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(68.29 KB 596x782 fuckingreminder.png)

Why is the internet getting shittier and more controlled? Anonymous 06/06/2020 (Sat) 01:05:27 Id: 68fe08 No. 723
It just never stops The death of the internet archive, ICANN, EART IT Bill, Article 13/17, fucking Flash dying... It's like a black fucking hole consuming everything in its path Not even the most corporate and safest shit for braindead retards will be left
>Why is the internet getting shittier and more controlled? Do you really need to even ask?
>>723 Goddammit, I just KNEW they were going to go after the Archive eventually. I may just donate to them, if it seems like it will help them mount a legal defense.
>>723 Well flash dying is kind of understandable. But some people went around and backed up most flash games and made a steam-like client for downloading and playing them offline which is pretty cool. I wonder how Newgrounds will handle it.
>>723 do we have more details on the lawsuit?
>>723 Why? Because people aren't killing jews as they should. Everyone just wants to endlessly larp and circle around endless preparations and optics instead of definitive action. Guess what happened after years of waiting for the optimal opportunity to act? Defeat. That is what happened. And we keep being defeated and the jews keep expanding their control, while cowards keep screaming about "wait and prepare" instead of mass killing the kikes.
> Why is the internet getting shittier and more controlled? Humans are getting shittier and LESS controlled. It's called decadence. Life is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
>come here >/fascist/ fucking gone What is this? (((Who))) could be behind this?
>>755 Go to their board on Cafe. Apparently the BO did it at the behest of some autist sperging.
(1.34 KB 15x8 ghst 1.png)

(548.00 B 15x8 ghst .png)

(216.65 KB 860x834 no place like home1.jpg)

(106.50 KB 720x441 no place like home2.jpg)

(185.49 KB 1100x619 no place like home3.jpg)

(549.05 KB 643x643 no place like home4.png)

(471.75 KB 750x916 no place like home5.jpg)

I wonder if facebook's hate meme detecting AI can detect these.
(138.82 KB 1200x798 no place like home6.jpg)

>>723 >fucking Flash dying Learn about projectors.
(2.25 MB 1920x1040 benign-confounder.mp4)

>>780 >facebook's hate meme detecting AI If you had ever bothered to look up the memes used for learning data, you would see that they are nowhere close. At best they might simply continue with their previous censorship and then claim that all of it was done by the AI to absolve themselves of any responsibility. Soundless because that is how the original file is.
(36.03 KB 604x604 1592524754817.jpg)

>Why is the internet getting shittier and more controlled? Because juden are getting scared.
>>723 Reddit, Twitter, 4chan, youtube, even Imageboards mean nothing, they're just different websites in name only and everything looks the same everywhere. I see Paul Joseph Watson and his videos are just twitter screencaps and 4chan memes, there's no difference between them. I never saw things like that on twitter a few years back.
>>723 The internet was supposed to be anonimous, but the globohomo see that they could make money from people clicks and to promote this new behavior they drop some coins for the plebs and here we are
(38.49 KB 590x257 fuck.PNG)

