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(6.41 MB 960x540 Tucker_Force.mp4)

Tucker...wh-what are you saying? Anonymous 06/16/2020 (Tue) 23:02:12 No. 811
>>811 Tucker is the only TV news correspondent worth listening too. No wonder they're trying to get him shut down.
>>812 *to
(29.12 KB 500x398 712.jpg)

I appreciate that he always seems genuinely upset with the shit going on. I hope the sane people in America have been watching the riots and what bullshit the left/Antifa/BLM is. They did all the work this year
>>815 Yeah, I think he made a good point about why BLM is so popular. They get exactly what they want without legislation or political theater, not to mention they're practically immune to criticism; even slight disagreement with their methods or martyrs is liable to get you fired if you express it in public. Nobody should be surprised when people choose the strong horse.
>>811 >muh controlled oppo, communist agenda, anti-White cuck is baste goyim!!! Hey Tucker!!! To which country do the owners of big tech hold loyalties to? To which country do the owner(s) of Fox hold loyalties to? To which country do the owner(s) of ABC hold loyalties to? To which country do the owner(s) of CNN hold loyalties to? Oh right. You're no better than big tech. Not even remotely.
>>815 Fox is just one side of the circus. If he makes sense is because he is paid to make sense. If he was paid to sound like an idiot he would. Don't forget the past.
>>826 That's not true you fucking moron. I work as a government subcontractor and even the woman with the coalburning daughter fucking hates these idiots.
>>849 >even the woman with the coalburning daughter fucking hates these idiots probably because she's not the coalburner herself. i mean i'd hate niggers too if my daughter burnt the coal. not to say that i don't already hate niggers, i would just hate them more.
>>853 >blaming your bad parenting on niggers its the jews fault you suck, not the niggers anon!
(1.70 MB 554x360 Tucker_Siege.mp4)

>>827 Looks like Andrew Anglin, Eric Striker, Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, and other pro-Whites are just wrong and got bamboozled into liking him for some reason. Thanks for exposing him for us. I guess anybody that doesn't go full 1488 on TV every night is an anti-White cuck. The original thread seemed pretty tongue in cheek to me and I had a good laugh, but unironically saying he's no better than big tech is just black and white thinking. Here's another funny one
>>811 The violence will only get worse. http://archive.is/YMJqV
>>874 >Anglin Is pro jew. >Spencer Is a faggot and fucks niggers.
>>811 Brilliant. I wonder how this guy can still have his job on (((TV))) hope to never hear about his suspicious (((SUICIDE)))
>>811 The Left are just wrecking the joint before the election imagine the triggering when Trump wins.
(2.45 MB 2936x2202 5y3z4w3.mp4)

(16.30 MB 2936x2202 613c55.mp4)

remember neocuck Carlson? I'd like to think there are some voices on the stage with a moral imperative to the truth Maybe Tucker has realized some thing since then. Maybe. But what is this latest message? >Keep things the same! The old song and dance. Fire up the conservatives against madness to only give a few inches toward desolation. Good job everyone. We "conserved" Keep things the same. Tolerate a little rape of your people. It could be a lot worse. This is a win when you think about it. It's all so tiresome.
>>811 He couldn't be more wrong. VIOLENCE IS FUEL FOR THE MEDIA You all know this. You know normalfag media never prints "Black kills White". When 23 people die during BLM riotsmostly peaceful protests, they're ignored unless a cop killed them. When ONE PERSON dies during a right-wing protest, it is an indelible sin for which the right must endlessly apologize. Any strategy that ignores how the media will act will backfire. Which do you think helped us more - the tiki torch march, or It's okay to be White?
>>1281 Violence only works for the anti-Aryans, because they control the media.
(143.14 KB 824x683 tucked.jpg)

(1.51 MB 851x429 Sam Hyde 1488 Killa.gif)

(32.82 KB 500x374 Sam Hyde Gooks.jpg)

(930.75 KB 1024x768 Sam Hyde.png)

>>812 If they do shut him down, he's just going to go full Samar Al-Hayeed and they're going to get Tucked, most likely.
>>811 Well he is correct. Violence does work, and the reason goverment works is because goverment is supposed to hold the monopoly on sanctioned violence. And as that is becoming little by little more questionable, so does the viability of the american empire. If you want to look what Soviet Union's collapse looked like, or felt like, just look outside if you are in the US.
>>1282 >pro-pissrael Faggot detected
South park did it first.
(152.09 KB 1280x720 based.webm)

