dying for Israel doesn't really matter in the grand scheme, handing Red China superpower status does.
>>4232 don't care as long as they stay away from me and leave me alone tbh
>>4243 Well sometimes dumb shit has to take place in order to slap everyone in the face and wake them up. Besides if China ever got really genuine super power status then they'd get push back from Russia too. Russia likes to work with China in orter to counter the US but it sure as hell doesn't want to be lorded over by China in turn.
>>4102 Look at all this diversity. Based Trump creating the true multicultural paradise in America.
>>4230 >If it gets too brazen then new platforms will popup What's to stop those platforms from being cucked themselves? Gab's not twatter, but it's an anti-loli boomer shithole. Parlor I believe is the same, I hear Bitchute tried censoring Tarrant videos, and no one gives a shit about Minds or other no-names. Most sites like Leddit and Youtube are kept alive by the combo of complacent "everyone's already there" reason by normalfags, corporations pouring money because they recognize the social power the monopolies give them, and arrogance by these stupid alt niggers who think everyone will come running to their sites just on the basis of being "not big tech" despite having gabage software and a complete lack of any content that isn't political making the front page look like an echo chamber (Youtube didn't gain influence because of people talking about the serious issues, it got it from mindless fun like cat videos and cartoon clips).Especiall in the case of video-hosting, it's an inefficient money pit only Jewgle has the shekels to keep up for years-on-end. The barrier to entry's too high to challenge. Don't even get me started on bullshit like credit companies or other kikes cutting you off, or infrastructure like Kikeflare leaving you high and dry. Ask Acid how Vanwa worked out for this site as an "alternative" -- cucked out to Russia within a heartbeat.
(348.47 KB 1620x1125 Spoliation law.jpg)
Any legalfags know about whether exspoliation applies here?
>>4248 Sorry, didn't want to sound so much like the ID hopping blackpill nigger ruining the thread. It just pisses me off when anons blithely think "dude just make your own social media" is easy and disregard how and why the status quo hasn't been disrupted yet.
(1.27 MB 1307x3884 Net Neutrality.jpg)
>>4241 It probably has to do with the interagency center from pic related. Also, remember that Trump blocked the patriot act from being extended.
>>4250 I think the trick will be to not just clone existing social media but make it shitlord friendly. The trick will be to make wholly new types of social media. Probably anonymous peer to peer stuff will be one solution. After all youtube didn't get big by trying to start their own cable tv channel and competing that way. They did the disruptive innovation thing. Another wrinkle is that big tech companies might just find themselves getting censored by the government because of the danger that they pose. Republicans will be wanting to strike back at big tech for all this censorship and the democrats might just go along just to prevent the really radical liberals from using social media to oust them. Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and the rest sure don't want to play Menshevik to antifa and BLM's Bolsheviks. Letting conservatives having tech as bone to chew on is a double win for democrats. It neuters the radical leftists and it gives righties something to expend their anger on.
>>4248 Why are you so concerned that normalfags have somewhere to spew their NPC opinions? People with a brain will leave and find more welcoming harbors, so what does it matter what the brainless masses do or think? When has it ever?
>>4253 That's my view as well.
>>4231 >>4234 If anything this only means the stakes are higher. As long as the legal battles continue, there's no need to take the blackpill. For godsake, can any competent mod ban that niggerpill? How is he so elusive, is he assisted with Government-run VPNs or something?
>>4255 He constantly changes IPs, thats why hes always a (1).
>>4255 He's using tor with the clearnet site. A decent chunk of exit nodes aren't recognized as tor and give normal IPs.
>>4255 >>4256 >>4257 Or 'she'!
(15.27 KB 200x200 lollipop.jpg)
>>4255 >For godsake, can any competent mod ban that niggerpill? That's what he wants: for mods to play whack-a-mole with IPs until there are none left for ingenuous posters to use. Mods just need to get off their fat asses and delete disruptive content. Sorry goyim, nobody's gonna make this decision for you.
>>4252 Which brings us to the next logical, practical and realistic approach: to leave social media and to go out on killing rampages so a lot of those leftists and their leaders get killed quickly. >muh glownigger This meme doesn't work. The civil war will happen, regardless of anyone who doesn't want it.
(397.59 KB 837x673 I'm OK with this.jpg)
>>4252 No, goy, you just need to shut your big fat mouth and get to work. It only takes an afternoon to set up a webserver and a hidden service. Maybe a weekend if you want to run an imageboard. The Internet is the original social media. The only reason Jews took control is because you are lazy and like to use walled gardens like Facebook where Zuckerstein makes the decisions for you. Anyone can host a hidden service that says whatever the fuck they want. In fact it's easier than hosting a clearnet site because you don't have to dick around with HTTPS and Dynamic DNS. >>4263 >The civil war will happen You wish it was a civil war. It's a revolution.
Crowder on jewtube is going to have Rudy Giuliani on soon.
(1.97 MB 1920x2370 voat picture.png)
crossposting from /pnd/ btw, all of 8kun seems to be frozen right now >GET THIS TO TRUMP >GET HIM TO TWEET ABOUT THIS! >GET THIS TO TRUMP >GET HIM TO TWEET ABOUT THIS! https://voat.co/v/politics/4105019 We were being subtly told about the rigged election for the last 7 months by someone on Voat. The model that was used to rig the US presidential election was first tested back in April when Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both went to Racine, WI and shilled for a referendum to give an obscene amount of money ($1,000,000,000) to the Racine Unified School District. The referendum PASSED BY FIVE VOTES and the fraudulent results were confirmed by a recount and upheld in court. https://journaltimes(Please use archive.today)/news/local/sanders-follows-biden-in-endorsing-unified-referendum-yes-campaign-is-surprised/article_6603b168-1461-511a-949d-85dc3f83c792.html https://journaltimes(Please use archive.today)/news/local/judge-piontek-upholds-rusd-referendum-recount/article_ab6110a8-4e52-52df-a4c3-8cf10d29b9be.html https://www.fox6now(Please use archive.today)/news/there-are-rules-in-voting-with-recount-over-1b-racine-schools-referendum-to-be-challenged-in-court Let me repeat that. In April of 2020, Joe Biden shilled for a rigged referendum in Racine, where the fate of one billion dollars was determined by five votes, then confirmed in a recount and upheld in court. 7 months later, Joe Biden coincidentally "wins" the 2020 presidential election by similar hair-splitting margins in multiple swing states. The results are almost certain to be upheld in recounts and the courts because the model employed to steal the election for Biden is the same model that he shilled for in Racine, which stole $1,000,000,000 from Racine County voters and effectively gave control of the money to an organization known as Higher Expectations for Racine County, which is run by BILL CLINTONS WISCONSIN CAMPAIGN MANAGER, Jeffrey Neubauer. Any Supreme Court case(s) will be rigged and AMY CONEY BARRET WILL BETRAY TRUMP. This will happen because she is connected to a group of Catholics associated with St. Catherine of Siena through her father Mike Coney, the Deacon of the St. Catherine of Siena Parish (a Catholic school). https://archive.fo/wVBl6 The Racine Dominicans are closely associated with St. Catherine of Siena. They run the Siena retreat center on Hunt Club Road and provide financial support to Siena Catholic Schools, where ACB went to school https://archive.fo/RqTse (Fauci was also given an honorary degree from Siena College https://archive.is/5cxYD); The Racine Dominicans were founded by Mother Benedicta BAUERhttps://archive.is/PlJJb who is almost certainly related to the actress Kristin BAUER van Straten, the sister of Bill Clintons WI presidential campaign manager Jeffrey NeuBAUER. In fact, Kristin Bauer van Straten even changed her name from Neubauer to Bauer because she was proud of her lineage. *The Racine Dominicans have also been involved in Haiti* for decades https://archive.is/kFtiX which is where Amy Coney Barrett adopted her children from. There are now TWO Supreme Court Justices that have been involved in very suspicious adoptions (John Roberts is rumored to have obtained his children through John of God), so it looks like the threat of adoption scandals will be hung over the heads of at least two SCOTUS Justices. The presidential election could not have been rigged (and the peoples' response to it could not be controlled) without first testing a blatantly rigged, high-stakes election somewhere obscure (like Racine), and then using the result as a model for rigging the presidential election, the recounts, and the court cases that inevitibly ensue. If you want to expose this fraud, you need to start asking VERY LOUDLY why Joe Biden was involved with an outrageous and obviously rigged referendum earlier this year. If you spread this information you will know you are over the target because you will be attacked by shills relentlessly. Screencap this for when I am right and no matter what happens, never forget this fact: >First they model it in Racine >Then they implement it across the country
>>4266 >from /pnd/
>>4265 He is on now.
>>4231 >/cow/tard sucking cocks as usual. Drink bleach you fat retard.
>>4266 whats his official Email?
(59.21 KB 421x564 fakenewsrealjews.jpg)
>>3848 >What are they afraid of? That the truth gets out and people will stop believing their (((official narrative)))
>>4272 choke on a nigger dick /cow/fag, you'll get the rope too.
>>3833 >>3848 >>4273 Imagine being afraid of Qfags. Imagine being that timid and pathetic. Maybe the deep state is just one big Potemkin.
(75.72 KB 914x597 20201108_121429.jpg)
I can't wait until it all comes crashing down Courts just need to do their thing We will see a triggering so large it will destroy the country (so it can be reborn clean and free).
>>4276 were's the riot kino, amerishart?
(27.67 KB 603x413 Dog fucker.png)
(10.35 KB 602x109 Dog fucker 2.png)
(24.31 KB 601x267 Dog fucker 3.png)
(22.81 KB 603x366 Dog fucker 4.png)
>Dog fuckers against Trump This is the Democrat's electoral base
(854.92 KB 470x352 just do it.gif)
>>4269 >plan my suicide No need for planning, just do it RIGHT NOW you fucking retard.
>>4278 What exactly did they fail to stop from happening? I can't recall a single significant thing that would even offend leftists throughout his presidency.
>>4280 You get a recursive error when you ask one of these people, "but wait, HOW is orange man bad?" They generally either: 1. Blame him for saying incindiary stuff on Twitter, which had no impact on policy, or 2. Say he did't denounce white supremicists, which is a total retcon because he has a thousand times, or 3. Blame him for something Obama did, like put the policy in place to separate adults from children when they try to cross the border illegally If you point out the failure of this and bring up his 1) peace deals in the middle east, or 2) the fact that he didn't get into any new wars, which all of our recent presidents have for like fifty years, or 3) how more restrictionist trade policies actually helped low-skill/minority workers most of all, as was reflected in our pre-corona economic figures where blacks and latinos had the lowest unemployment ever, they call you a racist and/or bigot (even though 1/5 of black men, 1/3 of asians, 1/3 of latinos, and 1/4 of non-whites overall voted for him in 2020). In short, they're braindead morons.
>>4276 >Courts just need to do their thing To rule in favor of Biden? Yeah, I'm sure they will
>>4283 Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch already ruled on Trump's side in PA before the election. If Barrett joins them, we win. If Trump didn't go over this very situation with her prior to making his pick, he's an idiot. He's been talking about mail-in ballot fraud the whole summer. I don't think he's an idiot.
Trump has a legitimate shot at taking this back and his chances are getting better by the minute. https://archive.vn/O4IMS This comeback and the ensuing meltdown is going to be biblical.
>>4285 One of the better summaries I've seen--thanks
>>4285 The House voting in a Contingency Election is a lot better than SCOTUS throwing out votes. Each SCOTUS member voting in favor would be in serious danger, including their families, from leftist militia.
>>4285 I'd love to see Trump make the argument that unsolicited mail in ballots sent by the governor without authorization by the governor are unconstitutional and invalid and should be discarded as a result. Constitution is very clear that the legislature, not the executive, of a state determines how electors are picked.
>>4278 On behalf of dogfuckers I apologize for these retards damaging your eyes with their stupidity.
>>4271 no idea; i dont use voat
>>4292 Now that these dogfuckers have shown their true colors, they will not be missed once hackers have them.
