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(95.15 KB 624x988 pfhahaha.png)

internet rape Anonymous 12/23/2020 (Wed) 02:15:13 Id: 70e8fa No. 5789
>ads >censorship >mass surveillance >gentrification >net neutrality's absense >icann >article 13/17/whatever the fuck it's called now >terror filters >flash's death >mediafire and google docs deleting shit from dead accounts >pastebin >anonymity soon to be a concept of the past >porn ban Why can't (((they))) just admit they fucking hate us, arleady?
Most of the right wants to ban porn though.
>>5807 >muh wings
>>5807 >right left vs right is a narrative construct. stop using those terms. there is only (((marxisim))) and (((zionism))) in Western politics right now. and yes, fuck porn. it's jewish trash
This is the second thread on this issue. The first thread essentially established that this board only has two real users, the rest are bots/horrible shills. Babys first shill type, not the highly-trained shills of 2013. We are no longer worth their effort. Let’s change the subject then: Imageboard link list, where the fuck did everyone go?
>Porn is gone Good
>>5789 Why aren't you killing jews yet? Because "muh fed"? If you don't kill jews, jews will keep doing whatever they want to. That won't ever change, unless all jews are killed.
>>5960 i agree. kikes deserve public executions.
(36.36 KB 479x267 painful drawn out sigh.jpg)

American politics is just full of boomers trying to pass bills to make a name for themselves. It's terrible, but this won't ever change. Every first world country heads towards curbing freedoms like some dystopian future. I don't care about sex workers not getting their gibs, but I don't want freedoms curtailed neither
>>5789 Porn will survive the onslaught as companies will likely switch to servers outside the US to continue hosting their content. Congress can't do much about porn hosted outside American jurisdiction. >>5955 Sadly this. Free speech includes protecting speech you disagree with. >>5864 >Porn >Jewish Porn's been around since ancient times far longer than the Jews have touched it as you had porn in Ancient Rome, Greece, Persia, Japan, etc. >>5945 Guns will get confiscated under Biden, the privately owned Federal Reserve will devalue the US dollar, no Anti-trusts for big corporations like Amazon, Google, Apple, Pfizer, Kroger, Facebook, Twitter, more rigging of national and local elections, no term limits for congress and crooked politicians and billionaires will reign supreme to do whatever they want with the peasants(aka Americans).
>>5969 The concept of erotica may not be jewish, but the porn industry is definitely kiked.
>>6030 That's the best way of putting it. There needs to be aryanass.net or something.
>>6109 This is a brilliant idea and would sell like hotcakes. Then the jews would pay any amount of money to the guy that owned it, and immediately turn it into the most disgusting tool in their arsenal.
>flash no longer supported That proprietary piece of shit is unsupported, mostly unused and full of security holes no one will fix sine more than half a decade. You should put that on the list of positive things that happened.
(549.73 KB 878x599 1605620856271.jpg)

>>6116 >That proprietary piece of shit is unsupported, mostly unused and full of security holes no one will fix sine more than half a decade. You should put that on the list of positive things that happened. Anon, people are upset about all the content that was made in flash, not flash itself.
(33.84 KB 1404x316 truth about porn.png)

(400.21 KB 1336x1980 truth about masturbation.png)