>>811 >Based
Thats mostly media show, they want you believe that is true, but its not the truth, its just media manipulating peoples opinion, not by making everyone think that, but by making people think people think that and geting scared of doing anything. Pretty much like in 1984, but in a more retarded unorganized way. The media empowers the mob to pressure for their agenda in citys where government is already compromised to these views and just needed a spacegoat to act (reparations, defund police, it was already a thinking by socialists politicians in democrat run citys, now they have reason to apply that whithout even asking if people agree with it or using the intimidation opportunity to silence dissidents if they ask the people). People wont revolt because opitics in election year or something, or wait that if Trump is elected things would change, but in the end, no, it wont, because they dont care if they win at democracy anymore if they can use this tatics to conquer peoples minds trough fear and false consensus of greater good, if they maintain things like this trough the years, eventually young people that are born and grow in this fale consensus will think that this fake consensus is the real consensus and they will ultimatelly have made their cultural revolution when generations will have changed enough, or not even have an actual cultural revolution, but get in a state where most people believe in this idea to put these people in positions of power so they can use violence to subjugate people anyway and people would acept this violence and authoritarism because of the fake consensus becoming the real one.
>>811 Tucker is only correct if your support is for furthering White Genocide.
>>874 >Looks like Andrew Anglin, Eric Striker, Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald, David Duke, Alll these faggots are anti white cucks, this is the problem wrong with white nationalism is just as useless as the idiots here who cry Trump and only pretend to be white because they're self hating cucks. You mother fuckers are legit NPCs programmed to be mentally retarded imbecile who rely on (((E-celebs))) and think they're going to save our race when they aren't even white.
>>1501 You're actually retarded, amazing this is further proof that not only that the bell curve is real, but it most certainly applies to non white white nationalists who have no idea of what the fuck their talking about. Being blackpilled is cuckold give it up retard.
>>1574 >bell curve Fuck off Juden Peterstein
>>1597 >The Bell Curve was written by an irrelevant Canadian faggot Stop being so new or at least stop posting, thank you.
>>875 >do what they did in south Africa >cos that worked out REALLY well and all That guy actively wants to destroy NYC.
>>1281 Not if you use violence *on* the media and kill enough of them off.
>>1598 No but he promoted it you fucking autistic retard.
>>1600 This is the solution
>>1663 If the media control the narrative and you don't have enough money to compete... Just kill the enemy media. The alternative is robbing the rich enemy targets so you have more money. This only applies in war though :D nya~
(112.63 KB 588x907 GI-Joe-1001.jpg)

>>1281 why not embrace the villainous status and use it to our advantage
>>1666 Trips COOBRAAAAAAAAAAAA *hisssss*
>>1666 Satan occasionally tells the truth to lure you in nya~ >>1664 I would like to reiterate this point. You can't fear villainy, butt nor can you or should you not become heroic, and in becoming heroic, you know victory has been achieved because history is written by the victors. Any hero is at some point a villain to some, it is only in victory that the hero becomes heroic nya~
You know the US is doomed when Americans would rather attack those who defend freedom instead of criticizing the government that is enslaving them.
What is he insinuating here?
>All the retarded burgers thinking this controlled opposition is with them I bet you faggots think Alex Jones isn't a rightist gatekeeper too. Say hi to Oliver North for me, faggot Cucker.
>>11892 he's right
>>1281 Hey retard YOU WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING PLAYING THEIR RULES. It hurts the rightwing to no do violence because they will make it up anyway. In fact if the rightwing were actually violent to the right people and met up with antifa, jew commie leaders in their personal lives which is easily found, while they are grocery shopping, all this would go away. Its all political theater if there is no violence, if you think the rightwing committing violence makes White Genocide victims lOok BaD for optics then you permanently need to shut the fuck up because you are too stupid to talk.
>>1571 This every movement starts local not national, literal spook informants, its the same exact thing they did to the kkk. The ones giving the large audience Speeches are often always the most corrupt because its to trick those watching with herd mentality and social proof. Then you get these feedback loops where people think because they give the speech they must be a leader nope just a informant.
>>811 Take your jew worship and fuck off.
Exactly. The 1% give campaign donations and cushy job promises to politicians. When the globalists commit fraud and destroy the economy, the elites get huge bailouts and pay small fines to the government.

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