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(14.30 KB 236x303 intel.jpg)

Anonymous 11/08/2020 (Sun) 05:49:30 Id: 000000 No. 4166
Gonna rant for a little bit, but first things first. Or "Bottom Line Up Front" (BLUF). I am a 35F NCO for the US Army, an All-Source Intelligence Analyst. A job title that makes me sound cooler than I actually am. If you want proof, "Toujours avant, forever more" is all you are getting. If you know, you know; if you don't, I don't fucking care. I only say what I am; because I am admitting, yes, I am a glowfag. Yes, my posts will glow. So don't post anything that you are uncomfortable with. However, I am a glowfag that works for a living; meaning I know which end of a gun the bullets come out of, and more importantly, I am on your side. (As an aside, fuck you CIA faggots, I've read every report you've sent my unit when we were deployed, and they all had so many basic errors or were not of any intelligence value at all. Why do we even keep you around?) Now for the preaching bit: There are 4 boxes that every American should take part in that give every American a voice to be heard with; the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Cartridge Box. These boxes are what ensure the freedom of every man, woman, and child in America as long as they are maintained. But sadly, these boxes have come under assault by leftist scum for decades now, but they are about to cross the final line that remains before peaceful resolution is no longer possible. Do not go running off now, gun in hand, to kill Democrats (hereafter referred to as "enemy forces" or "enemy" interchangeably). I said the enemy was ABOUT to cross the final line, not that they have crossed it yet. I was the same way; but sit and read, and most of all THINK for a while.
(24.02 KB 590x350 ballot box.jpg)

(64.57 KB 1024x492 jury-box.jpg)

(267.28 KB 845x568 soap-box.jpg)

(233.18 KB 1280x853 man with ak.jpg)

>>4166 First; the enemy both monopolized and censored the soap box, with un-american companies like twitter, facebook, and google banning individuals from voicing their opinions like is their right as American citizens. They are the only places that largely can be gone to in order to add your voice to the great American Experiment; which is the reason why many of you come here instead, I imagine, to this America of the Interwebs. But to even have to come here when the enemy has ripped out your tongue elsewhere is an evil act that the enemy has performed. This is the first box destroyed. This past week, the enemy stole the Ballot Box from us through naked fraud. They stole the voice of every American with this most heinous of acts. They stole the ability of every American to determine who they would like to be President and adjudicate their own opinion into the matter. The enemy is brazen that they have destroyed the sanctity of the ballot box. Even here on 4chan, you are likely to find many of the enemy’s forces publicly celebrating the fact that they are little more than a den of thieves. This was a grave mistake that the enemy has made. I will be damned if the enemy can brag about stealing my voice away from me! It made me furious enough to want to immediately paint the walls with their splattered brains, and there may still come a time within a few months where I get to do just that. But my fury has sharpened over the past couple of days, from the red-hot desire to engage in crass barbarism to the white-hot sort of calm fury where one sits and begins to *plan* like I have on how best to exact revenge on the enemy. My anger has become more refined, as yours must be as well. This is the second box the enemy has destroyed. The Third Box, and the last peaceful one, is the Jury Box. We will see this begin on Monday. I do have hopes that we will prevail here, all the evidence is on our side after all. However, with two boxes already destroyed, we would be silly to not be planning on how to best use the Fourth Box -the Cartridge Box- on the enemy’s forces in case the enemy has corrupted the third box into their favor as well and will allow that *usurper* step even one foot into an Oval Office that he did not even earn. The Third Box, therefore, may still be here. But we must plan in case it is destroyed by the enemy as well. The Fourth Box. The Final Box. The Box for The End. The Cartridge Box. As this is America, at least for now, the Cartridge Box runs both DEEP and WIDE. We must only open it when or if the Jury Box is destroyed. Because when that box is destroyed, America, as a nation, no longer exist and there is no such thing as a law governing the land anymore, just a dictatorial strongman ruling over a slave nation with a mailed fist. (Of course, calling Biden a “strongman” is a bit of dark hilarity on itself. Especially since he is at that age, and dementia level, where he likely pisses on himself.)
(246.49 KB 1175x620 general sherman fire.jpg)

