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"The Feds can force vaccinations", says Alan Dershowitz Anonymous 05/19/2020 (Tue) 01:17:32 Id:30ea20 No. 259
https://invidio.us/watch?v=bLbp2uw5sZQ http://archive.vn/eIQlS So, America's "top" law professor at Harvard University and worked the defense team during Trump's impeachment hearing just came out and said that the government can force vaccinations upon the public DESPITE that being nowhere in the Constitution.
>>259 I would be amazed if any country forces vaccine in next ten years. They are in such hurry to make it. No telling how good it will be and if there is side effect. Imagine if there were some bad side effect and goverment forced it. That would be total shitshow and would kill any vaccine programs.
>>259 the courts will decide, likely in kangaroo fashion and in violation of constitutional protections. I wouldn't be surprised if the supreme court left the choice up to individual states, but only time will tell and all we can do is speculate. as far as this filthy jew is concerned, he is another example of kikes being arrogant and slyly talking shit. they are overplaying their hand, let them wake more people up. they are doing our job for us.
(17.63 KB 369x365 jewquation.jpg)
Vaccinations still cost money. That means the government won't do shit, probably
(521.72 KB 1146x613 prager.PNG)
>>282 just because jew media claims this guy is an "expert" does not make it so. this jew is nothing more than a shill. so is tucker carlson, who is a member of (((PragerU)))
>>283 Paying for new equipment and paying wages for police officers also costs money, yet the government still does it.
(51.98 KB 600x446 iveSeenThisBefore.jpg)
>>287 You can control people with equipment and police. I don't know how you can do it with vaccines besides use them as a distraction during political gaffs.
>>288 You would still have police, just not as many and not armed to the teeth. The point I was making is not to do with how police are necessary/unnecessary, the point is that simply saying "b-but they cost money" is not a foolproof explanation. In fact, it has glaring flaws as shown by the fact that you weren't certain about it either.
>crusty old kike wants forced vaccinations That's not happening unless they cook up a worse virus. The public is done with the lockdown bullshit and even the mask requirements to a lesser degree. The only reason we have the current death toll is because of stupid policy decisions (like seeding infected into nursing homes).
>>305 >The public is done with the lockdown bullshit You have no idea: https://archive.fo/X6Psp What the Coronavirus Revealed About Life in Red vs. Blue States >[The Coronavirus] has been disproportionately felt in blue America, which helps explain why people on opposing sides of a partisan divide that has intensified in the past two decades are thinking about the virus differently. It is not just that Democrats and Republicans disagree on how to reopen businesses, schools, and the country as a whole. Beyond perception, beyond ideology, there are starkly different realities for red and blue America right now. >If seeing is believing, the infection has simply come to some areas of the country on a far different scale than others. As of Friday, Alabama had experienced 11 deaths per 100,000 residents and New Jersey had lost 122 per 100,000. Both states have had a huge spike in unemployment claims. >Several companies have studied social distancing metrics based on anonymized cellphone location data, including the mobility research firms Unacast and Descartes Labs. While the companies do not break down findings by political parties, the underlying data they collect shows less social distancing in counties that supported Mr. Trump than in those that supported Hillary Clinton. >Rural and exurban county residents, who tend to favor Republicans, do have to travel more for essential services and are less likely to have jobs that allow for working from home. Yet even in more densely populated suburban areas, there was less evidence of social distancing in counties that voted for Mr. Trump. >Matthew Gentzkow, a Stanford University economist who is leading a group of researchers tracking partisanship in the virus response, said his team initially thought that a health crisis would minimize differences — assuming that people who disagree over taxes or guns would agree about a pandemic. But instead they found that Republicans were more skeptical about the effectiveness of social distancing than Democrats and have been traveling more outside their homes. >“We initially saw partisanship and thought maybe by the time we looked at the data it would be gone,” Dr. Gentzkow said. “But it turns out that no, this is pretty serious and what we see is that the gap got bigger and bigger. These are real belief differences that should have us really concerned.” >In Hardin County in southeast Texas, where the population is about 57,000, there have been just 125 cases and five deaths. Kent Batman, 60, the county Republican chairman, who has spent his life in the region, said he had heard of only two fatalities, both of which he dismissed as anomalies. >To Mr. Batman, like many other Republicans in East Texas, the health crisis has felt far away, like a big city plague. “We’re not New Orleans, we’re just not like that,” he said. >Interviews with dozens of Republicans in southeast Texas and other parts of the country over the past month found a pervasive it’s-not-coming-for-my-neighborhood attitude, with many seeing themselves as a world apart from the regions that have been overwhelmed by the virus. They are enthusiastic backers of rolling back restrictions not just as a way to spur the economy, but also based on the belief that individuals