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(270.02 KB 1280x720 Erin_Otoole.png)

(100.15 KB 720x711 1594868938108.jpg)

LEAF /POL/ Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 06:28:07 Id: b728e4 No. 8343
Alright how many of you soon to be raked bastards made it here. Show of hands, I need to see my provinces reporting in lads. I'm sorry I'm late to the party, I just found out we were back in operation. I'm going to now resume gay effort posting, so expect me but for now I'd like to start by getting a good old fashioned Leaf /pol/ general going: *ERIN O'TOOLE, DELETE'S CONSERVATIVE PARTY PETITION TO BAN HUAWEI* >https://www.rebelnews(Please use archive.today)/erin_otoole_deletes_conservative_petition_ban_huawei_party_hires_ex_huawei_vp *"3RD WAVE INCOMING"* >https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/globeandmail/status/1370027753471234061?s=19 >Thread Theme: https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=6FO4R5SmSrw
(129.28 KB 780x890 coat-of-arms.webp)

>>8343 Sorry linked everything wrong: >ERIN O'TOOLE, DELETE'S CONSERVATIVE PARTY PETITION TO BAN HUAWEI https://archive.is/n042h >3RD WAVE INCOMING? https://archive.is/DXJg2 >Thread theme: https://archive.is/JUYgQ
West coast reporting checking in to this deadass honeypot.
>>8447 british columbia? I had a friend who lived by Okanagan Lake. Said it was a great country and he wants to move back tell me, is Canada really overrun with chinks aside from the memes?
>>8449 British Columbia certainly is. Basically all major cities are. Canada is more owned by chinks than even Australia.
>>8449 people by the okanagan are fucking apes. none of the cunts wear shoes. t. albertachad
(1.96 MB 352x190 WW1 scots.gif)