>>4253 >>4254 Like it as not, "people with a brain" are less in number than those brainless masses, and you can't actually do that much without at least some popular support from them. They're the ones who browse without adblockers and donate in a heartbeat, are the biggest statistic you try to influence in elections and other shit, and as I've seen time and again, creators of actual content (artists, video-makers, etc) want their shit to be seen by more than a handful of people. Even an 8chan artist like Eltonel has a Patreon for extra reach. It's easy to disregard normalfags since they're niggercattle, but circlejerking about things everyone already agrees on doesn't help those ideals spread. You think something like, I dunno, Gamergate back in 2014 would've had anywhere near the influence if they turned their nose and ignored Twitter out of disdain for normalfags? >>4252 I'll admit, decentralized tech hasn't inspired much confidence in me. Shit tends to be experimental as fuck and lacking ease-of-use, trying to coast on big talk of being "impossible to censor" but proving nowhere near as good as their bluster -- Bitchute's peer-to-peer I hear, but got yanked down in an instant during the election, and even putting aside video-sites look at that insecure shitshow wreck that was Zeronet/08chan when everyone was scrambling for a bunker.
>>4296 Bunker? Is that something like a safe haven?
>>4296 >lacking ease-of-use That's a good thing
>>4296 This kind of thought is exactly what is wrong with democracy. What the masses think is irrelevant without someone of intelligence (and ideally, but nowadays rarely, character) to lead them. If a man of intelligence is supplied, whatever their opinion used to be, it is easily swayed by such a man, and only in such a circumstance can the power of the masses be harnessed. Without a leader, the masses are nothing at all. Also, Bitchute was streaming p2p, not the site itself, but it's not doing that anymore either as there were too many bugs. They're currently overhauling the code for that.
(490.61 KB 640x538 Grilling gets banned.mp4)
>>4125 >>4126 The boomerwaffen will awaken sooner or later.
(54.02 KB 634x669 Hillary being delusional.jpg)
>>4156 >Does anyone remember if Hilary was erroneously announced as having won back in 2016? Not like they are doing now with Biden but i remember a first page of a magazine (probably TIME or Newsweek) that said: "Madame President" with Hillary's face on it. That number was printed and ready to be shipped but the shipment was stopped the moment Trump won. Sadly i haven't saved it back then.
>>4303 Usually they print copies for both outcomes ahead of time so that no matter who wins they are ready to distribute them right away.
>>4304 >>4303 No, they were already out on shelves. I picked one up just so I could look at it and laugh every once in a while.
>>4285 I've been walking around with a towel at all times because when Trump wins despite all of this I'm gonna cum on the spot.
>>4307 I wonder if a civil war will happen. If so, I do have a few options to wait this whole thing out.
(43.82 KB 612x328 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4309 6 million unfollows. Oy gevalt.
>>4309 >says good job to Biden Wait, what? So Trump has no plan for tomorrow and is gonna give up on the courts? The hell?
>>4311 Did you read Trumps statement? Court shit is gonna happen.
>>4312 Oh, I just saw this pic and thought Trump just gives up.
>>4309 >He finally realizes that jews are bad news. I wonder if this will wake up more plebs? I can see a lot of merchants becoming targets of anger after this.
>>4315 No, he meant the jew said congrats to Biden and that's why he unfollowed.
(5.27 MB 426x240 trump-names-it.webm)
>>4316 >finally Trump plays both sides
>>4309 Well this alone proves it's going to be a very wild 4 years.
>>4320 A lot of people have dying wishing for Trump to go full kamikaze during his second term because, no matter what happens, he can't be elected again (Unless the rumor is true that the impeachment nullified his first term and effectively gives him the chance to legally run for a third).
>>4321 Personally I was hoping he's finally go after at least one of the elephants in the room, the degree of foreign subversion and espionage in the tech sector. To a limited extent he already did through trade wars, but he really needs to go all-out on them and clean house within. My primary interest in Trump recently is about revitalizing a more nationalistic stance in preparation for an inevitable conflict with China. I didn't expect much more than that, because of other (((factors))). But if more happens, especially if it threatens (((them))) inadvertently I'd consider it as a bonus.
(59.07 KB 483x147 deadmannigress.png)
It's gone from from 'Biden Wins' with a pic of just him to this.
>>4296 >"people with a brain" are less in number than those brainless masses, and you can't actually do that much without at least some popular support from them Hence why depopulation is good. Genociding the jews, shitskins and other nonwhite subhumans is the first step. But after that, depopulating our own race, so only the best among the best can exist and procreate. And even that must be controlled, as to not overpopulate again.
>>4325 There will always be follower sheep and leaders. In fact, given good leaders having followers is important. There is little reason to depopulate our own people, although traitors certainly must hang.
(3.82 MB 1280x720 trump_hitler.webm)
>>4309 This, coupled with Jared Kushner asking him to concede, should make it completely obvious that the kikes used Trump for the last 4 years. I hope this experience makes Trump into the Hitler all the kikes and leftists were depicting him as since 2016.
>>4329 It wont, but it will make him less pro isreal if he wins the recounts and lawsuits. Which is not awful.
>>4331 It would be a start. I don't know any boomer or gen-xer that isn't pro Israel, so perhaps this will get many of them to at least question that allegiance.
>>4329 >believing CNN
>>4329 >I am gonna open up our libel laws so we can sue the media So what about that, Trump!? We are still waiting here, just like we were waiting for you to deport all the illegals and "drain" the same fucking (((swamp))) that is trying to steal the election. That's why i don't like the cult of personality around Trump, sure support him, but also demand him to do what he fucking promised. btw i remember people saying how this video was making them excited to vote for him rather than scaring them like the original purpose was.
>>4151 >He think it will be that easy You do know that the Israelis is at the forefront of surveillance tech right? That's part of the reason why Mossad achieved the boogeyman status these days. >>4178 >>4175 >EVERY SINGLE GUN HAS TO BEE HOOKED UP TO THE INTERNET SO WE CAN SEE HOW MUCH BROWN KIDS HAVE BEEN SHOT WITH THIS BLACK ASSAULT RIFLE This stupid trend of every single shit having to be eternally logged on to the internet is just mindboggling.
>>4327 >traitors certainly must hang. The masses will always turn into traitors, in due time. Break the cycle. Eliminate all who can't think by themselves, and let only the self-sufficient be allowed to live. What is needed is a reduction. Not expansion.
(72.67 KB 1244x738 kittens&rainbows.png)
>>4262 reminds me when the /gnosticwarfare/ BO constantly edited his posts KITTENS AND RAINBOWS
>>4306 Someone post the cum tribute one.
>>4329 Wasn't this a Ted Cruz ad during the Republican primaries?
(74.15 KB 668x363 very special forces.jpg)
>>4337 >You do know that the Israelis is at the forefront of surveillance tech right? Jews are pretty resourceful, but not significantly more than other races. They're just more parasitic. Without Silicon Valley and the Ivy League to loot, they would just shrivel up like leeches in the Dead Sea. I have the misfortune to read Israeli computer security papers. Every one is about some exploit that would only work if the webmaster was on fentanyl and just slapped himself upside the head with a 30-pound steel dildo.
>>4309 fake news, https://socialblade(Please use archive.today)/twitter/user/realdonaldtrump there was no change in followings
Anons, did trump announce the proceedings
>>4329 > I hope this experience makes Trump into the Hitler all the kikes and leftists were depicting him as since 2016. Don't, that'll make people buy into leftists' "oppression" narrative even more, making it harder for US to make bilateral agreements. He just need to convince the kikes and leftists to move into some other lefty country like Venezuela instead, give them chance to run a whole country themselves. >>4327 >There is little reason to depopulate our own people, Most dumbfuck normalfags you see in in real life are sub-100 IQ humans, white or not. And then we have people with genetic defects like Hotwheels. The earth benefits better from having them as fertilizers than breathing warm bodies. >>4337 > You do know that the Israelis is at the forefront of surveillance tech right? I don't. Even if that's true, I think it's still strategically easier to do so than having a nuclear power just outright nuke Israel. By firing a nuclear weapon, a nuclear power country loses the primary reason for having a nuke in the first place: a deterrent to scare other countries from launching a nuke on itself. I doubt a whole country would risk getting itself nuked just so that it could obliterate other country. Also, Israel has the samson option, so no matter what happens, if we don't disable or blow Israeli nukes before they're launched then the whole Europe goes toast.
>>4316 >finally Read his books, he names them by name. That's the poison for jews.
>>4348 Sauce?
> Biden unveils Transition COVID-19 Advisory Board to 'help shape' approach to coronavirus pandemic https://archive.vn/5P9VX But he isn't the fucking president.
>>4351 CNN appointed him president goyim.
(837.47 KB 1920x1080 Screenshot_20200302_010910.png)
>>4351 It's a hedge. If the result of Trump's lawsuits is that Biden remains president, he looks proactive. If the result is that Trump wins, it makes Trump seem all the more authoritarian, erratic, and dangerous ("He stole the election from the rightful leader!!"). It's not accidental--it's pathological.
(86.47 KB 700x700 kyouko_tired.jpg)
>>4353 I hope the recount results in a victory for Jeb.
>>4354 Slow and steady, my fellow guac aficionado
>>4347 >Don't, that'll make people buy into leftists' "oppression" narrative even more, making it harder for US to make bilateral agreements. The enemy must be slaughtered. No negotiations whatsoever.
>>3604 Hope was lost for America when the constitution was penned. All things die eventually; even stars burn out. Regardless of Trump, the America that was will never be again. It can become something very different if its people have the will, and this new country with different laws and principles could even maintain the name of America, but the clock does not run backwards. Regardless of the outcome of this election, the America's only futures are facism and collapse. This election is not the sole factor that determines which of these futures we pick. >>4354 Same. I wish I knew what the digital vote format was so I could buy a bunch of thumb drives with fake Jeb votes and mail them out to every state.
>>4350 The art of the deal, crippled america, those two for one. Haven't read his other books yet.
>>4357 America did have a golden age, and the constitution is not inherently flawed. They did not account for subversive kikes and a wave of shitskins. Cut out those two and America would work indefinitely, only needing to worry about monopolies.
>>4351 Not even -elect.
(75.97 KB 828x935 EmZkHIxW4AYGNEq.jpg)
>>4287 >>4285 https://Webm or instances.invidio.us/b12Yt2uedFo The Artist Formerly Known As Carlos Osweda on Twitter has done a couple videos on how Trump's going to win. That should convince anyone with doubts.
>>4374 Somehow my link was fucked up.
(27.66 KB 474x266 rinks.jpg)
>>4366 >art of the deal The chapter about him building the Central Park skating rink was the perfect example of WASP order and restraint contrasted with semitic dumbassery.
>>4374 this video implies that Giuliani would know of vast fraud, but his conference 2 days ago was pretty lukewarm, if that's the case.
(3.24 MB 592x1280 nigger.mp4)
>>4379 It's hard to believe they don't use so many recorded proof to give trump the election, or demand another vote without mail in voting.
(1.14 MB 800x1403 ClipboardImage.png)
https://archive.is/s5Qg4 Some people on Facebook are supposedly trying to organize a large scale truck driver protest against the GND.
>>4379 >>4380 They're probably tossed out as "hearsay" in court, they need either physical evidence or the absence of physical evidence (i.e. burnt ballots) than a dumb basketball american doing basketball american shit.
(193.23 KB 145x170 1461502893938.gif)
>>4379 Is there anything more emblematic of current year than a nigger livestreaming himself doing felonies and creating his own video evidence used at his indictment?
>>4385 Its not even just niggers, people here in spain tend to do that and get arrested in the most silly of ways.
>>4379 "Then why are blacks arrested so much, you racists?!"
Any word from Trump about him going to the courts?
The Doom Turtle awakens, >"Sen. McConnell said Monday that Trump has every right not to accept the final results based on little more than media reports, and that President Trump is within his right to request vote recounts and file legal challenges to address irregularities, he said in opening floor comments." -ZH
>>4389 Or in other words <Trump save my job, they will make me hitler if you are not there and will succeed. Its all about avoiding being portrayed as next hitler for the neocons since they allowed the media to get away with it with trump. >>4381 >4 days Thats probably not gonna do a whole lot
>>4391 You underestimate the retardation that is just in time delivery. Supermarkets usually have 24 hours + a bit of reserve of stock. That's why everything ran out the second people started buying slightly during the chinkflu buildup. 4 days of no restocking means supermarkets are empty for at least 2 days.
>>4381 >>4392 I hope this isn't just a bunch of people blowing smoke.
