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(5.27 KB 189x150 download.jpg)

I want to play the Black Lives Matter game Anonymous 11/30/2020 (Mon) 23:11:49 Id: 3ce598 No. 5149
- Give me a list of white people killed by cops where the cops were not convicted for the killing, or white people who died in police custody, where the cops were not found convicted for the death. Give priority to white people who were unarmed when they were killed, and those whose final interactions with police are recorded on camera. - Give me a list of white people who were falsely accused, or, better yet, falsely convicted of crimes they were not guilty of committing. Once we have the list, we can go out and start saying things like "white people are being sterotyped as criminals and are systematically targeted by police" and "it is a death sentence to be white in this country". Remember the same bullshit use of stories and statistics can work to reinforce this narrative for any race. There will always be unarmed men killed by cops, there will always be false convictions, and most of the deaths by cop we will be complaining about will be fully justified, even when the white man who died did so due to bum-rushing a police officer like an idiot. Now, as to what I want to achieve: I'm no dipshit, I know the media is against us, and there is no way we can do what blacks do, and definitely on that scale, but that is not what I am attempting to do. The fact is, is that if we put this rhetoric stuff out there enough, people will have to respond to it, and we can say the exact things that BLM say when called out "well, any time there is any injustice anywhere, it is something that should never have happened." They will mock us, and our points, the normies will never hear any of it, but those who reply will suffer cognitive dissonance, we keep going loud and this will be seriously spirit crushing for them. The truth is, we are having an effect on the leftists who deal with us, they keep suffering breakdowns and psychological crisis when they encounter a ballsy rejection of the essential fundamentals of their worldview. They have stereotypes and assumptions holding up their vision of reality, that, when sidestepped, hits them harder than a mac truck. Conservatives and Centrists play directly into these stereotypes and assumptions, legitimizing their worldview (such as claiming that they are not racist, thus accepting that racism is real and meaningful, and that racists are evil), we should do the opposite of that. Racism is a nonsense concept with no meaning, and racists aren't bad. Whites can easily provide a better argument as to their oppression within society than blacks can (and if whites were black, all of them could attribute experiences they had to racism, and do a better job of it than blacks could). God/souls/afterlife doesn't exist, but even from a secular perspective, abortion is still clearly an act of murder. LGBT are mentally ill, as being "born that way" or "found in nature" have never been a disqualifier for mental illness (in fact, many mental illnesses, like schizophrenia, are also genetic in origin, and/or have also been observed in non-humans). Groups and ideologies known to be violent are perceived this way because they are the most peaceful, groups and ideologies that are the most violent are those known to be the most peaceful. This is because violent groups can intimidate societies into pretending they are peaceful, while peaceful groups can be openly referred to as violent without fear of reprisal. Groups and ideologies that are known as being rebellious are those backed by the establishment, groups and ideologies that are known as being tyrannical are those that threaten the establishment in some way. This is because everyone wants to be known as the underdog fighting against tyranny, but only the powerful have the required influence to propagate these claims. For similar reasons, it is only the privileged who can gain the benefits of being considered oppressed, and only the oppressed who will be forced to accept claims that they are privileged.t.
>>5149 Black Lives Matter supporters claim that all blacks are in danger of being killed or left for dead just for being black, but only choose to use blacks who were committing felonies and then became a threat to others or themselves shortly before their deaths as examples of this. Stupid Whites will see a disconnect and say something dumb like: "they weren't arrested or killed for being black, but were confronted due to committing felonies and died due to their actions making them a threat to others or themselves." But they miss the unspoken claim which makes all of this make sense: The supporters of Black Lives Matter believe that being a dangerous felon is an inseparable part of being black, blacks are unable to not become dangerous felons at some point in time, and thus them dying due to being dangerous felons is directly equivalent to them dying due to being black. The irresistible compulsion to becoming a dangerous felon that will inevitably overtake them at some point, is a defining component of being black, just as much as any other traits that defines their race. Once you understand that this is how Black Lives Matter sees black people, everything about them makes sense. The fact that we have laws means that we do live in a society that is institutionally prejudiced against blacks, since a racial trait of blacks is to break these laws, the society is inherently discriminatory against them. Similarly, the fact that cops are permitted to use an escalation of force against those who threaten them means that cops are indeed anti-black, since blacks have no choice but to attack police officers when confronted over the felonies they are likewise compelled by their very nature to commit. They are being hunted down and killed for being black, because police hunt down felons, and they kill those who threaten the safety of others, and to be black is to be a felon who attacks others, it is just a part of