should I move to canada? is it cheap and easy to buy and own acres of freehold land? will I get fucked by weather patterns? is global warming and the melting of the artic ice creating a northwest navigable passage for freighters going to make canada more or less comfy? Im not interested in ontario or quebec because I have a hatred of the french and the great lakes regions are too near to the yankees and population dense. I like the look of some of the maritme areas like PEI. I know nothing about AB, SK or MB. pic semi-related because I have been told that canada is the scottish lebensraum.
waiting for the next bullshit gun ban >>8464 >should I move to canada? no >is it cheap and easy to buy and own acres of freehold land? no >will I get fucked by weather patterns? yes >is global warming not real retard Only southern Ontario is dense the rest is fine. Avoiding Quebec is the right call. Keep your stick on the ice.
>>8474 surely you leafs need your guns because of the Waheela? and global warming is real, its getting hotter here in England and I fucking love it, holiday weather is coming home to britain I just hope it doesnt bring the wogs with it (spoiler: It most definately shall)
ignore my flag Im not a filthy kraut
>>8464 >should I move to canada? is it cheap and easy to buy and own acres of freehold land? No. Not at all. In fact, if anyone here knows any place in Canada with decently priced real estate, please say where, because I've been looking and can't find anything at anything near a reasonable price. To be fair, I have been cutting off my search once I get literal hundreds of miles away from civilization, just because I'd like to be able to get medical help if I ever needed it, but still, even places that are empty for as far as the eye can see are still ridiculously priced.
>>8481 Are you looking for land under $10k per acre? Frankly I would rather take my chances with the Waheela and have my own mountain lodge far away from the cities if I can afford it even if it means being isolated. Then again, I know fuck all about life on frontiers and every time I see a picture of another polar vortex I just think about myself freezing to death if I was out there in the north.
>>8484 I just want enough space to live, which isn't much. I suppose you can call me a pussy for wanting to be close enough to civilization to have internet (mostly because of work) and a grocery store, but I'd be willing to take very little land very far away from civilization so long as it was close enough for those two things and was a price that could actually be afforded by a single salary.
>>8489 I dont think you're a pussy for wanting to enjoy some of the benefits of society. I'd like to be self-sufficient, own land in a beautiful country with fertile soil and verdant woodlands and ideally without any hostiles (other races and commies) in a 100 mile radius.
>>8343 >I need to see my provinces reporting in lads. Alberta hears the call, but I fear it is too late and we shall soon be overrun by orcs from the south as well as the east.
>>8630 VPN, in case you were wondering about the flag.
>>8464 A lot of Canadians are buying winter homes in Florida in mass especally around the sofl and Tampa area, I see quebec and ontario tags thanks to the Snowbird Act, now leafs could stay here up to 240 days in a year or 9 months instead of staying here for only half a year.
>>8630 I feel you. We have too many women and cuckolds among the general population for any sort of peaceful change (look at how badly Bernier got his ass kicked), and even with us basically trapped in our own country by powertripping government corona-panic to prevent white flight, there doesn't seem to be enough people with even the sanity to say fuck you to lockdowns let alone the will to sacrifice comfortable slavery for a fight for freedom. It's pretty depressing.
>>8645 > I see quebec and ontario tags I'm so sorry to hear that, anon, but look on the bright side: they're in Florida. It fucking serves them right. >>8646 >We have too many women and cuckolds "Isn't he handsome?" "Who cares! I'll get to be wasted on doobs 24-7!" I was never ashamed of being a leaf until people who should know better voted that insufferable eyebrow-faker into power. Well, really, they voted SOROS into power through him.
Got this from the GG thread since nobody posts on /pol/ anymore Knock, knock, your vaccine is here. Toronto community housing residents say they were surprised to get a jab at the door https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/i/events/1380970743601766404 https://archive.is/shH5w The actual article is paywalled, however https://www.thestar(Please use archive.today)/news/gta/2021/04/10/surprise-some-toronto-community-housing-residents-say-they-werent-expecting-to-be-vaccinated-at-the-door.html https://archive.is/Ypqn1
MP's in Quebec voted against holding the elections this year and will be kept on hold until further noticed as it's deemed "irresponsible" to hold them for the time being due to the pandemic. https://archive.vn/bzhYC
I hate Castro Jr
Anyone have that supposedly leaked document detailing how 2021 lockdown was going to go?
>>9373 Here the politicians in office are rushing everyone to lift the suspensions everywhere so that more people can vote (or sell their vote) in the upcoming elections.
>>9375 I can't find the image, but I do distinctly remember it mentioning Universal Basic Income by name, and there was this almost two months ago. https://archive.vn/P0BJ8 >Liberal members approve universal basic income during convention >Members of the Liberal Party of Canada have endorsed a resolution calling on the federal government to develop and implement a universal basic income. >The resolution was co-sponsored by the Liberal caucus and passed by a vote of 491-85 at the Liberal party’s virtual convention. It will automatically become official party policy. >Other resolutions that were passed during the convention include national standards for long-term care homes, a national pharmacare program and a “green new deal” which calls for a “just and fair” to transition to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. >According to a recent report by the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO), introducing a universal basic income (UBI) would cost the government over $85 billion and raise taxes on the middle class. >The PBO’s report estimates that providing a universal basic income would cost $85 billion if introduced this year, or approximately 25% of the federal budget. >While providing benefits to the poorest 40% of Canadians, the report found that the top 60% of households will actually lose money as the government would raise taxes and cut other benefits to provide UBI. >In February, Liberal MP Julie Dzerowicz proposed a bill to study the implementation of UBI, suggesting the idea had support in the Trudeau cabinet. >According to the Fraser Institute, another possible version of UBI that is modeled after Old Age Security would cost up to $131.9 billion per year.
(22.82 KB 400x288 sleep won't fix dark.jpg)

