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(224.01 KB 1024x1024 karen magas for you.jpg)

MAGA Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 19:19:56 Id: 7cfcbd No. 7153
Reminder that President Trump never conceded in pubic. And President Trump never congratulated Biden, denying a win confirmation personally. President Trump is still "A" President of the USA. Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9168175/Donald-Trump-DID-leave-Joe-Biden-letter-Oval-Office-desk.html?ci=70073&si=24249205 MAGA until 2024. And then MAGA on after that! > MAGA!
Hello yes. Is this le thread?
Don't be cruel OP, they've already got their shit shoved in.
(161.93 KB 899x1200 Trump needs you.jpg)

>>7153 MAGA!
MAGA. Ready for 4 more years of MAGA USA from the glorious 2nd White House? > I'm MAGATASTIC ready!
Good to see all the patriots here.
>>7153 Based bread. Q has predicted this, trust in the plan. MAGA!
>>7153 STARVA
For fuck's sake man, he's out already. Biden got away with it. Trump isn't relevant anymore until 2024, if he doesn't get suicided first.
>>7261 For fuck's sake, I tried to sage.
(6.48 MB 640x360 gga.webm)

>>7262 make like a tree and leaf
>>7153 You can't sage yet, there's four more years to go of MAGA and then maybe a 2nd Trump official term. Until then Prez Trump is a Shadow President of the USA! > MAGA
>>7230 >Q has predicted this, trust in the plan. MAGA! >Q faggotry >trust the plan, literally sit on your ass and do nothing goyim!
https://nordicresistancemovement(Please use archive.today)/eric-striker-trump-never-backed-white-nationalists/ >Reminder that Trump condemned White Nationalists early on.
>>7301 Fuck your 'archive'
>>7153 This is like saying the Third Reich government still runs Germany just because they technically never gave up power, except it's even worse than that fantasy because you're coping with the loss of a jewish pressure release valve.
(113.60 KB 600x561 maga salute cute mask.jpg)

>>7328 Left wing, big government deep state liberal Dems adminstration's are the real Third Reich++ of the USA. When they aren't burning the USA flag, that is. I'll stick with Shadow Prez Trump, thanks. MAGA!
>Thinking a Shadow President can have any power whatsoever when even the Actual President does not I don't know what the fuck your question is, man, but Trump is not and has never been the answer. If nothing else, he's a Jew in disguise. Has Jews in his family, pays service to them, pays money to them. That alone should be enough for you to jump off the MAGA train and never look back, not even counting everything else that's even more wrong with him than every other politician.
>>7343 Tell me you're trolling
So have the Qtards committed mass sudoku yet or just diaspora'd into the normalfag interbutts shitting up little corners with their inexplicable continued lunacy? I'm suddenly remembering the flip side to this with that 'Hilary Won' website that pretended the stumbly old hag had defeated Trump long past her defeat, anyone genuinely falling into that same estuary of madness now is past saving.
>>7389 No, and there isn't any point in spending the extra energy trolling. I suspect you are going to find out the hard way just how big a government can get under big government deep state Biden. >>7391 When the US civil war ended the confederacy side vanished into thin air. Some said the confederacy were biding their time. Same as now. MAGA! It looks like we are going to get 4 more years of Trump as a Shadow President with a new office. https://www.msn(Please use archive.today)/en-us/news/politics/trump-opens-office-to-e2-80-98carry-on-e2-80-99-his-administration-e2-80-99s-agenda/ar-BB1d5l2q Leaner government, Jobs Jobs Jobs, border controlled America will be great again. In four years or so. One way or another.
>>7391 >have the Qtards committed mass sudoku yet or just diaspora'd into the normalfag interbutts As per usual, when their nebulous nonsense goals didn't get fulfilled by their latest meme hero, they moved onto the next schmo who flows, because Trump is cold product. They think Trump losing the election and Biden becoming President must actually have been part of the Big Plan after all. This is why the "winning" meme was so powerful; these retards are so indoctrinated into their cult that they think anything that happens, no matter how horrible, is still somehow a success. Gestapo police could walk up to them and gouge out their eyes, tear out their arms and legs, and smash their dicks with a hammer, and they'd STILL think this is what's supposed to happen, that Q is still in charge, and that things are going to turn for the better any time now. Honestly, it's identical to Christfags and their bullshit about how every horror ever inflicted in the world is part of "God's plan" and that if you question why small children are getting raped or blown to pieces in war, it's because you just don't understand the thinking of the Almighty Creator. >>7396 It's funny how conservatards are always screaming about big government bad, but then they're the ones who want the government to control your religion, control who you have sex with, control when and how you have children, and force the corrupt crony "free market" on everyone.
>>7396 Nah, you can't convince me you're actually that stupid. I know you're trolling. Why do you feel the need to degrade this backwater?
(99.85 KB 750x900 karen MAGA magical girl.jpg)