>>4392 Can confirm that from experience, the backroom has nowhere near the space that the on the floor shelf storage goes and if we don't get a truck every day shit runs out, which has happened outside of the pandemic due to new drivers, or mis-filed shit.
>>4394 Then a civil war may as well start. Lefties aren't gonna give up, same with righties. This will be a thing I'll just sit back and watch if anything goes crazy..
>>4392 Assuming enough truckers show up to crash the country's supply lines with no survivors, can Bidet and his Social workers educate them about White Guilt fast enough so they can get back to work before the upper class feels the effects?
>>4400 what happened, torfag?
(2.29 MB 2933x2229 bookburning.jpg)
>>4395 if that happens, i hope america's gonna go full authoritatrian and abandon democracy.
(263.95 KB 1242x1452 jeb2020.jpg)
LAWSUITS GETTING FILED IN PENNSYLVANIA https://archive.fo/gsyb9 https://cdn.donaldjtrump(Please use archive.today)/public-files/press_assets/2020-11-09-complaint-as-filed.pdf
>>4404 Nothing will happen
>>4405 Niggerpill, what a lovely surprise. Have you talked with any family recently? I heard November's a nice mini-vacation time, what with only having a slight chill, and no noisy tourists messing anything up.
(200.82 KB 440x300 elmo fire rises.png)
>>4405 Too late for that sort of talk, blackpill, everything you've tried to do is useless. It's happening and you can't stop it. When the cases go through, you're going to realize what despair really means. Can't wait for your breakdown. Try to be creative!
You need to do it again, whole fucking thing, voter anonymity ends, everyone who votes has their name attached to their ballot, verification codes to guarantee vote is counted correctly, transparent count. Biden's count is fucked by his retarded followers openly rigging, result is illegitimate at best and probably impossible to get an accurate one using this utter shambles of a system.
LOOKS LIKE WISCONSIN IS BACK ON THE MENU BOYS https://www.thegatewaypundit(Please use archive.today)/2020/11/breaking-exclusive-system-glitch-also-uncovered-wisconsin-reversal-19032-votes-removes-lead-joe-biden/
Can; wait for a new meme of SJW tears.
(658.61 KB 2124x1586 STEALIN-AWAY-1.jpg)
>>4405 You always lose, jew. We always win. You won't do shit. Cope.
(18.57 KB 300x292 we are winning.jpg)
>>4395 >Lefties aren't gonna give up >>4402 >america's gonna go full authoritatrian and abandon democracy >>4405 >Nothing will happen
>>4413 It's fascinating how cannibalistic the left gets, every time.
>>4404 I can already taste the mountains of libcuck salt when the recounts happen and Trump gets re-elected. The last election's going to have nothing on this one.
(276.33 KB 675x824 the best.png)
>>4386 That just means he should have used 'shitskins' or 'nonwhites' instead of niggers.
(16.57 KB 372x290 Givemeabreak.jpg)
>>4413 >>4415 Even when the ooga boogas are pointing a gun at him, he will still feel guilty that he didn't cuck enough for dem oppressed minorities. Christ, fucking pathetic.
>>4418 What's really ironic is that back in the 60's you had black's protesting peacefully because that changed what was in the systems before, but now, somehow, the chic in the video saying "asking for us to be polite is white shit! The hell? Where did this freaks not notice that they are the fucking problem?
>>4420 This is what I find confusing. The guy does weird sit around kids, but parents don't give a fuck. At least lefties.
>>4421 I suspect he could come out as an open pedo (call it a disorder and talk about his struggle and burden) and the leftyfags would still simp for him. They'd call him stunning and brave.
Here's (((Jennifer Rubin))) talking about burning down the Republican Party, eradicating Trump's 'enablers' with no survivors. These fucking kikes need to go. >>4421 There were leftists posting on social media that they would gladly get raped, or let their kids get raped by Joe Biden if it meant Trump would be forced out of the white house.
>>4422 Of course he could. They have been setting up child rapists to be the next gays and trannies for years now.
(30.60 KB 600x450 commit suicide.jpg)
>>4405 When Trump wins livestream your suicide /cow/tard faggot.
>>4422 Ha yeah, right, have Natalie and Hunter Biden come out as in a relationship to normalize it. Love and footies know no age.
>>4423 >Here's (((Jennifer Rubin))) talking about burning down the Republican Party, eradicating Trump's 'enablers' with no survivors. These fucking kikes need to go. That is why all of them must be killed. Never negotiated with. Now call me a: >muh glownigger For telling people to be proactive.
>>4404 God Bless you mad man. I hope trump get the fucking salt mine as bonus
>>4413 Wonderful to see them consuming their own feet. I hope they dragged him out of his house and strung him up for being such a white supremacist for not wanting all his shit burned down by niggers.
>>4413 What's doubly tasty is the guy knows in advance if he'd had a Trump sign out they'd be wrecking everything so he knows 'his' side is acting in totally bad faith and he likely voted out of fear of being targeted. This is fascism in action, this is the kind of shit the left has SCREAMED in the right's face for 70+ years and here they are THE only prime example of it in the US. When people though America was full of dumb right wing people it was tolerable, now we're seeing it's also full of even dumber leftyfags and worse outright suicidal/ruinous ones. If America wants anything approaching civil voting ever again people like the screaming lunatics in that vid are gonna have to be strung up to ensure honesty.
>>4432 Niggers, spics, and arabs should be kicked out and women kept from being able to vote - only then will political honesty reign.
That's a nice idea long term but in the right here and now the people whipping up crowds to pull 'their enemies' out of their homes are the ones who need culling. There'll be no peace there until they're removed, pathetic as they are on an interpersonal level they do the most damage stirring mobs to act irrationally.
(20.53 KB 700x133 kys.jpg)
>>4432 This is 8chan, anon. Why don't you just name the Jew? Is it so hard... >people like the screaming lunatics in that vid are gonna have to be strung up to ensure honesty ...ah yes, now I understand. One of the surest signs of a Jew is their anti-life attitude. Life doesn't play by their rules, so instead of changing the rules, they hate life and want to destroy it whenever it takes them by surprise. I suspect most of these people casually dismissing idiotic opinions with "kill yourself" are Jewish. Wouldn't it be better if the idiot just got his shit together? No, he broke the rules, so he's "immoral" and any kind of violence against him is justified.
>>4436 >defending race traitors Kill yourself.
>>4436 Interesting thought, though I tend to tell people to kill themselves too on imageboards. >>4438 >tells people to kill themselves for no reason at all t. kike
>>4445 >can't read I laid out the reason in the very post you're responding to. Perhaps take another gander at it retard.
>>4447 Your reason boiled down to >defending people of your race you don't agree with
>>4445 I'll call shekel merkel on you
>>4448 Yeah
>>4418 Why are you using a Japanese VPN? You can't learn Japanese kiddo
>>4413 It's always nice to see these retards getting their just desserts.
(271.49 KB 434x842 parasite 2.jpg)
>>4438 >(((race traitors))) A race is not a sports team. Neither Jews nor Aryans are God's chosen people. We are all just different kinds of organisms struggling to survive in different ways. We're mutualists and you're a parasite. I don't bear you ill will and I don't neurotically obsess over killing you. I just want you to stop sucking the economy dry. If you'd rather die first, well, fine, have it your way.
>>4454 Forget about the parasite tongue bug, that fish has teeth.
>>4454 And so they say. there are also those who speak of parallel universes, alternate timelines, etc. How we all got here is a good question indeed, but it's like you say, we are still animals in the long run, trying to live through nature's board game of life.
>>4454 Kill yourself nigger.
>>4457 you're the nigger anon
>>4458 This is a falsehood.
>>4459 are you sure about that?
>>4460 Are you?
>>4413 Those cucks need to die out. >>4423 If all else fails, accelerationism is looking really good right now.
https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=Ztu5Y5obWPk B I G
>>4436 >name the jew What? You think the crowd agitator is a kike? Fine, whatever, can you prove it? Are you waxing philosophical or are you accusing me of being a kike? If so you're wide of the MARK (geddit?) cos I didn't say anyone should 'kill themselves', no no, I want them to go screeching tooth and nail in a rather one sided battle royale.
>>4464 >it's fucking linear oh nononono
>>4379 leadstories fact checking by a cnn journalist labels it as a prank, is there any credibility to it anons? if not is there any way to prove the ripped ballot was legit?
>>4454 Thank you for reminding me of that repulsive abomination I had tried to forget about.
>>4454 <t. christcuck >>4407 You niggers have been saying this since 2016. When are you going to stop larping and start actually doing something? Oh right, you won't.
>>4464 Save it
>Biden "Intelligence Team" Panics on tv >He looks like he, his team and Biden are fucked any bets they resort to even dirtier shit to make sure they don't go to fed jail? https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=7WbeqHMkTVE
>>4468 >Trusting CNN anon, don't believe any bullshit what they spew
>>4471 You always lose, jew. The jews and the left are paper tigers. You won't do shit, while we will keep winning and killing you all. >>4413 >Old man cucks out >When confronted by subhumans, he keeps cucking Boomers are, indeed, one of the greatest cancers to befall upon America and many nations. Their only course of action is to cuck and cuvk and cuvk and cuck, even if their lives are at stake. Boomers like that one in the video would let their own family be killed by subhumans just so they won't be called racist, all the while they would try the "can't we talk tihs out?" approach with the subhumans instead of killing them all. Forget about just waiting for boomers to die from old age. Boomers must be killed along with other traitors.
(100.26 KB 426x240 ARE YOU RETARDED!!!.mp4)
>>4468 >fact checking >cnn >credibility
(3.94 MB 1280x720 boomer-usa-(with-audio).webm)
>>4477 Checked. <drives RV with "we're spending our childrens' inheritence" bumper sticker on it
So the reveal yesterday on Fox news, how was it? I see no mention of it anywhere, so i assume it was nothing of interest?
>>4482 The media is scrambling to deny any involvement with Biden now, because the new investigation is shaping up to turn into a full large scale detention of all involved with him. They will all be jailed. and some will be shot dead by the fed up common folk even before the police gets them. And that is without even accounting Biden's involvement with child trafficking and child prostitution, which also had the participation of many big names from mainstream media. That is why you will see a lot of "shocking news" coming from the irrelevant media, trying to divert attention away from the investigations.
>>4483 >Fox News >irrelevant Wait what? I thought Fox News was on the side of righties, more to the point, better than cucknn.
>>4483 And wait, Joe Bidan and co have something to do with actual child shit? I know the guy was a fucking weird ass fucker when he was around kids on videos, but this shit?
>>4484 Murdock's sons are Biden supporters. Fox is pozzed except for maybe a few people on the network.
>>4484 It's run by kikes just like everything else in the MSM. Why would you be dumb enough to trust it?
wtf you can't post on halfchan anymore
>>4487 The Hell? What is with those two witch fucks? He's fucking right. Stupid bitches.
>>4488 Place is probably frozen by the feds again.
(27.84 KB 585x580 1605048133796.jpg)
So this thing is generally being taken as evidence, but I'm not sure it's not just misunderstood. Just to be clear, I voted Trump myself and want him in office at least over Biden, but I think that pushing any false evidence will do more harm than good, so we have to be careful of that. Anyway, I suspect what might actually be happening in this graph is a percent of democrats voting for Trump. The bend is still odd, but that could just be an anomaly unlike the overall trend. Anyway, imagine what would happen if 10% of democrats were voting for Trump, and 20% of republicans were voting for Biden. If the 0% represents the number of republicans, then in 100% democrat districts, Trump would get 10% of the vote, and in districts with 100% republicans, Biden would get 20% of the vote, which would result in a straight line from +10 to -20 as the districts become more republican. Obviously adjust the 10 and 20 to whatever fits the graph
(388.63 KB 604x481 FEDposting.png)
>>4493 >but I think that pushing any false evidence will do more harm than good, so we have to be careful of that. That's why we should take those video with niggers burning Trump ballots with a grain of salt, they could probably staged on purpose to make Trump and his supporters look like the liars.
>>4493 Did you watch the video? he explains it well https://invidious.tube/watch?v=Ztu5Y5obWPk >>4494 maybe with a grain of salt yes, but it's also highly likely that fraud was just encouraged, people are extremely motivated and fell morally justified to commit fraud. I think those videos are likely legit.
