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(97.27 KB 655x435 aoc.png)

Anonymous 05/16/2021 (Sun) 10:17:50 Id: 8eefc1 No. 9266
After everything that happened to 8chan and /pol/ now the internet is talking about Anne Frank being a colonizer and calls to defund Isreal and I can't help but feel like a fucking clown
The truth can only be kept down so long. Eventually thanks to inevitable spread of information in the modern age everyone left or right will realize the malicious intent behind Judaism. Israel will not survive past 2100.
>>9266 Seize power for your own group and genocide all other groups, before someone else does the same for his group.
>>9266 I think most hate from lefties on Israel is because it's run by a right-wing government atm. so when Netanyahu is no longer in power, and the left party is in power, i think you'll see alot of these lefties switch to pro Israel mode
Israel almost seems like a red herring to me because the true threat is the diaspora infiltrating other cultures moreso than them consolidating somewhere, though they tend to secretly support each other however at odds they some times LARP
>>9266 I miss 8chan
>>9290 it was a jewish honeypot, so stfu jewish shill, stop trying to push your commie agenda on us through your FBI site
Welcome to the real world. Sorry /pol/ got proved wrong yet again.
>>9266 The world is so fucked up and upside down that nothing makes sense anymore. Just enjoy the ride until everything goes up in flames and hope that something better comes out of all the chaos.
>>9291 >>9323 LMAO, stay mad you fucking hooknosed kike.
>>9323 >more people now openly agree with /pol/ >/pol/ got proved wrong What did he mean by this?
>>9286 >though they tend to secretly support each other however at odds they some times LARP See >>>/pol/9300
Leftists have always hated Israel because they're racist nazi meanies. I'd rather send all Jews to Israel and let them keep it than reimport all of the Jewish race just so some of the 2 million subdistinctions of Arab can have their own country. Then we'd be funding Hamas instead of Israel and you best believe International Jewry isn't gonna care that much that their vacation spot has a different yet still obedient government
>>9266 Anne Frank absolutely was a colonizer. All jews are. Especially those in Israel. 109 countries can't be wrong.
Turns out letting non-whites and women have any power whatsoever was a bad idea
>>9537 If only they would put that in the preface of modern history books!!! Also it all started down hill when squabbling bit ches on "the view television show started with their shit ! My woman is obsessed with handstand tale. At first I said no guy. I man I don't watch bullsheit. But than I realized its about America's men taking over congress. The capital. And thr white house and taking all. Women's rights away . Still having America's military and how it looks with men in charge. (Disclaimer its from the point of view of the opressed) but shit o told my girl its a modern utopia . They were fighting with Canada and Mexico over their leftie ideas . And if people don't like what the men came up with. Namely women they hang em up in the village square for a week with a note stapled on them. For breaking rules. Idk if I could make a commercial with the good parts. It would look like a dope show.
>>9266 All they did was force anons to disperse around the internet to sow discord, connecting and recognizing each other through subtle use of antique memes. An 'Internet Clique' if you will.
>>9368 Newfag, I have the fucking tiers in chronological order.
>>9286 Israel is probably the only realistic angle to approach the JQ for (Hello, I just arrived from Cuckchan, please bully me)s, think about that
What the fuck is happening with 8Kunt's /pnd/? Everything is shit and it's like jannies don't exist. I fucking hate qboomers.
>>11190 Why the fuck are you still going there?
>>11190 >a literal federal government honeypot hosted on Department of Defense servers >giving a shit Get the fuck out of here. We want nothing to do with you.
>>11191 >>11193 Because I just really don't like qfags.
>>11194 >I don't like something so I purposely subject myself to it You are mentally ill. Leave.
>>9290 then what the fuck is this, im a newfag just visiting from 4chan, what is the difference between this and 8kun. pls explain
>>11242 8kunt is clearly fedshit, ran of US fed servers. It's considered however to be the direct successor to the OG 8chan.
>>9286 Like Hitler said israel is not the jewish nation for a people without a home for so long and that all that bs. It's a center of operations for their financial crime and power schemes. If you want to end immigration and other jewish projects israel is probably gonna be involved. The question is how much
>>9266 >SJWs want to gas pissrael >you lived long enough to see yet another golem turn against their makers
Americans say that Amtrak is bankrupt because subsidized car companies tore up the train tracks, but maybe Amtrak is bankrupt because government workers have guaranteed jobs and don't have a vested interest in working hard.

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