>>7397 >>7407 From my point of view, you are the trolls. As to why I'm involved at all, that is private, confidential even. I will say that I know some Americans personally who were "concerned" about Prez Obama and Biden (when VP) which has led to this present day situation, and that I still have heart strings left to pull, which surprised me. I thought I was immune to sticking my neck out these days but apparently not so. We'll always have MAGA. The MAGA journey over the past 4 years was sort of magical, in a way that visiting a wonderland is magical. And still will be, if the plan works. The rest is up to history, and the concerned Americans I know and their side of the political USA line, to decide. If I have offended anyone, I am not a troll and all I can do is ask for forgiveness. To those I have not offended: > MAGACADABRA! See you around in 4 years or so again. Hopefully. It's been great.
>>7413 Fuck off.
>>8002 Incidentally, now Prez Trump was acquitted at Congress recently, I will be promoting shadow Prez Trump & MAGA until at least 2024 here. And maybe a long time beyond that. > MAGA!
>>8171 If we used the coordinates 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W instead of 34.3853° N, 132.4553° E to launch a nuke the world would be a much better place right now.
(270.51 KB 720x386 Muhammad cynical.png)

>>8171 So when you're kicking Boris out of office and put a skinhead instead? Apparently the chinkvirus can't stop sandniggers from stealing and raping real life lolies.
(44.40 KB 441x245 karen a bit drunk on MAGA.jpg)

>>8233 Time for domed cities? Very sci fi. >>8234 It's too late for us. If the liberals and government don't like my attitude then they only have themselves to blame for creating this situation in the first place. That was one of the reasons MAGA was so backed, Prez Trump protec' them. Now the gates might open for the USA, but I don't really know for sure. With shadow Prez Trump getting acquitted, I have some hopes that the flood gates will stay shut to rapefugees if the next 4 MAGA years influence USA mass immigration. Time will tell.. And Happy Q Day, MAGA frens. Not that anything Q happened. But because the Trump hating mass media made today Q Day, 4th March every year will be Q Day from now on. QQ mass media.
>>7396 >>8255 The schizophrenia of this character is too jarring to be believed lad. Oh well it's not like anyone cares anyway.
>>8259 Haha I guess that's the problem with me caring, other people have problems with it. I hope you had a nice Q Day too. I don't have to worry about these problems any more. MAGA is bigger than me, bigger than you, bigger even than Q. MAGA will carry itself over the years without me having to be bothered about trolling retorts anymore or write a post or thread, but I probably will. I'm alright with that, MAGA will do what it has to do over the years and MAGA will go on just fine. Maybe MAGA will even surpass Prez Trump in the long term, perhaps that's one of Donald Trump's aims in the bigger picture of things, I don't know. But Trump knows. I'm looking forward to finding out what President Trump has planned for MAGA in the future. Happy Q Day, every year, on March 4th from now on, to you all.
Bow before president Pelosi
Salutations, MAGA frens. Prez Trump never fell over like a geriatric in a nursing home in front of all the cameras boarding AF1, just saying. I guess the Curse of Trump is real, who knew? Have a great and trippy Friday, USA! Step on. > MAGA Sauce: https://nypost(Please use archive.today)/2021/03/19/biden-falls-as-he-climbs-up-stairs-to-air-force-one/
Is this ironic?
>>7153 stay sour, stupid retard No "leader" ofd this world leads in your advantage. Kill yourself for following literallyt anybody ever in this wretched world.
>>8419 "NO U!" > MAGA!
>>7153 Greetings and salutations, MAGA frens! MAGA USA is open for business once more! The USA will be great again online. The masters of the universe can't try to BTFO out prez Trump forever. You don't pick on Prez Trump and get away with it without consequences, social media universe gods or not (yes you Twitter and Facebook). Prez Trump is back online with 45office(Please use archive.today)! Another milestone for 2024. Fasten your seatbelts, MAGA frens. It has begun. 45office(Please use archive.today) > MAGA!
MIGAniggers still exist? Go back to 8kunt.
>>8888 Wasted Hitler quads.
(186.66 KB 1280x720 karen 4 more years of MAGA.jpg)

>>8888 >>8889 We exist. Phear us! Four more years of MAGA! And beyond. 8 kun kinda sucks, we'll be here forever. > MAGA!
>>8888 (heil'd) Give it a few years and all the Qoomers will disappear just like chanology and pretty much everything else like it in the past. We're unfortunately in the dark after period of when good shitposts turn in newfag influx then into slow steady degredation then after everything is wasted the old ways will return and then cycle continues.
>>7153 Greetings, MAGA frens! I'm really hoping Prez Trump decides to run for re-election in 2024, Prez Trump took a lot of flak and shrapnel and could have just played golf and hung out in 5 star restaurants instead of being Prez, but Prez Trump can see that the USA is going badly under rigged election Biden and maybe that will be enough for Prez Trump to throw his MAGA cap into the election ring. I really do hope so. All the mass migration and money woes ahead can't be described adequately here. Maybe it will be enough to get Prez Trump back to fight for the Oval Office! For example: https://www.foxnews(Please use archive.today)/politics/biden-border-crisis-texas-costs-greg-abbott Prez Trump will always be shadow Prez anyway. > MAGA!
(257.97 KB 1037x1248 MAGA karen mask cute desk.jpg)

