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One-Time Time Travel バステト 11/12/2020 (Thu) 20:04:22 Id: 65adf2 No. 4602
If you were offered the chance to 'time travel' back to any date in 1938, anywhere in the world, where/when would you go? What would you do? Would you even accept the offer? You would be spending the rest of your life in that era nya~
I give Poland nuclear weapons and current year footage about women/jewish people disrupted to the public.
>>4602 >back to any date in 1938 Germany into's nuclear weapons, all other answers are pointless.
>>4606 >>4607 Are you two nuclear scientists or what nya~?
>>4602 Instant time teleportation to Stalin's private quarters during one of his under the table drinking episodes and take the advantage to cripple Soviet hierarchy. I roll the dice on this and accept the risk that Trotsky may find it possible to return to power as 1938 predates his assassination by 2 years.
i spread porn
>>4602 I could never pass up an opportunity to put a bullet through FDR's skull
>>4602 >nya I would make sure that Japan only ever makes masculine, pro-nationalist anime that is openly hostile to gaijin so you never get your gay as fuck catchphrase. Suck on that, nyagger.
>>4957 I for one am tired of insecure males that feel they have to defend their masculinity by attacking femininity nya~
ht tps://nationalvanguard.o rg/2020/11/the-great-replacement/ >Camus came to prominence in intellectual circles in the late 1970s as a flamboyant homosexual writer who limned the seedy underworld of freewheeling pervert sex. He came to America then and dabbled with the circle around Andy Warhol; then taught in Arkansas. But in the same way that Pym Fortuyn moved from issues of “gay liberation” to advocating a stop to all immigration Camus moved on to issues of protecting the European peoples at all costs. >A homosexual man is the greatest pro-European figure in recent history
>>5009 There's nothing wrong with displaying femininity if you're actually a woman. So either post tits or accept that people are going to assume you're a tranny.
Well, if I had a healthy body and could take with me a smartphone with limitless batery and all the survival guides, handbooks and youtube tutorials I would go to the ice age to befriend and fuck some neanderthals.
>If you were offered the chance to 'time travel' back to any date in 1938, anywhere in the world, where/when would you go? Specifically to Hitler's precise location at the exact time and place of my arrival. >What would you do? Gib him Scanners-style by merely arriving. >Would you even accept the offer? Sure. >You would be spending the rest of your life in that era nya~ An American-led peace might not hold without that common memory of the most degenerate government to ever exist.
>>4602 i'd personally tell hitler to prevent the japanese from attacking pearl harbor
>>5029 You don't need to know how to survive, because the Neanderthals would help you with that. They were a friendly and social people, so far as is known. The fact is, you're more than likely young and healthy enough to walk and talk, which would make you a valuable breeding partner, and they would recognize that and celebrate your arrival accordingly. Aside from that, even if you're pretty dumb by modern standards, you'd be an incredible genius by their standards. Just knowing arithmatic, human anatomy, the scientific method, basic physics (think simple machines like a lever or screw) like the stuff you learned in elementary school would be huge. You could advance their culture by literally thousands of years. Hell, they probably wouldn't have a strict spoken language, and certainly not a written one. Just TEACHING THEM ALL ENGLISH would be world-changing.
>>7674 >travel back in time and use future-knowledge to prevent Pearl Harbor >America hails you as a hero for preventing a terrible tragedy >you're the only one who knows you secretly ensured the other side wins the war This is a top tier time travel plot. Much better than the usual "kill Hitler as a baby" thing. I guess it's kind of the villain's version of "City on the Edge of Forever," but I don't think I've seen anyone else do that yet.
>>7684 > ensured the other side wins the war How? Roosevelt always wanted to go to war against Germany and encouraged its neighbors to attack Germany with the promise of support. He did so via his ambassador in Moscow and Paris Wiliam Bullitt Japan was always a side show and the main issue was to turn China and most of Asia communist. Roosevelt was pro-communist supported them in Vietnam and the Balkans. His "New Deal" was communist style command economy including price and wage control, was a failure until the war bailed him out. Roosevelt like to get his information about the Soviet-Union and their "economic successes" from New York Times correspondent and communist shill Walter Duranty. Truman then decided the fate of China by dropping support of the nationalist of Chiang while the Soviet helped Mao to take over. Backed up by the communist (((fifth colum))) in the US press that bad mouthed the Kuomintang.
>>7684 This assumes way too much. Like that anyone in charge is going to listen to a random civilian when he warns of something. Or that, if he were proven correct, they wouldn't think he must only have known that if he were a foreign spy or double-agent. 90% chance nobody listens as you're Chicken Little saying the sky is falling. 9% chance they listen but then throw you into Guantanamo (or whatever the equivalent was in the 1950's) where they torture you for the other sensitive information you must know. 1% chance they listen and nobody actually knows or believes it was you. 0% chance you're a "hero". >>7697 Basically this. Oh sure, Pearl Harbor galvanized the US public into support for the war, but that doesn't matter. It wasn't until Vietnam that anyone gave a fuck about what the civilian population thought of wars, and let it influence top-level military decisions.
I would just hang out somewhere for a few years, then get myself a Japanese wife in 1946. Would probably also do the sports almanac thing like in Back to the Future

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