>>5969 >Porn's been around since ancient times far longer than the Jews Yes, I'm sure our ancestors add 24-hour home-access to millions of HD videos of people fucking each other in an endless number ways to satisfy every conceivable fetish and kink. No, of course they fucking didn't. At most, they had artistic renditions of sexual acts, which were by no means accessible to the vasy majority of people. Porn is a degenerate mind virus and a drug that destroys your imuplse control, wrecks your motivation, causes erectile disfunction, and turns you into a freak with depraved fetishes. The sooner you rid yourself of this vice, the better. It's no wonder the porn industry is controlled and run by jews, and the consumption of porn is promoted in the mainstream.
>>6200 >destroys your impulse control Nofap is just an attempt to keep men horny and thus more motivated to try to impress women, which usually means working so they can buy them things, and even if they don't, they're contributing to the tax base of a government that is supported mostly on the taxes of men but spends those taxes overwhelmingly on women. Nofap is a way to keep men working for women.
>>6242 NoFap and NoPorn is incomplete, you also need to do NoFuck, basically, sex is only for reproductive purposes, and only under circumstances where you are ready for raising your children, no recreational or casual sex, nothing that removes sex from reproduction, nothing like that. That is how you get the true "alpha chad energy" experience.
>>6454 Because it's dangerous to put all your dissidents in one place, you want to arrest a few, enough that you could manage, then use their arrests to intimidate and demoralize so no one follows the same path they did. Once you got them, you have to keep them separate from each other, but you do not want to arrest all of them, because then you have gathered together an enemy army you can barely contain. It's why gulags started just exterminating all their prisoners, so many of those camps got overrun by the prisoners who would go on to form the many rebel groups that plagued the USSR until it fell, and even afterwards the remnants of those group hunted down the remaining members of the old regime that escaped justice.
>>5807 Because they're dumb fucking neopuritan niggers that should kill themselves. Useful idiots, the lot of them. >>5969 >Congress can't do much about porn hosted outside American jurisdiction. You think they can't? Ask yourself why american copyright laws are applicable worldwide.
>>6445 Alphas fuck constantly, you delusional puritan retard.
>>6619 You misspelled "niggers"
Anyone wondering to themselves why all of a sudden there is this HUGE push to get rid of porn? Right on the cusp of first-world societies collapsing after the disintegration of the family that even feminists now admit is happening of course it's the government's fault not slutty whores who use the legal system to their advantage or anything? It's almost like they want to force the men who checked out of this shitty system to check back in because they need more slaves to keep the ship afloat. Meanwhile they are having shrimp and champagne while they whip the rest of us. You know what though? Porn is always going to exist. You will never get rid of it. Not completely. You will not control the hearts of free men.
This is good though, fuck thots
>>6724 I wouldn't expect a leaf to know anything about being alpha or fucking.
>>6781 I am familiar enough to know that "alpha" "beta" and "omega" refers to female mate preference. So that puts me leagues above Adam Connelly.
>>5789 >porn ban oy vey
>>5789 >Why can't (((they))) just admit they fucking hate us, arleady? Friend, they already do and did so for more than 2000 years.
>>6733 Porn takes control of the hearts of free men and turns them into slaves of their passions -dopamine junkies constantly searching for the next fix.
>3dpds gone And nothing of value was lost.
(527.92 KB 914x1208 1508142594304.png)