>>4495 I am not saying that they aren't real, personally i think they are, i am just saying that we need to be cautious before using them as evidence, with glowniggers you never know.
>>4496 ye i agree, people post shit "evidence" all over and if you can manage a large group to post a shit "evidence" and then disprove it, you humiliate the group and delegitimize their claims
Have peaceful BLM activists been sighted mounting M2s on repossessed Boomer pickups yet?
>>4493 Yeah, but does that explain how it only happens in relation to the dominion voting machines and only to republican votes? But yeah, this should be checked out completely. >compare counties with and without dominion machines, preferably near to each other >compare votes before and after the machines were installed >for both, check democrats and republican votes to straight democrat tickets and straight republican tickets If it looks like it's only after and in dominion voting spots, only to republicans then we've got bingo.
Hi from 9ch We are aware the 4ch thread investigating the voter data was shoahed by comped jannies: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/289828870 Initial thread: https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/289802367#p289804647 We are currently working on making the data more accessible. source: https://gofile.io/d/XwcWGo (note: You can't download it via TOR browser or with wget using the default User Agent)
>>4493 >smoothbrain or shill take That ramp function says the following: 1) The MORE pro-Trump Republican a precinct is, the LESS likely they are to VOTE Trump. We know intuitively: 2) The MORE pro-Trump Republican a precinct is, the MORE likely they are to VOTE Trump. (The line should appear horizontal) If 1) does not match 2) there is an anomaly that needs investigating. 3) We know from other datasets the pattern observed in 1) repeats in a predictive manner thus we can assert.. 4) FRAUD HAPPENED, no ifs not buts.
>>4502 what about coconuts?
>>4080 Someone's being gaslit all right.
>>4501 Would you please use archive links instead? 4chan links could go 404 within hours.
(1.43 MB 275x208 an hero.gif)
>>4112 I wonder if Kamala "la creatura" Harris will an hero, once the voter fraud gets dealt with.
>>4506 >once the voter fraud gets dealt with. this requires faith in the present system. What we know: -Great Reset shilled -Deep State can't afford to lose. Biden has to win. -Trump losing means the entire system is corrupt and laws are "whatever you can get away with" Are they crashing it all with no survivors? Either: A) Courts uphold law. Blatant fraud remedied. Trump wins. Democrats believe a coup took place overthrowing Biden. Civil War ensues. B) Courts are corrupt. Blatant fraud ignored. Biden cheating OK. Republicans aware there is no recourse for remedy within the system. Civil War ensues. Load the mags brother, and keep the rifle close.
>>4507 > Democrats believe a coup took place overthrowing Biden. Civil War ensues. Doubt if the Dems have any balls to actually use guns. Aren't they the ones pushing nogunz laws everywhere?
>>4507 While not wrong, we could just be looking at the next four years of more SJW tears, but salty and spicy than before, without any action being taken if Trump does win. Regardless, if a civil war does ensure to be happening, I will be taking steps to protect me and my loved ones along with my friends.
>>4508 There was the increase of guns being brought earlier on before. And now ammo and body armor are being brought. If anything, shit can get crazy if lefties or righties don't want a truce.
>>4501 Contribution: Antifags from Portland https://anonfiles(Please use archive.today)/TcPaK1oepe/portland_antifa_k_1_png Archived threads with info on antifags all over the nation: http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/289740587 http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/289714307/ http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/289688413/ http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/289671994/ http://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/289539968/ Associated files and images are stored here: https://gofile.io/d/pUIziS Download. Expose. Spread to all. Dig for more. Repeat.
>>4502 That's not what it says though. It says that in less republican districts, there are more trump voters than there are straight republican ticket voters (which CAN ONLY mean that someone voting at least partially democrat or not voting for anything but the president voted trump), while in more republican districts, there are less trump voters than straight republican ticket voters, which CAN ONLY mean that some of the republican tickets voted Biden. The graph does not control for democrat voters. It's republican tickets vs total votes, including democrats. >3) We know from other datasets the pattern observed in 1) repeats in a predictive manner thus we can assert.. Given the above, the repeating pattern suggests that all districts have some trump-voting democrats and some biden-voting republicans. Most likely at a very similar ratio.
>>4509 >While not wrong, we could just be looking at the next four years of more SJW tears That is, at present, the BEST case scenario. >>4508 >Doubt if the Dems have any balls to actually use guns. With Dems in power they would do it by proxy, ordering police, or military to do it. Think hurricane Katrina gun confiscation type response, but nationwide. This would rapidly polarize sides for an escalating conflict. Sgt. Bubba would never confiscate his brother's funs even if threatened with courtmartial.
>>4501 Wisconsin voter datasets for election fraud investigation optimized for faster downloads and more eyes on... (These are in 7-ZIP format so less than half the download size of the ZIP originals) https://anonfiles(Please use archive.today)/L989M5o1p4/2152_5757_7z https://anonfiles(Please use archive.today)/1aicN6o5p1/2152_5758_7z
>>4487 Host goes dead-eyed robot mode trying to not get fired the other is fully on Soros' side.
>>4487 Also enjoy your 1984 murrika, looks like the people who are willing to speak the truth just won't be invited to speak once they show their colours.
>>4487 This shit is so insane to see. She just shut down out of fear of saying the wrong thing that might upset her overlords.
>>4515 >Please use archive.today) wtf is this bitch filter shit?
>>4515 files not found error
>>4508 >Doubt if the Dems have any balls to actually use guns. Aren't they the ones pushing nogunz laws everywhere? They will absolutely use their guns, and they have been buying them. You maybe don't understand the overwhelming rage they feel when they confront a Trump supporter. They know you reject their core values and they really, really want to kill you for that.
>>4524 Absolutely, the "gun control" agenda is about making the average white, honest tax payers defenseless, while nigger thugs and antifa faggots are going to keep their weapons in order to oppress them.
(1.44 MB 1281x2961 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4404 https://archive.fo/A87rO MY FRIENDS THERE'S A HAPPENING AFOOT
(54.52 KB 494x494 spicy may taste.jpg)
>>4526 Ohhh come on blow up already!
>>4493 >this thing is generally being taken as evidence, but I'm not sure it's not just misunderstood. >I suspect what might actually be happening in this graph is >>4513 >It's republican tickets vs total votes, including democrats. >narrative control shill outs itself. Wrong. Go gaslight some other dumb fuck. If you're not a shillfag watch and listen to the video by Dr Shiva again. It is [vote DIFFERENCE between Trump only and straight voting down ballot] vs [precinct demographic].
>>4523 >files not found error the files are there, but the word filter on this board changing what I posted is shit. I'll split the link over a few lines and hopefully the word filters won't change it.. anonfiles (Please use archive.today) /L989M5o1p4/2152_5757_7z anonfiles (Please use archive.today) /1aicN6o5p1/2152_5758_7z
>>4529 anonfiles dot com
>>4526 Good it needed saying, it needs to be done again and with no open avenue for fuckery, no result from this bullshit is going to sit right, there's too much outright, obvious, filmed rigging, I'm not even a yank and it's past the point I'd put up with, were I living there, being fed (((the accepted result))) from this would see me eternally sabotaging and taking direct action against those who'd assumed power in such blatantly illegal circumstances.
>>4532 He's saying that the way the Pennsylvania election officials are treating the Trump observers is out of line after the court has allowed them oversight. It's not an outright declaration, but the fact the Democrats are acting this sketchy means we may be on the right track.
>>4507 >>4509 >>4514 I'm predicting a little of Column A and Column B. There WILL be a chimpout of some sort, but it will another one of those milquetoast "only bad for those in the immediate area" violence outbreaks. It will be nowhere near civil war levels, and eventually it'll just settle into SJWs complaining on twatter again. I've seen this song and dance happen a hundred fucking times and it's always blueballed.
(2.67 MB 1717x1019 haato coco battle of peking.png)
>>4534 What if Harris and her goons flee to West Taiwan and proclaim a government in exile?
(1.64 MB 1309x1859 1601442261748.png)
>>4537 Hello, smugloli.
>>4537 It would be amusing.
>>4537 >>4375 >Somehow my link was fucked up. You linked YouTube newfag, go fuck yourself
>>4540 https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=F9hZ9xTbshg This is fine through.
>>4507 I am expecting white and blue helmets sent to america in either eventuality.
>>4543 Let's just see them try it. America aint no bonobo niggers in afrikaland. America is the land of the free, the home of the brave, with a rifle behind every blade of grass. The nigpol truthsec brainwashes you EVERY DAY telling you americans are WEAK FAT AMERIMUTTS!!! THEY LIE! AMERICANS ARE STRONG! AMERICANS HACE CLASS, DIGNITY, INTEGRITY, DECENCY, AMERICANS ARE BRUTAL, SAVAGE, HAVE CUNNING AND GUILE, AMERICANS HAVE GUMPTION AND GRIT!! BELIEVE ENEMY LIES AT YOUR PERIL! THE STRENGTH OF THE AMERICAN WILL REIGN TRUE ONCE MORE!
(112.18 KB 400x400 ClipboardImage.png)
Are things looking better than they did a few days ago lads? IS TRUMP-A GONNA WEEN?
>>4547 Half of the Clearnet just went down 17 minutes ago all at once. Really makes you think, huh?
>>4548 I guess silicone valley is full panic mode, maybe? Can't play any vids on youtube at the moment. Daily motion works just fine.
(366.00 KB 636x601 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4548 All I wanna know is if I'm taking these Bidencuck bucks to the bank.
>>4544 America has M*rk
>>4528 When he says direct trump votes, he does not mean "ballots that vote for trump and nobody else", he means "ballots with votes for trump, regardless of any other votes". That includes democrats voting for trump. There are always "traitors" on both sides in every presidential election. My analysis checks out.
>>4544 It's fun to see yanks go mental when someone posits a totally outlandish, never gonna happen invasion/troop landing.
>>4547 It 'looks' like there's fuckery all over but probably not enough to overturn enough results unless the whole thing gets thrown out.
>>4544 Yet, we've been directly attacked by the British, the Mexicans (Twice), the Japanese (Thrice), and Sandniggers: https://invidio.us/watch?v=BtAUaSShhBE
>>4557 Let's see. >British I assume you're talking about the war of 1812, which most of the fighting there was done by provincial Canadian regiments since the Brits were busy fighting Napoleon. >Mexicans twice Texas wasn't a part of the US when Santa Anna made his campaigns against Sam Huston and the rest. Pancho Villa attacking that town in New Mexico counts, probably Geronimo since he mostly raided out of Mexico with his Apaches. >The Japanese (thrice) Pearl Harbor is the only time I can think of where the Japanese attacked the US, unless you count the balloon bomb that killed those Boy Scouts in Oregon during World War 2, or the times where some Japanese submarines shelled California for a few hours.
(22.09 KB 603x282 1.png)
(53.84 KB 532x542 2.png)
(11.14 KB 661x356 3.png)
>>4544 Ah but what if: >shit stays like it is >Biden zombie shuffles in >Trumptards lose shit >Soyfag/Nigger/SJW alliance pisses everyone off so much it kicks off a protracted civil war >UN fags land >they fight on Trumps side to unfuck your shit
>>4526 >Chairman Trainor, an old school gunslinger from Texas appointed by Trump I guess Trump is still able to play 4D chess.
>>4561 >UN Oh please, the group that tried to make an agenda as early as 2010 for educating kids about sex shit, peacekeepers who are able to do fucking crap to kids like in hati, and not to mention, how they seem to have a problem with drawings when they are the ones contributing to the abuse. Let's also not forget, they added gaming as a disorder, but yet, removed tranny mental ill as a disorder.
>>4564 Don't forget giving a platform to the Literally Who's to whine about online oppression.
>>4561 The UN is ran by (((them))), they'll be glad to help fuck up your shit too.
>>4566 (((You))) would know.
