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Where lolis are free speech and Hitler did nothing wrong

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(422.96 KB 884x1496 cc3.png)

Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 19:26:58 Id: a4e921 No. 7338
Why do Christian Q followers want Trump to take over etc, don't they believe in Biblical end times prophecies?
>>7338 It's pretty clear why you made this thread.
>>7338 You'll rarely find a christfag who follows the bible, and the ones who do are the ultimate cuckolds as the text intended.
>>7338 because 90% of those people are boomers, and boomers are retarded.
>>7393 <"C-c-christfags are pussies" >What are the Crusades >What is the Eastern Orthodoxy Sure, faggot. Not like you're entirely wrong though, but that's less an issue with the Bible and more of an issue with subversion and cowardice on those who won't point out the the issues in the fags who are teaching them false things.
(82.10 KB 679x960 biden flop.jpg)

>>7338 >Trump to take over Take over what? Trump is the duly elected POTUS.

(510.76 KB 778x1362 (((intolerance))).jpg)

(559.97 KB 769x1253 christmas in Jerusalem.jpg)

>>7393 Wishful thinking, Yaron. It's hard out there defending the Kingdom, which is why our Lord and Saviour told us to pack heat (Luke 22:36).
The Bible is based No laws regarding pedophilia, you can fuck lolis in the ass a much as you want! No laws regarding polygamy, which is why the "lolis" was in its plural form And with the advent of Jesus, its basically do what thou wilt, so long as you aren't a gentile, or a fake jew, or rich, or taking revenge, or avoiding taxes, or breaking the jewish law (it was kept orally in his time, but they got written down after the Bible became a hit, you can find most of them written in the talmud) Nah, scratch that biblical Christianity shit, the real has no connection to the Bible as a whole, but to select quotations given by people who live today and tell you what Jesus was really about, actually the biblical quotes are more like props, the real important thing is whatever the important person tells you, since they are as likely to use their own reasoning to draw their conclusions from as they are to actually go by any source material relating directly to Christianity Either way you are screwed, if you go by books, you find that Christianity is very confusing Jesus said the pharisees were awesome and should be followed, then he tells you they are the scum of the earth, he upholds jewish law and telks you has has issued no challenge to it, then tells you to ignore it and that he is the only way Makes sense when you realize he changed his mind after the pharisee rejected him as messiah after he failed their tests (the correct answer would have been to call fir the man the adulterous woman was caught with to be stoned beside her, not to equate all sins with those worthy of execution, demonstrating a lack of knowledge of the law on two major ways from just the first of his tests, in addition he claims to have God as his father, which makes him ineligible as messiah for two reasons, first it means he is not Emmanuel, which means immaculate, since he was born from adultery, as he was not raised by his father but by another man, second, it means he is not descended from David, since his genealogy traces him to David through Joseph, this means he does not have the right of blood to rule, which was a requirement that God was very insistent on keeping, killing or cursing those who took the throne without, and their supporters) He hated the jews who refused to follow him, and the hate is mutual, but he was no anyisemite, quite the opposite, he expressed a hate for gentiles far more often than for jews, while jews could follow him and be saved, gentiles get nothing but occasional charity for following him, his salvation is closed to anyone who is not a jew by birth, the best of us are dogs for the jews, according to him Jesus could not have been killed by the Roman's had he not been thought of as a jew in his time, and he would have not chased the money hangers from the temple steps if he did not care to uphold the specifically jewish laws at the time Then you find that there is extra stuff that is also officially recognized as being canonical, and you could see why it was left out, for a long time, Christians used judas as a symbol of the betrayer, but now it is known that he was following orders directly from Jesus on order to save the souls of his followers, ot also shows how judas was saved even though he committed suicide from guilt (making "why dont you kill yourself now and go to heaven?" just as valid a statement as "why not kill every Christian you know and send them all on a guaranteed trip to heaven at the low cost of damning your own soul?") Other books got even more crazy, you find that it mentions other gods as if they existed. Strange, I thought God was the only one Later you read the pre-biblical texts, and pour through biblical archeology, finding that the God of Christianity was originally just one of many in a pantheon, that the whole old testament was a lie when it came to historical accounts, the jews were never a prosperous advanced civilization, they were a rather primitive tribe of polytheistic pagan barbarians that practiced cannibalism and human sacrifice, and more importantly were o full aggro against their neighbours, even though they remained more technologically primitive than them, there were no great jewish kingdoms ruled by kings renowned for their wisdom, they lived in mud huts like niggers. They are also not at all related to the gentiles, there was no family divide that separated them, the ancient gentiles who built the pyramids and the jews who caused their fall were always two separate people This eventually caused them to be evicted from their homelands and made to live among other civilizations, whom they segregated themselves from and sought ways to conquer them from within without resorting to martial means, since they were outmatched Inbreeding and subversion were born from thus, jews originally operated as mercenaries for their host nations, betrayed the white civilizations hosting them, notably the Sumerians and the Egyptians, and allowed the enemies in to forcibly misegenate the regions into arab mutts Later jews found means as organized criminals, and from there they became bankers, they eventually found their final niche as the parasites they are doing the evil shit that got them kicked out of European lands 109 times Particularly by cozying up to the nobility and the Christian church. It was the common gentile who hated them, but the christian political and religious powers of the time that loved and protected them, passing special laws that favored the jews, and outright giving up land to them to do as they pleased with If you lived then and there, the commonly assumed hierarchy could be described simply: the ruling class of gentiles on top, the commoner class of gentiles on the bottom, and the jews in between The jews let the Muslims in, and the crusades only occurred hundreds of years later, for practical means of self-preservation, not religious causes (though the most popular religion was used in propaganda to justify the war, as it is in all wars by all sides), even then, the crusades did more damage to Whites than to arabs, the good thing about them was that while the police were weakened from the crusades, the people could bypass their government and go after jews, it was not beleif in God who was directing these purges, they were actively violating the orders of the church that they saw as synonymous with their God in order to do this Those based Christian denominations are not inspired to antijewishness by the Bible or the holy spirit, but by the personal opinions of those who founded them by leading the schism, yes, there are plenty of Christians who hate jews, but it is not their faith that leads them to this conclusion, they simply credit their faith for it, as they would any opinion that they have Christians will credit their every trivial decision to gods word or inspiration. They will hear God telling them to buy a lottery ticket, and they will, and it will be a loser. They will read in the Bible that George Bush will bring about the endtimes by fulfilling biblical prophecy and combatingthe antichrisy that is Saddam Hussain, making Jesus the lord of Iraq, and he did not These too are credited to the holy spirit and to the Bible, both of which failed, and were thus revealed to be born of personal opinion cloaked in religion Same with anyone who claims the jews are the devil, it has more to do with the observations of their actions and their inherent nature as jews than any other reason Oh but we got atheists converting and becoming right wing, yeah, just ignore that they still hate nazis and now equate them with the identity politics of the left They aren't based independent thinkers, they accept ideologies as sets that go together, not ideas that are independently believed in They joined one cult for another. Not a win at all, its the same thinking. Conservatives are just as npc as liberals, both go by principle and dogma over truth Only ethno-nationalists are free
>>7567 Ethnonationist should be ethnocentrist
>>7554 >What are the Crusades Not biblical Christianity >What is the Eastern Orthodoxy Catholicism + a few books and minus one pope, also not biblical Christianity >that's less an issue with the Bible and more of an issue with subversion and cowardice Confirmed never read the bible
>>7338 I want to marry Christ-chan and nakadashi her so much that we have 6 children
jewsus says once the jews in israel take over the world and genocide all the goyim, then we get to go to heaven. trump is israel's best friend and will make sure they conquer us asap. biden hates israel and wants stinky chinese people to genocide us instead. t. evangelicals, i think
Q-LARP is a proven hoax. No one wants the ZOG emperor back.
>>12609 better marry African-chan and you will have 12 children
>>7338 <Finland are you a spurdo?
>>7554 >What are the Crusades Wars that Christians usually lost.
>>7338 >Why do Christian Q followers want Trump to take over etc The Q propaganda is pretty good, and Q followers are mostly boomers with very little internet experience, so they are easily manipulated. We are also in the midst of a communist revolution, and they see Trump as the only person opposing it.
>>7567 >No laws regarding pedophilia, you can fuck lolis in the ass a much as you want! There are plenty of clear passages in the Bible against pedophilia https://www.gotquestions(Please use archive.today)/pedophilia.html >No laws regarding polygamy, which is why the "lolis" was in its plural form It says marriage is between a man and a women. Stop trying to make the Bible appeal the sinful nature of man.

