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Vladimir Putin declared war on Ukraine in a surprise television announcement at roughly 6:00 a.m. Moscow time Anonymous 02/24/2022 (Thu) 11:08:36 Id: a17088 No. 14006
“I’ve made the decision to conduct a special military operation,” Putin said. “Our analysis has concluded that our confrontation with these forces [in Ukraine] was inevitable.” “This is the red line that I have spoken of many times. They have crossed it,” he said, accusing the Ukrainians of “genocide” for attacking the two new “independent republics” he unilaterally conjured into existence on Monday. “Russia cannot feel safe, develop, and exist with a constant threat emanating from the territory of modern Ukraine,” he said. Putin bizarrely claimed Russia’s plans “do not include occupation of Ukrainian territory” and “we are not going to impose anything on anyone by force,” even as Russia launched missile attacks at targets across Ukraine, including its capital city of Kyiv. “A couple of words for those who would be tempted to intervene. Russia will respond immediately and you will have consequences that you never have had before in your history,” he warned. tl;dr New York or DC gonna get nuked. https://archive.fo/egHJQ
Reminder that you're either with Russia and the AXIS OF RESISTANCE, or with them.
>>14006 >New York or DC gonna get nuked If he were to launch nukes then his entire country will get leveled in equal measure. Any use of the damn things is basically a suicide everyone button. No way the man is that dumb or desperate, he is likely just posturing to keep any foreign power from interfering since he doesn't want a big(ger) fight.
(997.79 KB 720x406 I think it's safe.mp4)

(703.54 KB 1280x720 Kharkhiv.mp4)

(586.93 KB 320x568 Kyiv Air Defense.mp4)

(450.65 KB 1280x720 Kyiv.mp4)

(287.72 KB 400x704 Mariupol.mp4)

Scooping these vids from the GaymerGay thread.
(1.41 MB 348x480 dek2496292276217150c0d19f.mp4)

(806.64 KB 720x960 Kharkiv.mp4)

(2.29 MB 320x568 Kiev missile.mp4)

(548.40 KB 320x568 Krasnopillia Sumy Region.mp4)

(3.39 MB 1280x720 sirens.mp4)

See this is a difficult war to hae an opinion on.
(321.25 KB 593x556 dpr milita car bomb.png)

(412.30 KB 718x806 dpr prosthetic leg.png)

(5.53 MB 1280x720 journalist shelling.mp4)

(14.31 MB 720x1280 prosthetic leg.mp4)

Also, this seems important: >>>/v/541001 >Ukraine's supposed recent "attacks" on the Russia-backed separatist regions were the most clumsy false-flags I've ever seen. It's absurd to think they would wait until Russia had hundreds of thousands of troops of their border preparing to attack before ramping up "saboteur" attacks and supposedly preparing for a full-scale offensive. And then the individual false-flags included shit like: <1. Ukraine saboteurs try to blow up a chlorine cylinder and the separatist government captures a helmet-cam video from a saboteur and releases it. Except they forget to strip the metadata from the video before uploading it to their official Telegram account, which not only shows it was last edited before the attack supposedly took place, but includes video-editing metadata, including the name of a video file used as a "Pantry Ingredient" in Adobe Premier. Which was the same as the name of a Youtube video that they copied the sound of an explosion from and edited into the video. https://archive.fo/WSiDm <2. Ukrainians use a car-bomb to blow up the car of the head of the DNR militia. Except they were too cheap to use his real car, so they swapped license plates with a different car that he started driving a week beforehand. Like an old budget action movie where you know the shittiest car on screen is going to blow up. They capture the "saboteur" responsible, who used to work for the DNR militia, and he gives an interview confessing that Ukraine is planning a full-scale attack. https://archive.fo/TBPNE <3. Russia claimed that 5 Ukrainian saboteurs in an APC tried to cross the border with Russia itself. And that Ukraine lobbed over 3 or so shells into Russia for no reason. They supposedly did this after Russia massed its military on their borders. <4. The video of the guy who just lost his leg in a Ukrainian attack, except when they drag him you can see he already had a prosthetic. https://archive.is/hoCer <5. Not as clumsy but the "shelling of civilians" ranged from just making it up (they kept talking about heavy shelling when people in the area on social media weren't noticing any), to the separatists shelling their own areas in ways where it was possible to tell it had come from the direction of the separatists. And the supposed intercepted conversation of separatist soldiers talking about false-flagging the shelling which got publicly released. And the "shelling of journalists" that was just them putting a small explosive under the dirt: https://archive.is/wip/CAK46 >Putin wanted this war and ginned up some paper-thin excuses to get it, the actual actions of Ukraine had pretty much nothing to do with it. The false-flags were barely trying to fool anyone paying attention, they were just to create some sort of pretext for Russians and anyone else who is inclined to take the claims at face value without looking into them.
(2.89 MB 464x848 3bRsSb-AcbKPf7Be.mp4)

(1000.00 KB 478x848 45c6b87c.mp4)

(16.76 MB 960x540 video_2022-02-24_11-23-00_W.mp4)

(74.04 KB 791x975 849651.jpg)

(528.66 KB 2376x1620 FMWLzWJXoAI3ft7.jpg)

(31.85 KB 814x294 Blowout_soon.jpg)

Fighting is occurring at Chernobyl: https://archive.fo/hIxHj
>>14013 Not shocking at all. >>14019 >country being invaded <but what about Trump! These people and their priorities will never cease to amaze me. >>14029 >that ambassador Samurai vs the Russians vidya when?
(436.36 KB 478x848 16456824591310.mp4)

(1.15 MB 720x382 I Think It's Safe.mp4)

(919.47 KB 320x496 Kiev Air Defense.mp4)

(438.24 KB 400x704 Mariupol.mp4)

(1.66 MB 464x848 video_2022-02-23_23-32-30.mp4)

Starting to pull some ids from PLW.
(15.78 KB 571x150 123123.jpg)

>>14031 Dont forget finland wants to get their invitation for super smash.
slavs arent white who gives a shit
Pulled some stuff from /mlpol/: >Tanks 'Roll Into Ukraine From Belarus,' Ukrainian Border Force 'Come Under Attack' by 'Russian And Belarusian Troops' https://archive.fo/DfqlY >Russian Cruise Missile Filmed Striking Airfield in Ukraine; All Military Airports, Naval Bases Destroyed https://archive.fo/88IPu
<An apartment in Kharkov is struck by a rocket: https://archive.fo/lvRl9 <Keep an eye on them. #Ukraine: https://archive.fo/d1AO9 <#UkraineRussie #RussiaUkraineCrisis #UkraineRussia "Ho gaya Bhai Russia versus Ukraine start", says Indian national in the country as invasion begins: https://archive.fo/Dmb99 <Ukraine imposes martial law after Russian attack, civil airspace has been closed indefinitely: https://archive.fo/bWgNL
Russia seizes Chernobyl nuclear site, Ukrainian official claims https://archive.ph/I8uNw#selection-1847.0-1847.63
(858.26 KB 400x237 Strelok.gif)

Can the West unfuck itself now?
>>14038 mandatory blown-out asshole soon, fellow European™ Citizen™
>>14041 I'll gladly spread my asshole for more gibs!
>>14009 anon nukes are not infallible, if you can microwave their circuits from far away you have a chance to either deactivate them or blast them before they hit their target both Rusia and China have been investing in this kind of tech
>>14034 Russians aren't exactly slavs though, they are a mix between slavs, mongols and tatars. I feel bad for pure slavs, especially czechs for getting associated with the russian mutt.
>>14045 > they are a mix between slavs, mongols and tatars Anon, there's a term for people of that demographic, they're called Kazakhs.
> Germany, Italy, Hungary and Cyprus are blocking a decision to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT network following its full-scale military attack on Ukraine https://archive.ph/LR6N6
>>14051 I thought that USA can disconnect them solo without asking EU.
Got some images from halfchan looks pretty rough. Stalker 2 is still going to come out right? Apparently the "Z" column is arriving in Keiv right now
(160.78 KB 1066x1061 1645713036002.jpg)

4chan is dead, internet is hollowed out - 8Kun the last place I'm allowed to post info (we will see if it's taken off the board). OBiden and the CCP set up Russia to expand while blaming cuckservatives because of fake Trump-Russia hoax. Trump, to his credit challenged the entire energy market by making USA energy independent. America doesn't get gas from fucking Russia, your gas prices shouldn't be going up - it's the the Great Reset. The alt-kike and the Dugin faction of Natbol has taken over the entire 4th generation memewarfair division. >Eurasian Soviet to take over the multi-polar NWO >Brave New World slave race for the West >Israel at the center of a new UN >Jewtin and the (((Oligarchy))) in-acting the next step in the GREAT RESET (4th Industrial Revolution) Clown world is over. Welcome to Hell world. I'm going to post Know More News because the oldfags will understand what's happening. https://www.bitchute(Please use archive.today)/video/67fwkApX5Fc0/ ALSO HISTORY LESSON: >KGB coup and the "fall" of the Soviet Union .... 1991 Yeltzin and Putin takeover https://www.bitchute(Please use archive.today)/video/kIX9KmErKWDS/
>>14058 Pandemic was started by americunts, only usa has several hundreds biolabs around the world. Not China, but americunts
https://archive.fo/m3NTD >A broken column of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Melitopol, including burnt bodies. >Note: Russian vehicles are marked with a "Z" identifier.
>>14062 vid 2 he literally said "our plane was shot down", the title is "Russian helicopter is shot down". Fake title?
>>14065 He did said that its a plane and not a helicopter, but he didn't said "our plane", he said "right at our location" / "near us" and that they want to "cut that pig".
So any good numbers to trust? I dont trust the russian numbers, but neither do it trust the ukranian ones, also, is the ukranian ace propaganda?
(6.25 MB 640x1386 Rammed by Russian Tank.mp4)