their nature to be this way. It is also an essential property of being black to become a threat to themselves once detained, when a black man is arrested, and smashes his head repeatedly against the window of a moving patrol car, with the intent of yeeting themselves out of it, or when they overdose themselves with fentanyl as police approach them after they had tried to pass forged currency, they had no choice in doing these things, because it is an inseparable part of their nature as blacks to do such things to themselves in such situations, this is just a natural part of what it means to be black. So the only society in which blacks are not discriminated against, is one where they are not held to the limitations of the law, and permitted to commit crime with ease. thus it makes sense that Black Lives matter is against police and laws, wishing to abolish, defund, or replace the former, and wishing to put an end to laws, or to replace felonies with misdemeanors, because all blacks are, by their nature, inevitably going to break them. the core belief of Black Lives matter is this, not "blacks are oppressed and discriminated against in out society", but "blacks are oppressed and discriminated in our society because our society does not tolerate crime or aggression, and blacks are aggressive criminals by their very nature". the reason they never spit out the whole of the claim is because of how bad it looks for a pro-black movement to admit that they think blacks as a race are possessed of an inescapable nature of being dangerous felons, compelled to felonious activities, and to attacking other or themselves once confronted over said felonies. For this reason, blacks simply cannot live safely in a society with laws and law enforcement, their survival is merely a matter of them being discovered as perpetrators of felonies, or them getting unlucky once discovered (where their captors fail to prevent them from attacking others or themselves without killing them in the process). It sounds like something a racist would say, but this group defines what it means to be racist, and not supporting them is racism, thus anyone who disagrees with this less-then-complimentary assessment of black people are racist. As to whether or not this assessment is based in reality, well, most black people support the movement, so they must either agree with it, or are missing out on some knowledge about it's claims and activities. As for who is coming up with this stuff, it's not surprising to anyone when they discover that the leaders of this movement are not black themselves but ethnic jews. ^ | Obviously, with as verbose as the last point is, I feel it is the most important angle to go with in response to BLM supporters, since the truth of their ideology is indeed shown in a new ligh
>>5151 If you want somehow to read that: space it up, you nigger.
>>5804 That's called "Reddit Spacing", guess where it belongs?
We'll all be living in caves after everything is outlawed, but then you can be sure that living in caves will soon be banned in order to protect endangered bats.
>>5831 No it isn't. Extra spaces are. A space between paragraphs so they're actually readable isn't extra. Two spaces would be, or a space where there normally shouldn't be one. But there should be one between paragraphs.
>>5831 do you even know basic English? that's not reddit spacing nigger
>>5149 Nothing changes until all jews are killed. Get this over your neanderthal head. Kill all enemies first. Anything else can only be implemented after all enemies are killed.
How to wake Americans up: Talk to people everywhere. Be friendly and talk to people in line, in waiting rooms, at airports, and on the bus. Talk about US politics, wars, debt, and the police state. Keep it simple. Stick to the facts and history. Maintain credibility by avoiding mentioning conspiracy theories like the Freemasons or the Loch Ness monster. Do not force anyone to accept your viewpoints. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. While saving the USA might be too late at this point, help your conscience by trying to wake and save as many people as you can so that they will be aware, can prepare, and be an ally if things get bad.
>>5899 /thread
(953.37 KB 2309x1601 phalanx.jpg)

>Whites can easily provide a better argument as to their oppression within society than blacks can If you think playing the oppression game will do white people any good, you are completely retarded. Claiming oppression is pathetic. It lowers the self-esteem of your people, causes other groups to look down on you, and gives the impression that your own people does not control its destiny. The only way forward is to destroy your enemies, not beg for empathy from them.
>>6034 The illusion of weakness is a great strength. The illusion of strength is a great weakness. This is what has given the SJWs such power, and if you don't like the nigger example, just look at feminism. By (falsely) claiming oppression, they've become even more of a master class than ever before. And you let them, out of pride. Yes, destroy them, but you need leverage first.
>>6036 Feminist "power" is a chimera. It exists only when a corrupt, decadent system finds it useful. It is not a lasting power, but a falsity built on lies. Is this what we want for ourselves?
>>6071 You don't get it. We will kill Xi Jinping. This was the plan all along, did you think we'd so something stupid? t. killer of xi jinping
>>6046 there are different levels of power, the jewish power being the highest, race being the second, islam being the third, feminism being the last. whites refuse to even play the game, so we dont show up at all.
>>6046 Take what you can get, and then use it to build what you really want. Staying weak out of pride isn't helping. And that's what you are doing, staying weak. Don't fool yourself into thinking you have power when you are constantly finding yourself unable to bring about the lasting changes you want, especially when the tools of your defeat are so blatantly obvious.
