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(237.67 KB 1259x720 reggfix.png)

(1.45 MB 963x1736 addressantifa.png)

(1.21 MB 1709x763 regg01.png)

(54.05 KB 1024x576 regg02.jpg)

(772.17 KB 1212x627 regg03.png)

/rg/ Regg General - Exposing Antifa Anonymous 06/01/2020 (Mon) 08:52:41 Id: 706ea7 No. 567
Reposting this compilation here from 4chan, streamer Regg stumbled into Antifa multiple times over the course of the protest. Caught coordination, out of state rioters, militant behavior, safe houses. The whole damn thing. Video Archives: https://mega.nz/folder/TDQHzQQZ#vIZopAWDWVzy7EuoVAzEyw Last Night: https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=NFHxNuM3uGI https://streamablePlease use archive.today/6223z7 Antifa admitting "we're" here. --- https://streamablePlease use archive.today/t8vbcp Locals notice that the ones burning buildings are unknown and committing senseless acts. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/6zwhky Antifa agitator throws fireworks at police attempting to bait them to shoot and tries to put black protesters in the crossfire. Crowd confronts him. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/dcwzmq Black witnesses whites driving through the area smashing windows, gets flipped off for filming them. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/59kdiy Assessing odd militant behaviors of white agitators. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/2b8yy9 Pointing out coordinated Antifa clothing and fire strategy. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/d5ch2e Putting together Antifa burn and run strategy to bait cops. Older Antifa coordinator caught directing a group. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/k14t80 White agitator committing property damage and moving with organization. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/md9wae Noting drastic attitude difference between Antifa agitators and ordinary white protesters. The later being much more friendly and welcoming. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/ldimko Pointing out agitator group and how they differ from protesters in their actions. Only there to destroy, not protest. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/w6qvr8 Guessing at a possible planned Antifa fire route. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/srrlhs Previous route confirmed. Black bloc Antifa spotted at the scene of newly lit fires. https://streamablePlease use archive.today/adgcxa Several Antifa show up and leave in a car with visible plates.
>>567 ReggiQuest - Part 1 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/ldlaye ReggiQuest - Part 2 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/odfumj ReggiQuest - Part 3 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/quub24 ReggiQuest - Part 4 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/kncjmv ReggiQuest - Part 5 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/6s67i9 ReggiQuest - Part 6 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/brn43j ReggiQuest - Part 7 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/z246uw ReggiQuest - Part 8 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/foj47h ReggiQuest - Part 9 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/4oc2iw ReggiQuest - Part 10 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/wilsra ReggiQuest - Part 11 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/5eg09h ReggiQuest - Part 12 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/lav5gm ReggiQuest - Part 13 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/nnewed ReggiQuest - Part 14 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/nm6g8d ReggiQuest - Part 15 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/huo9hb ReggiQuest - Part 16 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/r43hzr ReggiQuest - Part 17 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/futuu7 ReggiQuest - Part 18 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/13x559 ReggiQuest - Part 19 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/jw8m02 ReggiQuest - Part 20 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/0gqai6 ReggiQuest - Part 21 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/emk99t ReggiQuest - Part 22-1 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/7w6tk3 ReggiQuest - Part 22-2 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/97qvji ReggiQuest - Part 23 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/5w71h7 ReggiQuest - Part 24-1 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/znff9e ReggiQuest - Part 24-2 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/vv6i1g ReggiQuest - Part 25 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/sz82tj ReggiQuest - Part 26 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/6r7vc5 ReggiQuest - Part 27 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/zmro2a ReggiQuest - Part 28 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/h4njjw ReggiQuest - Part 29 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/cgkv2g ReggiQuest - Part 30 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/l7zku5 ReggiQuest - Part 31 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/oxta4z ReggiQuest - Part 32 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/ocgtp5 ReggiQuest - Part 33 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/ls6f5m ReggiQuest - Part 34 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/m89p7h ReggiQuest - Part 35 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/rub5db ReggiQuest - Part 36 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/s2ojro ReggiQuest - Part 37 - https://streamablePlease use archive.today/x4dsmt
worst comes to worse false flag fucking imminent antifa crawling around with radios, area sanitized so no media or press are in the area. nobody is streaming, unicorn riot's stream was intentionally turned off as he is antifa, control point van up the street they have set up as a blockade. Strange mention of a man with an AK during the vigil preaching session. watch the fuck out and someone get video or audio from MN live ASAP
Thanks, Anon. My image with all the information with the screenshot of the house was deleted and I’m banned for 15 days
>>570 Thank you for your sacrifice.
this is way too fucking shady its all getting slid or deleted. I dont know what to think.
>>572 >>570 Also, there's a StreamablesLink.txt that has all the links in it on the MEGA. Not sure why all the links got messed up in the posts.
>>571 I made a twitter and sent it to some people, we will see if it picks up.
>>572 they're clearly upset, if they're willing to slide this hard. I hope nothing happens to regg
>>577 all regg threads gone
>>578 Yup, I was banned for the thread. Intentionally evading spam/post filters. I only posted 1 that eventually archived. Then the second one. I dunno how that qualifies as evading anything.
i am monitoring the https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=uPJQSPi9yDE stream at the vigil. There's not many people there and things have completely relaxed compared to the hostility and tension in the night. The antifa ninjas that were walking around are nowhere to be seen, only the medics remain. Maybe its nothing. Weird night anyway
>>577 >>578 >>579 I told you 4chan was compromised dump all info here, link thread to 4channers under proxy, but don't make new threads there, they will just get slid/reported the moderation here is alright, they shouldn't cause any trouble, just don't act like newfags. despite what the shill was saying, they're not feds, either, but are very free speech nevertheless, so shiling on this board will be ineffective for them. posters here hate lefties(sjws like antifa specifically),so they won't let them stink up the place do your thing, and don't let this place become the next /qresearch/, that's a bit of a touchy subject here
>>572 i have the sinking feeling antifa really killed reg after he ended the stream, if you sync it up with unicorn riots stream you can hear the antifa kids drummer and some gun shots shortly after regg left i am scared, i got more info but like this is could be ww3 huge so idk what do, whats comprised, i didnt sumbit info i had one this very incident when i had it because i dont know what law enforcement agency is even fighting for our freedoms anymore, sad times.
>>577 >>582 I dont have anything else to post other than TruthseekerTV has gone offline and he was the last independent streamer active at the circle/vigil. Cnn affiliates and fox are set up down there so if anything happens it should show up on the morning broadcasts coming up soon. Antifa black bloc ninjas have gotten out of the way and probably went to go rest at the medic house up the street, so the only protesters still there are the antifa medics and several older black people.
>>573 use archive for every single link, please. anything can be taken down at a moment's notice https://archive.vn don't forget that you can post sound webms and mp4s here, so don't link a billion different links, post one or upload it in parts directly here
(2.07 MB 1181x984 ClipboardImage.png)