>>6200 >Yes, I'm sure our ancestors add 24-hour home-access to millions of HD videos of people fucking each other in an endless number ways to satisfy every conceivable fetish and kink. I guess we should remove gun rights because they were implemented before bolt actions and automatics.
>>6838 >Porn takes control of the hearts of free men and turns them into slaves of their passions -dopamine junkies constantly searching for the next fix. It's the exact opposite. It placates them and keeps them from being so desperate for their next fix that they're willing to allow themselves to be enslaved by women. People like you just want women to have even tighter control over men's ability to satisfy their natural urges. Porn frees the hears of men and prevents them from turning into slaves of women.
>>6200 I've never seen porn promoted in the mainstream. It's always something people seek out due to having a sex drive and not being able to socialize in any normal context, both of which are natural drives. Actually, all I've ever seen is people bitching about porn or judging others for what they do for highly irrational reasons, like women being jealous that men like eye candy and are more visual.
>>6855 This is a false-equivalency, you fucking nigger-tier retard. Stop trying to justify your addiction to pornography you repulsive failure.
>>6866 pornography has been widely normalized and referenced in popular media to the point where it's just considered a regular part of life. How can you be ignorant of this fact? Just because MSM isn't straight up telling people to watch porn doesn't mean it hasn't been actively promoted and normalized
>>6856 >allow themselves to be enslaved by women. If you are unable to put your vices under your own control and resist the urge to both masturbate to porn AND fuck random worthless whores, then you are a pathetic excuse for a man who lacks any kind of restraint and willpower. Your fear of becoming enslaved to women is just proof that you're a pathetic excuse for a man who is already a slave to his urges., That is why you rely on jewish pornography to constnatly stimulate your burned-out dopamine receptors and keep the gravy-train flowing. You're the equivalent of an alcoholic chosing to smoke weed instead of drink because the latter is marginally less destructive to one's health. At the end, you're still a slave to your vices and lack any self-control to speak of. Embarrassing. Using porn literally shrinks your pre-frontal cortex and destroys your will-power and ability to engage in delayed self-gratification. In other words, you are actively reducing yourself to the state of a nigger, living from dopamine hit to dopamine hit. Constantly ejaculating also demotivates you and takes energy away from productive pursuits. The only people trying to justify porn use are those who are addicted to it and refuse to acknowledge that it's a problem. What a loser.
>>6896 >>6897 >>6898 Next time try putting all the posts you want to respond to in one post instead of multi-posting like a nigger and shitting up the thread.
>>6898 I didn't say I was talking about myself. It doesn't matter who specifically I'm talking about. My point is that overall, anti-porn movements serve the social function of trying to get men to be more dependent on women. Your attempts to make ad hominem attacks against the person pointing this out does nothing to actually invalidate the point. If anything, I agree with you that far too many men lack the willpower they really need, and those men are one of the most major problems in the world. To put it in colloquial terms, they're the beta orbiters, the enablers of women. Well guess what? They don't care about your criticism of them. They'll gladly continue to spend their life savings on onlyfans, or in more traditional terms, on supporting (and spoiling) some leech of a wife. All anti-porn movements do is exacerbate how desperate these sad, pathetic little bastards are, and makes the problem worse. Not only should porn be widely available, specifically to mitigate these beta orbiters as much as possible, but porn is only a stopgap until robowaifus are widely available. The better and cheaper those get, the more they'll take beta orbiters off the market, and stop those beta orbiters from supporting and enabling women as much as they do. Who knows? Maybe eventually, without enough beta orbiters supporting their bad actions, women would be incentivized to stop their bad actions, and start acting with some humanity instead. Perhaps that dream is a bit too farfetched, but either way, we'll never even get close to it unless we take as many beta orbiters off the market as possible.
If Americans are ever released from house arrest, they should go out and immediately photograph their neighborhoods. The US will be reduced to rubble and look like Detroit by 2030 with burned out and bullet-pockmarked buildings. There is no stopping this shitshow now.
>>6905 Thats a fresh take but I'm not sure porn addicted men are any more sexually satisfied than a porn free man that faps every so often. Actually you have it totally reversed. Quitting porn makes you fap less often and stops your life from revolving around pornography induced dopamine hits. Porn is what makes these beta orbiters in the first place and it isn't really taking them off the market. They're still out there, they still donate to whores online, and they are specifically the men that settle for used goods women once they're done messing around. Maybe if the typical porn addict was a mgtow type you'd be right, but they aren't.
>>6979 >Porn is what makes these beta orbiters in the first place They put women on a pedestal, porn teaches you that women are disposable. If you fap to a dozen different chicks a day, you're not gonna get oneitis for a twitch thot and buy her a house.
>>6979 Beta orbiters existed long before internet pornography, long before you could rent porn tapes, or buy porno mags. If anything, I'd be willing to bet they existed in greater numbers. Far more men were willing to literally die for women in the past, when porn was less widely available.
>>6898 I can not watch porn AND not fuck worthless whores. I've done it before. I just choose not to because it's easier. What about people like me? >>6905 >>6979 >everyone who likes porn is a beta orbiter Projection and cope. Why is it all the antiporn fags are constantly talking about how "beta" porn viewers are and how much they "lack self-control". Make no mistake, you are just as bad as the other faggot. You pretend to be pro-porn while denigrating those who watch it very obviously by saying they are "betas". None of us come up to you and demand you watch porn and if you don't call you all sorts of names. I don't see you out on the streets right now smacking around a bitch and telling her to get back in the kitchen. The only pathetic ones are you and people like you honestly because all you want to do is sit on the sidelines and whine that no one is helping you. I'm constantly doing things and making things all despite the fact I watch porn and will continue to do so. Frankly my life is far more affected by my consumption of alcohol which of course is far worse for you but considered socially acceptable. Before you even say it, no porn is not socially acceptable. This new movement proves it. This huge push to "rid the world of porn" (((for your health))) and to "shape up all those DAMNED BETA ORBITERS" proves it. But you know what, that's fine. You all keep pretending you have some pedestal to stand on. My original statement stands. Porn will always exist and you will never get rid of it. I will continue to watch it and there isn't a damned thing you can do about it and while you're getting whipped by your masters you can smugly chuckle how despite the fact you're a slave at least you're not a DIRTY PORN VIEWER. >>6979 I've never donated to any women, ever. I watch porn all the time.
>>6988 I agree. In fact, sexual energy derived from pornography, if harnessed correctly, is incredibly powerful as long as you don't nut. The secret of NoFap isn't getting rid of porn, but rather it's semen retention. Humans will never stop being horny, it's all about transmuting the energy
>>6988 >everyone who likes porn is a beta orbiter I (the pro-porn guy) never said this. But I did say that porn distracts beta orbiters and keeps them from orbiting as hard. That doesn't mean it's the only thing it does. >and to "shape up all those DAMNED BETA ORBITERS" proves it. Well no, I don't have any faith that they can "shape up." My best hope is just distracting them from doing as much damage as they usually do.
>>5789 Hola mi negro!
>>5789 You're just angry that twitter banned you. Oh well here's an alternative >>>/cuckchan/
>Porn wiped and banned from the internet Up your art skills and create a black market in private networks.
>>5960 >>5961 Sure thing glowie but letting the snake eating itself is far more effective. Just staying out of the splash zone and helping those trying to get away is more than enough.
(4.14 KB 298x264 Garth_Bio.png)

