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(116.16 KB 1280x720 FIGHT INTERNATIONAL JEWRY.jpeg)

Anonymous 01/27/2021 (Wed) 21:52:10 Id: 000000 No. 7491
There is something I have noticed from the GameStop wallstreetbets fiasco. We may fucking hate leftists but they aren't our enemy. The number one enemy is and was international jewry as was in 2012 with occupy wallstreet until the left got blinded and distracted by international jewry and made the left focus on "gender issues", "intersectionality" , "racial issues" and other shit that is caused and propagated first and foremost by INTERNATIONAL JEWRY. We may have our differences but there is one thing we agree on. The left simply does not acknowledge or name the problem while we name them. Let this be known to our brothers in arms against the hedge funds and INTERNATIONAL JEWRY. Let us go back to our roots in the name of 2012s occupy wallstreet and continue to fight where we left off! Please can someone repost this to 4chan's pol? I am not posting there with my real IP thanks. 8kun is also not letting me post through TOR.
The right doesn't acknowledge them either. It's important to focus on the true enemy, but don't forget how rehabilitating Communists worked out for Hitler. They outright refuse to acknowledge the jewish role even in the face of overwhelming evidence. They're willfully ignorant at best and malicious liars at worst. At least (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s can be led to the truth.
>>7491 All leftists must be killed, along with all jews. No mercy for the scum.
The right hates nazis and commies, both are antichristian, antidemoctratic, and antifreedom, both operate on hate and identity politics, and blah blah blah. Can we dump these assholes? They really drag us down.
>>7562 >>7563 Let me clear up my point, we will be killing leftists and rightist, we will be the third position opposing both.
>>7491 Never forget that Adolf Hitler managed to show communists that it was the jews fucking shit up, not just "the rich". I think a lot of commies will finally understand who the eternal enemy is and finally heed our warnings.
(684.75 KB 1088x778 1242623753566755647769.jpeg)

>>7491 The eternal sky father has the back of all those who defend this holy soil from those who wish to taint it.
>>7491 >We may fucking hate leftists but they aren't our enemy. True. Even if some liberals don't see kikes in the middle of everything, some of them do acknowledge the connection between corrupt media and corrupt government. They just realize the (((connection))) between them.
>>7686 Typo at the end. Should be that some leftists realize the connection between corrupt media and government, but just don't see (((who))) runs both.
(867.88 KB 884x2194 ADL anti mass-immigration.png)

>>7491 Make them aware of the kikes. Black people are more racist than whites and more primal. The only thing that has to be done, is to concentrate their anger at the right direction.
>>7491 How the fuck is some nigger loving subhuman not my enemy?
(1.77 MB 288x485 1612413182086.gif)

>>7491 Don't worry about posting this anywhere but on the chans not compromised. They are just bots and shills.

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