>>14065 I'm just posting the vids I find elsewhere. the filename is what was originally posted.
>>14006 Fucking revanchist. Putler is insane.
>>14057 >Stalker 2 is still going to come out right? Why the fuck would you want that Xbox ridden trash? >>14067 Russia is pushing hard and fast, they're buttfucking Kyiv as we speak, but since they're pushing fast they're taking plenty of losses. >Is the ukrainian ace propaganda? Most definitely unless you play too much Ace Combat.
>>14006 Good. May all Ukranians be killed and the jewish globohomo destroyed.
>>14009 Destroying the enemy is more important than surviving.
>>14072 >>14073 Sup luciano.
>>14034 Jews will be killed and that is always a good thing.
>>14073 Absolutely seething as usual
>>14037 Good.
>>14076 t. leftard.
>>14079 Opposing war doesn't mean that i'm a leftist, it might come as a bit of a shock to your underdeveloped Brazilian brain I know. Ukraine deserves to exist as an independent state.
>>14069 There is nothing wrong in taking revenge.
>>14080 Ukraine doesn't deserve to exist. And your "seething" lingo denounces you as a leftard, as does you idiotic view of "muh they deserve to exist". The best thing about the modern world is how every single one of you leftard pets and your jewish owners will be hunted and killed, as all rules will simply be ignored.
>>14082 >Ukraine doesn't deserve to exist And why is that?
>>14083 >Replying Do you want to be honorary wyatt? Do no reply to the macaco
>>14084 Your ancestors are responsible for Luciano's creation. Take care of it now, won't ya?
(1.01 MB 807x1029 Pedro IV.png)

>>14085 Blame Peter HIV
>>14081 As long as it is not historical revisionism
>>14081 >>14087 Revenge for what? Putin blamed Lenin for national conflicts, although he keeps exploiting them for own good instead of solving. Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, DPR and LPR keep existing because of Putin foreign policy. Also, Russian Empire collapsed becaused of communists, USSR collapsed of (surpise) communists (read ГКЧП). And bolshevist corpse is still laying near Kremlin. Such hypocrite person as Putin follows no other reason than own grandiose delusions.
(34.64 KB 420x400 DUBS.jpg)

>>14088 check em
>>14071 >>14077 >>14088 >>14089 Glorius, i hope hes real and hes raking up the air kills.
Please, God, let Vladimir Putin shatter NATO.
(217.46 KB 486x746 FMf8RgmVkAEat_x.png)

(43.80 KB 650x295 FMf8PcHVEAE78we.png)

>>14070 I know he is real :^)
(18.93 MB 1280x720 Spree Shooter laughing.mp4)

(90.48 KB 976x549 _123356562_hi074059063.jpg)

someone got's a site with news in ukraine?
>>14094 NATO is a non-entity if the conflict doesn't involve Israel or inner-Europe terrorism.
>Russian banks to be cut off from SWIFT international payments system, says EU chief https://archive.ph/gFTKs
>>14103 Any NATO friendly source will be beyond histrionic right now. >thesaker.is Russian geopolitical thinker's site, quite good. >twitter(Please use archive.today)/RWApodcast Karlin and friends, not bad, they're doing a good job of keeping things objective.
>>14094 Lol.
this entire war it's a do or don't situation for Russia; everybody with a grain of salt knew it was just a matter of when not if. Russia since the '90 chose to be a friend to the west, what the USA, EU and NATO gave to Russia? A middle finger. Russia want join NATO? Noooo you can't because you will not get in debt with American Military-Industrial complex. Wanna join EU? Noooo your cheap gas, food and resources will fuck our Middle easter Allies and tank chinese economy. Couples with an economy in free fall from Covid and a population that's literally dieing out and Russia as a ticking time bomb you can protect the borders with 60 years old so whats left? Simple you make your borders thinner. I would not be surprised if this id just the prelude to something bigger. TLDR USA &NATO fucked around and now they will found out
(266.26 KB 1982x1116 393164077.jpg)

>>14107 >Ukraine is winning, you hear me?! WINNING! >Don't you DARE say that Russia is winning! >My frail feelings can't deal with hearing about Russia winning! >Keep repeating that Ukraine is winning, do you hear me?! WINNING!
>>14111 All jews will be killed LOOOL!
>>14104 >if the conflict doesn't involve Israel funny you should mention that..... https://www.timesofisrael(Please use archive.today)/in-call-with-putin-bennett-proposes-that-israel-mediate-between-russia-and-ukraine/
(1003.07 KB 930x1280 imagen.png)

(1.05 MB 432x244 video_2022-02-27_18-17-18.mp4)

(1.88 MB 589x6864 1645789724427.jpg)

https://archive.fo/oZ9Sq User got shoa'ed
>>14129 As always
>>14094 There's no such thing as NATO. NATO is a Norman Bates/Buffalo Bill tier delusion. NATO is just the dress that the US wears and looks in a mirror while it pretends to have a coalition of the righteous majority instead of a bunch of vassal states that it can place military basses in without having to roll in and conquer first. NATO is just the mafia version of what Russia is doing explicitly.
Vlad, if you want a Ukrainian mail order bride, all you have to do is ask. Not spam the thread.
>>14143 Mods confirmed to be jews.
User is banned for having having to invade Ukraine just to get some action
>>14155 I will make sure to sabotage everything Ukranian and their supporters in America, and deliver info to Russian troops so more Ukrainians (and jews) get killed.
>>14037 saved thanks >>14145 ban me next plz >>14057 based filipino holy shit i heard duterte was talking about the russia uk war will my country get nuked? where is a good place to hide incase all hell breaks loose are 3rd world shitholes better? if someone were to fire an EMP blast will my local SSD backups be wiped? will my 4tb hard disk be damaged electrically even if its fully powered off? how do you protect data?
alright apologies for reposting this Anonymous United States of 'Murica Board owner 02/28/2022 (Mon) 05:13:07 Id: 1700e2 No. 14143 >>14145 Vlad, if you want a Ukrainian mail order bride, all you have to do is ask. Not spam the thread. Anonymous 02/28/2022 (Mon) 05:15:02 Id: 000000 No. 14145 >>14167 >>14143 Mods confirmed to be jews. User is banned for having having to invade Ukraine just to get some action Anonymous 02/28/2022 (Mon) 07:52:36 Id: 000000 No. 14156 >>14162 >>14155 I will make sure to sabotage everything Ukranian and their supporters in America, and deliver info to Russian troops so more Ukrainians (and jews) get killed. Schizoid (Deleted) Anonymous 02/28/2022 (Mon) 14:11:22 Id: 000000 No. 14162 >>14166 >>14156 >Schizoid Jew projecting. All jews will be killed. Me and thousand others are sabotaging jewish schemes in America and Ukraine. There is no future for you, deformed rats from a inferior race. Anonymous United States of 'Murica 02/28/2022 (Mon) 14:13:25 Id: 5d7f8f No. 14163 https://(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)/DeLTZd-WcU8 (Deleted) Anonymous Unknown 02/28/2022 (Mon) 14:36:06 Id: 539697 No. 14166 >>14162 >All jews will be killed. Me and thousand others are sabotaging jewish schemes in America and Ukraine. Cool. So when are you getting to Putin? --end--
>>14169 >alright apologies for reposting this As long as you're not spamming the thread, I don't tend to care.
(3.58 MB 1280x720 USA ads.mp4)

>All this virtue signalling >Fag flags when Ukies hate them to death I hate this Neoiberal hellhole we call the West.
(3.03 MB 458x355 vladolf.gif)

...and meet Vladolf.
(161.59 KB 1360x765 Putin Drinking water.jpg)

(9.06 KB 255x249 Hitler drinking water.jpg)

>>14173 Of course... How didn't I see it before?
stupid question but why does 8moe/b/ hate UK so much? what exactly makes russia better? (i identify as neutral) can someone spoonfeed
No matter how much you delete the information, I will keep posting, and people saw it before deletion, and are spreading the TRUE news. You lost, as did Ukraine. Praise Russia. All jews will be killed.
(19.57 MB 854x480 553238.mp4)

>Video from Russian MI35 internal cameras targeting Ukrainian units Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing
Whichever country wins, I hope Azov Battalion survives
why did OP stop sharing all these high quality videos? Hope you are okay mate
(52.35 KB 269x600 pzdc1.jpg)

RT. Fight for your freedom. Russia. Riot. Stop Putin. https://telegra.ph/Ukraina-Vojna-03-01
>>14191 This is what I tell people around me - governments are getting more and more powerful, and the citizens less and less.. which in turn means the governments control us, not the vice-versa... There is not much we can do.. they got armies, tanks, guns, airplanes, etc..
(4.33 MB 480x848 472d41a66.mp4)

(3.60 MB 1920x934 53ae7d26110.png)

(1.60 MB 1920x934 180dd706703577.png)

(120.25 KB 1024x576 488bb1.jpg)

(64.83 KB 1024x576 32d63eca62fd97.jpg)

>Big explosion on the central square of Kharkov, targeting a Ukrainian government building Soon, all in the Ukrainian government (especially the subhuman jews) will be killed. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing
>>14193 You always lose, niggerpill. Governments have no power.
>>14175 Its luciano, a known brazilian schizo (literally) larping his ass off and replying to every post, theres also a couple of russians there.
ghost of Kiev became an ace in 1 day
>>14196 Daily reminder, luciano and niggerpill are samefag.
>>14196 Luciano Huck?
>>14199 Doesnt surprise me, him, niggerpill and the avatarfag all become active at the same time and all by pure coincidence try their hardest to make the boards unusable and disrupt discussions.
>>14201 They are the same unfunny brazilian faggot trying to get a rise out of anons.
(6.90 MB 464x848 6d81557bd307.mp4)

(928.85 KB 434x952 515273f144742.png)

(3.28 MB 1920x824 4a87201059.png)

>Russian soldiers advancing in Kherson Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing
(3.87 MB 720x1280 charkov municia 2.MP4)

