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(21.28 KB 1000x600 coincidence-flag.jpeg)

The Coincidence Detector is Back! Anonymous 12/25/2020 (Fri) 04:55:41 Id: 30a377 No. 5833
https://coincidencedetector(Please use archive.today)/ Merry Christmas /pol/acks. Version 14.88.28 of the Coincidence Detector has been released, and it's working again. Changes: - Judas Watch integration was disabled, because https://judas.watch/ has disappeared. - IPFS URLs were disabled, because I'm not happy with IPFS's performance. I also want to handle decentralization of the list in a more low-tech way going forward. - Firefox's postMessage implemenation became more strict since 2 years ago, so a Firefox-specific fix for that had to be made. https://coincidencedetector(Please use archive.today)/
Thanks anon. This really helps out.
Americans say that China invented the Wuhan flu, but what if the virus just naturally occurred? Who do you blame for smallpox? If China invented the virus, are the Chinese immune? What if the virus was made by the CIA?
(49.55 KB 680x526 Ebola 1.jpg)

>>5833 Checked and based. Bonus points for getting the URL fucked up because of how autistic the site is. >>5840 Thanks for providing traffic to the site you spamming nigger. I hope you get visited by Ebola Chan.
>>5843 >Bonus points for getting the URL fucked up because of how autistic the site is. Sorry about the broken link. I don't comre here too often, so I didn't know. I'm just trying to get the word out to various jew fighting factions around the net. It's at coincidencedetector dot com .
>>5843 stop responding to that gay bot. its nothing new brother, i saw that shit for the first time (still using the exact same sentences) almost two years ago on nextchan.org. its just jew shit larping as a chink to try and get more European men killed in another pointless war. ignore and move on
>>5856 > coincidence detector > for windows meh
>only supports kike browsers lol. get fucked op
>>5913 OS doesn't matter with these plugin ins you dumb cunt.
>>5952 What browser do you want? There's also a UserScript version you can use with GreaseMonkey/TamperMonkey/ViolentMonkey. https://archive.vn/entv5
Anyone have a backup of judas.watch? I forgot to spider it when it was up. It looks like the post about the backup from 2016 has been (((deleted)))
>>7739 Here's the tar.gz full of JSON files.
>>7739 You must have been tracking the thread on 8kun. https://8kun.top/pnd/res/189533.html#197600 One of my scripts accidentally deleted it, but I just put it back now. I promise you, it wasn't (((deleted))) on purpose. It was just a dumb accident. It's the same file as the one posted here. >>7874
>>7874 >685 names Pretty fucking weak but I guess beggars can't be choosers.
>>7880 They had much more data in the years after 2016. Unfortunately, I didn't take another snapshot, because I didn't think they'd go offline. The snapshot I had was on the hard drive of my old laptop where I first wrote the code to play with the judas.watch API.
>>5833 >Useless Proprietary software that adds nothing but Parenthesis.
(93.78 KB 467x547 1616170959750.png)

gonna test to see if it works properly Mark Zuckerberg George Soros some anon in a 4chan thread said that the bigger the jew someone is the more echos are added to there name, idk if thats an intended feature, ive provided a pic for an example
>>5840 This is your brain on judaism. Arguing about shit that doesn't exist.
For all the retard faggots who forgot to update the Surname DB, this is the one from http://www.americanlastnames.us A Machine Learning system is being made to identify Kosher Surnames so that Coincidence Detector will not have to such anymore. Dataset https://files.catbox.moe/qmggoh.json and Scraper https://files.catbox.moe/ff06pw.py
So it detects Elizabeth Holmes as jewish, but I can't find any evidence of her being a kike.
>>10508 I think she got inducted into kikedom on behalf of her extensive efforts to advance kikery. Truly a lifetime devoted to being a kike.
>>10561 So she's not jewish, just a really good goy.
>>8506 It's a spammer routinely banned on 16chan. I suggest the admins take the rare step of banning the bitch nigger anytime he posts in that format because he is a spamming ass bitch nigger. KKK. Thank you.
I saw this post on fedi-chan and was wondering if these claims are valid?
>>8486 > no degree why the most American IT geniuses have not degree or they got them like "oh, man, you are so rich, take a diploma, it's a gift, from our University"?
>>10508 >Elizabeth Holmes this? either a Jew or a BigFoot.
>>6053 > Americans need a special script to detect Jews > (((Kogan))) lolish lol. Americans, what planet are you from? coz obviously it's not our Earth
Doesn't seem to be working anymore.
>>12512 And now it decides to start working again.
>>5843 I love ebola chan
(178.21 KB 1366x768 screen.jpg)

nice, it seems to work well. it will need some updating though, (((Larry Fink))) is arguibly more responsible for the downfall of western civilization than anyone alive today (at least concerning people who's existence is common knowledge) through Blackrock's ESG scores. He is also definitely Jewish. If you havent gone down the Blackrock/Vanguard rabbithole yet you really should, they own literally everything. Go onto any financial site and chek out any major public company that you ca thnk of nd you willsee those two names as majority shareholders. Hedgefunds get the bullet. Blackrock (through ESG scores) are the main reason for corporatons (especially those in the enetertainment and media industry) going oke over the last cople of decades, its not just pandering, they have real financial incentive to spout the shit they do. When people say a certain company is on the nose's payroll he is the one they mean whether they know it or not, Larry Fink is THE nose the fucking proto-kike. loo into it. >inb4 doxxing myself, Alex isnt my real name
>>13625 fuck I can't spell worth shit at the moment apparently, i should definitely proofread better when i'm drinking the Russian stuff. I noticed that i left out the main point behind this post making me look like a rambling schizophrenic, i was searching some names to see how well your addon works and i noticed that Larry Fink and his organizations don't echo, you should add a feature on the site to allow us to submit suggestions and you can review and add them over time.
>>5833 kek I knew there had to be purpose to the jew tag. I've got an interesting idea and I just posted it here https://8chan.moe/pol/res/14962.html#q14963 if you want to check it out

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