>>4168 To any of the enemy’s forces reading this, you should have paid heed to JFK’s words of wisdom, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” You have been destroying method after method of engaging in peaceful discourse with sadistic glee, so we are about to engage in the only method of speech that is left to us and that is impossible for you to censor, subvert, or argue with, and that is the bark of a rifle shot. You have forgotten that all politics is restrained violence, and you have spent decades on eroding those restraints on that violence. When the war comes, it will be by your hand, and there will be nothing “civil” about it. You have sown this storm, so you will reap the whirlwind that is the unfettered American Fury. The same fury that unleashed new forms of science all to cook two Japanese cities and burn them to naught but cinder and ash. You have no chance of surviving this. If the usurper even DARES to take a seat at The Resolute Desk that he has not paid his dues for, you will die begging for a mercy that no longer exists. Because you are no longer Americans, you are a enemy that has sullied our American soil with your filthy kind. We all, of course, must be ready to use the Cartridge Box on those who used to be called “countrymen,” though they will not have any moral outrages on attempting to use it on us, as inhumane as they are. They have already begun to plan on liquidating us like the kulaks. But we must be intelligent in our utilization of this box. Attempting to run-and-gun like we are Rambo will not win very many victories… at least at first. So let us then begin by examining the enemy: The enemy is both a factitious and fractious lot of many sub-groups and cultures that are barely unified under one umbrella. An umbrella that is already weak and deteriorating, if the BLM rioters attacking Biden supporters in California right now is any indication. The enemy is centered largely in urban areas that must be constantly fed foodstuffs, water, and electricity from outside sources or else millions of the enemy’s forces die. The enemy is outgunned. We know this is true, because they keep trying to outlaw them, and one does not generally own that which one thinks should be made illegal. This is not to say that none of them own any form of weaponry, but for every 1 rifle they have, we likely have 100, and several NFA items like machine guns, and working WW2 anti-tank guns, and grenades, and we actually know how to use them. The enemy is outnumbered. We know this is true, because if they were not outnumbered, they would have no need to have destroyed the Ballot Box. The enemy largely relies on Internet communications to spread their messages. We know this is true, because they had to destroy the Soap Boxes of the Internet in order to spread their messages of anti-American thought without having to argue with dissenters. The enemy relies on foreign labor to maintain their luxuriant lifestyles; both foreigners they bring in and then underpay domestically as well as slave labor producing good in foreign lands. The enemy is thus the Neo-Confederacy and the party of slavery still. That has remained unchanged since the 1860’s. They just moved their slave plantations to other continents and called it “globalism.” Ironic then, that the Neo-Confederacy includes no Southern States.
>>4169 I’m sure one can find other indicators of the enemy, that was just a brief overview, but it does reveal their weaknesses that can be exploited after you make your own plans like I have done. But now is not the time to carry out those plans, we still have the Jury Box to go through first, and it is the last box that peace can still be had. However, one should now start making their final preparations for combat now. In fact, this China Virus is probably a hidden boon to us, as masks are required everywhere, so no one can see ones face to pick one up out of a lineup. Just make it an anonymous mask like a surgical one, don’t make the mask itself be identifiable. Also, if one’s plans are to run and gun to become a shooter at an enemy office building, while that tactic will destroy a lot of the enemy and frighten them, it will take away their fractious nature and unify them. We do not want them to strengthen their weak areas, we need to exploit those. So here is my idea; if it comes down to it, conduct a guerrilla campaign with the overarching goal of sabatoge with the aims of getting the various factions of the enemy to fight each other over scarce resources. And the best part is, everything I am suggesting can be bought with cash over the counter or with goods one likely already owns. One can engage in this with either a team of handpicked selection or by lone wolf. Lone wolf is better because one is impossible to predict. Most intelligence is looking for the chatter of plans or money transfer in between people in order to predict the who, what, when, where, and how. Lone wolves obviously do not have that chatter that can be listened in on, but then one would give up on the security of a group. It is a compromise that one must decide on.
>>4170 The main weaknesses of the enemy to exploit in this manner are the lines of logistics and infrastructure that feed their urban centers, their lines and methods of communication, and their lines of movement. Basically to pin the enemy in place and isolate them from both supply and communication. This is called Preparation of the Battlefield. Hopefully, none of this will have to be done. However, if that usurper is inaugurated; Game on, motherfucker, game on. So now on to the things that one should be doing right now, while things still have a chance of peacefully ending. Get either a street map or a topographical map of the closest blue city to one’s self. Paper only, electronic can be tracked if one does it wrong. One can buy an atlas of one’s state off of Amazon, or get a map handout at the city’s visitor center or as a travel brochure at nearby hotel that they give out to visitors. Then either drive around one’s enemy city of choice, or just use Google maps, to mark lines of infrastructure and notable landmarks like major power lines, water junctions, gas mains, cell phone towers, chokepoints like a single-lane overpass that leads from one highway to another, railway switches, etc… Most will be unguarded, and most will also be unsurveiled. One can also be buying supplies now, like aluminum and iron oxide powder with magnesium strips to make thermite, and not be identified, since again, one is wearing a mask for covid.
(701.62 KB 2500x1148 junction box..jpg)