(1.42 MB 636x848 charkov municia 1.mp4)

Kharkiv airport munition explosion
>>14204 Wasnt that from the first night? I remember something about a munitions depot near an airport being bombed.
(1.05 MB 230x432 dron shot down.mp4)

>>14206 This one is definetely from today evening. I want some more and be looking for ukraine thread. Id love to get in touch with more info than mainstream. Also got some nice shots saved on my PC so here is from yesterday. Its russian rocket destroying TB2
>>14173 >>14174 Awww, cute... how many people in Europe drink water? And how many attack other nations?
>>14210 All of them. All of them.
(7.06 MB 1080x1920 8cbfb87.mp4)

>Mexico won't impose any sanctions on Russia The world is united, behind the scenes, against jews and against Ukraine. Seethe harder, western leftards and jews.
(194.44 KB 1027x1169 9d028e4.jpg)

(483.79 KB 1080x3773 1646202434010.png)

Are Ukrainians white?
>>14214 >The world is united, behind the scenes, against jews and against Ukraine. How are you still this delusional? Do you not speak to people? Everyone is either neutral or against russia in what is clearly an agression against its neightbour.
RT and TASS have been blocked on Youtube for EU citizens who are not using a connection relay service. Meduza and Pravda Report are still available at this point. Let's see if it stays like that >https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/c/RT >https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/c/TASSagency >https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/c/MeduzaPro >https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/c/pravdaenglish Whoever did this, blocking ANY kind of information, even if false, is very wrong.
>>14223 sorry for being such a faggot, didn't know this site would mess up the links. gonna delete my post if i can
>>14224 ahaha glownigger intern
(87.85 KB 1280x720 miss cadia.webp)

(131.52 KB 1920x1080 miss catachan.webp)

(95.68 KB 1920x1080 miss krieg.webp)

(106.59 KB 1920x1080 miss valhalla.webp)

(83.68 KB 1280x720 miss harakon.webp)

I know its barely vidya related, but today the imperial guard is 35 years old, say something nice about our brave flashlight guys.
>Russians and Ukrainians accidentally set the nuclear plant of Zaporizhzhia, the largest of its kin in Europe, on fire https://yewtu.be/watch?v=fYUT36YGOh8&feature=(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)
>>14254 Only some administrative building was on fire, not the power plant itself. It's just fake news from the Ukrainian government so they have external involvment. They are trying really hard to start WW3
>>14257 > Only some administrative building was on fire, not the power plant itself. >It's just fake news Got a source for that, then? The only way to counter "fake news" is to post sources disputing it.
>>14258 https://archive.ph/IeJ3E https://news.yahoo''(Please use archive.today)/europes-largest-nuclear-power-plant-002154169.html >A fire that broke out in a training building near the largest nuclear power plant in Europe during intense fighting between Russian and Ukrainian forces has been extinguished, Ukraine's state emergency service said on Friday. >U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said there was no indication of elevated radiation levels at the Zaporizhzhia plant, which provides more than a fifth of total electricity generated in Ukraine >inb4 reuters No signs of the power plant being shut down or a loss of power, and what is there to win by shooting at the power plant? There's propaganda everywhere trying to force people to dumb action. The rule of wait 24h-48h for any news in full action.
>>14234 nice id you faggot. u scared of german glowniggers owot
(66.29 KB 983x582 NATO expansion.jpeg)

Not a particular fan of war collateral but I do appreciate Putin rolling over globo homos. Plenty of colleagues got a reality check and have started thinking and considering instead of blindly joining facebook/twitter hysteria. They're still commie faggot hippies tho, but small steps and all that.
(431.78 KB 736x539 69244f433.png)

>>14290 This. I don't care what Putin's intentions are. I only care that Russia outlawed being a faggot, and that alone makes them the perfect country. I fully aid Russia in sabotaging the USA and the globohomo in many ways that I can. Praise Russia.
(5.25 MB 1280x720 930c6cab41.mp4)

(3.20 MB 1920x939 5d4ae2596.png)

>Ukrainian Army HQ got bombed in Zhytomyr, North Ukraine. Close to Belarus. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(870.74 KB 480x480 196f9c3e019423876.mp4)

>Russia took control of SBU building in Energodar. Zaporozhye region. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing
>>14296 okay Ivan, i can tell you're drunk again. you mean you like how russia's economy gets absolutely demolished over something as insignificant as territory gain. putin didn't expect the west would put so much pressure on him and now he realised he is cucked in every way possible. if he decides to launch mushroom rocket one day then it confirms all of this. get your cyanide pills ready. remember when stalin starved gorillions of his people? yeah, we're gonna see that again but a lot more russian people will need to suffer from the poor decisions their supreme leader has made. so please Ivan grab your vodka and uncuck yourself from communism while you can
>>14131 Aint risking ww3 for a bunch of facist >>14313 Why should take take sanction like you in WW1? adolf, you are such a cuck
>>14006 >Saudi, Emirati Leaders Decline Calls With Biden During Ukraine Crisis https://archive.ph/yuWmd Saudi Arabia and The UAE will keep delivering goods to Russia, while denying supplies to any country that sided against Russia. Enjoy your price hikes and shortage of goods and oil, you "muh sanctions" retards LOOOOL!
>Russia is Ready To Replace France in west Africa https://archive.ph/VcFKZ <"But MUH SANCTIONS! They should weaken Russia! Not strenghten it!" LOL! Get fucked, Ukrainian shills. You lost.
(27.90 MB 1280x720 74381e03.mp4)

>Our correspondent showed the weapons left by the National Guard of Ukraine at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant Free guns and free nuclear energy. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(17.91 MB 1280x720 8a1e73493113.mp4)

>Ukrainian nationalists prevent the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol - they build barricades on humanitarian roads >The People's Militia of the DPR published a video with the story of local residents about how Ukrainian nationalists do not allow them to evacuate from Mariupol - they build barricades of cars on humanitarian roads, mortars are also in the courtyards of sleeping areas, from where they are shelling. Weak country of weak people, all turning against each other, following the orders of a corrupt government. That is why Ukraine, and soon the USA, will fall.
(9.21 KB 189x209 5057d76f2.png)

(87.54 KB 1045x633 030b79525ed2.png)

How does it feel to be thrown into the poor class, for being against the mighty Russia, ameritards?
>>14327 Isn't Russia having issues importing materials for their vehicles because nothing is domestically made, which has brought majority of travel to a standstill in Russia?
(1.06 MB 747x791 2e1f7e30c992.png)

>Everywhere I go there is either Russian or NATO propaganda >Literally the same shit copy-pasted 1k times over in most cases >Russia is still clearly advancing, Ukraine's capitol still stands so the are doing far better than expected >Only motherfucker on 8/pol/ talking about it is clearly pro-Russian, likely only cares because Russian victory is a sign how shitty the west has become >No one even cares about the Ukrainian people crushed between NATO faggotry and Russian aggression Is there a single objective source? Please. I don't want to wait decades to actually learn the truth of this conflict.
>>14332 >Is there a single objective source? Nope, and doubt there will ever be one because here's the politics in play: <The current American administration is looking for any and all scapegoats to place blame upon for the uncontrollable inflation taking place that they caused thanks to their spending, lockdowns, and regulations <Putin wants to secure his position of presitator of Russia, and uses any and all aggression from the West (Both real or imaginary) as an excuse to start some armed conflict to justify his existence Meanwhile, here's everything that's setup the current predicament: <Biden ended American oil pumping and exports (Which wraps around and effects Europe too because Trump forced the EU to transition off of Russian oil), and lift all sanctions in placed against Russia <Ukraine has wanted some form of security from Russia aggression for decades, and have been applying for NATO member since 2008 in order for that protection, but have constantly been rejected because none of the NATO members wanted to "anger" Russia <Russia was expecting a repeat of their previous attempts at invasions (See Crimea) where they waltz in and takeover the country within a month, with little resistance from the populace and the international community And the actual result is as follows: <The Ukrainian populace still in the nation are rejecting Russian gibs and telling them to fuck off, or even arming themselves <The international community has crippled the entire Russia economy, along with their own in the process, (And, despite reports of how everyone is now trying to disconnect themselves from the other, it's still going to take months, if not years, before an established system is operational) <Russian and Ukrainian forces have been at a standstill for a week <So-called "neutral" parties like China and Iran are playing both side to see what they can get out of this conflict <The populace of each and every nation, including Russia, are against this invasion, and do not want to get involved in another war <Meanwhile the propaganda machines on both sides are attempting to treat this incident as if it happened without warning, and the other side is a fault, meanwhile you can find reports that this would be occurring as far back as January ( https://archive.ph/a83zD ), December ( >>13365 ), and even November ( https://archive.ph/Acvwt )
>>14332 >Ukraine's capitol still stands so the are doing far better than expected By whose metric? Russia is explicitly trying to avoid civilian casualties, so they're moving forward glacially. >likely only cares because Russian victory is a sign how shitty the west has become Russia IS the West. They're white, too. The Western World is the white world. This bullshit postmodernist dialectic needs to be decolonized from us, folks. We have to stop talking in terms jews created for us. >>No one even cares about the Ukrainian people crushed between NATO faggotry and Russian aggression Russia is aggressive because of NATO's continued existence. Destroy NATO because fuck "entangling alliances" for all eternity. The Ukrainian people should have rejected EU and NATO cocksucking, because this is what happens to you when you worship jews. >>14335 >See Crimea Which voted to join Russia, since they're all Russian there, after the 2014 CIA coup in Ukraine.
>>14332 basically this I periodically check the kyiv independent and some osint twitter feeds to get interesting developments but >>14335 seems about right probably worth noting how the UK has been asshole posers in this thing, crowing the loudest and doing the least, taking no refugees, being extremely soft on oligarchs, etc. >>14336 >explicitly avoiding civ casualties lol no >russia is the west lol no, they're spiritually raped, they know only servitude, fear, snitching and corruption, they have no western values to speak of >russia is aggressive because who the fuck cares, that's nobody's business but their own. If they want a buffer zone so bad, they can use their own territory to do it I'm glad the rest of the world has decided to send russia back to the stone age. Let them enjoy their delightful slant eyed partners who will screw them on every deal with shoddy parts and inflated prices.
>>14337 >lol no Great argument. Meanwhile reality proves you wrong. >lol no Thanks for admitting Russia is Western. >they're spiritually raped Yes, 80 years of communism and the mass murder of 50,000,000 of your society's elite will do that to you. >they have no western values Funny enough, neither does the rest of the West anymore. They're white. They're Western. You have no argument. >who the fuck cares, that's nobody's business but their own. So why are you complaining? >If they want a buffer zone so bad, they can use their own territory to do it lol, nah. >I'm glad the rest of the world has decided to send russia back to the stone age. Ah, you're just a NATO/EU shill, then. Never mind. Opinion discarded.
>>14336 >Russia IS the West. They're white, too. They're Khazak mountain men, just like every other Slav, and have NEVER been white: https://archive.ph/GNFZv But, then again, not sure what that has to do with the discussion. >Which voted to join Russia And, if you believe that an illegal vote forced at the point of a gun is considered legitimate, then I have an invisible bridge to sell you. >>14338 >80 years of communism and the mass murder of 50,000,000 of your society's elite will do that to you. And, that justifies their actions...how? Especially when the government, not only denies the actions of the USSR, but still spends resources protecting it's image as having "done nothing wrong": https://www.veoh(Please use archive.today)/watch/v20343432tdeEzYEE
>>14338 mass murder of elites and 80 years of communism is enough to ruin russians, you're right. They align spiritually with the jews of the east, curry niggers and sand people. They're all great friends and want nothing to do with us whites. They're nothing like me. Truly the russian is an honorary asian at heart, and now they can all work in sweatshops for no pay like they deserve. Silly russians, jobs where you build and invent things are for real white people! All the people of color may toil, unseen, in the dirt to advance the white race :)
(1.35 MB 5000x4000 PCA Caucasoid copy.png)

