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(475.41 KB 886x1200 7328yeqweq.png)

Anonymous 06/15/2020 (Mon) 11:04:07 No. 782
time for infographic pills
(256.48 KB 1169x993 ClipboardImage.png)

(37.19 KB 720x439 453892urfewi.jpg)

(237.18 KB 701x1075 blakfragility.jpg)

(337.46 KB 1193x1294 835685682828.jpg)

(510.61 KB 1500x2500 1465170651623.jpg)

(424.87 KB 1317x1652 staiq.png)

(809.82 KB 1664x5472 jewish ritual murder.png)

(88.45 KB 1319x342 armed citizens.png)

(337.46 KB 1193x1294 835685682828.jpg)

(510.61 KB 1500x2500 1465170651623.jpg)

(424.87 KB 1317x1652 staiq.png)

(809.82 KB 1664x5472 jewish ritual murder.png)

(88.45 KB 1319x342 armed citizens.png)

>Infographics thread >It's all either wordswordswords or cringe You guys are seriously getting worse than reddit in terms of meme-making.
(63.53 KB 400x400 PSG PantyPop.jpg)

(87.86 KB 1200x628 H1B.jpeg)

(86.59 KB 1024x780 Indiansed Silicon Valley.jpg)

>>798 You prefer lesser words?
>>801 5 is fantastic, 2 is bretty gud, 3 and 4 don't surprise anyone so they would be forgotten. Still, even the last two are miles better than everything else in the thread, good job anon.
>>802 I got to be honest. I've seen these images in the past but I just downloaded them hoping to try something new.
(293.85 KB 391x437 Dick Man Baby.PNG)

>>801 >Ameripoo
(135.22 KB 830x500 1589444168-0.png)

(288.00 KB 628x417 1589444168-1.png)

(466.27 KB 1366x576 cap 2020-06-15 17-01-39b.png)

coalfax taken down by the fbi
(369.65 KB 1366x600 439fdshsb.png)

(211.38 KB 1366x900 98234792ifhsh.jpg)

(703.30 KB 1600x2000 the attack on the west .jpg)

(162.54 KB 509x837 4837fhidhf.jpg)

(348.76 KB 1366x1500 38428hdidsa.png)

(442.88 KB 750x1073 543798riuewi.jpeg)

(69.76 KB 574x768 958729hhfsd1.jpg)

the last pic is a hoax, it clearly depicts a white woman and never on this earth a mix of all races would look like that
(186.71 KB 1456x1948 never_shut_their_mouths.jpg)

>>806 I didn't think the site was actually that big. I honestly doubt the FBI thing. Sure, people don't like it, and I know we live in CY+5, but surely they have other things to bother with. It seems more likely that the web dev is being threatened by someone else to keep the website down. Far as I know, having data on other people openly available isn't illegal (see every website in existence now).
>>798 Infographics aren't memes, this is an infographic thread, i know because i'm not a nigger and can read. I suggest you stop being a nigger.
>>813 >"infographics should convey information quickly, effectively, and convincingly: your /pol/ posts are not infographics, nor are your epic maymays" >REEE U R A NIGER Compare the absolutely cringeworthy meme in >>792 or the schizo rant in >>783 (or the literal blogposts all over the thread) to the actual infographics in >>801: there are obvious differences, and guess which one is the best at conveying information? If you want to read needlessly verbose essays to rile yourself up, reddit is a better option.
(78.41 KB 720x553 muslimmigration.jpg)

(132.56 KB 736x840 obfwb.jpg)

(938.33 KB 1000x4500 1435652928608.jpg)

(74.16 KB 800x600 535464589329845.jpg)

(452.61 KB 1804x2160 poh.png)

>>816 You have a point. A lot more people have finished reading Tarrant's manifesto comparing to Ted Kaczynski's manifesto. People these days are too stupid to comprehend complicated things and have really short attention spans, just like niggers. Infographics should be made with retards in mind, but still there are some non-retards around so there is still place for walls of text for people who don't find reading hard.
>>823 >People these days are too stupid to comprehend complicated things and have really short attention spans, just like niggers. Wrong and extremely self-centered. It takes very little time and effort to realize that a sizeable part of the western cultural canon exists to teach people about scammers, tricksters, frauds, and the like: the average man doesn't refuse to read a wordy manifesto because he's stupid and doesn't like you and your clearly superior ideas, but because he's smart enough to recognize the situation he's been warned about a million times before. Sure, maybe this time all those pretty words that go against his conventional wisdom might be spoken in truth, but it's far more likely that someone is once again trying to take advantage of him. >Infographics should be made with retards in mind Infographics should be made to convey information quickly and convincingly. The fact that you think of this as "made with retards in mind" shows that you're the classic"redpilled" anon that's incapable of engaging with the wider public, aka anyone who doesn't already share most of your beliefs. >so there is still place for walls of text for people who don't find reading hard. Those aren't infographics by any stretch of the imagination, so they don't belong in this thread. I would go as far as to argue that they should be used in moderation in general, you know a cultural movement is on its deathbed when its internal discussion involves throwing around words written by others far more than writing your own. More to the point: your infographics suck. 4 is good, a bit too on the nose but the rest is fine: couple links to the unliked sources might help, and having a jewishvirtuallibrary link is pretty smart. 2 could be good if you slashed the self-referential and masturbatory top half and added proper sources, also I'd suggest not comparing to the white rate but to the average rate (or average for the rest of the population) as the message is sufficiently unpopular on its own so you should try to soften the blow. 3 is garbage, putting CDC and FBI sources right next to a gay book that tries to ape Lombroso's retardation is a fantastic way to lose any reader that might have sticked with you up until then. 1 barely qualifies as an infographic with its subjective and unsourceable focus, and will be dismissed immediately by anyone who doesn't already agree with it (and quite a few who do). 5 is cancer: zero sources, too much text, openly refers to itself as "copypasta"... The fact that you even thought it was a good idea to post it is the very reason that prevents you from being taken seriously.
>>824 Post infographics, dumb fuck.