(263.33 KB 1300x932 overpass.jpg)

(1.51 MB 1500x1320 transformer.jpg)

>>4171 As for what one can do when/if it comes time to make war in a constructive manner before having to reach for the gun, you can strike those targets that you are identifying now while there is still peace: A ziploc baggie of thermite can destroy those ubiquitous junction boxes like pic related of power lines and cable switch boards one sees everywhere in urban areas while also melting away any physical evidence one might leave behind. Straining grids and costing the enemy funds and materiel to replace. One can also use the same technique on things like fire hydrants, or if one is feeling particularly brave, natural gas mains. The great thing is, such things are usually right next to the road so one can have easy access and easy escape once the deed is done and inflict a blow to the enemy anonymously. One person doing this can cause a lot of damages, many people may shut down the electrical grid of an entire city doing this. This will starve the enemy of electricity and areas where they can access the Internet. Making them isolated from one another. One can make caltrops out of two bent roofing nails soldered, welded, or even glued together, and then drive down an enemy main highway or other main supply route and simply dump a bucket of them out onto the road behind one’s vehicle or to the lane on either side, flattening tires and causing massive traffic jams. This will cause the just-in-time logistics models of things like grocery stores, gas stations, and hospitals to be interrupted causing shortages. Once will not be enough to cause permanent damage, but multiple times a day over the course of many days at many different points like the chokepoints of pic related will eventually cause acute shortages and cause the factions under the enemy’s umbrella to fight each other over the scarce supplies driving them even scarcer through hoarding and wastage just like what happened with toilet paper earlier this year. A third tactic can be done with a firearm, I am sure pleasing many of you gun nuts. The good news is, this tactic can even be conducted with a flintlock musket, which will likely be legal in all 50 states even with the most draconian of tyrannical laws. I am sure the older among you may remember the still unsolved sniper attack on a Californian electrical sub-station with either an AK or SKS rifle. >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metcalf_sniper_attack This tactic is based off of that, where one could shoot at unguarded subsystems or transformers like pic related. It would almost be better to use a muzzleloader when doing this, as one would not have to worry about brass leaving a fingerprint for someone to find. Again, one person will not cause much damage to the grid. But infinite monkeys with infinite typewriters…
>>4172 Of course, they will know that we are the ones causing this; but the goal is to be ephemeral targets, without organization or even structure, unable to be grasped to be attacked, and so the enemy will only be able to attack each other. “More like an idea,” in a way. Of course, some of us are in these cities, like me, but I am willing to sit around without power or lose a few pounds, as long as it hurts the enemy. There are other tactics that I am sure you can think of; like mounting spark-gap transmitters to high places to act as radio jammers over large areas. Bending fiber optic lines until they snap. Using a drone to hold up a mylar blanket to make a large radar return and deny airspace to airports temporarily. But that is not the point. The point is to make conditions so that the enemy breaks and fights among themselves before they can even engage us. The point is to make them weak and suspicious of each other before the guns even go off. The point is to deny their logistics, deny their ability to shoot, move, and communicate, and deny them an enemy to fight. The point is to get so inside their OODA loop that there is no way for the enemy to recover. Do not post here of your plans now, just make them, prepare for them, and watch the enemy like a hawk. Ponder my words, and focus.
(1.30 MB 1275x2945 capture.jpeg)

Saved for future use.
(480.19 KB 1620x1080 let_there_be_light.jpg)

>>4166 >No mention of kikes anywhere. >Just kill the Democrats and America will be saved. Jesus, could you glow any brighter? This just further supports the idea that the sole purpose of the US Elections is to cause infighting amongst the cats and dogs so the rats can escape unharmed.
>concrete action does nothing goyim, lets just stay here and complain about jews until we are all dead Like clockwork.
(89.36 KB 1294x478 Terry Speaks.jpg)

>>4258 I didn't say that, you illiterate nigger. Action in Minecraft is good, but not when it's the wrong fucking villager.

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