>>14339 >OY VEY THEY NO WHITE Yawn. Fuck off, D&C shill. >oy vey it was illegal because we say so >no one gets to hold any plebiscite unless we approve it Okay, Truman. Not an argument. >And, that justifies their actions...how? And your "argument" delegitimizes their actions how? You don't have one. You have no explanation for why you think your postmodernist propaganda is the only way to handle geopolitics. >>14340 >They align spiritually with the jews of the east, curry niggers and sand people. They're all great friends and want nothing to do with us whites. Jews are great friends with jews and want nothing to do with whites, either. Stop the D&C.
>>14341 >uhh its D&C! uhhhh the jews are bad too? don't change the subject russians are spiritually destroyed, and have much more in common with chinese factory workers then free white westerners and have no future. They align with them naturally because they are alike, but they're worse than them, because the chinese are ascendant. Russians are destined to work huddled in cold, filthy factories making simple, labor intensive components. This will be all the chinese allow them to have. They will take the fine wood, the gas and oil, the animal pelts, the best food and the few meager manufactured goods that are made. China, like russia, is selfish, and crude, and will enrich itself at the expense of the russians because this is the chinese century. They will siphon off all the remaining wealth and anything left that is good and pure and true from the country without anyone else demanding that they do so, and once they are done, they will annex russia's eastern extents claiming historical legitimacy.
Again, what does race have to do with this discussion?!?
>>14343 >w-what does race have to do with it anyway >on /pol/ go back to reddit
>>14342 >don't change the subject I directly replied to the subject. >russians are spiritually destroyed So are all other whites. Don't deny it, yid. >and have much more in common with chinese factory workers then free white westerners and have no future. Prove it. Show where these "free" whites are, too. I'm curious what you consider "free." >They align with them naturally because... ... all other economic and social avenues have been explicitly cut off to them, by jews, for the purpose of exterminating Russians from the face of the Earth as revenge for the treatment of jews in Russia across the centuries. >Russians are destined to work huddled in cold, filthy factories making simple, labor intensive components. Oh, like the rest of the West? >This will be all the chinese allow them to have. They will take the fine wood, the gas and oil, the animal pelts, the best food and the few meager manufactured goods that are made. Oh, like the jews, you mean? >this is the chinese century. lol >>14343 >shit I was blown the fuck out >uh uh uh uh RACE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT Sad. Fuck off.
(141.49 KB 1000x1333 1236873_93238252_p0.jpg)

If say ukraine managed to come out alive, win or lose, would they try to join NATO again since they never sent help? Or would they remain a puppet state? Would other countries jump over each other to join nato, knowing that they wouldn't protect them unless you're full card carrying nato member?
>>14339 Crimea does have russian speaking majority. I know many people in eastern side used to consistently vote for russian-sympathetic leaders (I think that's the right word) in elections. But I also know a vote AFTER crimea was taken over wouldn't be taken as unbiased. Was crimea and eastern ukraine shitholes before? After joining russia, is crimea a (comparatively) better place? Or was it same shit different flavor kind of thing?
>US Senate passes US$1.5 trillion govt funding bill with Ukraine aid https://archive.ph/TBK3L <to allocate US$13.6 billion to aid Ukraine
Russia plans to "Allah Snackbar" Ukraine: > Ukraine war: Russia to use thousands of Middle East volunteers in fight in Donbas region https://archive.ph/4wpTa < Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said there were 16,000 volunteers in the Middle East who were ready to come to fight with Russian-backed forces in the separatist-controlled Donetsk and Luhansk areas of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine. And, imagine, just a mere decade ago, we're laughing our asses off at the EU for being the biggest importers of suicidal virgins.
>>14355 Is the plan to just throw foreign retards at them until they run out of supplies?
Slava Ukraine?
>>14358 Probably. They're only other tactics at play is blaring the message that Russia is the "underdog" fighting a lone war against the Evil Trinity of nations (NATO, the EU, and the US); OR have the backing of the "entire world", so this invasion is totally justified: https://archive.ph/oIIvM
(873.46 KB 827x635 9746e39d64.png)

(328.82 KB 746x564 754bacf99d6.png)

(423.19 KB 747x582 5c93535257.png)

(214.73 KB 404x571 196b8f3288.png)

https://disk.yandex.ru/d/62hsNB8kC7MXPQ About 50 biolaboratories on the borders of Russia that are built and controlled by PENTAGON. In short: USA (+Germany) researched how to use BATS and BIRDS to spread pathogens to Russia. They researched the routes of +100 birds and found 2 birds (ie, species) that fly always through Russia. Reminder, U-731 used the same technique nut those war criminals ran to USA after 1945 so USA saved their lives from the tribunal. It seems USA is trying today to repeat their experiments.
>BlackRock's Fink Says (He has) Russia Essentially Cut off From Global Capital Markets https://archive.is/pNP5h >BlackRock funds just lost $17 billion due to Russian exposure. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, as Western banks are owed $121 billion by Russian entities https://archive.is/UOIOP >BUT MUH SANCTIONS! LOOOOOL! Retards!
(78.99 KB 649x689 012fd8cbd608f7.png)

>Stealing oil from Iran https://archive.ph/04ICO Enjoy dying in nuclear fire.
>>14366 Qtard shitpost.
(314.42 KB 642x540 Untitled.png)

(178.99 KB 651x639 Untitled2.png)

Ukraine got their shit kicked in, is ready to put guns down https://archive.ph/Lzj3H https://twitter''(Please use archive.today)/AnaCabrera/status/1503432656498872320 >inb4 CNN I'm as suprised as you they would air something like that. I heard they changed director or something and I'll take any bits of info that make sense In other news, parallel economy still growing and US is to thank for that https://archive.ph/OHi5M https://twitter''(Please use archive.today)/NinaByzantina/status/1503416339247112199 https://archive.ph/fwQGQ https://kapital.kz/finance/103768/yeaes-i-knr-razrabotayut-proyekt-mezhdunarodnoy-finsistemy.html
(4.18 MB 1280x720 The Fall of Kiev, Part 1.webm)

(520.59 KB 604x813 238bf50b62.png)

(6.00 MB 216x480 6871be37c66.mp4)

(3.75 MB 640x350 303c9489a8.mp4)

(203.58 KB 1078x1280 38a1a10d9.jpg)

>>324678 >Plebbitors are volunteering and getting killed by the Mighty Russian Army LOOOOOL! Leftards are born failures and always lose. I rejoice in knowing that a bunch of pro-Ukraine leftards are being killed in the war, thinking that they were going to be heroes, when in fact, they are just cattle being slaughtered for my amusement. Also, there is confirmation of Ukrainian soldiers dressing the corpses of volunteers in Russian uniforms to falsely inflate the number of Russians "killed" in the war. Ukraine is a country of weak sub-humans and killing them and leftards is good for human beings.
(135.13 KB 1440x888 0b263.jpg)

(96.51 KB 1267x793 3bb5a49d8.jpg)

(333.59 KB 1440x1334 3de368716c2.jpg)

(116.86 KB 1267x843 9aa5d4d0.jpg)

The UkraineDAO 🇺🇦 is raising funds to help Ukraine defend itself from the Russian aggression. Every bit counts. TOR site: http://hlldpc6bvhmr2oy5wj24tcdfwgwdtn767wzkleuqzsfyblihibloegad.onion ClearNet: https://www.ukrainedao.love/ Together we stand!
>>14401 I will personally organize saboteurs to destroy Ukraine from within. Die Ukrainians. Die leftards. Die jews.
(5.97 MB 848x478 9e8a9c5.mp4)

>Volnovakha is littered with the bodies of dead Ukrainian soldiers Sub-humans dying like the worms that they are. Praise Russia. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(3.05 MB 848x464 473417485.mp4)

(1.17 MB 478x848 13516e9d4.mp4)

(3.95 MB 1920x952 9704967.png)