antifa "street medic" interviewed on the morning news has a phone number on his arm from earlier, an orgainizer was giving out a protest bail bonds number to call. Cant read the number but someone might be able to figure it out. I'm sure its avaliable on any antifa publishings involving the protests https://archive.vn/saxtb
>>585 https://Webm or instances.invidio.us/NFHxNuM3uGI?t=4993 A guy is yelling about a bail fund number at the timestamp. He says the number kinda quietly sounds like, maybe an anon can make it out combined with the picture. 444
>>585 they did speak it out in the video, someone had it in regg's chat and on one of the deleted 4chan threads after they noticed, they switched to manually entering it on each others phones which was funny, they were freaking out about their phones, then would run to their backpacks to get it when they needed...i guess we have a bit of hope
>>586 >>580 >>567 do not link youtube directly use https://invidious.snopytaPlease use archive.today or link any given youtube link, but replace "Webm or instances.invidio.us" with "invidio.us" example https://invidio.us/watch?v=NFHxNuM3uGI
>>588 not sure what happened to first link, meant to post this https://invidious.snopytaPlease use archive.today/watch?v=NFHxNuM3uGI instances can also be found here, if one isn't working https://archive.vn/oONHM archive to previous threads on cuckchan https://archive.vn/fxxst https://archive.vn/2WZ0z
(63.98 KB 560x470 3 fucking posts.jpg)