>>7153 Salutations, MAGA frens! Just here to tell you about Prez Trump's new social platform web address so you can keep up with our MAGA prez views: https://www.donaldjtrump(Please use archive.today)/desk It so cool to have somewhere else to go instead of Twitter or rigged election Biden's spin doctor webpages. It's somewhere else to go. And it feels Great again! > MAGA!
>>9141 Sage and report spam threads.
Fuck jannies
I can't wait for Ivanka and Jared to tell us how we need to flatten the curve for Israel and ban guns so black people can rob grandma.
There's an identity crisis adrift. Trumpsters live in an imaginary timezone; the 50's are gone, and babies don't boom. Babe Ruth is now Abdul, and TSA is at the ballpark. There's a knock at the door as we sleep in the midnight of political control. Patriots are ignored and smeared. Political correctness is dictated by jewish autocrats. Political blackmail is committed on capital hill, and jews legislate from the bench. Democracy is awarded to the highest bidder, and you're nothing. You're not even a number. You're a digit. It's a knock at midnight that scares you out of your sleep, "Whose there?", you cry, no reply. You ask again; but you won't get up! "There's no justice in this world" you say, and go back to bed. Sleep on, dreamer, sleep on. The FEMA camps are stocked with widescreen TV's, and Dunkin' Donuts has the concession stands. You can die in your sleep, and in your sins, can not hear a thing.
The news is now pushing the narrative that Trump will be back come 2024: > US and EU need to write the rules for new technologies before China, says US Secretary Raimondo https://archive.ph/wMeh1
>>9557 Meaningless if the electron fraud doesn't get pulled from under the rug it was swept under.
>>9557 He will be back earlier after the fraud blows up on the rat's faces.
>>7153 >literal one and done ZOG emperor Q-LARP spam thread left up for 5 months Holy shit.
>>9561 Which one isn't the ZOG emperor?
(82.63 KB 890x1010 karen MAGA happy pose.png)

>>9561 Thanks for bumping. 2024 isn't that far away. Enjoying a great summer reminding everyone that Prez Trump never conceded in public. Prez trump is still shadow Prez. That election was rigged! > MAGA!
He's going back in this year.
"Two more weeks! Trust the plan! Trump is still secret president! Biden is in gitmo! Clinton is under arrest!" Bunch of fucking retards, shut the fuck up with this stupid shit. I'm more right-wing than any of you fucking pussies and even I know that it's over. Deal with it you weak pieces of shit. Put up or shut up. Revolt or gtfo. No one is coming to save you. There is no "secret plan" you dumb fucks. They won because the right became soft as fuck and capitulated to everything the left wanted incrementally over time.
stop with this stupid trump shit, he is a jew lover and a nigger lover. one party system
We know China is actively working against the US which the Jews are suckling in the final stages of their parasitism. Are these two factions going to hot war each other? Americans won't lift a finger about all this while the bread and circuses are present & let's admit those things aren't going anywhere. We live in interesting times. I want to see how it all ends. Now that we're reaching 4th of July without meeting the euthanasia Vaxx numbers & the Biden administration resorting to telling bald-faced lies, what should we expect will happen before the year ends? A second Great Depression would be nice or even another Civil War. Someone has to know!
(397.42 KB 1200x848 trump karen maga meme.jpg)

Prez Trump is still shadow Prez. And has hinted of a 2024 presidential election bid. Can't wait! Incidentally a new social media platform by team Trump has just launched, called GETTR. > MAGA 4ever!
>>9774 Zero effort. Fuck off.
>>9775 NO U! MAGA!
>>9776 As much as I would want to trust Trump, why is he and his kids in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book? Why was Trump attending the Clinton's weddings and acting like he was good friends with them? Why did he call Epstein a "terrific guy"? As far as I'm concerned, Trump is part of the pedophile kosher kabal as well.
(1.83 MB 500x552 karen extra MAGA cute.gif)

>>10275 I already considered what to say about this matter in late 2020. He's dead so can't testify, which is where that theory falls flat. Not even listening anymore. Nice try though. On a different note I barely even think about what Trump might do in the future or if Trump is interested in a 2024 election run anymore. Time is passing, MAGA has gone on and so has Trump. Water under the bridge. But Prez Trump still HAS NOT conceded in public. Which makes the 2020 election vote recount(s) even more interesting. Trump Reinstatement? Don't know. Trump 2024 election attempt? Maybe and with new US electoral reform too. MAGA!
>>10298 Don't forget that the passenger list and pictures were rolled out only after Clinton connections to Epstein Island started to make a splash. Considering how hard the opposition had wanted to crush Trump's prospects of being elected, they could could put that out there a lot earlier. What's the true nature of it all? I couldn't say. An awful lot of people who move in those circles visited at some point. There's nothing that's been presented in either case to satisfy habbeus corpus. But we do know for sure one of them has a long history of sexual misadventures while in the other case we have a playboy who changed supermodel wives a couple of times, seemingly on reasonably good terms. Without further detail I don't think it really says a lot either way.
>>10298 Don't worry. You'll kill yourself soon enough.

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