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(220.09 KB 924x600 1646498252957.jpg)

Revelation of the Revolution Anonymous 03/22/2022 (Tue) 22:07:38 Id: b8c9f6 No. 14527
The US flipped out at Cuba over the Cuban missile crisis and yet morons in this country clutch their pearls over Ukraine because they believe NATO is just. NPCs have a very binary view of life and the memory span of a retarded goldfish. So long as they get upcummies by posting pics with the latest pro-Ukraine photo filter and matching hashing, they wholeheartedly believe they are the justified good guys. This is the false God of democracy at work. The bandwagon ignorance is covered by chest pounding and selective nationalism. Then the unthinking NPCs get really pissed off and turn to sanctimonious sophistry to validate their seat on the bandwagon. Useful idiots are the most dangerous kind of people. Redditors are the same archetype of retard that allow entire civilizations to embrace specious morales that mask bad ideas. Pretty much all the history those NPCs fear the most was enabled by unthinking herd-brained retards like themselves, but they'll never see that. Westerners, especially in countries like Canada where people have lived in a complete fantasy world for decades, are in for the mother of all rude awakenings in the next few years as the centre of global power shifts dramatically from west to east. Our feelings have a way of conforming our reality to fit our fears which is why emotion has no place in the business of diplomacy or statecraft. You average westerner is one of the dumbest most self-indulgent emotional fuckwits to ever walk the Earth. The people who support the puppet regime of a literal comedian, of a nation who has been committing crimes against humanity since 2014, are walking proof democracy is not in the best interest of society with the existence of highly monopolized mass media. If you support the NATO puppet state with literal Neo-Nazi militias integrated into its regular army and security services chances are you are an evil parasitic war profiteer or just your average western sheeple without any dignity or self-agency. After nearly a week of watching these people huff the delusional fumes of their own propaganda to get hyped up for global thermonuclear warfare we realized democracy is a mistake unworthy of continued existence if the majority of people are this easy to manipulate and entirely illiterate of the consequences of history. The western media would not play videos of Ukrop Nazis executing unarmed civilians trying to escape a war zone just like every other war crime of any other regime propped up by western dollars past or present. Even worse the western media will not tell you that these Neo-Nazi militias effectively control the government alongside kleptocrats like Jewdas goat Zelensky who is the wizard’s curtain in Oz behind which these trash hide. You see to the west you are only the “bad guy” if you move against the interests of rootless cosmopolitan international capital controlled by an unelected class of parasites that exists in every nation with a private central bank. The sanctimonious bullshit spewed from the west in regards to Ukraine has squarely put the ball of global hegemony into the court of Russia and China, nations not run by emotional weaklings subject to the whims of entitled bankers. We pledge to punish every foreign fighter who sought to pour flames on this conflict and treat the regimes supporters no different from those who supported ISIS’s endeavors of ethnic cleansing. Their little vain self-obsessed puppet Zelensky, more focused on building his own stardom and serving the foreigners pulling his strings than his own people, is a vile traitor of the highest caliber. While he is telling schoolboys to take up rifles and instructs people into suicidal molotov stunts, his slut of a wife is relaxing in France. Zelensky is a war criminal, he is sabotaging Ukraine. He was put in place as a butt puppet of the WEF with the deliberate intention of poking the Russian bear to increase weapon sales, along with economically strip mining the world’s 5th largest wheat producer and industrial center of the old Soviet empire. He will die a traitors death with all his Kvartal 95 collaborators at an international court at the end of a rope. Going with him to the gallows will be all his major financiers who looted the Ukraine and caused this war. While the American military concerned itself with pronouns and people who put things up their butt the Russian military proved itself worthy in the fulfillment of its oaths to protect its people, instead of serving the social interests of unelected international parasites. If you started spelling Kiev with a y or put a Ukrop flag in your bio chances are you are a massive faggot who cares more about the approval derived from group think than the well being of any other living thing on Earth. We love our country and have hope for its citizenry, but the collective ignorance of the American people empowers so-called public servants who abuse their positions of trust to push parasitic policies that further the special interest agendas of their major donors at the expense of the nation they ostensibly serve. Fact-based logic no longer matters in the United States for this reason. We refuse to treat anyone who will not accept a fact as a mentally ill person unhinged from reality who has already forfeited their right to self-determination. The Hague says they suspect Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine, luckily they found no war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or Yemen committed by America or any of its vilely corrupt allies. The western WEF contingency of the UN certainly will never say a word against any genocidal action undertaken by Israel as has been proven time and time again. This is the naked hypocrisy of the ruling elite on full display which is why all those who vocalize their support for such a thing are disgusting house niggers who would sell out their own humanity to preserve their social status in the Western neoliberal caste system. Those in the West who rushed to start WW3 for the sake of their massive egos learned nothing from the last century about how quickly things can spiral out of control. These egotistical vermin wish for you and me to have to suffer so that they can get a dopamine hit in their brains from their pathetic feelings. Emotional junkies are what the majority of Westerners have become today who are about as concerned with their own futures and dignity as any other addict only concerned with finding their next fix. Every single American politician who voted to start down the road to thermonuclear warfare should be targeted for personal reprisal, they have names and