>>9375 >>9380 >>9386 I found a link to the supposed plan, found at https://thecanadianreport.ca/is-this-leaked-memo-really-trudeaus-covid-plan-for-2021-you-decide/ (https://archive.ph/BmOxW) Let's review what's happened, and what's not. >Complete and total secondary lock down (much stricter than the first and second rolling phase restrictions). Expected by end of December 2020 – early January 2021 Happened late, as far as I can see as an albertafag. >Reform and expansion of the unemployment program to be transitioned into the universal basic income program. Expected by Q1 2021. Happened late. >Projected COVID-19 mutation and/or co-infection with secondary virus (referred to as COVID-21) leading to a third wave with much higher mortality rate and higher rate of infection. Expected by February 2021. Didn't happen in the direct sense, there was more of a push to believe in the dangers of a "MYOOOTATED CORONERVIRES" >Daily new cases of COVID-21 hospitalizations and COVID-19 and COVID-21 related deaths will exceed medical care facilities capacity. Expected Q1 – Q2 2021. Not sure, don't really pay attention to the news anymore. >Enhanced lock down restrictions (referred to as Third Lock Down) will be implemented. Full travel restrictions will be imposed (including inter-province and inter-city). Expected Q2 2021. Hasn't happened yet. >Transitioning of individuals into the universal basic income program. Expected mid Q2 2021. Hasn't happened yet. >Projected supply chain break downs, inventory shortages, large economic instability. Expected late Q2 2021. Hasn't happened yet. >Deployment of military personnel into major metropolitan areas as well as all major roadways to establish travel checkpoints. Restrict travel and movement. Provide logistical support to the area. Expected by Q3 2021. Expected to happen in the future. Due to most of the aforementioned events happening a few months later, we can expect the military to start making moves in the fall to winter. This coinsides with the "corona is seasonal" theory, they'll take advantage of a natural spike in cases to justify imposing stricter lockdowns with the military getting involved to distribute the vaccine.>>9386
>>9373 Who decides when the pandemic is over? Did Trudeau just crown himself president for life?
>>9373 >Trudeau is now Prime Minister for life for however long they can milk Corona I think I've legitimately lost hope in anyone meaningfully fighting in this country. I realize that makes me sound like Niggerpill and I hate that because he's an obnoxious spammer, but holy fucking shit I have no words for this. How can someone look at this shit and have any sort of faith in the mouthbreathing cocksuckers who let this country die screaming for their own selfish convenience to even once consider trying to end the backslide let alone actually fight for what's right? This is the obvious shit that should set off alarm bells for anyone civically minded no matter how brainwashed if only because of the question of "what happens if Corona-chan doesn't (((conveniently))) disappear after the vaccines", but they just nod their heads except for one powerless hero? Is this how deep the Jewish conditioning runs, how utterly controlled the normalfag sheep are? Fuck me, I was already bummed out by Bernier getting his ass kicked. I can't even leave Canada right now and there's no way I can get a gun. I'm completely fucked.
>>9390 >Who decides when the pandemic is over? That's just it! It can end any time now, because all they have to do is KEEP reclassifying the annual flu as "COVID-[current year]". That's all this was, after all. It never fucking existed in the first place. "Oops, there's a new covid this october! Better suspend elections! Oops, it's no longer election season, so we can't have an electon! Gotta wait four more years!"
>>9393 In Canada, an election can be triggered at any time by Parliament voting to trigger it. When there is a minority government, with the ruling party having a minority of seats, then basically an election happens whenever the opposition gets mad. When the ruling party has a majority of seats, then theoretically they could just never vote to have an election. However, rules state that there must be an election at least every five years. While there the very first section of the Canadian constitution says that the government can make exceptions to any other part of the constitution, making said constitution useless, it specifically says that the five year time limit for elections is the one part that cannot be overruled. Their logic is that if the government does decide to fuck some other part of the constitution, then the people can still vote them out in the next election and vote for people who will unfuck things. Of course, in practice, things never get unfucked because whoever is the new government still wants the extra power the last party gave them, and because while Canada has more than two parties that regularly win seats in Parliament, only two of them ever actually form the government, so it's still practically a two party system in many ways. From the wording of OP's pics, it sounds like this was just a symbolic thing of a bunch of politicians saying they won't vote to trigger an election. It was literally a "denouncement" and nothing with actual legal significance. The last federal election was in 2019 and resulted in Trudeau's party losing enough seats to go from a majority government to a minority government, which means that theoretically there could be an election at any time that the opposition parties wanted to team up and vote to have one. All they're doing is saying they won't do that for the time being. It's a stupid political move that they're only doing because they don't think they'd win. Parties wait until they think they have a chance to win before they trigger an election. In a minority government, the opposition gets to decide when, and in a majority government, the government gets to decide when, but either way there is a five year time limit. Also, note how it says "The Bloc Quebecois found support from parliamentarians across the aisle." "Across the aisle" is literally the government, the party the Bloc is supposed to oppose. So it was basically them saying "hey guys, we won't trigger an election and maybe get a bunch of you fired" and the people they were talking to said "yeah, we support that!" Also note that the Bloc Quebecois is literally the Quebec separatist party and everyone else in the country hates them. Quebec votes for them because they successfully get the federal government to give their province extra gibs. The Conservative Party is the main opposition party right now (and the only party other than the Liberals to ever become government) but they would need the Bloc to vote with them in order to trigger an election, even though the Bloc has way fewer seats, but just enough to make them combined be a majority. But it doesn't matter because the Conservatives wouldn't trigger an election right now because they likely wouldn't win. >tl;dr: This is a symbolic motion from a small opposition party saying they don't want to trigger an election right now, which is obviously just because they feel they wouldn't do well in such an election, and the government saying "yeah, good." It does not change the fact that the one part of the constitution which actually matters still guarantees that the next election must take place on October 21, 2024 or earlier. It theoretically could happen at any time, but it obviously wouldn't now, and this is just a local party trying to spin their lack of confidence into good boy points. >>9393 You might not be talking about Canada specifically, but Canada does not have "Election seasons." An election can happen at any time a majority of parliament votes for one to happen. I'm surprised by the people with Canadian flags in this thread who don't seem to understand how their own government works. I hope you're all faking your flags with VPNs or whatever. I don't like Trudeau either and do think he will do what he can do destroy even more of the constitution (his dad is the one who made it in the first place, and designed it to be broken), but this does not mean Trudeau declared himself PM for life. It DOES mean that he swore to try to make himself PM for life, though, so that is concerning. But at present, he has not actually found a way to circumvent the five year time limit on elections. Of course, I don't trust the Supreme Court of Canada at all, so it might be a very simple matter to just get them to ignore even that one part of the consitution. They're very used to ignoring the rest, but they're legally allowed to do that. This would be different. But I wouldn't put it past them. But all that said, it hasn't happened yet.
>>9395 Well that's reliving. Honestly, politics is just a fuck at this point and I don't want it to be shit anymore. My apathy has turned into a complete rejection of a desire to even study canadian politics.
(239.29 KB 1097x1150 Floyd.jpg)