(952.87 KB 1111x2513 1328588511673.jpg)

(187.38 KB 500x1380 1395616791317.jpg)

(40.84 KB 546x589 1395610175418.jpg)

(138.16 KB 1103x643 1395613144748.jpg)

(98.06 KB 472x727 9507497863.jpg)

(2.34 MB 1460x1929 1465401088139-2.png)

(2.45 MB 1000x3000 1447904299445-2.png)

(13.14 KB 642x591 hjbr.png)

(629.92 KB 940x690 1452241031507.jpg)

(401.39 KB 960x928 6546542781.png)

(129.47 KB 1198x798 25846276367.jpg)

(700.38 KB 928x8800 times jews were expelled.png)

(134.89 KB 940x690 WOMD.jpg)

(674.23 KB 916x1405 1457835004298-2.jpg)

(1.23 MB 1023x800 ClipboardImage.png)

(416.42 KB 345x512 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.08 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)

>>816 >cringe >schizo rant Why don't you take your ADD ass and fuck off back to twitter instead of shitting up the place with your begging.
(4.05 MB 204x360 nigga_math.mp4)

>>841 Too bad it has about 10 entries
(103.07 KB 1366x656 874329yeiau.png)

(221.50 KB 1500x1941 coulter-ann-adios-america.jpg)

>>841 how can a writer who made this book be such a bitch
(38.90 KB 1040x584 EZvDrQmU0AEt2Hl.jpeg)

>>813 He's right. Screencaps of chan posts and plain black text on white background aren't infographics, just info.
>>847 tbh sometimes I wonder if right-wing anti-feminism chicks like Coulter or Lauren Southern might just be dating black men as some kind of tactic to out-meme leftists critics who might want to lump "racist!" accusations together with "sexist!" ones. I'm betting that might be Milo's motive in taking nigger cock up his ass too
Can someone post that pill about dopamine resetting. Saw it the other day and cant find it
>>837 Hey, why do them Zionist folks still say Jerusalem is their land when they were expelled over a 1000 year time period? That would be more than 3 generations..
>>9242 That's why the orthodox kikes hate them. Their messaiah hasn't returned yet, so there's no religious basis for getting the promised land back. It's just a huge scam.
>>9243 Not only that, but the ashkenazim aren't even descended from Jacob (aka Israel), let alone Shem. They aren't Semites. They descend from Ashkenaz, son of Gomer, son of Japtheth, brother of Shem, one of Noah's three sons. They are from the Kingdom of Khazaria (situated roughly in and around modern day Georgia and the like in the Caucasus mountains) who were forcibly converted to Babylonian Talmudism by Sephardic Rabbis when their king made a decision that it would be best to have a religious alliance with the jews of the day as a counterposition to the expanding Islamic Caliphate to the south, and the Christian Byzantine Empire (aka Eastern half of Rome after it split) that was gaining power to the West and beginning to expand Northward toward what would later become Russia. The layers of scams upon scams are mind boggling unless you've lived around these fucking kikes and are used to how they habitually operate.
>>796 >4th pic Leo Frank nowhere to be found Fix it.
>>801 >Remittances or informal Transfer of Wealth >"OH NOOO'S THAT'S MONEY THE GREAT SATAN/JEWNITED SHARTS OF AMERICUNT'S CAN'T TAX!!!" >"Won't someone think about Israel and Silicone Valley!!!!" Meh, in this particular case I'm fine with Spics Europoors and niggers getting dollars. I mean let's be real those tax dollars aren't going to fixing roads and with the state (((American Education))) is in I'd prefer they go broke. At best a fraction of US tax dollars might get sprinkled on our hospitals sometimes... After Big Pharma has had it's cut first of course. Plus I like or at least mutually support some of those countries listed such as Poland Hungary Vietnam South Korea Japan and the Czech Republic. Of course there's ones I don't like such as Fagguette land, Bongland, (((Israel))), and Mainland China. As for everyone else I couldn't care less if they get green fiat or not. >Indiansed Silicon Valley >Microsoft Certified Technicians And this is one of the many reasons why I use Linux Mint.
>>13348 Fuck off faggot parasite.

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