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(60.12 KB 612x407 1602502805000.jpg)
Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 10:50:07 Id:6f674a No. 1883
I'm currently trying to redpill some people about kikes. What's the easiest way to go about this without being screamed at for being a nazi?
(4.00 MB 810x480 Israeli Shill Bot Leak.mp4)
Depends entirely on the situation, what type of person are you trying to convince?
>>1883 There was a thread on neinchan, about kikes telling what they think about the goyim, but the kike mods deleted it.
>>1883 Talk about circumcision and palestine.
(9.75 KB 440x99 hidden enemy.jpg)
(606.20 KB 661x437 pic1.png)
(601.89 KB 635x436 pic2.png)
>>1883 There are plenty of people who are just goyim, and cannot be redpilled because they don't think for themselves. They know very well that the Jews are a problem, but won't oppose them because they automatically support whoever appears to have power. The way to reach these "people" is to show them that the herd is on our side. And that's easy, because it was always on our side, it's just that until now only the Jews had cameras. Show them crowds of "people" just like them who have something the Jews can't provide, like disposable income, a safe neighborhood, a stable marriage, health, etc. Most women fall into this category. For people who do think for themselves, here's a few strategies. 1. Just fucking look at them When you see a shoplifter, sex offender, white-collar criminal, castrating bitch, gibberish spewing "intellectual", kid that vomits or shits himself out of spite, stoolpigeon, commie saboteur, genetic disaster, or incel, just mention off-hand that he/she is a Jew. This is tricky, because it can make you appear to have an unhealthy interest in who is and isn't Jewish just like them LOL. One strategy is to mention something explicitly Jewish about your subject. "He got Bar Mitzvahed at Masada." "He was at his son's bris." "He grew up in Kiryas Joel." The goy will furtively look it up on Wikipedia later and think it was his own idea. 2.#DraftOurDaughters AKA the Quentin Tarantino approach. Pretend to support the Jews to such an absurd extreme that any healthy person will be repulsed. "We don't need free speech if it means we have to hear anti-semitic comments." "A God-fearing Jew wouldn't have sex with a 12-year-old if he didn't respect her." "Israel deserves to kill Palestinians because they have no homeland of their own." "You know who else was an environmentalist? HITLER!!" 3. You don't own nuthin' goy It doesn't matter what you enjoy, Jews have ruined it. If someone likes art, show them shitty Jewish modern art. If someone likes sports, show them promoters and superagents who ruin the game with their hustling. If they like science, show them who's behind transgender propaganda and Lysenkoism.
>>1883 make them read the talmud, the zion protocols, martin luther and blood passover
>>1883 bring up all the inconsistencies around the holocaust. easily one of the biggest lies that most people are familiar with. convince them of that, then slowly make them realize they made the biggest lie that enabled them to force out the Palestinians in the Middle East that has caused all the current day conflicts. Introduce them to Zionism and "Against Our Better Judgment" where they sneakily arranged the balfour arrangement. Basically, many of the world's evils can be traced to duplicitous kikes. You have to open the door to that conversation by exposing them as lying about one of their most sacred, 'incontrovertible' lies.
(187.86 KB 2253x1332 1 3 rape.png)
(4.05 MB 2218x1679 90percentrape.png)
(2.23 MB 2255x1749 assembly line rape.png)
>>1883 Rape
(140.71 KB 725x566 Jesus wtf.jpg)
>>1883 It depends on who you are trying to redpill. For people who are already somewhat redpilled about SJWs, Critical Theory, or even economic Marxism, I've found that connecting these ideas with their Jewish roots (Frankfurt School, overwhelming Jewish representation in the Bolshevik revolution) works pretty effectively. You can then connect this to the Protocols or the International Jew to drive the point home that the Jewish agenda is to control all nations under a single regime. I've also redpilled Bible-thumpers on the JQ, and you can start that by arguing that the Jews aren't God's chosen. Even better is that the proof is in the Bible itself, from the Book of Genesis: >The word semite comes from people descended from Shem, Noah's son. >Noah had a son named Eber, who is the father of the Hebrew people. >Eber eventually gives birth to Abraham who is a Hebrew, not a Jew. >Genesis 14:13 refers to him as "Abram the Hebrew". >Bible says that God promised him to be the "Father of Many Nations"; not one single Jewish nation, but many. >Genesis 12:3 "and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed". >Abraham passes on the blessing to his youngest son Isaac. Isaac has twin sons and passes on the blessing to Jacob, who is later renamed to Israel. >Israel would then have 12 sons: Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Dan, Naphtali, Asher, Gad, Benjamin, Judah, and Joseph, each of whom would found their own tribe and become their own nations. >The son Judah is the father of the Jewish people, and all Jews are be related to him. >Even though all Jews are Israelites, the majority of Israelites are not Jews. >For Judah and the Jews to be God's Chosen, Jacob/Israel would have to pass on the Abrahamic blessing to Judah >But that doesn't happen; the blessing is passed onto Joseph instead. >The rest of the brothers are jealous and conspire to kill Joseph. It is Judah who comes up with the idea of selling Joseph into slavery for silver, in a bizarre foreshadowing of Judas selling Christ to the Jews. >Judah, the Father of the Jews, is depicted as the jealous son, whereas Joseph is God's Chosen. >Joseph has two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, who are adopted by Israel to make "13 tribes of Israel" and the Abrahamic Blessing is passed onto the both of them. In summary, Jews are Israelites and they are Hebrews, but they do not have God's blessing, as they later form the Kingdom of Judea whereas Joseph's offspring formed the Kingdom of Israel (not the same Israel as today). You can then follow this up with some of the anti-Jewish things Christ says in the Gospel of John regarding how Jews worship Satan because they do not accept Him.
>>4204 >Bible-thumpers The fact that you would use normalfag terminology like that instead of say christcuck indicates pretty clearly that you're one of the people who came here from twitter after Mark's shilling there. It also suggests that you're at least 30 years old.
>>4208 It's because I'm a Christian and think, like other institutions of the West in the 20th century, that it's been subverted to destroy white people. I'm still of the opinion that not all of Christianity is cucked. You're almost right about age, not right about where/when I came here.
>>4208 >divide yourselves and be conquered, goyim! no thanks
(26.67 MB 1440x1080 OyVey.mp4)
(2.63 MB 1072x1690 grateful.png)

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