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(207.63 KB 2000x1000 o-JUDY-GARLAND-facebook.jpg)

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Please redpill/spoonfeed me on blackface Anonymous 11/29/2020 (Sun) 13:58:39 Id: fad8af No. 5085
Non-American here. One of the most bizarre things Americans get outraged over has always been the topic of blackface. It can either be non-black people using make-up, or it can even be portraial of fictional creates with negroid features that sends Americans in a pearl-clutching frenzy. They will even attack foreign cultures like the Dutch over blackfacing, when the Netherlands never had any history of racism. So what the actual fuck is the deal with blackface? Where did it come from? And (((who))) declared it racist? What I don't understand is, Africans really do look like that. Yes, not that exaggerated, and not all of them (it is a large continent), but stereotypes are not meant to be accurate. What's next, is going to admit that east-Asians have almond-shaped eyes racist as well?
(141.33 KB 711x407 Trudeau five stars.jpg)

>1798, "method of printing from a plate," from French stéréotype (adj.) "printed by means of a solid plate of type," from Greek stereos "solid" (see stereo-) + French type "type" (see type (n.)). Meaning "a stereotype plate" is from 1817. Meaning "image perpetuated without change" is first recorded 1850, from the verb in this sense. Meaning "preconceived and oversimplified notion of characteristics typical of a person or group" is recorded from 1922 (Walter Lippmann, "Public Opinion"). >1804, "to cast a stereotype plate," from stereotype (n.). From 1819 in the figurative sense "fix firmly or unchangeably." By 1953 as "assign preconceived and oversimplified notion of characteristics typical of a person or group." Related: Stereotyped; stereotyping. Stereotypes have reason for existing, they are a simplification of reality but a simplification of reality is still an imprint of it nonetheless. I provided this definition because it nicely demonstrates what it boils down to: the belief that humans are born as a clean slate. This sort of materialist notion that all of these things are just because of what people were forced into being. But due to indoctination to be in favour of equality they also go out of their way to deny even that, so you have this sort of cognitive dissonance: blacks were forced into becoming violent by the world around them (and as such are not to blame for being that way, they would do things differently if they could), but at the same time they actually aren't that way at all because they are equal to you in every single way.
There is no such thing as (((racism))) to begin with and (((American))) doesn't really mean anything anymore. The only people who think blackface is a big deal are historically illiterate morons who are functionally nonwhite. It's obviously European and no fucking foreign scum have any right to question it, criticize it, nor participate in it.
Oh, man. You fucked up even harder than I thought. Blackface is NOT about niggers. It has to do with illegality, anonymity, and the opposite of being in the light, public, or exposed. It was used in theater and parties to be different in Europe for a long long time before anyone saw ANY fucking niggers. I am so sick of retarded niggers and kikes acting like they know anything about our cultures that were around and successful EONS before any of those scum even showed up to the welfare office. Kike usury is an advanced form of being a welfare nigger.
>>5085 The thing is, there isn't a 'reason' behind it. There is just the looming threat of being labeled a racist (and the black inferiority complex too perhaps). This is supposed to make people walk on eggshells around the issue cowering from honest discussion, constantly self aware of their 'racism'. It's another jew power strategy against whites.
(77.28 KB 780x463 justin-trudeau-brownface.jpg)

(148.63 KB 1200x726 blackface_diptych.jpg)

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