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It's been fun, Twitter Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 11:42:36 Id: 6e984b No. 9359
Sauce: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-57264348 Looks like another bait and switch. And I must admit, I do fall for bait & switch every time. And now Twitter is joining the bait & switch mafia by announcing a subscription fee after all these years of donating to Twitter my free energy and time by Tweeting now and again, promoting freely, without charging a work fee. And now bait & switched by Twitter. Twitter have made me and us MUGS. I'll be reducing my presence on Twitter but I'm not done with social media yet. It's just that things won't ever be the same again now I know that Twitter are capable of bait and switch, Twitter won't be trusted as much as they once were before. Au revoir, Twitter.
Holy shit imagine actually using twitter
>>9360 Not for much longer, eh?
>>9362 Mainstream social media is spook, especially anything that demands your phone number or real name. Facebook and Twitter where a mistake. Very glad I closed my accounts at those places 10 years ago.
(164.01 KB 291x198 rage axe.png)

>>9359 >presence >ON TWITTER What the hell are you even doing here? >Twitter won't be trusted as much as they once were before. You trusted Twitter. Holy shit, this had better be a bait thread.
>>9359 It is always ok to kill anyone who ever used twatter.
(1.61 KB 275x183 parler.png)

>>9364 >>9369 Ok, ok, I'll use Parler.
>>9383 >boomer twatter that's still censored Fuck, if you really have to use something Twatter-like at least try Mastodon or those other Fediverse things.
>>9392 This. Parler and gab are functionally the same as Twitter, only the jannies are israel-first boomers instead of china-first soyjacks.
>>9508 trusting centralized social media is like trusting central banks
>>9508 >>9508 >china-first soyjacks. So you think Chinese mod on a lot of US sites. You could have posted this on /b/
Twitter has always been a royal pain in the ass. I've been a promotion person trying to amplify posts for years . Facebook . Instagram were always easy to amplify your message. Twitter ALLWAYS was working against any productivity. I gave up a while ago when it turned into the political death arena and no longer to say Hiii. At least Instagram has sunsets and fags.
>>9359 just stop using social media its literally designed to program you https://youtu.be/YjbyDU0WzYI
>>9392 Anyone know some good instances of mastodon/fediverse?
>>10195 yes I would like to know some instances, too, especially after seeing a favorite forum of mine destroyed by SJW mods, I think that all lefties should be dunked in a pit of acid and get raped by all the black dicks that they love so much.
(12.53 KB 750x450 GETTR liberty torch.jpg)

>>9359 OP here. Moved to GETTR. I know you said don't bother doing any social media, but I, erm, well I like GETTR. So that's that really. gettr dot com
>>10267 is it ok to love black vaginas? Coz i like tem mach.
>>10299 Why do I get the feeling GETTR is another Parler? Is it shabbos Trumpenstein?
>>9359 >after all these years of donating to Twitter my free energy and time by Tweeting now and again, promoting freely, without charging a work fee 10/10, made me reply
>>10340 Apparently you can transfer all of your Tweets to GETTR but I'm still working that part out. Kek, I did look at Parler but Amazon screwed them over too deeply, still, Parler are recovering. >>10341 I should charge Twitter for time spent there, I'd be a fucking millionaire if I got paid for every hour I spent tweeting at that Big Tech Godmode wannabe platform. Or at least more well off.
>>9359 There is one worthy solution: Teeline shorthand. Teeline is for Humans, not ADL ai censorship bots. AI can't read Teeline shorthand. Teeline shorthand is a way of writing English. originally it was for writing fast. But now, it has another use, evading ai censorship. Teeline has a number of traits that makes it the superior and perfect for the task of getting urls and info past automated censorship (human review will never be able to totally stop us). Teeline is: polymorphic, alphabetic, uncancelable (it's in used bookstores), free, works with all phones (just draw it with a $1 stylus), educating in shorthand techniques, easily hidden in images (because Teeline words are "outlines"), easily learned, and beautiful, maximizes journalist butthurt. You can get a pdf of Ann Dix Teeline FAST by just searching for it. The censorship is coming. so far, they're just testing things out, the great total purge is coming. Be ready. Learn Teeline today.
>>10342 daft. jews will run ocr and text based ai censorship on gettr too. duh. Teeline is the way.
>>10340 you get that feeling because what we need is: >chan features >but with threads >and status updates like twitter BUT >no way to block anybody, both ways, publishing and reading >full onion routing of everything including metadata >no cellphone collection whatsoever >mobile phone compatibility >full decentralization (not mere federation) >full end to end encryption of private messages, with burn settings >cost no money Since nobody can make this, you'll keep getting canceled over and over on the jew censorship system. The best thing to do is learn Teeline. then we can post until human review takes down the accounts. it destroys their business model.
(38.70 KB 820x296 balloon.jpg)

>>10357 Regardless of background, what happened to PARLER was absolute censorship. If they can do that to one, they can do that to all, even the platforms that you like. I can't back that. >>10540 >>10541 I will look at Teeline, keeping it simple at GETTR at the moment, probably just stay there for now.
>>10566 we need to build Teeline use before it's too late. But failing is always an option.
>>10597 >Teeline shorthand Interesting, but won't the AI eventually get round to learning that too?
>teeline shill is back All your arguments have been disproven multiple times. Fuck off.

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