>>11741 Gods know I'm doing that right now. The future will be like LISA THE PAINFUL where porn becomes a commodity once more
>>5965 >Every first world country heads towards curbing freedoms Add third world to that
do you expect something different?
>>8162 >cum alchemy /pol/ has Wizards? Since when?
>>12190 Rationally speaking, all pedophiles should be killed on sight.
>>12190 Hi vaush
>>12216 Don't think it's him. He's too retarded to use tor effectively. He's too much of a pussy to come to a vile hive of wrongthink like this. (Jk it might actually be him.) I find it strange that he can be "rational" and "emotionally detached" about fucking kids. But somehow the idea that racial inequalities are best explained by biological differences between racial groups is too upsetting for him. (probably because it gets whites off the hook for being responsible for the failures of other races, and thstbwould mean all the hate he put towards whites was irrational prejudice based on ignorance and psychological manipulation rather than justifiably holding people to account for their actions). And he can't handle the idea that there is a large conspiracy of jews working against whites. (Because it means he's been tricked into working for a group that manipulated him into participating in the scapegoat demonization and oppression/destruction of a race that is no more guilty of any wrongdoing than any other, exactly the thing he was so proud of himself for not doing). Or how he is so upset when people pointed out the psychological differences between the sexes, that made it so that the smartest men were smarter than the smartest women, and that men were the best leaders, problem solvers, and innovators. (The trannies in women's sports thing made the gender pay gap as it applied to physical labor an obsolete talking point, and I've also noticed that the issue of false sexual assault accusations has died down quite a bit, along with the issues of the portrayal of women in works of fiction). He also crumbles at learning about any history beyond the simplistic "evil whites" narrative he's been indoctrinated with, I bet he looks at that cartoon in "bowling for columbine" and thinks there's nothing wrong with that telling of American history. (It would absolutely kill him to realize that his historical education has been carefully edited to push the idea that whites are evil into his head, the true takeaway of history from anyone who actually knows it is that whites are no different from any other race when it comes to how they treated those of other races, or their own race, for that matter, and that the circumstances of the place and time were always more of a driving factor for their actions than bigotry, simple game theory would predict that aggression is only resorted to in response to aggression, with peaceful cooperation being the default to which one would prefer to return to where possible) And he would completely fail at understanding economics or politics, and why his marxist ideas can only work in the head of soneone detached from reality, who does not think of these matters in terms of mechanics regarding how things would work and how they could go wrong, but only in the realm of sentimental platitudes and simplistic ideals. Lastly, he'd be unable to handle the truth regarding that sacred event which must never be questioned, the holocaust, and whether Hitler was truly evil, or just a good leader that was only doing what was justified by the situations he found himself in.
>>12218 >And he would completely fail at understanding economics or politics, and why his marxist ideas can only work in the head of soneone detached from reality, who does not think of these matters in terms of mechanics regarding how things would work and how they could go wrong, but only in the realm of sentimental platitudes and simplistic ideals. It's often pointed out that he's seemingly incapable of logical thought. He identifies with every jewish ideology that was engineered to bring the downfall of the white race. His inability to think and his blind will to cling to senseless destruction like marxism makes him the epitome of what they want in their goy cattle.
you people dont seem to get it this was all intended they get you addicted by introducing something with tons of features and then scale it back when it becomes necessary theyre getting rid of all the cool stuff because the internet was originally intended to mind control you and be an inescapable method of control
>>12241 It's a part of their endgame for us. They know that humanity has a natural fascination with techology that will eventually result in humanity merging with technology, or at least they think that is what will happen. We're witnessing transition into the final phase of evolution. Whether or not the process was inevitable, it's been hijacked and is being streamlined. They control the global technological infrastructure that humans will merge with, once it happens and if they succeed they will have complete collective control over the entire human race.

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