>>6111 Yes, but this power you speak of is not within reach of white people, because it is created and maintained by our opponents. How do you imagine this would play out exactly? Attempting to gain power through this oppression farce will only result in whites getting weaker. It will make us comfortable in our position as oppressed instead of giving us the agency to fight. Anger is what breeds action; not waiting for our opponents to feel sorry for us by promoting a loser mentality. The game is not fair, and we need to accept that. The main problem with all our nations right now is the apathy of the common man. We need to build a sensible mentality that will work in the long run. This has nothing to do with pride.
>>6124 >Attempting to gain power through this oppression farce will only result in whites getting weaker. It will make us comfortable in our position as oppressed instead of giving us the agency to fight. This is the part I don't believe. It's worked for every other group. I see no reason it wouldn't work here. Also, it's not just about getting reactions out of your enemies, it's about getting people to actually stand up for themselves, because there are far too many who refuse to fight because they are convinced that they are "winning," because that's what the enemies say. They say they are oppressed and that we are already winning, so we should not fight. So we would be evil to fight, because we are only then oppressing. So you have men on the brink of homelessness who sit and do nothing, because they've been told their whole lives that they're still better off than women, and that sitting there and taking the world's abuse is how to be a "real man," which is, of course, better than being a woman, because women are so oppressed. Making these cucks realize that they are being walked on, and that it's not okay, is essential to getting them to stop working against their own interests.
>>6125 I have found that the most useful means of getting through to people is using the analogy of a victim's experience of living through an abusive relationship or the experience of living under a cult for one who has escaped. look at the playlist on (Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/) made by a user named "theremintrees", he was a name in the "new atheist" movement that used this approach to great effect. Try to find the corollaries between the treatment whites receive by the establishment or minorities and the experiences that he describes in his videos. also, look to a user by the name of "aanticitizenx" and his videos on the psychology of belief, watch the videos because in them he details various studies of psychological techniques for brainwashing which I've noticed that the left loves to abuse.
After genocide of native American ,many millions than Evil Hitler . Colonization of USA, AUSTRALIA,NEW ZEALAND,SOUTH AFRICA and many more have the audacity to cry foul is complete nuts. Everyone of them will burn in HELL !!!
Break it down ,down and down . Traitors!!!
>>6520 HAHAHAHA -first, there is no hell, and if there is going to be, its gonna be one we build here on Earth. -second, the white man was in both north and south america long before the first "native" arrived, we didnt colonize them, they colonized us, and we took it back. -third, new zealand was also ours before the "natives", as was japan, and india, and the whole middle east/north africa region. -third, we didnt genocide the natives until they genocided us first, they attacked us, not the other way around, we simply defended ourselves from them, and when they would not stop, we decided to send them away, we have wiped them all out if we wanted to, but we didnt, and this is the gratitude you give us for our mercy. Fuck you. >>6537 >>6521 so what you're saying is, there's no downside to going out and bashing the kikes?
https://www.(Webm, use an alternative platform, or use https://instances.invidio.us/)(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=O5eOknaXgYU&list=LL&index=86&t=1s
rodney king
>>6649 wrong name i meant Robert Leone
(195.42 KB 650x932 1591105846752.jpg)

This thread is in dire need of some images
>>5149 Yes, 80 percent of those killed by the pigs were white. We know. The jewish owned news just wants their 'problematic' whites/competition to be at war with their own race. Divide and conquer. Self hating whites against the proud whites. It creates too much conflict for whites to remain superior. The only real error whites ever made was abrahamic religion and the jewish being accepted for looking similar to the actual whites. Abrahamic religoin even without acceptance of jews, of which, you kinda can't have one without the other as jews made that shit, but anyway, that alone designs the mind to be a self hating cuck for what should be obvious reasons. Jesus himself is some illegitimate child, literally the whole thing is about cuckery. Actual cuckery. meme word cuck though for implying fun = bad, as literally all sins are just humans doing what they wanted, having fun. The very word vice, and it is commonly a saying that "everyone needs a vice" or similar line, the word vice in catholicism = habitual sinning. it's a shitshow that people accpeted this bullshit.
And we also know that blacks if anything weren't shot enough as they are 50+ percent of all murder convicts while only being 6 percent (females don't count with violent crimes so not 12ish percent but six) of the populatioin. They are only 10ish, 20ish percent of those shot while being theirselves statistically about 8.75 times more likely to kill someone. They should be killed 9 times more often roughly, not 20 percent of those shot but 50 percent of those shot at the very least as they are half the murders. To make it unfair, one could logically warrant killing far more than 'those shot' being over 50, as they are 9 times more likely it'd be ethically sound a thing to do to where we'd be basically exterminating them and bring up the shottings to majority black killed. They'd ironically stop bitching if they were really having a reason to be afraid of white people. As it is we soft serve them or they'd still to this day be slaves. We actually halved the USA population fighting for their rights due to the sanctimonious nature of hristianity, all over minorities, and they were even more minor back then in their population size. Christianity was the mistake. Don't bitch about blacks/whites, don't even bitch about the jews, bitch about the shitty mindgame that was employed.
