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Nazi WMDs and other weapons Anonymous 04/04/2021 (Sun) 10:29:48 Id: 000000 No. 8648
Intersting stuuf about the Nazi weapons programs EDIT: Made this a general weapon documents thread since someone decided to make so many topics on it
Edited last time by Shellen on 04/29/2022 (Fri) 04:24:51.
more Nazi weapons topics
American war crimes against German POWs
People can feel it was a bit of an atrocity.
How to make thermobaric explosives
Fertilizer with just 32 percent or more ammonium nitrite is converted into exlosive form by mixing it iwth one part (i.e. one cup) fuel oil or a half gasoline and half motor oil mixtureto 16 parts (i.e. 16 cups) fertilizer. It is mixed together in a dry container. The fertiler must be a flour like constitency before it is mixed with the oil or half gasoline half motor oil mixture.
Are a chemical weapon molatov coctail possible by putting toxic substances like something like powdered cyanide in the gasoline of the molatov coctail. It could be good ant-tank weapons for instance.
Biological weapons at least often times target people who aren't of Northern European descent. Thus the northern European population is possibly the only one with at least two percent HIV resitant genes who are naturally resistant to diseases like HIV. [Index] [Catalog] [Archive] [Top]
They could have been aware of their use to kill non Aryans.
biological weapons
Ten perecent of their population have one of the two key genes that cause natural genetic HIV restistance possibly from the genes inherited from the decendants of the Black Plague survivors.
(188.65 KB 850x1100 Steal This Book. mol 2.png)

(779.95 KB 850x1100 Steal This Book.png)

Chemical weapons are apparantly dsipersed in warfare sometimes by burning, like in petroleum smoke fire, or preferably dispersal by a method like aerosol spray or an exlposion with explosives
good 1960's revolution book
According to "Chemicals In War" a molotov style weapon could possibly disperse toxic substances and chemicals into the air and cause fatalities nearby to anybody who breathes the smoke from the molotov cocktail explosion. Lethal industrial chemicals could be used, judged by their "lethal dose median" I think it is called.
The "Hidden Answers" website on the Tor onion darknet has really good questions and answers about weapons of mass destruction manufacture and the use of them in warfare.
(523.26 KB 1280x720 glowers.png)

>>9350 We will kill you all.
The "Hidden Answers" webiste on Tor has similiar questions and answers about stuff like manufauring sarin, making weapons grade uranium (like with the easy laser enrichmant method), making explosives, etc.
(716.01 KB 1024x895 screenshot.png)

(1.96 MB phosgene2.pdf)

(1.84 MB grenade3.pdf)

Phosgene was discovered by reacting chlorine with carbon monoxide in sunlight, in something like airtight glass containers, to form the WW1 chemical weapon phosgene.
Perhaps by keeping the phosgene in seperate containers in a molatov coctail,, the phosgene could be dispersed by the explosion of the gasoline. The phosgene and gasoline could react chemically dangerouly if not kept seperate, or make the phosgene inert as a chemical weapon.
>>9370 I'm real scared, tornigger.
>>9425 based bioluminescent agent
Somewhere I read about armor for at least bulletproofing stuff like vehicles in somewhere like the Poor Mans James Bond series, possibly volume 2 in the first section about bulletproofing things. The vehicle that carried somewhat heavy weapons like mostly heavy machine guns and antiaircraft weapons could be used as a light tank like weapon against regular tanks. Painted with the Wikipedia iron pentacarbonyl radar absorbrant material that acts as stealth paint who knows they could be a success. It could be quite foolhardy to battle major world power tanks like the U.S., Russia or China, but who knows you could be a success.
I have read that at least something like a radiological truck bomb or car bombs are at least technologically possible. Nuclear bombs at least are most likely too difficult.
Carbon monoxide can be liquidfied and used in the manufacture of phosgene gas weapons. The chlorine for the phosgene sh
Something like a 50/50 percent formula of liquid chlorine and liquid carbon monoxide, perhaps in completely airtight large glass cannisters or clear barrels reacted with sunlight just to the point of forming the phosgene compound and then kept airtight and in dark, cool storage.
>>12202 or a truckload od old car batteries under a blanket of sodium fertilizer then exposed to water and air. battery acid + salt water = chlorine gas. not as bad as phosphese but pretty bad.
Salt in water with something like a battery induced electrical current(wires attached to both battery terminals and stuck in the water plus salt solution) is something like electrolosis and causes the salt to turn into chlorine or chlorine gas, then the water needs to be chemically distilled at a certain boiling point temperature and distilled into pure or somewhat pure liquid chlorine. Or the gas needs to be collected from the electrolisis and converted into pure chlorine.
Pure chlorine for something like swimming pools or industrial use can often be convetred into a lethal chlorine chemical weapons gas by mixing the solid or liquid chlorine with chemical acids or bases. Like ammonium, sulfuric acid, any acid, etc.
The FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, INTERPOL look at at sites like ebay and try and find weapons related sells and purchases. Yet they are oftentimes supposably unsucessful.
Ammonia, vinagar, certain household chemicals can convert chlorine like in bleach into chlorine gas.
Strong acids mixed with the pool acid tablets that come in barrels are supposed to turn the chlorine into a mustard like gas. This could be true, or at least a chlorine gas.
Neatreal or hoax youtube video "US Navy Official Reveals Theyve Opened A Portal Have Created Spacetime Modification Technology ".
Phosphoric acid possibly was an analog route (other than sulfuric acid could be a possible route to a "mustard gas" analog war gas. The acids break up the chlorine compund or else create a new gas.
Pais's concept is analogous to that of a quantum energy reactor. Similar effects in highly charged dielectrics ("capacitors") have been repeatedly discovered and then buried since the 1950s. The trick is in using a dielectric matter matrix to encapsulate a standing wave that's created by overlapping a large number of micro sized field gradients. You can keep pumping energy into it until the weak nuclear force of the dielectric material breaks down. Which is an absolute shitload of energy. Tesla knew about this concept too, stating "an infinite amount of energy can be confined in a finite amount of space, provided that the waves are made in the correct shape..." It's also how the supposed "Nazi Bell" was supposed to work. Counter-rotating drums filled with an unnamed, probably dielectric liquid, spun at high speeds and charged to high voltage exhibited all kinds of bizarre spacetime effects.
It seems the hercules laser beamed into a vacuum was also more successful at creating antimatter for several seconds by putting a light coating of gold on the surface it was beamed at in the vacuum. If I remember that correctly.
This is a University Of Barcelona abstract on creating a synthetic wormhole.
This type of information could overthrow governmemts.
Iraqi weapons program.
Could cause a certain amount of casualties sometimes
Microbes could be combined into some kind of class 3 biological diseases, at least somewhat a biological weapon.
interesting weapons program stuff
time travel too
This could possibly ignite something like lithium deutride and be like an h-bomb
Genetic engineering with a method like recombinant dna genetic engineering could take certain smallpox vaccines that could still exist with the smallpox dna in them and have the smallpox dna combined with the monkeypox dna to make the monkeypox more lethal. The Soviet Union was supposed to have been doing this with monkeypox, or something similiar.

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