(32.03 KB 529x529 smugdemon.jpg)
>>4454 There is no man in no community that doesn't want to be on top. People may deny it, but everyone wants the top for fame, simple security, wealth, greed is a deadly sin for a reason, but it is present in man, all men. Some are simply placed into situations where attaining wealth is impossible, or they do not have the education to rise above themselves. In this situation, men become complacent, but that greed can be awoken by an event, it has nothing to do with character, because there is plenty of different reasons, even noble, for greed. The main one being that man is ultimately tribal and can only empathize with so many people. So when you tell me that men are simply organisms surviving, you are lying. All men strive, even the passionless. All people wish to be above others, to improve their status and themselves, in even an aimless fashion. To say that man is good is false, we are born with sin. Sin is not the guilt of the former generation, it is the evil twinges of insanity that come naturally to people. All people are born with this nature. So when you say that any group, no matter the nation or ethnicity, is ultimately benevolent, I fucking LAUGH. People associate themselves with groups as a natural order thing. You have to try to be away from a group, all men desire belonging. And people are still tribal, it's human nature. Religion is an effort against the unkindness of the world, and it HAS to be spread by people because you aren't born with values. You are born with limited empathy, that is all. Jews, Catholics, British, Africans, Americans, Japanese, Chinese, whatever. There are no mutualists, there's always an angle for dominance.
>>4569 The white race is superior to all, though. >I fucking LAUGH Women also laugh when they are defeated. Only to cry later, as people abandon them to die alone while their beauty (their only value) rots due to aging. Just an example of when someone laughs at facts, it is nothing more than a defeated individual thinking that he/she is above the struggle, when in fact, he/she is already defeated. Laugh now. You will cry later. There is no escaping that fact.
>>4570 >Y-you're a woman >y-you're gonna cry later I don't give a shit saying who's superior to who, but you're proving my point here. You want the top spot so you claim it by saying you're superior, which isn't special since Jews do that all the time despite sucking countries dry with their bullshit, Catholics present themselves as pillars of morality despite the child rape they cover up, there's always an angle for dominance and no one is ultimately benevolent. There's no saints here, but to struggle against temptation is noble, but it can only be done on an individual standpoint. On every level, every big group that attains dominance will abuse that dominance and every little group strives to be in the same position as these groups. It has nothing to do with race, or superiority. You just want the same thing your enemies do. So how does that make you superior? We live in an age of guns, too, so genetics mean shit all.
>>4571 You think like a woman, yes. You will cry later, yes. Your point? >We live in an age of guns, too, so genetics mean shit all. The superior white race always wins though. >It has nothing to do with race, or superiority. Inferior race/non-white exposed. >So how does that make you superior? Because I am of the superior race. >muh you just like them No. I am from a superior race. The white race. >Catholics present themselves as pillars of morality despite the child rape Done by infiltrated jews and leftists. All of them also faggots. That is, mentally ill abominations. >you claim it by saying you're superior >which isn't special Inferior race exposed again. Seethe with jealousy of the superiority of the white race, maggot. Because I am. As is my race. The white race. You can't ever win against the superior white race, maggot. We will always prevail and eliminate all who are inferior and also all who are traitors among us. Cope.
>>4566 Blue helmets are queers and goons, they can't even handle nigger warlords.
(32.15 KB 400x393 your move, schlomo.jpeg)
>>4544 > AMERICANS HACE CLASS Sorry Schlomo, inserting random typos does not make you a goy. You are only fooling non-native English speakers. It's too bad you don't know any more about how your enemy thinks! But that would mean respecting their intelligence and seeing things from their point of view, and that of course is out of the question for you. >Civil war You didn't win your rigged game, so you want to flip the table. But nobody cares, because the casino is getting new management. (((NO ENDGAME)))
(74.00 KB 960x504 REPLACEMENT_MIGRATION.jpg)
>>4561 >UN Anon the (((UN))) is part of the (((swamp)))
>>4581 Stfu niggerpill
>>4581 It is always ok to kill jews. And they will be killed, yes.
(429.11 KB 680x453 Glowing CIActors.png)
Why is that thread with CP in the OP still up, are all the mods asleep?
>>4586 I'm well aware of it, I just didn't delete it when I first saw it because I remember, when globals received notices on 8chan/8kun, they needed the post to not be deleted so that they could collect the information and pass it along to the proper authorities (And, then delete). However, it's been two hours since a global report was filed, so I just deleted the thread since it appears that the globals are still asleep.
>>4569 >20% came to /pol/ to push his retarded conspiracy theories about race
>>4593 THIS >>4588 Mark you're a fucking treacherous kike and I hate you!
Fuck, I just noticed I'm not on /v/. Whatever you still suck BO.
>>4579 You’re a broken record. If you were superior you’d be saving society instead of repeating self help booklet shit to yourself.
>>4579 You’re a broken record. If you were superior you’d be saving society instead of repeating self help booklet shit to yourself.
(91.00 KB 622x270 they glow in the dark.jpg)
>>4588 >I'm well aware of it, I just didn't delete it when I first saw it because I remember, when globals received notices on 8chan/8kun, they needed the post to not be deleted so that they could collect the information and pass it along to the proper authorities (And, then delete). Couldn't you just make a post saying that you were aware of it and you were contacting the authorities? It's clear that (((they))) are planning to shut this place down by framing it as a CP sharing site. Fucking glowniggers >>4597 >>4598 >Samefagging this blatantly
>>4600 >posting my edit Based.
(16.82 KB 255x207 laughatit.jpg)
>>4612 I won't deny that whites are the most worthy since they have made great things, but there are those who don't submit into the jew's way and are one of the smart and luckey few in blacks and a few others. I would say Asians/Japanese are second since anime/hentai isn't jewed yet. Besides, they seem really passionate and don't give a shill for SJW fags.
anons, is the recount starting?
>>4618 This is what I want to know. Trump needs to get up off his ass and use the national emergency broadcast system or something because they keep suppressing his tweets and announcements. >Use national emergency broadcast system to declare dems terrorists >Take their terrorist asses out (legally) >Drink their minions tears as they libshit themselves into a seizure
>>4597 Says the subhuman from an inferior race who keeps sperging about his inferiority "meaning nothing". The white race is the superior race of all. And that is the most important thing in the world. You will never change this fact.
>>4622 Niggerpill don't you have some bagels in the oven rn? Go before they get cold.
>>4588 Is there no way to hide a thread at janitor level but not delete it?
>>4624 Wtf?
>>4623 >Being proud of the superiority of the white race is being a niggerpill All kikes like you will be killed, eventually.
>>4628 No you have the same format of simple declarative statements and refusal of logical argument, the hallmarks of blackpill/hanging flesh. Blackpill makes declarative statements like “we are all doomed” in reaction to posts, and he switches gears after a few days of a topic not working. He got BTFO’ed on /v/ and /pol/ so now he’s trying to make this place look like it glows for advertiser attacks. Which won’t work since the server host is now in house and therefore unassailable since this board is now entirely self sufficient. Blackpill also has no big brain tactics since his intellect is obviously low due to his repeated brute force tactics everyone’s used to and he has no concept of subtlety, he’s extremely easy to spot due to his posting style, which he’s too stupid to recognize and change.
>>4633 >no big brain tactics >extremely easy to spot due to his posting style, which he’s too stupid to recognize and change (((INABILITY TO CHANGE STRATEGY)))
>>4618 I heard nothing about recounts but that is to be expected. Trump is running multiple lawsuits across multiple states, so there is a lot to work through in a lot of places and from the info seeping through it sounds like dems are trying to cover their tracks.
(13.23 MB 1920x1080 Beslan_hero_Gondola.mp4)
>>4637 https://archive.is/RkzQ4 Apparently BLM got some of the third party evil R*p*bl*c*n legal teams to fuck off. What's the point of courts if the defense/prosecution can simply call their opponent racist and win?
(128.27 KB 1280x639 RightWingDeathSquads.jpg)
>>3856 It's for people like him that the second amendment exists.
>>4638 What they don’t realize is that this expedites the period in which talking stops and violence starts. Perhaps that is why Biden and co are pushing for replacing all guns with smart guns. Guns that they control are guns that can’t be used against them. Crazy times are ahead in the US. The new is going all out. Are you all ready to do the same should peaceful methods fail?
>>4647 >Are you all ready to do the same should peaceful methods fail? That's a glowing question.
>>4648 The NFAC are a psyop and their own retarded monkey members shot eachother via negligent discharge. I wouldn't worry about them. Check out the interview Jesse Peterson did with their leader.
>>4649 I realize that it glows, but there eventually has to come a point where the kikes make peace impossible. Either the right bends over or they push back. If they do push back, it’s imperative that the kikes not be allowed to regain a foothold in the west.
This was the most corrupt election I've ever witnessed lads, holy shit. We've got autists finding ballot machines flipping votes for Biden, 10's of thousands of dead voters voting in the swing states, poll watchers kicked out, poll windows getting covered, hundreds of thousands of "found" ballots all for Biden appearing at 4am after all the observers are gone, etc. The media gaslighting is insane too.
>>4633 And which one of those applies to being proud of the superiority of the white race, kike shill?
>>4652 >The media gaslighting is insane too. What's disturbing is that they've completely given up on their neutral facade, and almost literally commanding people to believe their narrative. They're not bothering with subtle suggestion or framing objective details of a story anymore. The media is behaving as if it is the government and has the authority to decide political affairs itself (well, way more overtly than usual).
>>4640 >>4647 >>4648 >>4651 >>4653 SLOPPY JOB, MOSSAD!
>>1391 no >>4548 >Half of the Clearnet just went down 17 minutes ago all at once. No it didn't its just your shitty internet connection >>4454 >>4569 lol
>>1391 This board is quite active, to be honest compared to /b/
>>4647 Even though the idea of a smart gun seems really good for controlling citizens/ removing your freedom of self-defense, it's really not feasible. All methods can be easily circumvented or outright removed. If it was even close to be feasible, this technology would already be available to the market since the idea of making your gun unusable to everyone except you is really advantageous. Especially for the military. In the end even if they manage to legislate this shit it wont work. It'll just be one of those "hey, there's a law now, so everything is a-ok!!!"
(291.81 KB 646x568 sytl seizure 01.png)
(107.28 KB 665x424 sytl seizure 02.png)
>>4665 Germany confirmed pussies. Fuck all who cuck out on their sovereignty.
>>4665 Didn't the Dominion software route some voting telemetry through Pornhub?
>>4666 >cuck out on their sovereignty Germans don't want sovereignty, they want to leech off someone else. They are effectively crypto-Jews after millennia of genetic and cultural admixture. They try to play the Jew game of importing brown people to do their work while they call themselves "managers" or "consultants".
>>4323 This has now vanished form wikipedo and doesn't seem to be in the 'Recent Event's list. Intredasting.
>>3967 >>4035 Westaboos are just as cancerous as woketards.
>>4656 >muh everything is glowniggers and feds Says the kike shill who wants white men to stop being proud of the superiority of the white race.
>>4676 That doesn't sound very structurally secure.
>>4677 It's a teabowl, not a load-bearing wall. But what's needed is a proper monarchy, lolbertarians are a meme. Donald I, Emperor of the Americans.
>>4676 I'm all cool for a libertarian USA (which will not likely happen given the country's way as of now), but whites only? Wouldn't that mean your favorite hentai smut of whatever in fiction is banned? Since Japanese are the ones who make the great shit most of the time aside from a few western non-woke folks, I would say other races are okay, but if they act like the dumb niggers or kikes they are, then the death penalty would be final.
>>4678 Isn't Trump agniest things like hentai? Hell, this site allows some shit that I would feel most normaies and people like Trump would care less if it was gone.
(836.79 KB 657x1048 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone have the bit where the Obama administration declared Ukrainian elections a sham based on the same shit that's going on here (poll watchers kicked out ect.)
>>4679 Yes this is my mind as well. If they act white, let them be. As long as they are working with and not against "whiteness", which is just "being logical" and the NAP.
>>4680 If I could trade hentai for the death of all jews and racial segregation I would. Unfortunately I can't, so we keep our hentai and "freedoms".
>>4683 Without BBC tyrones and judlings you could have a loli wife irl and have a few mistresses on the side providing you could support them financially (which you could with no conspirators ripping the rug out from under you).
>>4684 >have a few mistresses on the side Kill yourself degenerate. Kill yourself times two for conflating loli and real children.
>>4685 You're jewed if you think 18 is the ideal marriage age.
>>4686 Should it be four as laid out in the Talmud, Rabbi?
>>4686 That's not what a said you brain dead fucking nigger.
>>4686 25 if you consider the facts that "the brain isn't finished developing" before that.
