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(29.81 KB 400x527 HitlerTime.jpg)

Have you thought of a change of branding? Anonymous 03/10/2022 (Thu) 02:18:51 Id: 6b388c No. 14319
My crazy-as-fuck cousin has insisted on sending me random fucking articles from two-bit trash reporting on Ukraine. One bit of (((propaganda))) was noting how Zelensky's Jewish origin was being used to wash away that the Azov Battalion is a Neo-Nazi group (because, SURPRISE!, left-leaning political groups can't be depended on in an actual fight). And I was thinking: a lot of Jewish hate, a lot of "antisemitism" is the jealousy of the Jews. A part of "antisemitism" is that Jews are trying to commit genocide (their word, using their definition) on Christian Europe, and even the Jews say that it's not "real hate" to hate people trying to commit genocide on your people. THE OTHER ASPECT, however, is the jealousy of the Jews: they're smart people. They're lawyers and bankers and landlords (The Bourgeoisie? Oh, I shouldn't talk about the foundational antisemitism of Marxism.). They have jobs where they sit around and accrete money. Y'all are jelly. One of the things that you are jealous of, though, is that the Jews have a nation founded on Nazi principles. ISRAEL IS A NAZI STATE. It's a state founded on preservation of the race, preservation of traditional values and customs and culture. It was structured on the design of Nazi Germany. AND THEY GET AWAY WITH IT. If you want to do those same things for your people, your race, your culture, your values: you are criticized. And the Jews get away with it. What is there not to be jealous of? You should lean into it: you should start telling people "You want your nation to be the kind of nation Israel IS." And that way (((they))) either: can't call you antisemitic, or have to acknowledge the state that Israel is. Seems to me to be a win-win. Or, am I missing something?
No? Y'all are cunts. Thanks.
>>14322 You don't know what you're talking about. At least read the first few chapters of The International Jew before you suggest we're somehow jealous of the tapeworm feasting on our insides or claim they're exactly what we aim to be. Your suggestion is shit too, because the people who like Israel are a lost cause and the people who hate it usually do so only because of the policies they copied from European states before conditioning our people to reject them outright.
jews have morally degenerate natures and have a totally different value system from me. you judge jewish success in terms of jewish values of cheating, lying, and exploitation. my nature is higher. aryans value transcendence, in inventing and creating, in art and beauty, in striving and struggle. we don't simply sit and collect money. that is lazy and ignoble. that is decadent. jewish values are non-existent. they thrive in decadence like maggots on a corpse. what organism is best at surviving on a pile of shit? a maggot. a maggot is racially most fit for a pile of shit. the world is a pile of shit and jews are maggots. when we make the world have value once again, jews will have no chance.

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