>>9397 Your opinion is irrelevant by default due to you being a Trudeau dick riding Maple Nigger.
>>9380 >>9387 >>9390 >>9391 >>9393 >>9395 Leafs can only try to petition the Canadian Governor General to dissolve parliament. That will force a general election.
>>9400 Theoretically, the Governor General can straight up declare a new PM or just pass any new laws unilaterally. In practice, this will never happen, the GG has never actually done anything significant in over a century, and if the GG was going to do anything other than what the PM says, it wouldn't be in a way that anyone here would like.
>>9373 they probably don't want Bernier to regain his Beauce seat, they'd rather the PCs keep it, cucks
>>9401 The only person who can change the government (short of a revolution) is the GG. Create a petition, get leafs to sign it and send it to the GG. Cite the illegality of stopping all elections.
>>9406 Doesn't the queen still have the power to dissolve commonwealth governments or something like that? Not that she'd normally deem it necessary to make a public show of having to discipline an unruly child.
>>9398 lol monkey
>>9409 The Governor General is just the Queen's proxy, so everything I said actually applies to the Queen more than the Governor General. But the Governor General can do all that unless the Queen overrules it. But then consider how powerless the Queen actually is to the UK, despite the legal powers she technically has. The Governor General of any commonwealth jurisdiction is even more powerless than that. Technically, each province within Canada is also ruled by the Queen. Each province has its own Governor General or equivalent that is also just a proxy of the Queen, and is technically the one that signs in any laws or makes any government changes that happens. So not only could the Queen completely dissolve the federal government, but also all the provincial governments, which are supposed to be wholly separate entities from the federal government, but all technically are controlled by the same person.
>>9395 >rules state that there must be an election at least every five years <but goy, people are dying in droves from Corona-chan ignore that doctors attributing all deaths to covid because we're paying them to it would be horrifically irresponsible to have an election when it can (((mutate))) at any time -- the rules weren't made for this kind of situation
>>9467 Yes, that is still a concern, but so far they have not actually gone that far. The thing talked about in the OP is concerning, but it is not what people in this thread, including OP, thought it was initially. It's important to be accurate and knowledgeable, because our enemies will use any mistake, even if not important to the actual point, to discredit us. What did happen is Trudeau, among others, agreed that "the government has a responsibility to prevent an election" "during the pandemic." This does mean that in the extremely likely scenario that they just never declare an end to it, they will try to prevent elections even when they would otherwise happen. It also gives them incentive to extend how long they declare the "pandemic" to be. However, for the time being, they have not actually done anything. They have declared their intentions, but that's different from actually doing a thing.
>>9373 If you don't kill your authorities, you lose.
If I didn't know better, I'd be writing to the Queen and asking her to dissolve parliament. Everybody needs to be crawling up the asses of their local MPs right now and asking why they hate democracy so much.
raging dissident is such a fed tbh.
>>9525 Shit, that should have been redtext. My bad.
(1.14 MB 1780x2222 20210820_035936.jpg)