>Ukrainian sub-humans hit their own due to being all retarded/low IQ "soldiers" >Falling fragments of Tochka-U missile kill 20+ people, leave nine injured in Donetsk LOOOOOOL! As dumb as women, jews and leftards, ukrainian soldiers hit their own population, due to incompetency. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(9.82 MB 854x480 14b7ac77.mp4)

>UAV footage: The Russian Army destroys Ukrainian MLRS and military facilities with powerful strikes Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(336.56 KB 1273x798 75b23d9c1.jpg)

(248.63 KB 1280x853 5e0ed27.jpg)

Damascus today. >muh Russia is isolated LOL! Never! 90% of the world is pro-Russia. All jews, leftards and other globalists are the ones isolated and will all be killed.
>>14401 >make love not war >pls gib money to buy weapons >pls forget that a peace deal was possible <I just want more money [thinking emoji] Good grift
>>14006 Notice how the shitkraine shills stopped posting as soon as plebbitors were killed during their LARP sessions in the war. That confirms that all pro-shitakine are leftards from plebbit. And they lost. Again. As they always do.
>>14412 you know this is staged when there are >50% women in the crowd in syria out of all places. syria is still a shit-tier country, so paying even a few thousand people who are dumb or needy enough to participate in this is not too expensive. >90% of the world >includes no country except syria
(233.80 KB 1862x1048 72f304d3.webp)

https://archive.md/18Y3w America is dead. LOOOOL! Enjoy your poverty and rise in gas prices, ameritards.
(225.22 KB 426x478 Souseiseki what?.png)

>>14426 Oh no, oh god the horror. Now (((Trump))) and ///Biden\\\ won't be able to send their shitty bratty children over to Russia to fuck spy prostitutes and get blacked mailed, now they'll have to resort to fucking Pinoys instead. That's it America is doomed, we should just submit to Putin and Xi and allow ourselves to be disarmed while we still have the chance, so long as we're able to to coonsume it's worth it. I need my Funko pops and latest iPhone damnit!! I think we'll live, it's the inevitable cyber attacks that will really hurt.
>>14426 Poor Brandon and friends.
(673.22 KB 640x592 2ecef57873.mp4)

(5.90 MB 704x1280 82bbae554.mp4)

(164.10 KB 960x1280 27b0fe6d76.jpg)

(22.44 MB 1280x720 0c402ba49540.mp4)

>The invasion and destruction of Kiev began I laugh at shitkainians and their misery. Praise Russia. God bless Vladmir Putin. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(9.68 MB 640x352 8700d64f8938.mp4)

>Support for Russian troops, Sakhalin 65 region Russia is supported by the whole world, ironically, against globalism. Praise Russia. God bless Vladmir Putin.
(108.97 KB 754x828 90521fee3597.jpg)

Shitkainians sub-humans are now the prostitutes of the deformed kikes LOL! When you "help" a refugee, you deliver said refugee to be raped.
(280.88 KB 474x276 62d69b094a47.png)

Canadian (probable jew) plebbitor/retard, programmer and self-proclaimed "deadliest" sniper in the world, WALI was killed after 20 minutes into combat. https://archive.md/UJEHY >"He loved to play computer games." LOOOOL! Leftards being killed for thinking that their delusions apply to real life.
>>14437 >thread is full of Russophile shills that peddle instantly debunked propaganda They claimed he had a wife that said he was dead, he literally posted an update on his Facebook hours from that. He's actually still alive and still killing Jewtin's orcs. Dumb faggot.
(2.82 MB 640x360 video_2022-03-01_20-47-44.mp4)

(1.33 MB 432x234 video_2022-02-28_05-39-20.mp4)

(9.80 MB 640x352 mariupol.MP4)

(1.91 MB 640x352 kyiv attack.MP4)

(835.52 KB 240x432 Kharkiv.mp4)

>>14008 The so called "Axis of Resistance" is a myth propagated by Iranian shitskins that hate White people and promote BLM. What is this Axis? Arabs, Persians, Chinks, and such? Wew at brown worshiping Alt-Right retards >>14029 That's the Ukrainian ambassador to Japan, and the picture was taken weeks before the war broke out. >>14332 I've followed this situation for years. You can expect lies and propaganda from both sides, with some of the most outrageous being Ukrainian gov statistics (death tolls are probably still high, moreso than America lost in decades fighting in the ME), and Russian atrocity propaganda which is endless. Intel Slava for example will post a combat clip, and slap some war crime accusation on almost every post to explain why Russian advance is slow. Scrutinize everything, and even then remember rule #1 of war. The first casualty of war is Truth. >>14336 They are doing a bad job of it, looking at the absolute state of some places.
(2.97 MB 394x720 8596e4b5e8.mp4)

(135.87 KB 960x1280 20c636948.jpg)

(204.66 KB 960x1280 3f4e9bb298649.jpg)

(358.91 KB 960x1280 32b868bf851.jpg)

>Downed Ukrainian SU-25 in the Kiev region Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(4.27 MB 464x848 266909913.mp4)

>Actually decent Men are are marking unoccupied houses/departments for Russian forces to use it later. Sabotage your country, if your country is pro-globohomo/jews.
>>14437 he's in a better place now :'(
>>14412 There are a lot of people who see through the veils, but the majority is still brainwashed by the daily western globohomo propaganda.
(11.20 MB 1280x720 469aab903f557.mp4)

>Russia MoD publishes new footage of drone strikes targeting Ukrainian military strong points and supply depots Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(1.19 MB 360x640 3be0c8f87.mp4)

(2.70 MB 1689x915 233175e2be0574.png)

>Ukrainian government buildings exploded in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
>>14479 Yes. and those will be killed once the globohomo is inevitably taken down all over the world. Those who refuse to change their thoughts based on proven facts are a disease that will be cleansed with fire.
(1.21 MB 704x1280 1e71c46c7e07.mp4)

(52.42 KB 1024x512 9e1f84d29.jpg)

(2.71 MB 1920x828 3a0d18f8.png)

>In Kharkov a University that taught Ukraine Army officials got destroyed. I'm extremely happy to see a den of leftardism and globohomo like a university being destroyed. May all universities around the world be destroyed, along with their students. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(1.80 MB 432x292 96f326.mp4)

(1.27 MB 624x464 94cd86967095.mp4)

(1.05 MB 608x464 813f88ef8767.mp4)

(317.97 KB 1280x960 6eb26dda7b4.jpg)

>Ukrainian projectile killed 4 people at the market in Donetsk >APU fired a projectile at the market in the Kirovsky district of the city. >As a result of hitting the house, four people were killed at the entrance. Near the shelling site there is a food and clothing market, where there is a large crowd of people. LOOOOL! Shitkainians killing their own, due to incompetence. That is what happens when you are a sub-human. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(103.18 KB 576x967 005bab3c5.jpg)

(40.92 KB 561x579 87aff85.png)

The shitkainian forces are just a bunch of faggot abominations. LOL! And their population still kills them on the streets LOOOOOL!
(4.00 MB 848x624 0924bab22.mp4)

(6.86 MB 1280x720 298d64.mp4)

>hurr durr Russia is hated hurr durr No. Russia is not hated. Russia is being celebrated all over the world. The whole world wants ukraine to disappear. The whole world wants victory for Russia. The whole world wants the total destruction of the west and it's jewish "values". Kill all jews. Kill all leftards. Praise Russia. God bless Vladmir Putin.
Never seen someone be such an apologist for any country aside from India and China.
(1.06 MB 272x480 6a165b7.mp4)

They started trafficking children for prostitution, called (((humanitarian aid))).
>>14489 Any country that is against lgbt abominations is automatically a good country and must be supported.
(3.17 MB 1280x720 The Fall of Kiev, Part 2.webm)

Reminder that Russia originally wanted to join NATO, but decided not to because they wanted priority over countries who "didn't matter": https://archive.ph/VkEYE
(12.82 MB 640x524 9994fd044dc5.mp4)

(219.11 KB 1280x800 831f41f5.jpg)

(250.69 KB 1280x719 68ce7b696.jpg)

Shitkrainians were storing GRADs in a mall. They are all gone now. LOL! Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(2.43 MB 848x432 98c0b97bdbd6.mp4)

(982.84 KB 848x800 6bbc42e9236.mp4)

(826.80 KB 574x848 916abb7299.mp4)

