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(85.19 KB 857x482 0001.jpg)

(75.68 KB 640x384 0002.jpg)

With School Trips to Poland Canceled, Could the Coronavirus Affect the Memory of the Holocaust? Anonymous 04/30/2020 (Thu) 14:24:33 Id: 304ebd No. 37
NO KIKE AUSCHWITZ TOURS TO SEE GRANDPA LAMPSHADE > Israel's Education Ministry canceled Holocaust commemoration trips to Poland for high-school students due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some worry that the memory of the Shoah could become blurred > Even before Israel closed its borders to international flights in March because of the coronavirius crisis, the Education Ministry announced that it was canceling Holocaust commemoration trips to Poland by high-school students this spring. Its announcement was in late February, when it still seemed possible the trips might be reinstated after Passover. Now the ministry has canceled the summer delegations too, until September for the time being. > It remains unclear when the trips might resume. Even when they do, the number of families able to foot the bill for the children to travel (it isn’t covered by the state) is liable to drop precipitously because of the anticipated recession. Also, the Education Ministry itself will likely have its budget slashed. > In 2018, about 40,000 Israeli pupils flew to Poland for the commemoration trip, up sharply from 18,000 a decade earlier. One reason is because air fares were significantly lower: about 5,000 shekels ($1,400) per pupil; also, the ministry subsidized students in need. > The ministry says that about half the students in both secular and religious high schools go each year. “In other words, the trips to Poland have become mainstream, and are almost mandatory for Jewish Zionist students, not only from Kfar Sava and Tel Aviv (relatively wealthy cities) but from all of Israeli society,” says Uri Meiselman, a musician, tour guide for Poland and a member of the Dror Israel educational movement. > The trips to Poland have become a key method to commemorate the Holocaust among the young. Substituting them with some other activity requires thought, preparation, and mainly, budgets. > The families finance the trips. The cost to them covers preparations before the trip: lectures, frontal teaching and visits to the Yad Vashem Holocaust History Museum. Schools from economically stressed areas won’t foot the bill to take the children for a trip inside Israel to mark the Holocaust: “The government has to decide to pay for that,” says Hagai Gross, director of the Education Ministry Society and Youth Administration, who is in charge of the trips to Poland. Yet regarding a potential domestic Israeli substitute for the trip to Poland, Gross admits frankly: “We aren’t there yet.” > Ministry officials hope that the commemoration trips will be reinstated after the summer, and suggests that delegations that missed trips in spring and summer go this fall instead, assuming it’s possible. Source: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-could-the-coronavirus-affect-the-memory-of-the-holocaust-1.8802865 Archive: http://archive.ph/cpwpo
(310.24 KB 700x900 1450941051478.jpg)

Anon, one year of not going to see the "ovens" is not going to affect that much. The only thing it'll affect is Poland not getting those sweet shekels. If anything they'll make up for it next year. It is interesting to see the numbers for this though. I had no idea 40k kikes flew to Poland for this. That really is a lot of tourism money for Poland. Makes you think if they play up the lies to get more to come out there.
(75.70 KB 720x322 1574507931264.jpg)

>>38 >makes you think have you really not figured out that the whole of the lolocaust is a moneygrab? please lurk for 6 gorrillion years before your next post
(1.45 MB 1241x2075 Hologram survivors.png)

They will find a way to keep it alive. >>38 Israel regularly sends school trips to Auschwitz, although I certainly wouldn't doubt that a lot of jews are simply using that as a cover story to enter the country. I mean, after all, what kind of monsters would the Poles be for refusing to let them visit good old gramps on his 60th birthday?
>>44 Imagine that projected onto a lampshade
Think of all those unused masturbation machines.
>>44 >he was in a death camp goyim >and then they death marched him >to another DEATH camp, goy >he's alive Fuck, I hate these vile creatures.
>>153 Yeah but you're forgetting the six gorillian that died along the way. I thought that was funny, by the way, what you said.
(231.25 KB 459x1000 get_the_delousing_chamber.png)

>>37 I dunno, my mandatory high-school trip to Lolschwitz was what opened my eyes for the first time. The dispassionate polack giving the tour along with the nonsense he spewed and how absolutely tiny it was, was what made me realize that none of it could have happened. Of particular note was the tour of the medical facilities for the inmates and their stories. Anybody with half a brain visiting Auschwitz must become red-pilled to the holohoax, since you can see with your very own eyes what the place looked like. Also, the Poles have kept Auschwitz in an appropriate state of absolute disrepair. The whole place feels like a bad, decrepit theme park. But then again, bulldozing all the "death camps" would definitely help forgetting all about this big old jewish lie.

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