>>589 doesn't look like instances can be linked here, just link from invidio.us. I know invidious has been having issues lately, I don't like it I hate that 8pol isn't around anymore, so you have to go to 4cucks if you want to see what's going on. I have no idea how they put up with these captchas, the site is unusable, probably to limit what people can talk about there even more than they already did
>>590 invidious only stopped working for me recently, so I never bothered embedding it here, it should be embedable imo, but that would have to be brought up with acid either way, I'm curious if regg will stream again. I'm sure he said this was his last day, and even if it won't be, there is no way antifa will just casually let him walk around them again Aside from looking out for new footage tonight, somebody should compress regg's adventure into one video, rather than 30 fucking parts nobody is going to watch, and then analyze them again, with what we know. I wish 8/pol/ was still around as well, that would mean more manpower. 4channers don't have what it takes to do any detective work anymore pretty pathetic how they're just a shadow of their former selves, after the reddit infestation of 2016 took place
>>590 The reason the instance was filtered was because ".org" was a part of it's address. Just removed that so that the only filters are youtube addresses filtering to the invidious instances url and "Please use archive.today" and "Please use archive.today" filtered to the "Please use archive" address. If you guys want to discuss this further, I'd say make a meta thread.
>>600 Well, that's funny. I meant "(.)com" and "(.)gov" being filtered.
>>582 regg is out there again today i am surprised at how the tension dissipated at the vigil, but this just proves there's some weird crowd control tactics going on within the protesters and rioters.
>cuckchanners did not deliver great job on bringing them here, polefag btw, he's streaming. he infiltrated the antifa cell right now, they are having some sort of a sit down event https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=RxMIr-s_Xug
this shit is crazy, they're sitting in a big circle, in the middle of the street, and they're talking about armed insurrection against the military. they want to legit overthrow the government
>There is no good apples in other words, "kill every whitey, cop and soldier boy you find" now they're chanting. these faggots are about to kill some people, this is insane
(61.13 KB 450x595 Yep,_its_wood-main.jpg)

>>567 The first image leaves out Regg's fire expertise.
>>637 >>636 They live in an isolated village, from what I can tell. converted the street corner into a ghetto, and barricaded the whole thing, even got a makeshift antifa bus running, whose purpose is unknown, at this time. Real cult shit going on, and regg is just chilling, while carefully feeding people all this information. What I'm more concerned with is what else is going on elsewhere. There is glowing all around >us just not sure what angle yet. I keep seeing nigs and antifa spreading false flags of all sorts to make them seem sympathetic, but it's clear that your average person doesn't give two shits and would likely mow these animals down, if trump gave them the order/pardon for it. What REALLY concerns me is that there are reports of random killings of police officers, and now, cops supposedly leaving bricks for protestors. I don't believe for a second those are real cops, they must be some sort of bought our, corrupt shills, or false flag agents in police uniforms. This could get bad, no telling if some hitmen won't start taking down police/military targets to force them to open fire on protestors, and then blaming that on the imaginary right wing boogeymen, so they can justify a "revolution" and turn america into syria 2.0(while china takes over it's role as the foremost superpower) too much to go thru just from today. need some sleep. I think this general should focus on researching what the fuck is going on, if there are even any anons here who give a shit, that is
While this isn't Regg stuff, a bunch more Antifa exposure was dropped on the other chan. They're passing out bans like they were with the Regg info dumps. "Do you believe in a pure coincidence? A rare 1994 mint Mercedes Benz bought just days before the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis no less... Caught on camera by old boomer parking in front of his house in the suburbs, switching plates around before driving downtown. A fast v12 version, excellent for a fast getaway. Was also seen in Minneapolis handing out bricks."
>>570 >using cuckchan Faggot. Besides that, for any glownigger ops, the handler's identity is of primary importance. They are the HVT. Probably everyone else is a braindead meatsack. Of course, anyone on cuckchan is too useless to do anything with that information, but not everyone else is. >>581 The difference is that there isn't any evidence for qshit, fag.
(453.68 KB 250x188 Churchill.gif)

>>581 >don't make new threads there Drive-by threads are fairly important for the spread of information. It is incredibly important that you don't invest too heavily into it for the payoff you are getting in return but it is retarded to limit yourself this way. Feeding pearls to pigs is a waste of time, which is why you don't write paragraphs and usually just let the information speak for itself, but to try some retarded shit where you build a network of poster proxies to make your threads for you is even more so. You can spread it to other people, obviously, but this type of three degrees of separation bullshit just so you could pretend you don't post there is just sad.
>>642 Should have taken a pic of the VIN

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