Supersonic missile hits Kiev. I laugh at the destruction of Kiev. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing. Praise Russia. God bless Vladmir Putin.
<Russian tanks ambushed
>>14512 <Russian soldier captured
https://archive.ph/blDXl Somalis in Sweden Consider Ukrainian Women Fair Game >A group of women and children fled the war in Ukraine for Sweden, where they have been subjected to close encounters with Somali culture-enrichers. Now they want to go back to Ukraine — compared with Africans, the bombs don’t seem so bad. Many thanks to Gary Fouse for translating this article from Samhällsnytt: < Night of terror for Ukrainian women — Somalis invade residence: “I am so afraid that I want to go home” < Thousands of Ukrainian women and children have fled to Sweden in the past weeks. Now Samnytt can be the first media to report that some of them who moved to Örebro want to return to the war in Ukraine. The reason is that, after an incident during the week, when foreign men entered in their accommodation, they no longer feel safe. < “When the bombs fall, I know that in every case I can go down in the cellars and hide there,” one of the women says. < Busloads of Ukrainian refugee women with children have arrived in Örebro in the past few weeks. A number of them have been offered beds in the Örebro city hostel. < But the Ukrainians do not feel safe in the hostel. The background is some incidents that occurred on the night between Sunday and Monday, when a number of unidentified men tried on several occasions to get to the women. < Volunteer reports < Samnytt has spoken to one of the Ukrainian women at the hostel. We have also spoken to a female volunteer in Örebro who works with the women. Neither of them wants us to publish their names. < By talking with both women, Samnytt has been able to provide a description of what happened Sunday night/Monday morning. < First Somalis < The first incident occurred around 3am. At that time, two Somali men began to pound on the front door of the hostel. Without opening the door, the Ukrainian women attempted to talk to the men outside. < “They looked like African-Americans, if I am expressing myself correctly. They were black people. Tall and slender with black skin color,” she tells Samnytt. < She explained to the men that there were only Ukrainian women and children living at the hostel, but they claimed they had a friend living there. After asking the name of the friend, she could confirm that no such person was living in the hostel. < But the men didn’t give up. After a while, a third Somali man showed up outside the hostel. The women felt the situation was becoming unpleasant and went back and locked themselves in their room. < Pounded on door < Somehow one or more of the Somali men then managed to get into the hostel. < “They began to bang on the door of a woman living there with her two small children, ages 2 and 4. They were very scared. The 4-year-old was quiet, but the 2-year-old screamed,” the volunteer says. < “They tried to get to her. The men were speaking in a foreign language. The woman in the room did not speak English, but knows the sound of English and understood that the men were speaking another language.” < Then came Arabs < Around 5am a group of Arab men came and tried to enter the hostel. < “They were not able to get into the hostel,” says the volunteer. < “I spoke with the women. They are scared. In Germany, a Ukrainian female refugee was gang-raped.” < Confirmed by the hostel < The attempt by a group of men to enter the hostel was confirmed by an employee to whom Samnytt spoke. On the hostel’s part, however, they tried to tone down what happened. < “Someone knocked on the door and wanted to find someplace to stay overnight. They were trying to find accommodation,” the employee says. < In the middle of the night? < “I have not spoken to those who knocked on the door.” < The hostel has now hired security to keep watch. They have also informed the Ukrainian refugees that they can either contact hostel personnel or call the police at the telephone number 112 if they feel unsafe. < Police unaware of incident < Ola Olsson is duty officer with the Örebro police. He tells Samnytt that he is unaware of the incident at the hostel on the night between Sunday and Monday. < According to the volunteer Samnytt spoke to, there is an explanation for this. The Ukrainian women did not dare call the police since they were afraid of getting into trouble. < “The interpreter told them they could not call the police since they are not registered with the Migration Agency,” says the volunteer. < According to Samnytt’s information, a police report should have subsequently been made via the police website. < Want to go home < According to the volunteer, many of the women are so shaken by Sunday night’s event that they regret moving to Sweden. Some even wish they had stayed in war-torn Ukraine. < “I am so afraid that I want to go home,” says one of them. < “When the bombs fall, I know that in every case I can go down in the cellars and hide there.”
(1.17 MB 1280x1190 mODLMz.png)

We did it reddit!
>>14531 I'm unironically starting to like r*dditors.
(309.57 KB 762x727 117400.png)

(176.64 KB 1024x939 7d53f1a92.jpg)

>>14006 Plebbitors published a photo from inside of one of their hideouts in shitkraine. The almighty Russians managed to localize and bomb the place because of the photo. LOL! Leftards always fail at everything.
>>14517 Women suffering and being killed is always a good thing.
>>14512 Russia kills hundreds of shitkrainian sub-humans. Russia is winning, and your propaganda is a failure. God bless Vladmir Putin.
https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/NovichokRossiya/status/1507016326321123334?t=1aZgvFCVJaKE2x7Ltmuu4w&s=19
(16.37 MB 1280x720 1d7296e3343635.mp4)

SU-34 scoring a direct hit on Ukrainian soldiers. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
>>14565 >Anything twitter LOL!
(2.22 MB 1000x1264 3ba6c950332.png)

As an answer to the question of what the reader will do if a Ukrainian knocks on his door, the editors of Charlie Hebdo offered three answers: "I will say that I already have a Kurd and an Afghan hound"; "I'll send it to my aunt. She loves animals"; "I forbid my sister to open the door." The French people are red pilled against the globohomo propaganda.
(1.99 MB 478x848 1e53140.mp4)

(1.06 MB 456x848 830c94053.mp4)

Bombings over oil depot's at the south of Kiev. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(9.43 MB 960x540 254f01a097050.mp4)

(30.60 MB 854x480 45f93d7ec80.mp4)

SU-28 & KA-52 destroying Ukrainian targets. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(127.98 KB 551x193 ClipboardImage.png)

Ukraine and Russia in a nutshell
(4.54 MB 440x780 991346c112.mp4)

(3.13 MB 976x1280 1c9d500626.mp4)

(2.79 MB 1280x992 8482e686a3.mp4)

A few days ago, morning bombardment in Kharkov. Multiple targets hit, including zones of the airport. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
>>14597 Russia is winning though. Shitkrainians dying is a hilarious thing to watch.
(8.05 MB 848x464 8821145e98520.mp4)

(14.51 MB 848x464 927995093.mp4)

Chechens working in Mariupol. Captured Ukrainians, destroyed equipment and territory gained. This mostly at the Levoberezhny district of Mariupol.
(3.67 MB 640x524 1a310b6.mp4)

(1.00 MB 640x524 210078bb22294.mp4)

Ukrainian hideout in Chernigov was completely destroyed. I cheer at the deaths of shitkrainians. Even better when it is caused by leaked information from plebbitors. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(15.19 MB 854x480 76622a24698.mp4)

KA-52 targeting an Ukrainian post. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(1013.60 KB 480x270 7103bb8f5049.mp4)

Thousands of useless military aid. NATO is completely powerless. The USA is completely powerless. Corporations and banks are completely powerless. Being pro Russia is being pro the death of globohomo.
(21.21 MB 640x360 2a59ef18312.mp4)

Dead ukrainians are always a joy to contemplate.
(6.94 MB 1280x496 228966f6674.mp4)

Ukranian HQ in Nikolaevna getting some GRADs this morning. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(1.69 MB 1280x720 25f227c119998.mp4)

Donetsk Army using an ATGM against an Ukranian unit. Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(4.08 MB 720x1280 9fdefb2ae14.mp4)

Explosion by midnight, in Kharkov. It brings me joy to watch from the comfort and safety of my home all the misery and suffering of the shitkrainians.
(4.01 MB 1280x720 The Fall of Kiev, Part 3.webm)

(56.54 KB 1045x902 1a939f8f36189.jpg)

Beware the flag of defeat. LOL!
(233.26 KB 1490x1756 71099277d8.jpg)

There is no such things as "one international community". There are many different groups with different thoughts, and the strongest one will destroy all the weak ones in due time. Side with the strong. Side with those who are against jews. All jews and all leftards will be killed.
(19.57 MB 1280x720 10f0fc6ae2d75.mp4)

(260.70 KB 1280x720 41bff5e50.jpg)

A downed MI-8 trying to evacuate Mauripol carrying Azov militants and high rank officials too. Shitkrainians are so weak and scared that they flee in ambulances. And get killed anyways LOOOL! Russia keeps winning. Ukraine keeps losing.
(21.97 MB 1920x1080 916d306.mp4)

>President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree establishing gas trade rules for so-called 'unfriendly states', allowing Russia to halt the contracts if the counterpart does not proceed with payment in rubles as requested. "We offer counterparts from such countries a clear and transparent scheme. In order to purchase Russian natural gas, they must open ruble accounts in Russian banks. It is these accounts that will be used to pay for the gas delivered from tomorrow, April 1. If such payments are not made, we will consider this a default on the part of the buyers with all the ensuing consequences. Nobody sells us anything for free, and we are not going to do charity work. That is, existing contracts will be stopped", the Russian President concluded. >Muh sanctions! Let's see how you survive this, leftards. LOOOOOOOL!
>>14655 You are wrong! Ukraine is winning so hard they have to fire their generals to win less :^) https://archive.ph/wBZbO/ https://www.newsweek''(Please use archive.today)/volodymyr-zelensky-fires-general-traitors-naumov-andriy-olehovych-kryvoruchko-serhiy-oleksandrovych-1694105
>>14668 LOL! Even their generals know that Russia is the best country.
(35.48 KB 780x470 putin deep fake.jpg)

>>14006 I honestly think, at this point, that we are getting a deep fake CGI Putin. Which means Putin was killed or kidnapped by the Kremlin and we are getting the CGI Putin who will say anything for the Elitists, no matter how atrocious.
(132.38 KB 1023x577 1648929667537.jpg)

MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted last week that the country’s energy exports must be paid for with rubles, a demand apparently intended to help bolster the Russian currency but one that European leaders say they will not comply with because it violates the terms of contracts and sanctions. However, European authorities believe the Russian Federation and elements within the Russian Energy industry are accepting "dark payments" from international buyers on the Dark Net. International law enforcement agencies believe they have traced hundreds of barrels of oil having already been sold through the largest Dark Net Market, Versus Market. Putin said Russia will start accepting ruble payments Friday and gas supplies will be cut off if buyers don’t agree to the new conditions, including opening ruble accounts in Russian banks, from which the gas payments will be made. Yet, the Russian Federation is also believed to be accepting "Dark Payments" while hording cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. The Russian Government is speculated to control large monopolies of Dark Net commerce. Russia is believed to be one of the leaders of the "International Dark Economy" but this is believed to be the first instances of international trade of this kind. “If these payments are not made, we will consider it a failure of the buyer to fulfill its obligations, with all the ensuing consequences,” Putin said. European leaders cautiously insisted they will continue to pay for natural gas in euros and dollars and want to see the fine print of how the Kremlin will implement its decree. European authorities are also planning to counter this new "international dark economy" controlled by Russia with talks among leaders planned for late-April in Brussels.
(139.34 KB 600x336 lets do lunch nat.gif)

>>14693 I'll trade with Russia as a neutral. Ordinary Russians shouldn't have to suffer because of the decisions of their Elite's. Also these sanctions and privately owned power grabs of Russian assets is Marxist and I'm not a Marxist. Let's do lunch neutrally sometime (on the dark web), dear potential customer Russian frens.
(78.54 KB 825x1024 1631406739329.jpg)