(36.97 KB 640x527 GettyImages-131390769.jpg)

(5.45 KB 250x140 1643091943859s.jpg)

(8.33 KB 201x251 download.jpeg-11.jpg)

Q = antichrist = JFK Jr He faked his death. He is coming back to public life to fool you. He will say the right things to look based.
>>7338 > Christian Q followers 1. Don't exist, by definition. 2. Because they're brain damaged jew worshippers who would kill Jesus Christ Himself if they ever read His words.
>>14905 >tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip lol
>>14916 >would kill Jesus Christ Himself if they ever read His words Not disagreeing but which words specifically would offend them that much?
(151.36 KB 1280x720 Karen March 4th Q Day.jpg)

>>7338 It's a longshot, a big longshot that Prez Trump could get back in. I mean, this is someone who could just play golf instead of put up with the shrapnel and flak attacks of the deep establishment every day from a country Trump is trying to put first (USA) but is trying to rip Trump to shreds at the same time. There's a big bunch of scales to try and balance out before answering the great big question: "Should I run for 2024 presidential elections with the massive shitstorm it would cause me or should I play more golf instead?" Also 2024 is still some way ahead yet. Maybe MAGA will just go on as an ideal instead. Despite all of this, hope y'all had a happy Q Day this year back in early Match. MAGA!
>>15008 *Early March. MAGA!
>>15008 >Prez Trump could get back in Why would we want that? You want more laws against antisemitism, more black employment, more "legal" mass immigration, more covid shots?
>>15008 He will never lock up Hillary, he will never build the wall, he will never drain the swamp. Orange Man Bad, but unironically

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