Was flipping through the local lugenpresse for shits and giggles when I happened upon this gem. >praises Trudeau regime for proposed vaccination mandates for schools, businesses, federal workers, etc >demands he go further and include rentcucks as well
It's like I've been saying for years. Your global computerized medical record is part of your chinese social score. That's why they keep pushing free global "health care." Welcome to the future, tardballs.
>>11168 Merged and bumped
(688.04 KB 640x528 IMG_8337.MP4)

>>11213 Pic looks zioshit to me. Are you Ihor?
>>11216 So gay autistic nigger as an aussiecunt
For me, it's the PPC
>>11325 Go to the other chans and imageboards. (Like on smuglo.li) Promote the PPC to them, start a pan internet movement for the party. Get everyone in the English speaking world talking about them and Maxime Bernier. also hit the Japanese chans as well, use a translator like deepl to convince them to help kick this into high gear from their end. Also try to spread the influence across the non-English parts of Europe. Get this guy and his party into the spotlight, so that his supporters can make a lot of noise and a lasting cultural impact.
>>11325 fr if you're not shilling the PPC to your cuckservative family rn you're ngmi
>LPC vote split by NDP & GPC >PPC wins a few seats from CPC & PBQ >CPC forms minority govt, can't do anything without help from PPC Would probably be for the best.
(382.48 KB 310x315 1629310273110.png)

I'm voting PPC (interior BC, safe conservative seat)
>>9516 >>9525 Basically, I'm just going to vote ppc. I know.. UGH! I know.. I'm sorry!! I'm just going to vote ppc is all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(27.29 KB 250x250 hear-hear-quite-right.jpg)

So I hear Trudeau and his cronies are about to trap the bad goyim who didn't get jabbed after Nov 30th in the country via vax passports.

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