Rutin 4 putin
>Russia retreating from idea to invade strategically important city Kyiv looks like Putin pulled a pranky on the west and all of Ukraine. nice one Putin, strongest and most intelligent man on planet earth, you got us good. holy be everything you touch and say, long live our president
(781.79 KB 992x533 79555f762115.png)

The shitkrainian government is so desperate that they are now trying to pay Russian soldiers to leave or to surrender equipment LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Shitkraine is a joke. As weak as all leftards are. https://archive.ph/naZu1 https://archive.ph/vdgJ8 https://archive.ph/sDuzY
>>14684 t. desperate leftard. You will all be killed.
>Russia leave Bucha the 31st >Bucha Mayor confirms it >Video of city shown on April 1st with no corpse on the streets >April 4th: magical massacre with corpse on the streets showing Russia warcrimes [Thinking emoji] Ukraine should have built more chimneys and gas chambers before that.
>>14810 show us the video, eh

(149.98 KB 1242x1571 media_FPetM2dXEAM_j3p.jpg)

(67.95 KB 601x680 media_FPetM2gXEAE83aw.jpg)

(78.76 KB 1080x608 media_FPetM2fWUAE7stF.jpg)

>>14818 Here, they go around searching for "saboteurs" and killed them
>>14810 >>14832 This is a logical stretch, because Ukraine has already been cleaning their towns from Saboteours and Russian Accomplices and there was no footage of genocide. Why would they do it now when they could have done it at any time? There is also a claim of white armbands showing pro-Russia allegiance, but why wouldn't the Ukrainian army remove them if that was the case if it would be obviously incriminating evidence? Removing an armband takes a few seconds at worst.
>>14833 I don't know the source of "Russia committed genocide" But my guess is retards in """Intelligence""" Community thought they could steer the public opinion by showing the same images by telling Russia did it, without knowing the meaning of it.
>>14834 Once again, there is literally no proof of Ukrainians doing it, and it makes no sense for them to be responsible seeing they could have done the same thing at any time and make it into a false flag, but they didn't. Why would they do it now?
>>14835 don't engage with the russian troll, he is paid to do this and you are not
>>14835 Well here is your options: >Russia killed russia sympathizers That would be a false flag to make Ukrainians look bad, but why then show this days later after entering the city? >Ukraine killed russia sympathizers The more likely event, even you said they are already doing it As to why report this now rather than previously, like I said previous attempt to steer public opinion failed like "bombing the theater with civilians trapped inside", or "look at that pregnant women that died", now it's "they are killing random civilians outside" If you have an alternative explanation, feel free to write.
>>14837 The public opinion is verhemently pro-Ukraine everywhere you go. The idea that they would do this for the sake of shifting public opinion is idiotic. They don't need to shift public opinion, literally everyone besides a few Russia/China puppet states has their back. What the fuck is the point of getting support for something people already support you for? Your claim of Ukrainian motivation here is inane. But this doesn't matter, there are already satelite photos leaking out showing bodies as early as March so eat a dick. https://archive.ph/QYlif >One video filmed by a local council member on April 2 shows multiple bodies scattered along Yablonska Street in Bucha. Satellite images provided to The Times by Maxar Technologies show that at least 11 of those had been on the street since March 11, when Russia, by its own account, occupied the town.
>>14693 What the fuck is with the doors. There too fucking tall. Do niggers work at Kremlin?
>>14694 >ear potential customer Russian frens. You're too thirsty. She's probably married. Russians get married really young. Shill just bully you into ending up in prison like all women do. Women instigate criminal behavior from men and then decide it's criminal by voting it to be criminal. We live in an anti man biologically enforced female conspiracy to cut up men. > all women are whores. All women have children. Most men died never having passed on their genes. When a women denies a man sex she is committing genocide.
>>14838 Narrative on my country news has been that civilians were killed by Russians our of frustration while they were leaving the town. Meanwhile news were showing bodies with skin that was already wrinkling and partially started decomposing. That's not happening after a few days and why I knew what they are reporting couldn't be true. At first I thought that Ukrainians started laying out bodies of the deceased to paint a contra-Russia picture. Seeing now that the bodies were laying there for several days or weeks even before Russia started retreating makes a whole lot more sense. National television is trying to create a narrative so bad and it pisses me off so much, that is not objective journalism. Like you said, they don't need to shift public opionion at this point but reporting stuff that's 40 % true with 60 % bullshit sprinkled in between makes them just look bad. Image-board detectives are doing better work than this while they don't even get paid for it. Thank you Grzegorz
>>14864 Obviously there is a lot of bullshit floating around, remember that reporters try to play into controversy so they exaggerate shit for more views. But that doesn't mean that nothing they say is ever true, you just have to cut through the bullshit and look through different sources while weighting shit for yourself by using your own brain.
(1.12 MB 2272x3326 atlas shrugged.jpg)

>>14848 Yes alright but apart from that I'm up for making deals neutrally with both female AND male Russians, at an ordinary citizen level. Maybe deep / dark web trading will become the norm one day, even for regular items and not just under-the-table contraband. A new society shrugging off the past way of trade and accepting this new order of things. If not, the Marxists will win on a globalist scale. There's more at stake than Russian civilians and their welfare, there's a bigger picture too.
(252.63 KB 591x666 Untitled.png)

And I was half-joking when saying "they should have built more chimneys and gas chambers"
(56.18 KB 640x640 very deep fake putin.gif)

>>14792 I'm a right winger. And I'm not a globalist or Marxist. I still say that Putin was a deep fake CGI Putin. Let's see who is left standing in the end.
>>14684 In your dreams NSA JTRIG division.
>>14697 the fact of the matter is Russia is at war with the wrong country. The US is ghost of it's former self. The sandwich people are evil. They are the true enemy. Why does not US know this too.
>>14632 > Being pro Russia is being pro the death of globohomo. really that's what you think we care about JTRIG. sad. just sad.
>>14601 When can I buy it on Steam?
>>14600 How'd they get that flag made it time? Did they come with it expecting an easy win? I feel like this is Russian Baked Alaska. So, they drive up on this abandoned town with 3 stragglers and surrendered armaments (small amount), and then walk around showing off the burned and abandoned town and waving a flag of their leader they brought. Either these people have the ego of gods, or they knew the would have no resistance and show victory. Kremlin must have given them aerial report about abandon town to film their movie in. > dumb fake and gay. When are we getting active combat body cam footage? When are we getting uavs shout out of the sky like birds for sport? when are we getting a real war and an end to pax americana; not this fake shit?
can't wait for our "Russia keeps winning" rusbot to return. i wonder why he is so quiet the last couple of days...... Russia is still winning, right?
Russia is doing nothing wrong.
Russia is doing great, they're killing every worthless Russian soldier they can by proxy having sent them to their deaths, truly they are doing god's work.
(646.32 KB 603x473 novonigger.PNG)

(48.73 KB 383x611 funny negro.jpg)

(116.60 KB 256x256 lmao.PNG)

(1.13 MB 640x787 IApnTj4zV7o.png)

Uh oh rusvros.... Did we just lose????
>>14977 mercenaries on the Khazarian side: 1. Jews 2. Japs? Japs are bugs tbh 3. Negro lol
>>14978 Alexi is that you? Did you get your HIV medication yet?
>>14978 >Japs? Japs are bugs tbh Then what does that make the Ottoman Turks, Americans, Spaniards, French, Russians, Portuguese, and English, fag?
>>14981 bug, I don't understand you, is it something about stale pants?
>>14979 That girl was adopted from russia by an american pedophille in new jersey. He raped his own daughter and divorced his wife, but american government still let him adopt a girl from russia. He raped her on camera for years until he was arrested. His name is Matthew Mancuso. She's a big fat woman now. She still lives in america and is a proponent of Masha's law which was signed by george bush that gave harsher sentences to pedos for cp possession.
>>14600 >(14.51 MB 848x464 927995093.mp4) It is hard to believe that an ammunition and bomb manufacturing setup in someone garage would go unguarded in a war. The entire place is cleared out and the Russian only found these few straggler men. They are not soldier either; on is lingered with a cast on his wrist. They were also unarmed and surrendered without a fight. Meanwhile, a well kitted-out battalion of Russians show up to stop these unarmed weapons manufactures in a part of Ukraine that already looks abandoned by the locals. I propose a different narrative: Some retarded Ukrainians go back to there houses to bring stuff back to their families who are safe behind the Ukrainian controlled boarded. It's a residential area and the men found weren't armed, so it seems like they weren't returning to the area for a military purpose. This war is fake and gay.
(7.15 MB 352x640 82a21418966.mp4)

(340.92 KB 1200x1853 9c7f8b34ee51.jpg)

Plebbitor models/femoid parasites got killed while LARPing as soldiers LOOOOL! It is always goo when leftards are killed. It is always good when femoid parasites are killed. Russia keeps winning. Shitkraine keeps losing.
>>14911 Cry more, loser.
>>14912 Your propaganda always fails. God bless Russian in it's victory.
>>14913 When are shitkrainians going to win? They won't. LOL! They are all weak and born losers as all jews and leftards are.
>>14946 Russia is winning. Globohomo is dead. And I am celebrating. Cry more, impotent leftard.
>>14973 I t is always ok to kill jews and leftards. And their children. Cry more, as you impotently watch Russia do whatever it wants.
>>14979 >>14977 LOOOL! The leftard is so desperate that he is postting the same propaganda. You are born losers. Me, and the whole world, are all laughing at dead shitkrainians and your dead plebbitor freaks LOOOOOOL!
>>14984 >american pedophille in new jersey That is a jew.
>>14986 It is hard to believe how much butthurt the impotent leftards have LOOOOOOL! God bless Vladmir Putin.
(470.56 KB 1536x2048 FQJnbDjX0AQfTgt.jpg)