Also, by the by I'm a leftist. Stop this right vs left shit. That's just another 'divide and conquer' mind game. And it's normalfag, not (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me), normalfaggot.
>>7966 >(Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me), Wow, ironic considering I was calling him out for norm ies. For once a language enhancer is based.
>>5831 >and he believes in redditor spacing on top of the use of the faggotword wew
the guy who was playing crash bandicoot with his girlfriend when the cops knocked on his door and shot him dead on sight because they thought he had a gun even though he didnt? that happened very recently.
>>5149 in theory this is a good idea to counter the narrative, but sadly it isn't going to work because all they're going to do is yell >OHHHH U POO' WHY PEEPO' >POH BABBY, DID THA LIL WHI BOI FEEL WUT IT LIK 2 B BLAK? >BLAK PEEPO' ESPERIENCE DIS ERRY. SINGLE. DAY. >ERRY DAY It's a lost cause. All you can do is hunker down and call them dumb niggers and move on with your life.
>>6034 Nah, its manipulating people's emotions. Retards believe the nigger oppression bull because of an emotional kneejerk. Actually using the same tactic isn't weakness especially when its actually true.
(53.66 KB 500x381 1242623753566755647806.jpg)

Some madchad zoomshit leaf in my city actually pulled this shit. https://www.instagram(Please use archive.today)/sconawsa/ | https://archive.is/QroPR He pissed off the yids at global so hard they wrote a whole fucking article about him. https://globalnews.ca/news/7643596/strathcona-high-school-white-alliance/ | https://archive.is/2XkYb >The Edmonton Public School Board is condemning a “white alliance” student group connected to Strathcona High School that appeared on social media over the weekend. >The Scona White Student Alliance Instagram page made its first post on Sunday, Feb. 14, where it announced that “white lives matter,” a phrase that has been tied to white nationalism and hate groups. >The school also sent an update letter from its principal Hans Van Ginhoven to parents at the school Tuesday after an initial one was sent on the weekend. >“Today, there were conversations throughout the school about who we want to be, how we can do and be better, and ensure our BIPOC students feel part of this community,” the letter Tuesday read. >Another post on the account showed a video of Black activist Martin Luther King during his famous “I Have A Dream” speech in 1963, where King pushed for the end of racism. >“Society is being dominated by victimhood and anti-white racism, we are slowly regressing back to the starting point where others are treated differently based on the color of their skin,” the post said. “Our school has been doing the exact same thing, we are facing straight up racism against white people in our school.”
>>8029 Amazing.
>>8108 Must leave Canada, or go innawoods...
>>8108 Amazing how even ignorant civic cuckholdry (denying genetics) is considered Nazi at this point lol
(27.63 KB 220x294 The REAL Leaf Anthem.jpg)

>>8029 Goddamn, that's fantastic. I guess there are some of /ourguys/ left in the Prairies, after all. >the yids at global I know it's probably exceedingly obvious how pozzed they are, but it's still refreshing to see a fellow leafanon mention it. >>8115 Indeed. I was hoping to escape to the States, but with all this shit going down over there, I dunno. Probably still better in the South than here, though.
>>8117 there's nothing but /ourguys/ in the prairies. I joked about larping as hadrian and sailing to israel wiht 60,000 men to fuck shit up and my friend said "fuck yeah bud." I had this muslim guy talk to me about the taliban and how it wanted to prevent the western media from getting traction and i was literally finishing his sentences on the adverse effects of western media. shit weather breeds good people.
>>8128 >I joked about larping as hadrian and sailing to israel wiht 60,000 men to fuck shit up and my friend said "fuck yeah bud." Based. >i was literally finishing his sentences on the adverse effects of western media. That's pretty crazy. All the mudslimes I've met have either been impossible to understand, mentally-retarded, or expressly anti-white. I suppose we do have a common enemy, though. Probably depends somewhat on their country of origin, too. >shit weather breeds good people. And good weather breeds shit people, if most of the rest of the country is any indication. I guess my perception of people in the Prairies is still distorted by my experiences in (((university))), so it's good to know the poz hasn't spread quite as far as I'd feared.
>>8129 >All the mudslimes I've met have either been impossible to understand, mentally-retarded, or expressly anti-white. keep in mind we're zoomshits in highschool. He was also pakistani. Very nice guy. >it's good to know the poz hasn't spread quite as far as I'd feared. My school is basically an anarchist paradise. Everyone on premises carries weapons in secret, everyone either buys or sells weed. I mean me, I just smoke darts around the KFC.
No one under 45 years old will ever know what freedom was and almost everyone under 55 will live to see the end of the USA.

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