Remember article 13 aka article 17? That shit is still not dead yet. FUCK!!!! https://www.change.org/p/bundesregierung-mitspracherecht-f%C3%BCr-junge-menschen
>>1864 Until Europe gets their shit together and kills the EU, this crap will only get worse as they get more control.
>>1864 can you guys and the muslims make peace and just fucking chimp out
What's with that petition by a negress that has nothing to do with copyright filters but with bringing the progressive youth into German parliament?
>>1865 At the very least, countries like Poland will be a perpetual thorn in the EU's side until the EU finally gets moved to the trashbin of history. Not only do the Poles present a massive financial burden to the EU, they also pretty consistently have popular policies which go against the grain of the EU, especially the popular views on homosexuality, transvestites, immigration, usw.
>>9187 Hence why killing all the elites is a necessity. And it WILL be done.
>>9197 Yeah not really looking good pal. It seems that the elites will probably be here to stay. It doesn't seem that much is going against their plan. But perhaps something will happen where there is a chance to regain freedom for people. I'm just not sure if it will happen during our lifetime.
It is a natural consequence of Web 2.0. During Web 1.0 people hosted their own servers and content was shared freely amongst people as to what they themselves held for important rather than what some automated system decided for them. But most notably, websites were largely read-only. You could only see whatever the site owner would put on the site himself. If there was something that you posted onto a site, it was through contacting the owner himself directly. With the rise of 2.0, websites arose where people would post content onto an automated shared platform hosted from a singular server held by a singular user. This content allowed these places to make a pretty decent profit off of people willingly posting content on the site through ad-revenue. And with rising content creator count there was also rising viewer count and thus also a rise in advertisement revenue: what you end up with is a positive feedback loop that results in the website expanding and growing its influence far further than what one would expect from a simple read-only website. The death of the internet is due to rapid and persistent centralisation, which as a natural consequence of this centralisation also leads to the consolidation of power we see today. Enter legislation and share-holders into the mix, creating the stagnant and lifeless internet you see today. The formation of a central point is what allows for legislative bodies and corporations to be able to attack and influence what people are and aren't allowe to see. Unlike torrenting which to this day is undefeated no matter how hard governments have tried to clamp down on things like TPB and Limewire due to those things being largely decentralised, Web 2.0 sites and "cloud" computing services as a whole are incredibly easy to intimidate and control. And yes, among Web 2.0 is also the very website we are on right now, but at the same time there is also the community surrounding it: if one imageboard dies, people will move onto the next. We already have the means by which to find each other even if we do not know the identity of any individual user, there are commonly accepted cultural conventions that allow us to find one another in the event of site death. We simply look to a different imageboard hosted by another user in a nigh-identical format. It's decentralisation by what could be described as a disjointed webring. This type of community agreement makes it a lot closer to the 1.0 websites of old than something like Facebook or Youtube, even if the barebones website itself is still Web 2.0. The solution is simple but at the same time it requires an active effort, making it more difficult than the 2.0 passive consumerist internet lifestyle. It is to return to the decentralised roots of the web: people hosting their own content and sharing it amongst themselves. Not relying on a central node but rather relying on a distributed if not completely decentralised network. And it may seem outlandish to propose to go back to read-only websites but you see that same Web 1.0 sort of revival through Tor. All those "weird" places you see on the deep web? Those are the same type of websites people were running during 1.0, just in a more modern image and using new technology.
(132.07 KB 1885x1060 (((who))).jpg)