What's next, putting propaganda stickers at dragon dildos?
>Zelensky arrest political opponent as "pro-russian" >Then ask Russia to release Mariupol POW for him >When the dude isn't in the military POW exchange doesn't work like that. Also, I thought that Russia had a debacle in Mariupol [thinking emoji]
>>15053 > probably. I'm more interested in what they mean my "name change". Is the name of the products changing, or is the name of Ukraine changing, like now it's called West Russia.
>>14978 So, a few bodybags out of Ukraine are going to US, Japan, and the rest of the so called "developed" and retarded world. Big woop. Russia marches on.
>>14896 >Ayn Rand was a reactionary writer who only was conservative because the commies stole her family's business and forced her family out of the country. Women in the west are taught to hate men only have one child at the end of their reproductive life and act ungrateful and mean to men. Any women who moves and acculturates to the West will be just a evil as the women already here. There is no hope. There is no trade when the government places a monopoly on women being able to enter into contracts, and then say "oh, my mantels made me break the contract", and then a man get shafted, paying alimony to a women who alienated her affection from the man and abandons the man, and shacks up with another simp while the old simp is stuck with a hole in his bank account and a hole is his heart. BPD is God's punishment for simps. You can dress it up with your philosophy, but humanity has evolved to a dead end and sexual reproduction is retarded.
>>15043 >>15043 >It is always goo when leftards are killed. It is always good when femoid parasites are killed. Couldn't agree more, anon.
(84.89 KB 848x478 antifa support.jpg)

(2.88 MB 416x480 russia is run by jews.MP4)

>>14838 >bucha Here's some drone footage of that. It's too big to post here. https://files.catbox.moe/lufvq9.mp4 >>14978 First pic is retarded. I know several people with beards like that. Majority of turd world is siding with Russia for that matter, because they see it as "White people's turn to die in wars" or some dumb shit. https://newamericangovernment(Please use archive.today)/zog-project-novorossiya/ https://www.stormfront(Please use archive.today)/forum/group.php?do=discuss&group=&discussionid=11280 Nothing but a hostile neo-Bolshevik project created by jews. They literally even call themselves "People's Republics" like all other Communist shitholes. https://liveuamap(Please use archive.today)/ WE'RE WINNING GUYS! Wew, 3 days my ass.
(2.21 MB 848x636 anger russia.mp4)

(3.41 MB 640x640 3 days bro.mp4)

(47.85 KB 568x446 kiev in three days.jpg)

>>15070 /pol/ite sage to be patient and post Archives this time. The Stormfag one will not archive for me for whatever reason. https://archive.ph/sW6kx
(93.42 KB 1280x720 teh a team.jpg)

>>14006 Kremlin: Stop helping Ukraine, you meanies! Us: Stop invading Ukraine then. Simple as that.
>>15084 What interest is Ukraine to us again? I understand Russia's realpolitik but I'm not sure why we're all so dead set on having this country under our umbrella.
>>14865 The bullshit is the humanitarian crisis, any war is a humanitarian crisis. It's just horseshit to motivate people to go die for shifting geo-politics.
>>15084 >Kremlin: Stop helping Ukraine, you meanies! Helping?! With food, humanitarian cargo?? Oh, no, sure. WITH WEAPONS WE WANT WAR - said Goblins. UNTIL THE LAST KHAZARIANS. No, anon, help is something very different.
>>15101 The west is going to weaken further as we crumble. But if we've got a belt of nukes that wall Russia off from Europe completely and easy potential access to Russia, then Russia can't use our coming weakness because we've got them by the throat still. Ukraine is vital there because its border is open plains, and on the other side is an industrial region Russia depends on. If Russia has Ukraine, they've strong natural borders down south and can concentrate defense up north while they try to invade a weakened Europe. But Russia can't afford an invasion of Europe if they have to have defenses all across their European border at the same time. Thus, they cannot be allowed to have Ukraine, at any cost.
>>15109 Russia really has no motivation to physically invade. Their entire motive has been trying to break the west's financial hegemony the exact same as China. As for Russia's physical defence, it actually gets easier for them to defend their country the further they push into Europe because the front narrows. Really a this is about keeping Russia under physical threat because of the west's dwindling financial hegemony. We'll probably have a war just to stop that hegemony being replaced by a Sino-Russian one. In real terms Russia would not have had to invade Ukraine if they thought they'd maintain their status as a buffer state, because it was cheaper and easier for them. It's exactly what happened to Georgia in 08 and as a result the Russians have been slowly seizing Northern Georgia ever since.
What if masks spread viruses?
>>15142 sounds like he is is experiencing flashbacks from ptsd, I sort of feel bad for him.
>>15070 So, this is Russia celebrating it's metropolitan society. In the West we have metropolitan society, and it's hell. Why would you be proud of this. In-group preference is strength. It's why in 2024 the Africans are going to kill all the whites in North America. And, why Muslims in Europe keep killing Europeans and white-jews.
(310.59 KB 474x316 ClipboardImage.png)

Valiant kid and his parents lol
(9.40 KB 236x197 50s.jpg)

>>15223 Is this all a globalist psyop? An excuse to get this country this week, that country next week? It's starting to feel like it along with the global inflation conspiracy going on.. "You won't have nice things!"
>>15229 It's to genocide the population of Ukraine so that it could be turned into a new Jewish hub. The Yinon Plan is not enough in their eyes, they need more.
It being turned into a new kike heartland also nicely explains why Ukranian flags are plastered everywhere so aggressively in comparison to 2014.
>>14979 gross! I bet Elon Musk is a tranny too. Your first order in the military is to 41%; do it now or ill do it for you, you deserter.
(951.89 KB 500x700 star trek pol.gif)

Feels like this is going to go on for years, maybe even for centuries. Ukraine looks like the new Iron Curtain at this point. The Kremlin has no power in the countries it is slinging mud at in the west, metaphorically. The Kremlin will probably still try to throw its weight around where it has no authority though, quite possibly because they are following order. It seems this new world order is just one big Marxist communist conspiracy, using Ukraine and pandemics as an excuse. This probably won't be the last conspiracy to achieve those aims. "You can't have nice things, you can't own nice things, you can't eat nice things. Oh and you are going to freeze unless you jump through these hoops." "There are four lights!" - Jean Luc Picard
So anyone has any idea how its going? Because from the official reporting I am getting bizarrely mixxed messages. >Ukraine is winning <So lets send them another fuckton of military hardware and a couple billions of $$$ >Russia is economically at the brink of collapse, its a matter of weeks before it collapses <also lets pile on more sanctions against it just to be sure And many other such contradictory statements, so I came here hoping that maybe someone has a idea what the situation actually is.
(20.15 KB 475x642 media_FRgRXHRWUAI3Wun.png)

(19.20 KB 478x624 media_FRgRXHMXEAAHdIk.png)

(16.91 KB 484x541 media_FRgRXHKXsAAyayT.png)

>>15270 They instated a ban on any reporting in Ukraine so they could control the message. And even with that, barely any news from them. You can take a guess. Also I don't know how valid these points are, take it with as much grain of salt you want. It was posted yesterday from Dejan Beric who is supposedly a credible source.
(111.81 KB 980x715 eye see you nwo.jpg)

>>15270 If the Kremlin mobilize the entire Russian armed forces and send them all into Ukraine then you might be witnessing the biggest Russian army desertion of all time. This could drag on for eons.
Russia declare ruble zone at Kherson(south subject of "ukraine". This is good news for National Russia State!
>>15243 What's the source on that pic of the Map of Heavenly Jerusalem?
The expectation of the USA was that Russia would quickly occupy the Ukrainian lands. In this way, by starting a guerrilla movement against Russia in Ukraine, it would lead Russia to collapse as in the Afghanistan war. The calculations of the USA and the West did not work. Russia did not fall into this trap. Unexpectedly, Russia launched a long-running hybrid intelligence and manipulation war. It targeted US, UK and Israeli intelligence bases in Ukraine. The reason why the West imposes such harsh sanctions on Russia is not because it attacks Ukraine, but because Russia liquidates the crypto-Jews in the Russian Army by driving the field.
(673.56 KB 3000x2164 putin salute.jpg)

>>14006 Is it really Putin? Feels like a body double Putin and some savvy CGI at this point. If so, what happened to the real Putin? Kremlin target? Already dead? Kidnapped by his own Russian side?
(189.62 KB 220x180 a team plan.gif)

All Russia has to do is stop invading Ukraine. Simple as that.
(1.16 MB 825x2270 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15336 I keep seeing them say he is seriously ill with something. <Putin Is 'Seriously Ill', Potentially Terminal, Ex-MI6 Russia Head Says >Christopher Steele, a former intelligence officer within MI6—the foreign intelligence service of the U.K.—ran the agency's Russia desk between 2006 and 2009. "Certainly, from what we're hearing from sources in Russia and elsewhere, is that Putin is, in fact, quite seriously ill," he told Sky News >His claim about Putin's health is the latest rumor amid a storm of speculation regarding the Russian leader. Ukrainian military general Kyrylo Budanov also told Sky News that Putin is in a "very bad psychological and physical condition and he is very sick." The general dismissed suggestions he was spreading propaganda https://archive.ph/5oU6P
Guys! Guys! Ukraine just need a few more billions and weapons and they can win against Putler!
(248.53 KB 767x1280 photo_2022-05-18_20-18-26.jpg)

(210.65 KB 822x1280 photo_2022-05-18_20-18-30.jpg)

(182.49 KB 822x1280 photo_2022-05-18_20-18-32.jpg)

just posting this here, from Ukraine's official instagram page.
>>15569 What the fuck is this gay shit. Ugly as hell too. >>15547 So who is actually getting all the money here.
(204.46 KB 646x540 Untitled.png)

(117.45 KB 651x612 Untitled2.png)

>>15569 Pic 1, and the perfect plans is pic 2 >>15570 Laundering money as fast as they can, be it with monopoly money (at this point), or selling surplus army weapons and gears. I'm wondering if it's possible to know what they are importing/buying, but then it means it would be easy to track all this money.

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