>>4687 >oy vey goyim don't bond at bonding age goyim that's jew stuff lol wouldn't wanna be a jew would ya?? hahahahah stupid goy gonna die out now >>4688 >schnitzel rage >>4689 The brain is never done "developing" and this is a horse shit argument.
>>4687 and to be clear that's much too young you strawman retard. 13-16 is the ideal age for deciding who one wants to settle down with and spend their days accompanied by.
>>4690 I'm not a kraut, this is just the tor node. Kill yourself degenerate. No one said anything about "ideal marriage ages" besides you. I take issue with your conflation of loli and real children. Not how young people ought to marry. Hedonists such as yourself will get my bullet before even a kike does.
>>4692 This I can agree with. Let fiction be separated from reality and don't be a normaiefag. Otherwise, the argument could also be applied to the everlasting shit of "violent video games = bad".
>>4692 Oh I see now. You've got problems. Enjoy being retarded I guess. Don't pop your hemorrhoids.
>>4694 Double spacing between sentences is a uniquely profiable writing habit. You should avoid doing it. Also kill yourself degenerate hedonist, day of the rope soon.
>>4696 >Bawwww the whites can't be kiked anymore and will repopulate their society and return to their pagan ways
>>4697 Who are you quoting, hedonist?
>>4686 >>4690 >>4691 >>4694 >>4697 Kill yourself pedo
>>4699 samefag stfu and let public opinion decide small peckered retard let your balls drop and then formulate an argument you shitskin NIGGER
>>4687 There is nothing wrong with having sex with girls as young as 13. Get used to it. >>4689 Women's brain never develop, simp. >>4692 Age cucks and simps that want men to marry old hags will take the bullet first.
>>4702 >Age cucks and simps that want men to marry old hags will take the bullet first. This has nothing to do with my post. Perhaps you're illiterate?
Aryan little girls should be married off to adult Aryan men before the age of 10 and impregnated as early as possible while learning to be stay at home mothers. If you don't want this, you should just chop your cock and balls off and make it official.
>>4705 >cockless canadians cuckolds
>>4706 >>TORpedos.
>>4707 >>>a fucking leaf
>>4708 >>>TORpedos.
>>4714 Isn't this quite literally just the current system we use?
>>4714 >If you still love democracy I hate democracy as if it was the devil itself. I want to burn all democratic countries to the ground, for giving rights to inferior people among the populace, and even giving rights to inferior races. I want a worldwide total dictatorship that puts the white race above anything else, and even among white people, only the best of the best are allowed to speak their minds, while all the rest are forced to work their tasks needed to maintain each country stable and functional, and all who disagrees or disobeys get killed on the spot.
>>4719 What the fuck...
(1.88 MB 480x264 really expands my hydrogen.gif)
>CP thread appears >a couple days later (((anons))) advocating for paedophilia suddenly appear too Hhhmmm, what a coincidence...
>>4725 >Any age >Said attraction to youth is different than being a fucking actual pedo The hell are you trying to imply? You state one shit about girls 13 and up, but now say any age is good if said fucking kids agree, which btw is a sickening concept altogether. They are not in their right mind. The fuck is going on here? Where did pedos come from? >>4723 From the looks of it, said thread was originally a loli thread (disgusting but whatever it's fiction), but has been taken over ever since someone mentioned something about real kids in a weird situation along with other bullshit. ....Unless you mean an actual CP thread, then I am hoping that is fucking gone.
>>4727 And by said thread, I am reffering to the loli one in v.
>>4727 >Unless you mean an actual CP thread, then I am hoping that is fucking gone Somebody posted a thread here on /pol/ with actual CP in the OP but it's gone now, I'm just weary of false flags since leftists this year have gone all out to try and take down their enemies.
>>4729 There is an extremely well-known CP spammer known as Dolphin who basically hits every single imageboard with his spam. There are plenty of theories as to his reasons but he is the one responsible. Personally I don't think it's a false flag deplatforming attempt but that is purely speculation. Regardless, simply globally report his spam any time you see it, the instant you see it.
>>4730 I'm guessing they use Tor since they should have been found out and reported to local authorities if anything?
(152.54 KB 600x519 muh bbc is a hoax.jpg)
(101.09 KB 401x600 BBC Hoax Jew.JPG)
(119.10 KB 650x476 Bbc hoax phony.jpg)
(143.68 KB 450x600 black-guys-have-fake-dicks-15.jpg)
>>4684 >Le BBC meme That jewish hoax is as real as unicorns
>>4714 America has a voting eligible population of ~239,000,000. With this example the first round of voting ends with a total of 23,900,00 tier 1s, who each convinced 1-(2 if self voting isn't allowed) 9 others. Then: 2,390,000 tier 2s who convinced 2/4-18 others. 239,000 tier 3s who convinced 3/6-27 others. 23,900 tier 4s who convinced 4/8-36 others. 2,390 tier 5s who convinced 5/10-45 others. 239 tier 6s who convinced 6/12-54 others. 23 tier 7s who convinced 7/14-63 others. 2 tier 8s who convinced 8/16-72 others. A system like this is even more prone to corruption and in extreme cases could leave the decision of who is president in the hands of eight people. Even if a 'candidate' received 100% of the votes each round he would only need to convince/bribe/coerce 72 others.
(964.11 KB 1120x720 cia_clusterfuck.webm)
This thread reminds of /tech/'s rapid collapse over the course of 2018.
>>4718 >(((worldwide))) total dictatorship >stable Pick one. Any social group will perpetually protest against a leader who does not belong to the same ethnicity of their own. E.g. blacks vs white is US, Irish and Brits, Aryans and Dravidians...
>>4739 There's only like two of you niggers flipping a shit and acting like spergs. Everyone else is talking about the logical and moral implications like an adult. Shape up or ship out kid. Don't be a faggot here.
>>4742 >you illiterate retard. <I want a worldwide total dictatorship that puts the white race above anything else <implied that there are other races existing inside his hypothetical world on his previous post >with white people only allowed to even exist <automatically genocides the Japanese in his fantasy <while posting this in a pro-Japanese hobby imageboard Understandable, have a nice day.
>>4743 Stop responding to the TORnigger, let him wallow in his own shit.
>>4734 See, I think you are missing the fact that the system would be based on personal relationships, and importantly, the vote would not be secret. So if someone wants to bribe someone for their support, who cares? The point is that I have suggested a system where 'checks and balances' are unnecessary. Also, the BO is censoring people for challenging feminism, so I would recommend moving to /b/ or creating a new board nya~
>>4741 Before niggerpill proto-dolphin'd tech there was a wave of gay OwO whats this-tier spam of which the faggot nya poster ITT seems eerily reminiscent, I just don't want to see the same pattern repeat itself again. To get back on topic, is there any way for the many anti-democratic election fraud lawsuits being pursued by Dup to be resolved before the EC is set to assemble? Some of the manual recounts they're doing right now look as if they'll still be going by January 2020.
>>4750 If he could keep enough recounts or challenges that otherwise stop the certification of enough states, or alternatively some combination of those things with republican legislatures directly assigning Trump electors as is their right and it keeps Biden beneath 270 until after Dec 14th - we'd have a contingent election and it would be kicked to the house to be voted on with every state having 1 vote and the GOP having ~30 states. So basically if that happens, Trump wins.
>>4549 >finland POST SPURDO
(71.81 KB 600x600 top kikes.jpg)
>>4148 >One problem, who's going to pay for it? Kill pic related and use their stolen money to rebuild the west.
>>4148 I'd volunteer for an extra 25% income tax for a decade if it meant no more niggers/arabs/turks in my country. I'd also volunteer my time free of charge to help in processing deportations. Doubt I'm the only one, either.
>>4777 Thing is that that is what they want, high income tax to prevent new rich bloodlines. and to create a new royal bloodline, essentially, and to flood the country with “refugees” to intentionally destabilize the populace and create constant conflict so it won’t be questioned. Accept neither, fag.
trump is probably going to have a heart attack before end of term. time to start getting tucker ready to take his place.
>>4780 Was there ever a fuedalist society which allowed the poor to accumulate wealth eventually and potentially become royals themselves?
>>4784 You referring to the Renaissance; where merchants, traders, and explorers sprang up and made fortunes because they were no longer bound to their land since the threat of Islam was over? Only, THEN for the monarchs to get pissy because they're missing out on all that tax money, so they institute wars and/or federalize everything (Making all who oppose such acts an enemy of the crown)?
>>4785 > since the threat of Islam was over? But thats 100% bullshit, the ottomans were conquering shit left and right back then, and had closed off europe to the spice trade, thats why the portuguese sailed to south africa and the spanish to america.
>>4776 This.
>>4785 >the Renaissance; where merchants, traders, and explorers sprang up and made fortunes Jew spotted.
>>4785 >Renaissance What you need to look at it is the Black Death of 1348. You had various lords and plebs dying in large enough numbers, that the surviving lords lost a lot of pull. This allowed people to leave their lands and make their own fortunes, since the cheapest labor was often no longer available. This would be like if all of the third-worlders in the US died, and natives took back the labor pool. Something similar happened after WW2 when the old powers of Europe collapsed. Unfortunately, certain merchants placed themselves in positions of influence when it came time to rebuild. Eisenhower's tour at Ohrdruf was an example of this.
[https://archive.ph/wip/7Fedv] https://www.nytimes(Please use archive.today)/2020/11/17/technology/no-a-revote-in-one-local-nevada-race-is-not-a-victory-for-president-trump.html >Clark County commissioners voted on Monday to certify the results of all of the county’s elections <except one: a race for the county commission seat that represents District C, an area with 332,000 residents that includes parts of Las Vegas. >“When we find discrepancies, we report them, and when the number of discrepancies is larger than the margin of victory, we hold a runoff election,” the Clark County Election Department said in a statement
>>4784 You don't become a monarch by being rich. Monarchs and aristocracy are dependent upon greater worth, and a commoner accomplishing great deeds could always be gifted wealth or even given a title.
>>4789 >Unfortunately, certain merchants placed themselves in positions of influence when it came time to rebuild. That is why people must never take down totalitarian rule by monarchs or pretty much anyone that is against jews and merchants in general. The same with the French Revolution: a bunch of jealous retards believed the jews' lies and took down their elite, thinking that a world of equality was ever possible. The end result was a once glorious empire destroyed and turned into a literal slum in modern day. True Royal elites, true monarchs, that are against jews, against the soulless acts of getting rich just for the sake of it, must NEVER be challenged and must always be obeyed, or else, the nation turns to shit. If you are born a lowlife peasant, get used to it. Because if you let your stupid jealousy take over, you will think that you are bringing freedom to yourself and your people by attacking the monarch, but instead, you are bringing misery to everyone, including yourself, and bringing prosperity only for the treacherous jews, who will exploit you as a literal slave, much worse than what they made you believe that the monarchs would. Accept your fate as a lowlife, and keep the nation stable and functional. If you try to be more than what you are, you will only bring everything down and put your own enemies in positions of power to control over you and enslave you.
>>4811 >Ignorance of how society, laws, and economics work is the biggest reason why the Kikes are able to subvert nations <Therefore, you should remain ignorant and trust a fallible human who can be just as much of a shithead as you, except that have no one who will dare correct them Please, would you fuck back of to >>>/monarchy/
(440.12 KB 544x489 wariogun.png)
This is some bullshit. I guess they really do want a civil war. Those Bidencucks better pray that Trump wins now, because in the event that Michigan certifies these illegal votes, they're gonna need my money to pay for their kevlar vests. Paying me is their healthier option in the long term.
>>4812 >>4811 As if freedom for the masses produced anything but more power to jews. Fuck off with your freedom. Totalitarian dictatorship is the right way to organize a stable and enduring nation.
>>4815 >implying totalitarian dictatorships can't have freedoms and a gentry with deep knowledge in the ways and means of the nose for the purpose of semi-autonomously removing such filthy elements from their sights >wanting to rule over a herd of niggercattle prone to getting jewed into committing gay socialist uprisings
Is Trump WINNING yet? Or do we have to wait for the habbiding on Dec 14th?
>>4815 There’s some Marcus Aurelius or someone saying something about giving yourself freedom was actually chaining yourself to your carnal and animal desires, whereas restraining yourself with responsibilities and such are the most liberating thing you can do to yourself
>>4820 >chaining yourself to your carnal Perhaps, but it said chaining yourself, not a king or a president chaining you himself, for your "own good" and for "the good of the people".