should make their own decisions about risk. They dismiss factual reports from the news media as exaggerated and trying to incite panic, because the reports don’t align with their own experience. >Toward the end of March, Judy Nichols, 60, began monitoring charts daily to see how many people near her had the virus. She lives in Jefferson County, not far from Beaumont, and serves as the chair of the county Republican Party. After two weeks, she stopped keeping tabs on the numbers as her worry subsided. >Over the past several weeks, Ms. Nichols said, she has felt like the winner of a product lottery. She owns several Papa John’s pizza franchises, and business has increased by nearly 80 percent — pizza in a time of anxiety seems to be one thing many people can agree on. But nearly everyone she knows is struggling to pay the bills. >On the other side of the partisan divide in Texas, Lina Hidalgo, a Democrat and the top elected official in Harris County, which includes Houston, put in place stay-at-home orders before the governor did in March. Last week, she extended her “stay home, work safe” guidelines until June 10. >She is concerned about the economic impact. She just doesn’t see a safe alternative. “When you have a political system, there are going to be attacks,” she said. “But let’s debate the politics when this is over.” >Rashell Collins Bridle, a 42-year-old mother of five who also lives in Nederland and makes her living selling items on eBay, said a minister she knew had died after contracting the virus. Even so, she said she and her friends were more focused on freedom than on health. >“I guess other people expect us to set our futures on fire to keep their fear warm,” she said. “I think that’s incredibly selfish — if you’re that fearful, then just stay home.” >On the first weekend that Texas lifted the stay-at-home orders, Ms. Bridle took her family to a state park on the Gulf of Mexico. She said American flags were flying from many cars and trucks on the road “as if it were the Fourth of July.” >She said that if schools open with hefty restrictions on recess or how far desks must be spaced together, she will instead place her daughter in a Christian home school co-op. >And if there is another stay-at-home order this year? >“We probably won’t stand for that again,” she said. “I myself won’t comply. I will never comply with anything else like this ever. ”
>>259 That's why burgers need to make use of their 2nd amendment ASAP.
>>306 >republican civilians and officials didn't give a shit or stopped giving a shit very quickly, didn't suffer many deaths >democrat civilians and officials panicked immediately and isolated themselves, simultaneously went stir-crazy from isolation AND died more than red countries, practically partying when they were allowed out of the house I'm a bit surprised. Did socializing make people more resistant to corona-chan or what?
(49.89 KB 634x381 6543635.jpg)
>>306 >They dismiss factual reports from the news media as exaggerated and trying to incite panic, because the reports don’t align with their own experience. I'll stop reading here. Another low-effort generalization
>>261 Idk Anon all it would take is for the entire lying press to ignore it or deny it, and all of the social media to silence everyone who talks about it (they have already been doing this with the flu). Even if they don't kick down doors and hold people down to inject them, they could just get all the corporations to deny service without a "covid pass" implant. Imagine if they banned cash due to "concerns" and you could no longer buy or sell anything without a microchip in your hand.
>>337 Social isolation is terrible for your health.
jew cunt
>>282 I would like a well reasoned viewpoint from another angle asserting that it isn't constitutional, but the guy's reasoning of his own opinion and how things are going to work with the supreme court towards the end is pretty good.
I came across the webring to post "epstein" in this thread and depart, no (you)s are necessary or will be regarded.
>>261 Delusional. Gardasil (the HPV vaccine) was proven to cause cancer and if you go ask around I'm sure only like 0.1% of the population knows about it. If it's not on the MSM then it didn't happen.
(52.66 KB 497x732 1242623753566755647768.jpeg)
(189.38 KB 800x1137 spahn.jpg)
>>259 It already happened in Germany. Measles vaccination became mandatory in Germany just this March. All kids who enter school have to have a proof of vaccination and school is compulsory in Germany. This was pushed by the same gay Jewish Health Minister who is now pushing all the corona scam shit. The pretense for the measles vaccination was based on a one or a handful of new cases as far as I remember and none of them being fatal. If that's enough to force vaccination they'll definitely use a "deadly pandemic that destroyed our whole economy" as a pretense to push for a corona vaccine. They actually have to or they'll have to admit it was not something that was actually that dangerous.
>>2160 meant for >>261
>>2160 The Synagogue of Satan moves ever closer to their end game nya~
>>337 >I'm a bit surprised. Did socializing make people more resistant to corona-chan or what? Corona doesn't even exist. The virus has never been isolated and only exists in fiction.
>>2203 Come on anon. That's like saying, you can't have a cold.
>>2160 Just look at that faggot kike's face. Totally demonic in every sense of the word. The blank, empty stare, the inbred creeper smile and hideous hook nose. It's a fucking devil in humanoid form.
>>337 >AND died more than red countries red Counties. Easy mistake to make but it's a world of difference.
Alan can say whatever he wants, he won't stop being a nigger

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