addresses. Only 3 members of Congress refused to vote for deliberately escalating US interference in an isolated regional conflict against a nuclear armed power. The United State Congress is nothing more than a collection of economic terrorists without any higher power than the donor class. We hope the members of Congress remember the date and time they signed their own warrants for joining the WEF and engaging in full-scale crimes against all humanity, including their own citizens who they expect to dutifully suffer economically under the threat of nuclear war for the sole interests of the kind of people who attend the World Economic Forum. The kind of countrymen who support starting a world war to save the American installed puppet regime of the Ukraine are the kind of people better off 6ft under the ground. They are worse than traitors. A traitor at least has some individual agency these creatures are just lemmings who will do and say whatever they think is the most socially beneficial for themselves or gives them the biggest dopamine hit. Enough, Ukraine is proof democracy is dead and America killed it.
America is an insane nation populated by predominantly mentally unwell people, if anything America, and not Russia, is the nation that most deserves to be cut off and isolated from the world for its many crimes. Then again those who know it all, understand that the people who suffer the most from the American Empire aside from the poor souls who are literally shuffled off the Earth for getting in the way of its economic interests are Americans themselves who in the 21st century can barely count themselves above cattle in terms of dignity and self-awareness. America is a country where almost half the population has to be on some form of medication or substance to even go on living, it is the greatest tragedy of a nation in all human history, but it can still at least be saved. First, we must recognize how deep the rot is and accept that we all have played a role in allowing it to get this bad. The American state is a country that fights harder for the global imposition of legal anal sex than the health and well being of its own people at home. The ruling elite of America have recently made it a cardinal sin to even notice reality, describing reality will get you socially shunned and banned from the public space in a nation that still pretends it has free speech for the sake of its fragile egos. The corrupt kleptocrats who prop up the American Empire have decided to go right up to the line with a nuclear war with Russia. Now we are all just one of these parasites’s retarded hubristic mistakes away from being vaporized with half the planet. Any war crime they accuse Russia of their little puppet Israel has done better. So why is it they really want this war because it certainly has nothing to do with the sanctity of human life? If it were just money the motivation would be simple to expose through networks of commerce and it is to a certain degree but that is not what motivates western hatred of China or Russia. Our rootless cosmopolitan ruling elite hate the Russian and Chinese people on the ethereal level; city folk have always sought to dehumanize those they see as antiquated and rural. The simply do not want to economically impose their will onto Russia and China, but achieve the complete subjugation of the populace of those places under their poisoned degenerate ideology as we are in the West. Until Russia and China are sufficiently rootlessly cosmopolitan enough their people will be forever treated with subhuman status and visceral disdain by the swipple social climbers of the western kakistocracy. At the end of the day if you are still reading this by this point and your emotional programing has not compelled you to throw something at the wall you have far more in common with the Russian and Chinese than any one of your neighbors who bases their morality on the media they consume. At the end of the day anyone who does not conform dogmatically to rootless cosmopolitan ideology and its mentally shackled elaborate hierarchy of privileged victimhood is a pariah, an outcast, a subhuman to these parasites. Ultimately the city is an evil power that drains the dignity of all who enter into it. The predatory parasitic ways of thinking in the city are inspired by the conditions of a mouse utopia. The city takes your power and subjugates you to it through covet means; it is easy for all of us to become lost amongst its desires, distractions, and greed. Strength, and power from it, can only be found in truth, not money, as the city degrades its inhabitants into believing. There is absolutely no truth to the claims of the warmongers of NATO's massive military industrial complex, or the rootless cosmopolitan media who has helped cause every single war since 1898. The irony is that Russia is the most successfully multiethnic integrated nation on Earth unless one counts the small city state of Singapore. The very world the western apparatchiks pretend to want already exists, the rub is they need to destroy it otherwise they will never be able to derive power from the social controls their divisive neoliberal rhetoric generates. The time if fast approaching where if the rootless cosmopolitan does not submit to reconditioning then the people they spew slurs like racist, fascist, and sexist at are going to start slaughtering them for their own safety in a world war unlike one ever seen, because simultaneous insurgencies and civil wars will erupt in every western nation that attempts to oppose logic, truth, and the dignity of all humanity. If you wish to die by all means keep supporting actual Ukrainian fascists like some braindead NPC zombie in search of a dopamine fix. Our patience has it limits just like Russia's. The enemy of America is not Russia or China but its own bicoastal culture of parasitic affluence and pleasure seeking at the expense of human dignity. Our globalist cosmopolitan overlords are the worst enemies America or any other nation ever had. A bunch of arrogant rootless cosmopolitan scum that do not see themselves as citizens of any nation, owing their allegiance entirely to global capital instead. Every nation in the world has its own form of rootless cosmopolitan elite and the next world war will not be among us, the common people, but against them instead. It is time for the west to experience the throws of its own color revolution. Our time is now.
(1.14 MB 2418x3022 1646498810347.jpg)

>>14528 - Declaration of the Purple Revolution
(884.25 KB 1902x1337 Purple-Revolt.png)

pic related Purple anon is back
I like our autistic canadian. He's maybe mad. But his hearts in the right place. God knows I'm not reading all of that though.

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