Possible heads up and interesting read. [https://archive.ph/wip/MEgHH] https://macris.substack(Please use archive.today)/p/trump-at-the-rubicon
>>4827 great link
>>4811 Yes, because jews magically stopped existing during the age of absolute monarchy. Fun fact, the reason families like the Rothschilds became so powerful was because they started lending money to these monarchs, making entire nations indebted to them. What do you say about that, torfag? I think I like it better when some Nob doesn't claim the right to cuck me in my own house because he tumbled out of a blueblooded snatch.
(263.88 KB 440x440 kizunananithefuck.png)
https://archive.vn/wip/qWvaf Wayne County (Michigan) alleged to have reported votes at a rate of over four times the maximum rate they could count them.
>>4816 >>4829 And your alternative is to allow the masses to run free? Or even worse, waste time and resources conditioning the masses every single day, forever, in order to prevent them from ruining the country? Fuck off with your freedom. Only a few shall rule. everyone else must be enslaved. >>4823 Not for good. For stability, which is more important than anything and anyone.
>>4836 >For stability, which is more important than anything and anyone. Yes, nothing is more stable than a government who's reliant upon the whims of one individual to rule everything, rather than a group effort that requires a unanimous or supermajority agreement among dozens of people.
Trump Campaign Press Conference about election fraud/etc being live streamed on his jewtube channel: youtube(dot)com/watch?v=-Nmbz3dsrhE
(60.26 KB 964x340 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4838 They fugged up and fags got in already.
(9.73 MB 1280x720 2020-11-19 15-27-04.webm)
>>4838 For anyone seeing this later, they abruptly took down the video near the last question. Hopefully they reupload it later or that some fag recorded all the good parts.
>>4841 Ive been saying it for years, they have to take down venezuela's regime, they are looting the country's wealth to pay for political movements and destabilization all over the world.
(65.39 KB 367x306 ride.jpg)
>>4841 fug... when will it end?
>>4843 >>4841 Links to other uploads of it: c-span(dot)org/video/?478246-1/trump-campaign-news-conference-legal-challenges youtube(dot)com/watch?v=buQCdCSDWQQ
(65.44 KB 636x602 wearthis.jpg)
https://invidious.snopyta.org/watch?v=jLRa9oCnPdg&start=93[Embed] >asked about server >confirms it was seized >lawyers behind her all smile at the same time If Trump pulls this off, I'll be really impressed.
>>4845 It will be interesting to see how this plays out. People are still pissed, and it wouldn't take much jewery to get people lynching.
(34.92 KB 416x483 nusickos.jpg)
So, any 'Trumps deffo gonna win' types left?
(26.34 KB 406x417 Angry duck quacks.jpg)
>>4849 Who the fuck knows anymore. The election was certainly stolen, the only question is whether people are willing to fight over it; trusting the corrupt system to bring itself to justice is misguided.
>>4850 Well Mr. Japanese Duck as an American let me just say, no probably not. Look American's didn't stand up to the NSA, the CIA, DynCorp, there isn't much if any chance that they would stand against this, the majority of people just cannot put in the effort to do something like this, and the average American is not against the idea of the system, the few who would be prone to fighting would only do so because Biden won.
I will be VERY interested to see how Biden rolling in will be taken by Trumpsters. >>4852 Do you think it'll just devolve into bitter recrimination and bitching? I know Trump will probably never stop sniping and throwing fuel on the fire but that's likely not enough to stoke people into a fight outside of the fringe loons. I wonder what the Qfags will get up to now.
>>4853 The majority of the population has zero balls and with modern surveillance even if there are some that want to do something about it they would likely be caught before they get the chance.
>>4849 Yeah, it's only become more likely.
(103.61 KB 682x847 purim.jpg)
>>4813 Sorry Schlomo, can't start a civil war when both sides already know you ripped them off. >>4811 Monarchy is kosher because there's only one person to bribe. What a bargain! >>4815 Dictatorship is kosher because there's only one person to bribe. What a bargain! >>4852 >American's didn't stand up to the NSA I forget that most of you were still in Hebrew School when Snowden left. The Deep State is a game that two can play. People in influential positions leak data all the time, either because they're patriotic or because they're pissed off they didn't get a promotion. His name was Seth Rich Trump has already won the election in your heads. The editorials about Giuliani's press conference are more cartoonish than Pravda and reek of denial and butthurt. Talking heads are on the verge of tears as they reiterate how these lawsuits are absolutely, totally unfounded, completely ridiculous, Biden obviously won, etc. The problem is, if you actually win the election, you can't be a whiny victim anymore! You need Trump as a BBEG to focus your pathological resentment. Maybe there's a silver lining and you can start a new Purim-style holiday where you pretend Trump never happened.
>>4856 >Monarchy is kosher because there's only one person to bribe. What a bargain! >Dictatorship is kosher because there's only one person to bribe. What a bargain! I see how you might think that, but you are missing a crucial variable. How much money does it take to bribe that one person? For someone who has all the wealth of their nation at their disposal, how much more money would it take to get them to change their mind? I doubt it would even be possible for personal wealth. These people should already have everything they could possibly want and more. In order to bribe a monarch, you'd need to have enough money that they could use it to improve their country, at which point it's not really even a bribe anymore but trade.
>>4857 You give them lots of money to let your nigger cattle through to provide shit merchants with customers and to enrich their culture.
Destroy everything that you can't control. Control everything that you can't destroy.
>>4857 >How much money does it take to bribe that one person? However much is required to pay the fees for the whore.
>>4857 Wouldn't this monarch want to be expansionary and rule the world instead of their shit piece of land? Surely they want resources that could potentially be owned by other countries that group together to sanction them or don't give them the resources at the right prices. Owning lots of land with lots of people is hard work to keep them docile. Why not give it a deal for a piece of your land for exchange of easy entrance to theirs or you begin spreading seditious material en masse after you made a deal with them practically giving away some of your resources. Or how about bribing their foreign ambassadors and our press to lie to you about our negotiations and drying you to the bone and using our newly acquired land to attack and annex them because your military staff didn't vet the sale. Nobody likes the king. Everybody makes fun of him when he doesn't show up to U.N. summits. His nukes are shit and military strategy is dog shit. Such a weak pussy to fuck easily.
(844.32 KB 1281x428 The future of the USA.PNG)
I find it funny that there are people who still think this is going to turn into a civil war or some shit. From JFKs assassination to Bush Jr stealing the 2000 election and everything inbewteen nothing happened in the USA, some protests and riots and then it calmed down and it was if everything was ok again. This shit is all just a show
>>4880 >JFKs assassination Generally speaking, most of the population believes that was a lone wolf deal even if it's why the term "conspiracy theorist" was created to discredit anyone who questions the official narrative. >Bush Jr stealing the 2000 election That one was actually murky enough that whether he stole it or won it is up for debate. All of that said, I don't think this is likely to do much other than kill any faith in the electoral system unless some of the few dudes who still have balls shoot Biden. That's assuming Biden makes it to office. It can still go either way.
>>4854 The biggest problem would be getting public support for a revolution to overtake the current government. Doing so requires not just the railing in of all Trump types and anti establishment types which would unfortunately have to include the far left, but also the advocacy for the American way of life as most people are used to. They would have to be willing to live a better world that requires more will power and I don't know if the average American is willing to give up Jewish cookie feed for something like that. Some people actually enjoy living in this hellscape. Then it would require gaging action. How does one over take them? Protests and asking for something to be changed radically if they don't want violence like the magna carta or what not? Direct violence's and revolutionary action. How would you even go about organizing such a thing, testing what local police precincts are willing to listen to a new government, and which aren't, then capturing those who choose not to? What happens when the US military gets involved?
>>4883 * the advocacy for the destruction of the American way of life as most people are used to
>>4869 And yet, you prefer the current state of affairs? Fuck off with your freedom. Totalitarian dictatorship fixes all problems.
(36.85 KB 560x547 1605787755726.jpg)
>>4884 >thinking about all the white liberal boomers I know that voted Biden but didn't realize he's gonna put section 8 in their neighborhoods to 'end racism' if he actually gets in Soon I'll be able to afford a house lel
>>4882 >I don't think this is likely HAHAHA YOU AND YOUR NORMALCY BIAS 50% of the population believes it was stolen from Trump and 10% believes it 'might have been stolen' from Trump and that's WITH the MSM running constant propaganda. When the court cases heat up we're hitting "Trump gets to be president or the USA balkanizes next year" levels of happening. NOW IS THE TIME TO ACCELERATE
>>4887 Based post.
>>4887 >>Fuck freedom >>Totalitarian society is better Then do ready for Biden's upcoming shitstorm that will get rid of what was once a great country. If you really prefer commie shit, then do be prepared to pay up for your "privilege".
>>4882 >Shoot Bidet The only thing that will happen if that happens is that they'll blame right wing extremism and put Kamala in the President role, which is what they intended from the get go. Shooting that walking corpse will do nothing but legitimize what they want to do, Christ, I'd say that if some disgruntled MIGApese doesn't do it they'll do it themselves as a falseflag.
>>4897 Plus anything that happens in America will inevitably leak into other countries en masse due to our business connections, like what China's trying to do. It's not a (((coincidence))) that America is center stage of most of the media of the world.
>>4888 >boomers I still remember that Boomer couple who thought their Biden sign would protect them from a mob. I think a lot of them are going to start dying en masse before 2024.
>>4920 God I hope so. Even in death they won't realize their sins though.
>>4897 Totalitarian monarchies are always the best form of government. >>4908 Shoot Kamala instead. >>4921 >God I hope so. Me to. Boomers are a cancer.
>>4925 >Totalitarian monarchies are always the best form of government. Then why did so few survive the Enlightenment? Out of all the monarchies in Europe, only Russia survived relatively unchanged and look how it ended for them. Totalitarian anything sounds good for someone who thinks they'll be one of the elite, instead of another faceless cog. Just like commies all think they're going to be the party leaders instead of day laborers and gulag fodder. Do you think you'll be a Duke or an Earl, torfag? Guess what, you'll be a shit shoveling peasant like the rest of us.
>>4928 Many people find it easier to submit than to fight. The boomer couple are a good example of this. They decided that being good goy was the best option for them, but they failed to see the meatgrinder waiting for them. We're definitely in uncharted territory now. Government figures are hiding how many troops we have overseas to prevent Trump from recalling them. Biden already wants to send more people into the ME. It really is now or never.
>>4928 >Totalitarian anything sounds good for someone who thinks they'll be one of the elite, instead of another faceless cog. Just like commies all think they're going to be the party leaders instead of day laborers and gulag fodder. Do you think you'll be a Duke or an Earl, torfag? That was unironically how China operated for 3000 years until the 20th century. Revolution after revolution with ZERO change in government structure (Just policies and taxes, which all ended up being the same end), and the only people benefiting being the closest friends to the lucky bandit to overthrow the Son of Heaven. And, WHAT were China's biggest contributions to history as a result of this? Paper, tea, and gun powder. That is it.
Is Trump WINNING yet?
>>4932 Yes.
>>4934 prove it
>>4928 >Guess what, you'll be a shit shoveling peasant like the rest of us. >Being this delusional. >>4931 the only people benefiting being the closest friends to the lucky bandit to overthrow the Son of Heaven. And how is that a bad thing? >And, WHAT were China's biggest contributions to history as a result of this? I don't care to contribute to anything. I only care about stability. >>4935 >muh proof or it didn't happen All communists like you will be killed.
>>4925 >>Bro, totalitarian is honestky th best form of government brah! RIght...if you say that, then do try and live in China. Send me postcards daily about how "well" it is there.
(2.43 MB 540x378 get8.gif)
>>4928 This fag thinks commie shit is better than fucking freedom of all things. WHo cares, let him burn if he thinks he will be a high ranking fucker. Once he finds out how fucked he is, it will be to late and he will go in the gulag he goes.
>>4938 >I don't care to contribute to anything. I only care about stability. So, you want a complacent society that's going to die out due to stagnation?
