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Lazy dump thread Anonymous 09/20/2021 (Mon) 21:43:35 Id: f464af No. 1090
The thread is for fucking anything. Within reason and roughly within the bounds broadly set by the rules, of course. Maybe you have a shitload of nameless images that are relevant to a topic or two here but you can't be bothered to sift through whatever chaotic and disorganised sorting system you previously thought was a good idea. Maybe you think something is worth posting but still don't think it's worth its own thread. Maybe you're too much of a fag to create a thread yourself and need a thread already made for you before you are willing to drop your folder contents. This thread will remain unanchored due to this thread being specifically for people that probably just don't have enough time in their day to waste time very neatly sorting and organising every single little bit of information and insignificant detail. There is no shame in posting here: there is shame in being lazy by choice, but there is none in being forced to dedicate your precious time to much more important things.
(21.75 KB 350x354 1259715456852.jpg)

(452.61 KB 1804x2160 poh.png)

(135.36 KB 599x801 272452456502345635073.jpg)

(700.38 KB 928x8800 times jews were expelled.png)

(552.27 KB 1700x5488 jrm.png)

(152.41 KB 920x589 1943.jpg)

(2.45 MB 1000x3000 1447904299445-2.png)

(74.16 KB 800x600 535464589329845.jpg)

(442.62 KB 3152x4144 whoisit.png)

(13.14 KB 642x591 hjbr.png)

(143.40 KB 682x586 1434376515055.png)

(629.92 KB 940x690 1452241031507.jpg)

(134.89 KB 940x690 WOMD.jpg)

(938.33 KB 1000x4500 1435652928608.jpg)

(132.56 KB 736x840 obfwb.jpg)

(674.23 KB 916x1405 1457835004298-2.jpg)

(2.34 MB 1460x1929 1465401088139-2.png)

(402.35 KB 2132x1350 1465415545556-1.jpg)

(337.46 KB 1193x1294 835685682828.jpg)

(14.32 KB 250x406 1451777760664-1.png)

(166.64 KB 1008x760 aod.jpg)

(88.45 KB 1319x342 armed citizens.png)

(4.27 MB 7467x5208 nwo info.jpg)

(195.69 KB 1080x799 nsjm.jpg)

(618.90 KB 1024x768 1405775518999.jpg)

(841.91 KB 1080x1008 corruption.png)

(255.21 KB 1200x811 awcaa.jpg)

(1.38 MB 1600x1097 49695413426853.jpg)

(3.38 MB 5230x4563 1587640418978652.jpg)

(174.27 KB 1086x1200 from archive.jpg)

(355.56 KB 1200x799 muslims in russia3.jpg)

(335.01 KB 1200x788 muslims in russia8.jpg)

(597.91 KB 1200x800 muslims in russia10.jpg)

(251.05 KB 962x640 1439665919092-3.jpg)

(209.32 KB 1897x807 826451937.png)

(269.46 KB 818x959 1437258302295.jpg)

(504.11 KB 575x767 1451381651904-3.png)

(6.17 MB 3000x3000 1457836203811.jpg)

(635.36 KB 968x1624 654262598785408.png)

(195.13 KB 668x830 072489910548101234.jpg)

(272.45 KB 640x997 560012549698708425.png)

(61.76 KB 540x675 84036038738403513221.jpg)

(145.66 KB 796x532 hotus.jpg)

(268.46 KB 960x895 map of europe.jpg)

(78.41 KB 720x553 muslimmigration.jpg)

(316.37 KB 657x705 nigsngibs.png)

(564.96 KB 799x459 5940841556.png)

(40.42 KB 500x370 39834298231.jpg)

(278.62 KB 1036x627 146530356485.png)

(75.89 KB 600x450 296787654967.jpg)

(927.36 KB 628x896 1409672070774.png)

(205.49 KB 592x1020 1434884561416.jpg)

(70.59 KB 480x480 1440396793982-3.jpg)

(594.07 KB 1920x1068 1471836687780.jpg)

(10.50 KB 301x167 78656459682310.jpg)

First time I find someone on /polarchive/ the moment they are dumping. Got here from the header on /pol/?
(288.14 KB 1600x1400 essential.jpg)

(76.33 KB 579x540 GLR.JPG)

(85.72 KB 600x529 Pierce on nature.jpg)

(502.20 KB 2000x1481 27217.jpg)

(2.74 MB 1426x7040 4481236789.jpg)

(72.67 KB 1147x311 64626820256.jpg)

(112.36 KB 1024x789 697424758053.jpg)

(208.29 KB 598x597 1444250218101-3.jpg)

(196.29 KB 739x588 1447762573240-0.jpg)

(634.49 KB 817x600 1459482862254.png)

>>1192 I was just randomly surfing through various boards, stumbled upon this one and decided to contribute some.
(103.50 KB 683x743 1469069219834.jpg)

(240.10 KB 1590x812 1536896144178.png)

(8.60 MB 1349x13790 94673524165879.jpg)

(961.62 KB 2032x3528 052687895428745345.jpg)

(262.37 KB 700x906 899976507800478965.png)

(78.72 KB 750x750 8986897540526586742345.jpg)

(287.45 KB 2480x3508 98982356536500255876.jpg)

(76.65 KB 487x814 exposed (7).jpg)

(374.29 KB 633x850 exposed (8).png)

(187.22 KB 340x507 exposed (9).png)

(5.52 MB 3413x8169 manifesto.jpg)

(107.04 KB 960x905 parenting.jpg)

(384.02 KB 1200x1200 1460947282497-0.jpg)

(260.46 KB 617x571 1463284057847-3.png)

(514.67 KB 1497x947 98798210008762501534510.jpg)

>>1194 If you ever have a folder containing images for specific topics, you can always make a thread on it. I'll sticky and anchor it when I see it as long as it isn't so incredibly shit that it is impossible to distinguish from spam. The topics for the existing threads are broad but there is always room for more to be made. There is also the possibility to ask for me to edit the OP in a thread you have made or any other thread. If there is a containment thread that needs to be made for when there is some sort of collective collaboration, I can make a cyclical.
(1.30 MB 2632x2948 MK-Ultra succeeded.png)

(795.20 KB 1125x1474 [REDACTED].jpg)

(90.93 KB 1181x457 1466320859378-3.png)

(92.85 KB 718x397 after postmodernism.png)

(188.61 KB 1270x960 fracture points.png)

>>1198 I appreciate it, but i'm about to wrap this up and then i'll sail onward never to be seen again, i might even go back to forums. I'm disappointed with image board format.
(356.81 KB 1264x1880 leftism as suicidal desire.png)

(1.72 MB 1468x7317 lemmings.png)

(510.61 KB 1500x2500 1465170651623.jpg)

(2.09 MB 1696x6224 islam.jpg)

(296.41 KB 875x985 manas.png)

(187.92 KB 1024x925 0858054509.jpg)

(77.10 KB 654x410 1466320859378-2.jpg)

(2.13 MB 847x2086 feedback loops.png)

(964.60 KB 1851x857 illusion of advancement.PNG)

(289.74 KB 1848x817 46858170684.jpg)

(263.55 KB 1200x848 862498357624.jpeg)

(240.93 KB 680x1444 233.jpg)

(337.74 KB 640x1920 1467578798739.png)

unabomer dissertation
(170.49 KB 1065x545 o0wpzp.png)

Gamergate dump https://files.catbox.moe/n3ud5t.html That turned out to be a much bigger deal than anyone expected Use something like wget to pull down everything in case the link goes down

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