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Where lolis are free speech and Hitler did nothing wrong

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(4.12 MB 5000x5000 4l7hwnfcz7z41.jpg)

Daily remainder imagine boards are wrong and evil Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 13:16:08 Id: 1ecab1 No. 223
We all should go peace loving reddit.
>>223 I need to go look up a bible quote about showing the truth and it getting denied, I'm sure there's some zingers there.
>>227 Test
(7.88 MB 720x480 Charisma.webm)

>>227 Ironic as many people just use the Bible as a dictionary of convenient quotations instead of intellectually and spiritually engaging with it. As for the redditors commenting in the image, I swear they are the kind of abomination that fantasises about doing what Beria did. Unconcerned with ideology and instead wanting little more than a pretext to satiate their degenerate desires.
>>255 >intellectually and spiritually engaging with it. it was a book created by kike cultists. it is devoid of anything worthwhile or fulfilling
>>255 >As for the redditors commenting in the image, I swear they are the kind of abomination that fantasises about doing what Beria did. Unconcerned with ideology and instead wanting little more than a pretext to satiate their degenerate desires. They are just hot air. If their kind revolution would happen. They would just bitch and moan, finaly they would be executed as enemy's of revolution.
>>223 When one posts in an asylum one gets insane feedback. I'm surprised one of them didn't try to claim grandad was really a black tranny while they were at it.
>>223 This exact same shit happens when someone mentions their grampa left Cuba when Castro started winning. "What are you, an international rum making corporation? LOLOLOL"
>>227 >muh Bible
>>227 Oh no, the jew worshipers are here.
>>301 At least there is argument whit Cuba. But in picture there isnt argument just ignorance, stupidity and power fantasy. That's how deep regressive left has fallen and media and silicon valley keep giving them room. They are like invasive plant, slowly killing native and more beautiful plants.
>>307 shit meme, the progression is ass like some retard messed with it
(86.46 KB 598x449 1546451721319.jpg)

>>223 oy vey !
>>1074 Yeah, he converted to christ insanity and became an NPC. It is a SHIT MEME, just like your gay kike religion, fag.
>imagine boards that band fucking sucks
It would be nice if the message /pol/ took from this were "murderous smugness always makes you look like an evil idiot to everyone but your circlejerk".
>all this bitching over christcucks No fucking wonder we never get anywhere, you're more butthurt than kikes over christianity.
(524.62 KB 1280x1140 everything_tastes_better.png)

>>1077 goyim know
>>1375 Every single one is Varg on a VPN t.Alberto Barbosa
Since this thread has very little to actually go on. I'll go over the biggest weakness of any person. Temptation, Here's the thing, in the past. This was shunned. Following through with your temptations shows a weakness of character. It's the cause of everything in the modern world. People are taught that their inner desires are natural and that following through with them is perfectly fine, Even when they know that it's not the case. It's why things like faggotry is practiced despite it having no benefits and more consequences. Normally when these types of acts are commited there are consequences to them. I.e When A women mates with a nigger she will have his genes in her for the rest of her life not to mention the potential death she could have due to it's erratic behaviour. Not even including the problems the potential child would have like diseases. Furthermore she is outright contributing to the decline of her brethren and in a sense betraying them. Basically Reddit is filled with these types of people. There's only one word to describe what these people are, WEAK.
>>1386 People are not taught to follow through with their natural inclinations you absolute tool, lmao.
>>1417 Bingo. >Zero tolerance bullying (ie can't defend yourself like your genes demand) >zero tolerance domestic "abuse" (ie restraining your woman if she's acting crazy and assaulting you) >no longer allowed to have consensual sex while drunk (humans have been having drunk sex for millenia) >not allowed to tell someone who disgusts you to gtfo your store And lets not forget >not allowed to like prime age females, only psychotic roasties
>>1417 >tool >lmao You have to go back.
>>223 you forget that 99.99% of reddit is just jews and bots i'm dead serious, most of these faggots are from jew york or tel-aviv proof: https://files.catbox.moe/g4ka8b.webm ever since the jews murdered Aaron Schwartz (a jew who actually stood for free speech) the platform has went to shit, no doubt it's just another Mossad op now, similar to facebook (which is also operating out of Tel-aviv)
>>1420 I'll go where ever I please.
>>1427 >that address lmao
>>1427 >unless its pictures i dont like, then censorship is ok t. /pol/ cucks
>>1454 The purpose of censorship is to suppress harmful ideas; the only time people disagree on it is when it comes to deciding which ideas are harmful. Unlimited freedom of speech is only a good idea to people who have not yet realized how easily the average person can be manipulated. Reddit is a leftist hivemind whether or not it's mostly bots and jews, because it's owned by a CCP tributary and will therefore ban any right wing community on the platform. >>260 Even if their leaders wanted them for more than fodder, there aren't enough administrative positions for half of them.
>>310 Faggot larpagan
>>260 Or they'd be the kind of people gladly snitching on their neighbors and gleefully watching from the window as the black car takes them away, only to hide under the floorboards like vermin when the inevitable reprisal comes.
>>1458 No, censorship is to protect the people who have power to censor. Go and practise your hasbara somewhere else Shlmo
>>223 Being violent ans intolerant is being good. The inferior and weak must never be allowed to live.

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