(239.64 KB 1200x798 life.jpg)
>>4928 >Then why did so few survive the Enlightenment? Because the "Enlightenment" is an ideology distinctly geared towards giving every last peasant the idea they're somehow equal to ancient royal houses, while they can barely count their three cows. >>4942 There is a difference between no changes in technology and no changes in governmental systems and society. There were a lot of changes in tech between the end of the Roman Republic and the start of the Lutheran Heresy, yet few things actually changed for the people living there. They could be comfortable in the knowledge that as long as they fulfill their role properly, they will have their role and their descendants after them. Stability is what enables you to build and plan for eternity, as the Romans did. It enables you to start building cathedrals that will take centuries to finish. If you want to learn about monarchism/Traditionalism, I recommend De Maistre and Evola's three main works. It's a bit of reading, but de Maistre at least has a fairly light, easy to read style that makes it downright fun. It's hard to convey an entire political philosophy in an IB post, especially when the people you're arguing with still believe in the lies of modernist thought.
>>4944 >They could be comfortable in the knowledge that as long as they fulfill their role properly, they will have their role and their descendants after them. >Stability is what enables you to build and plan for eternity, as the Romans did. It enables you to start building cathedrals that will take centuries to finish. You know what other countries had stability for centuries: China. And, they got invaded and conquered by every other country in existence.
>>4944 If the kings were so great, why are there no more? You argue like a communist.
(251.62 KB 964x1002 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4935 >Prove it Would you like a liberal news source with that?
>>4953 I find it curious how little UAE meddling comes up. Ever.
(218.84 KB 741x813 remov.png)
apparently powell is not part of their legal team wtf is going on
>>4939 Not live as a pleb citizen,but as one in higher position of control, yes, it is a good bargain. >>4941 >Totalitarian monarchy bad Jew spotted. >>4942 >So, you want a complacent society that's going to die out due to stagnation? Yes? As long as I live a good and stable life, that is preferable, yes. The current mess (enabled by giving freedom to commoners) is the worst possible scenario. Stagnation is INFINITELY better than decay. >>4945 >You know what other countries had stability for centuries: China. And, they got invaded and conquered by every other country in existence. And yet, those in higher positions live well and stable. I will take this anytime over what we have in the west now.
>>4959 >wtf is going on Not sure, but it should take some of the spotlight off of her. >>4961 >Not live as a pleb citizen,but as one in higher position of control >higher position of control >totalitarian society Negro please.
>>4959 In an optimistic mindset, I hope they are just trying to distance her so whatever lawsuit she brings won't be tainted by the Giuliani team (even if they didn't falsely claim anything in court). But, in a more pessimistic mindset, I think she either told them they had more evidence than they actually had or she was expanding the bullshit more than they wanted. Shit's not looking good if reality is closer to the pessimistic mindset. >>4961 >stagnation >decay >implying outcomes are different
https://ww w.minds. com/newsfeed/1177725181507039232?referrer=EmperorNer0
>The time to violently rise in revolution against the anti-White/Liberty Globalist agenda across the western world, is now... before Biden, after having the election stolen for him, is officially made President. Once Biden is officially President, the entire USA regime will be turned against Whites and Liberty worldwide. Then, there will be very little hope. There are windows of opportunity... once they are shut, they are nigh impossible to reopen. The window is open now. The last chance for freedom in America.
>>4964 Either that or the only reason she was brought on was to raise money via https ://ldfftar.org/ and didn't get enough.
>>4959 Probably got too much information. Pretty sure Trump is still negotiating right now, most likely they released Powell so they don't get directly blamed for the shit she's going to pull. Y'know, the "she wasn't TECHNICALLY under my control so her wrecking harvoc on your stupid ass is not my fault." card. There's also the legal idea that a lawyer that talks too much in public can be a negative. Basically what >>4964 said. States won't certify until December still, and we'll see what happens with Trump's legal efforts. Surprisingly still in the get-it-together phase but some cases have been going up. PA just threw a case to the Supreme Court because the judge was a retard, so that's the closest case to any sort of resolution.
>>4966 Who are you quoting, glowy?
TRUMP CONCEDES THE 2020 ELECTION AS BIDEN OFFICIALLY WINS 2020 ELECTION https://www.thegatewaypundit(Please use archive.today)/2020/11/breaking-michigan-board-state-canvassers-votes-3-1-certify-election-results-despite-irregularities https://archive.is/Zvt4v
I'm a foreskin-less faggot who loves to suck the cock of my favorite e-celeb.
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/24/2020 (Tue) 07:09:01.
>>4970 Literally not what it says at all--can you imagine having so little a life that you just post demoralizing, UNTRUE info on a bunker of a bunker of a bunker of a taiwanese knitting blog?
>>4970 >TRUMP CONCEDES THE 2020 ELECTION AS BIDEN OFFICIALLY WINS 2020 ELECTION Fuck off Glownigger that's literally not what it says Also https://archive.is/g2leN
>>4970 You tried posting this shit in the gamergate thread on /v/ and I'll say it again: there's nothing in there about Trump conceding, and your archive's still broken you tech-illiterate niggerpill.
>>4970 >Trump >Conceding The recounts have been proven to be nothing more than Big Rigs: Round 2. There's no way this election won't end in court.
>>4975 You'll never be a woman
>>4975 HRT makes you crazy
(115.20 KB 553x369 chris-christie-fat.png)
today the fatman christie says the trump legal team is national embarrasment https://archive.vn/KQ4gh >>4975 why are you here nigger?
>>4978 Why the fuck does anyone ever give a fuck what that whale ever says, fuck.
>>4975 You are a globalist Judeo-fascist Jewish Supremacist, you just don't realise it yet nya~ >>4976 >>4977 Falling for the sexual D/C as always nya~ >>4978 So many rats and snakes. The ship was already sunk, you just didn't know it yet nya~ ... The solution is either race war now, or fleeing to Asia and watching as what is left of Aryan civilisation and the Aryan peoples are permanently destroyed. I for one hope a asteroid resets the timeline nya~
I haven't made my special visit to Thailand yet, nya~
>>4959 Apparently it's because Powell is taking a legal case against Dominion and not going to be part of the legal election challenges.
>>4978 >why are you here nigger? It's clearly just a shitposter
>>4981 >sexual D/C Funny coming from the tranny LARPing as a catgirl on /pol/
>>4975 >>4976 Go back to cuckchan if you wanna drag down the level of discussion to this level and bait retards. Mods the fuck are you doing letting blatant bait like this stay up?
>>4986 It's /pol/. What do you expect?
If it goes to the Supreme Court I fully expect them to stab Trump in the back and certify the results for Biden. In fact I expect the courts in general to fall in line with the democrats as we're already seeing. I'd like to be proven wrong though.
>>4981 Nya? Nya? Wow fuckwit, you clearly are something..
>>4959 >Got rid of the woman. Good. women have no place in the world outside of making babies.
>>4990 What makes you think theyll stab Trump in the back if there is certifiable fraud? Dont be a niggerpill.
>>4995 I can understand his pessimism, not much has gone well during Trump's presidency. It is as they say - hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.
>>1391 If Sidney Powell files a lawsuit in Georgia today and has any merit's, I am optimistic for hope. On Lou Dobbs, she essentially said so much information was up for grabs that it's almost like a diversion. If that's the case, then either there's some real fuckery going on or someone on the other side really dropped the ball. I have been thinking about it for a bit, but given the events and discoveries all of a sudden made this year, (before the past week) I had a stronger feeling that Trump would maintain power somehow, but in doing so would cause massive riots in more cities than have already had riots and overwhelm the national guard or something and allow a foreign agent or military force to assemble and lurk in the smoke and ashes or give China a chance to come on shore or something like that. Or that Russia and/or other countries wanted a civil war so they got Trump in office and this is their whole plan (without any of the pawns knowning). It's unlikely that by diversion she meant something as large as that, but if they purposely planted evidence that would lead to states decertifying, I feel that would around a likely scenario. But most likely, in the event of diversion and not the other side's incompetence, she or someone on her team were too incompetent to look in all the places that mattered and is missing something because they were all caught up in the obvious arguments for criminal voter fraud.
>>5000 China couldn't do shit if they tried and threw everything at it.
Repost from >>>/v/161509 Trump did rather successfully well on the PA hearings when they brought up the Joe Biden had 600K hearings while Trump had 5,200 votes which shouldn't have been possible. Now the Pennsylvania judge stopped the certification of the presidential election. https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=8wAMQ5h__JI
>>5011 Wonder how they’ll spin this.
(1.55 MB 1074x1426 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5012 A bit like this, apparently.
>>5013 The lying press will have their mouths shut for them.
(720.45 KB 1008x1124 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5011 Is it HAPPENING?
>>5015 Is there some reason why this avatarfag isn't being bullied?
>>5017 Because his $500 investment is a local meme at this point.
>>5014 When will White Republicans realise that Hitler was right about race and the Jews nya~?
>>5013 Seems like so many 'journalists' missed their calling of being fantasy writers, they barf up bullshit as easily as L Ron Hubbard did. Maybe that extended groan is what a libtard thinks laughter sounds like, it's all they could ever muster in comedy clubs at any rate.
>>5017 Because mods are deleting all the posts as per fucking usual.
Any of you niggerfaggots going to talk about Powell's lawsuit against Georgia? Some choice quotes: >The massive fraud begins with the election software and hardware from Dominion Voting Systems Corporation (“Dominion”) only recently purchased and rushed into use by Defendants Governor Brian Kemp, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, and the Georgia Board of Elections. >As set forth in the accompanying whistleblower affidavit, the Smartmatic software was designed to manipulate Venezuelan elections in favor of dictator Hugo Chavez. >A core requirement of the Smartmatic software design was the software’s ability to hide its manipulation of votes from any audit. >Specifically, video from the State Farm Arena in Fulton County shows that on November 3rd after the polls closed, election workers falsely claimed a water leak required the facility to close. All poll workers and challengers were evacuated for several hours at about 10:00 PM. However, several election workers remained unsupervised and unchallenged working at the computers for the voting tabulation machines until after 1:00 AM. And then China and Iran get name-dropped: >As explained and demonstrated in the accompanying redacted declaration of a former electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence, the Dominion software was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent US general election in 2020. <Muh Iran! Regarding the fake pipe burst, how can people be so incompetent as to lie about something which can be easily checked? All for controlled political theater? Over-confidence in controlling the system? Georgia niggers tried to add their own form of sabotage on top of the already planned fix and niggers, being niggers, didn't think the plan through properly? >>5022 inb4 deleted for blackpill
>>5013 >>5011 They did "laugh" but only at how fucking obvious the voter fraud was. As in "Fucking come on man" type shit.
(77.57 KB 746x731 man_is_even_more_tired.jpg)
>>5023 Pretty much all of it is extremely straightforward, they're literally using shit that put dictators in power, if legislation and the powers that be fail to prevent the fraud it simply means people are going to have to be physically removed, with an extremely rough handling style that may be considered extreme roughness, from office in a few years. The cards are laid on the table here. The media can lie it's ass off all day but it shouldn't affect the decisions of the courts. Andon the fake pipe burst >how can people be so incompetent as to lie about something which can be easily checked? It's not considered incompetency, it's considered optics. Lie even when the lie is clear and hope it works is the modus operendi. Never tell the truth unless it would benefit you, never let your enemies have a platform, pass off organizational systemic mistakes on individuals, make an entire party into one easily attackable person. Russia, Russia, Russia, Trump, Trump, Trump. This worked before the internet because literally everything got memory-holed, but now that simply does not work. There is no other strategy when lies no longer work. It's all they have, they have no way to adapt and change into an honest government because it's full of these arrogant fucks. This is specifically a problem of the new age. The scary part is that back in the day they were still this incompetent, but it worked.
>>5013 I'm not advocating violence, but if someone were to cut this niggerfaggot into a bunch of little pieces and forcefeed them to whoever employed him I would not shed a single tear.
>>5023 >As set forth in the accompanying whistleblower affidavit, the Smartmatic software was designed to manipulate Venezuelan elections in favor of dictator Hugo Chavez. So the US knew this, yet obongo and friends talked about venezuela as if it was a democracy, this has been years in the making.
(3.72 MB 320x240 BlackWater oure 2000s.webm)
>>5025 >but it worked. Info was much harder to come by nowadays everyone has a camera on their pocket and a high speed connection to world communication, you can't really blame boomers for their sins, they were raised to be like this. You can blame this generation though, we had and still have alternatives.
>>5030 No, we didn't. Nor did we know what alternatives there were because we were raised by them.

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