>>755 >What is this? (((Who))) could be behind this? (((Who))) could it be? This is an imageboard run by a retard with an (((interracial))) fetish and a fat jew who gets off to trannies. Of course shit like this was bound to happen.
the textfiles guy didn't want archiveteam to help out exhentai so good riddance I hope the internet archive (aka garbage bin of shareware isos) dies so we can go back to good old fashioned underground sites for vintage content
the old internet was way more jewish, /pol/ didn't even exist back then. it's only with the advent of the new internet that people have begun waking up, and you shills would take all that away just for "muh feels", "muh nostalgia". you stupid cow sheeple just want to chew your cud and be pleased by an 80s style ZOG, literally if they pandered to that you fucking idiots would lap it up and become hyper-conformists. go away low-iq or jew shills, pls.
>>9292 He says as he posts on an imageboard run by a kike and a blacked avatarfag that is an offshoot from an imageboard run by a cripple (who has since left the site and joined the leftist journos in order to pay his bills), a boomer and that very same boomer's autistic hapa son. Which itself was an offshoot from an imageboard run by a kike that has since been bought up by a nip that sells mod powers to the highest bidder. Is this the "way less jewish" internet you are referring to? Add to this the fact that 8kun's /pol/ also used to be run by a Turkroach for the longest time, while the /v/ on this very site is run by the same jew that ran the one on 8kun. No? Well surely you must mean the internet outside of it then. Most of which is nowadays either run by Google, Amazon or Facebook or dependent on services under their control for both ensuring their site's functionality and for funding. Google's parent company is owned by two jews, Facebook is owned entirely by a singular jew and Amazon is owned by a non-Jew. There's at least that, at least up to 1/3 of the "less jewish" internet ISN'T controlled by them.
>>9263 >what is usenet >what are BBS
It's getting more corporate and optimized for the lowest common denominator. It seems to be that this is a common process that happens to every fad that has enough momentum to get companies behind it. Crypto will go there soon enough. We will probably watch this in real time shortly, as governments are scrambling to regulate it right now. On the internet archive, has the archive ever been really enough of a game changer for anyone to offset its tremendous running costs? I also don't particularly think it's useful that teenage angst and shitposting done before people know about opsec is preserved forever ripe for some asshole to pick through and use as ammunition later in life. On the flip side, some media would be lost if it went away, and, I guess records of politicians' views and other trivia. Given how we seem incapable as a species of holding politicians to account to their past even when they don't make much of an effort to disguise their disgusting pasts, I'm very skeptical this is a big deal. Is there something I'm missing?
>>9312 Smartphones opened the floodgates of the internet to the masses and the internet got dumbed down as a result of it. Doesn't help that social media is popular either which opened the floodgates to censorship and censorship by the far left.
we've entered a new cold war ever since governments learned to backdoor and hack your minds... no one likes outsiders manipulating your subjects/citizens, apparently. so we'll either see isolationism in ways previously doubted or something worse.
is tor captured?
>>9399 I don't know what you mean by captured, but feds and everybody else with a shit to give have been running exit nodes since forever, so it's not like you should really expect any real privacy if you're doing something they actually care about. It's more like hiding in a crowd of prostitutes, drug dealers, bums, and petty thieves so that you don't get noticed and an average person wouldn't be able to single you out at will.
I have previously advocated for the abolishing of the internet archive in its entirety. I believe in 'Right to be Forgotten' principles and the internet archive poses one of the biggest impediments to those principles.
>>9440 I can smell your fucking (((nose))).
>>9399 No. Even with shitloads of nodes being compromised by the US government, they still struggle against Tor. Obviously it isn't the magic bullet people previously thought it to be that provides 100% foolproof anonymity and guaranteed safety, but it still does its job.
>>723 >wow i refuse to do a single fucking thing to reclaim my nation from the jews >literally nothing, ever >in any way, shape, or form >physically >or ideologically >WHY IS EVERYTHING STILL GETTING WORSE >thread exactly 1 year old Fucking poetry.
>>1864 Not surprised. Than again I have a feeling we will see a two way split of the EU one day
>>9443 What exactly are you proposing he do? Load up his guns and commit a "general direction" hate crime where he manages to maybe kill two random jew teens before he gets arrested or shot? Then he's demonized in the media for about a week and everyone moves on? The world isn't a Postal or Duke Nukem game kiddo. Your problems aren't just going to be solved by shooting stuff for points.
>>1865 France and Germany probably going to have a EU struggle that will drag the rest of Europe
>>8677 >the progressive youth The sooner you kill your progressive youth, the better your country will be. replace them with a new batch of youths who will obey your will only.
>Web users must accept less anonymity for more security, says expert https://archive.ph/GmVfK
(6.26 KB 241x209 jew 25 centimeters.jpg)

