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Central banking, the crypto scam, NGOs, monopolies and financial tyranny Anonymous 09/20/2021 (Mon) 14:36:35 Id: 5d7139 No. 1064
Post content relating to the noses behind the financial tyranny most if not all of us are subject to. Anything from lobbying by the corporate elite and the unending expansion of state-sponsored conglomerates to the unpersoning of individuals that have had a bit too much to think through the banking sector. Among which money laundering by elites, "charity" organisations being not to charitable, nepotism and political circlejerks are also included, as is war profiteering and the drug trade. Ideal would be methods by which to fight back and break free from their grip, which is content that is most definitely welcome, but as you can expect most of the content is going to be about what kind of bullshit they have already pulled or are currently trying to pull.
(381.36 KB 1519x3615 Pay debts 1.png)

(268.59 KB 1589x690 Pay debts.jpg)

(4.70 MB 1519x18568 Pay debts 2.png)

(158.02 KB 800x1000 Financial democracy.png)

(747.74 KB 1680x2975 Hitler's bank.png)

(75.55 KB 831x611 DvH0iS3WwAMZqZn.jpg)

(151.36 KB 905x693 DvH3dinXcAAHlUG.jpg)

(165.20 KB 750x1334 DvHe4KAX0AAZb4U.jpg)

(41.63 KB 1000x372 DvHfoIAWwAA075o.jpg)

(77.24 KB 838x476 DvHfQfmXgAIU_nE.jpg)

(136.99 KB 727x849 DvHtDS5UYAATyDK.jpg)

(265.55 KB 1125x1920 DvHhd7kW0AEdZWT.jpg)

(39.78 KB 750x339 DvHuBmeXQAAV_MW.jpg)

(146.04 KB 759x923 DvHxl2OX4AEjqz_.jpg)

(76.10 KB 1085x803 DvHyNvrX4AAUeYr.jpg)

(196.39 KB 1047x717 DvHyogDWkAI9p25.jpg)

(202.65 KB 967x865 DvHzULLX4AEzuuJ.jpg)

(306.69 KB 1445x1080 DvIDc_3UYAAhsua.jpg)

(242.27 KB 1605x1080 DvIGD9LUwAAmen7.jpg)

(152.94 KB 1394x1080 DvILZU3U8AAuLRf.jpg)

(342.03 KB 1224x1080 DvIJ7RfVAAE3xbc.jpg)

(268.99 KB 1706x1080 DvIMchiVsAArBjh.jpg)

(440.86 KB 686x1330 Sandy Hook funds 3.jpg)

(583.26 KB 656x1916 Sandy Hook funds 2.jpg)

(187.75 KB 894x982 Pan-European Congress.png)

(1.44 MB 2962x1816 Silver.jpg)

(164.25 KB 528x405 Gold in collapse.png)

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