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(29.03 KB 2000x1333 6584545.png)
Fascist Wholesale Collection Anonymous 10/21/2020 (Wed) 05:28:08 Id:615d28 No. 1878
can some one reupload fascist wholesale collection as the magnet link on the board not working anymore
>>1878 The Jews are claiming the torrent contains porn from Rodney Moore, so they subpoenaed the ISPs to sue the uploaders and filed DCMA copyright notices with anyone that links the magnet, except not here maybe, but at most torrent sites, but it could all be a bogus claim backed by lying lawyers and judges, who likely think they are doing the world a service being Jew heroes. Such are the Jews, totally convinced of their own bullshit.
>>1880 At least, some of them really believe they are "just stopping the Nazis from rising again and committing another shoah" by preventing anyone from denying the Holocaust, but it only makes them deserve the shoah to thus lie and lie.

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