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(254.76 KB 608x977 cursive.png)

Learn Modern Israeli Hebrew (Ivrit) Anonymous 02/02/2021 (Tue) 14:54:33 Id: e03e90 No. 7701
Sun Tsu said that warfare consists primarily of disrupting the plans of the enemy. Thus: ITT we discuss the study of the language of the oppresson.
The first task is in tackling the alphabet. There is little poin learning the little point marks for vowels. They aren't used in anything
We'll discuss it more if people are interested. But if people aren't interested, then kikes are right that whites deserve to be slaves, if too stupid to do anything about, when you can literally just down load the books.
>look look I discovered something totally new that westerner don't know since 1000 years
>>7701 They must be killed. Their culture eradicated, along with their language. Any non-violent approach is a waste of time.
>>7709 I think that's what OP is trying to achieve.

(1.00 MB 1000x615 common core math.jpg)

(155.15 KB 900x1200 tl;dr.jpg)

IMHO there's not much to be gained by studying modern Hebrew. It's not like they're sharing some profound, original thoughts in their super-secret raghead code. It's all information that they stole from your culture where it was written much more clearly. And it usually boils down to the same fucking thing: "Poor me. I should get money for nothing because I'm special." Jews can never be a fully literate society, because they are parasites and use language primarly to obfuscate and hide the truth rather than to communicate. You have textbooks that are obfuscated to keep black kids from learning math. Imageboards spammed with CP and scat porn to keep goyim from talking to each other. Computer programs full of boilerplate to keep people from writing their own software. But all this concealment can backfire on the Jews themselves. The omitting of vowels is a great example of this. It keeps the goyim from knowing what you're saying, but there is no longer enough information in the text to reconstruct the message. So now you're dependent on an oral tradition like a bunch of fucking cavemen squatting around a campfire. As parasites they are best at looking for loopholes in documents written by other people. Original writing is not a priority. They really like "automatic writing", where you just shut your brain off and scribble away until X amount of space is filled. If you want to get into Harvard or be promoted in the Communist party you have to run a good automatic writing game. They all worship the idea of being a scholar, but do not confuse love of the idea of being a reader with love of reading. The Jews are encouraged to read because their spiritual leaders' solution to everything is to read Torah. Wife's cucking you? Read Torah. Got mugged by a schwarzer? Read Torah. Hemorrhoids acting up? Read Torah. So do they do it? Not really. They like watching TV. They like misquoting the people they need to in order to get straight As ("Sun Tsu said that warfare consists primarily of disrupting the plans of the enemy!"). But their underlining all ends after the first chapter. They really don't enjoy reading and writing.

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