>>723 >Why is the internet getting shittier and more controlled? Jews. Or was that rhetorical? >>9449 Fucking this. I'm tired of edgelords or FBI or (((paid))) faggots making statements like that. One lone nut does nothing but: >kill a bunch of people who probably aren't even involved >make (((them))) MORE aware of us >gives the governments an excuse to curtail MORE rights and freedoms If DOTR every happens, it will be EVERYONE or nothing. Shaming some poor bastard because he hasn't physically run around shooting people in the face is retarded.
>>723 Find out who the executives are of these companies and post here AT LEAST. Don't post the damn company. It's now down to individual scum
>>9449 >paid shill INSTANTLY talks about ‘lone wolf’ bullshit >incapable of comprehending that ANY other avenue of attack exists >sets up a false dichotomy and then tears it down, forcing people to think the only option is to do nothing EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Neck yourself.
Open internet as we knew it was a genuine mistake on their part. They will usher in a "cyber pandemic" and shut it down, reopening a new, "secure" internet that is more like cable TV 2.0 like that ancient meme that imagined paying different subscriptions for access to different normalfag sites. ID will be mandatory for everything.
I've been saying it for the past decade. But the internet needs to be burned down and rebuilt up. If there only was a way to keep (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s out, like an extremely aggressive virus, which requires you to know what you're doing while going online. I just want the death of all this artificial level 0 internet.
>>9522 The last time 4chan was ever good was in like 2009 or 2010 when /b/ was completely overrun with botspam of an image that told you to change its extension to exe and open it. Kept the newfags well at bay, and though you needed to search a little to find a non-bot thread, when you did find them, they were good. And it was easy to find, because it was super easy to identify the botspam. moot instituting the captcha did away with it, but also tanked the quality of the site.
>>9522 Internet already started like that. Face the facts and confront the government.
>>9501 You are correct about fed posting for instance I know messing with jews image actively and stealing from them makes them suicidal. This isn't illegal and you don't get you on a list. You can literally pretend to be them to steal from them and thats a tactic White criminals need to adopt when they get caught for a crime claim you are jewish and other jew supremacist made you do it just to waste their time anyway. You can go around all the synagogues and expose the money laundering from getting hired as security card or becoming a regular then set up your own surveillance. Then let it out to niggers jews keep money in their synagogues. The poway cowboy kid john did so much damage to jews he got a synagogue shutdown not by shooting it up by giving it attention to the massive money laundering being exposed after the the rabbi went and kvetched too much asking for donations. Its amazing that john earnest actually saved a entire rally of White People even though he didn't follow through much. Because a mexican marine muslim convert being groomed by the fbi for a false flag watched all the coverage it got shortly before he set to kill White families at a immigration rally the fbi set him up for. Said he would rather target rich jews synagogue for attention then the randoms the fbi then set to suddenly arrest the mexican marine muslim with in a hour. >>9443 >>723
>1999 We're going to fight against the government by allowing the free exchange of ideas >2019 The government now controls the exchange of ideas and information Epic
(573.38 KB 752x582 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9532 Not depressing at all...
(291.38 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)

>>9471 > replace them with a new batch of youths who will obey your will only. <Literally the same kind of docile nigger cattle that (((they))) want to turn ours into. Surely the better option would be to have a generation of people who have the virtues and intellectual capability to bring something to our civilisation.
>>9532 People severely underestimated how feasible it'd be to fight the government when they're the only people who have the money to pay for those servers -- as well as how lazy and complacent people would be to cede control so long as it didn't bother their personal experience. Were those lolcats worth it, faggots?
Didn't read every post, but what's the relationship, if any, between dot org and dot today (is, fi, etc.)?
>>9296 Tell us where we should go, then.
The internet is no longer a safe place, We are making an alternative to the internet, one that is entirely designed with total anonymity in mind. Anyone else interested in joining in on the project? We will also be creating new hardware and software for this new network, also designed with total anonymity in mind. Since it will require an entirely new setup to access it, we'd be the sole providers of the access to the network and the things required for it, we can do research on the backgrounds of all prospective customers and reject those who do not fit with our desired clientele, we'd reject service to the censorious types, and to those who associate with those types, even if the potential client seems open-minded, we will be take no chances, and assume they are trying to deceive us into letting them in. This leaves only the far right, top and bottom, as our available customer base, since these are the most consistently censored and also the most consistently standing against censorship, it goes without saying that even among these individuals, we'd be looking for anyone who was ever employed by a government, or associated with those who were, and rejecting them as clients. We'd be digging into their histories and looking to see if they are trustworthy or just pretending to be what we are looking for in order to gain access, keeping the ones who most need protection safe means keeping out those who would threaten them, anyone frustrated by this is probably someone we cannot trust. The governments of the world will do whatever they can to kill the project, even if it means killing those who work on it, thus we will act as an anonymous and decentralized collective working on parts of the project and then sending in what we have done at regular intervals, such that if one of us is gotten, we'd know it, their contributions aren't lost with them, and they cannot identify those who were collaborating with us, even if they wanted to.

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