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(148.48 KB 1280x720 clint.jpg)

good_luck ronnie 07/08/2021 (Thu) 19:09:03 Id: 000000 No. 9965
well, do ya?
>>9967 Then why would you tell me this? Demoralization? But why would that be necessary if what you said was true? Also jump in the oven kike.
>>9981 I mean worst case scenario it just sterilizes the syringe. Like an autoclave.
>>10021 >niggerpill calls others shills
>>10023 Anyone who has spent any time on this site knows what you do and why it is both shilling and, more importantly, annoying. Your posting style is much too identifiable, and you'd be more effective if you tried to look a little more organic.
>>10023 why do you expect to be taken seriously hahahahahaha
>>10021 >ZOG Show flag?

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