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The eternal Sweden YES thread Anonymous 03/27/2021 (Sat) 14:19:02 No. 175
This thread is to archive the horrors of multiculturalism. It shall be a warning to all other nations of this world. Contrary to the name it is not solely dedicated to Sweden, nor is Sweden even its main focus. It is also not intended as some niggerpill bullshit to demoralise the viewer. The main focus of this thread is to document acts of degeneracy and their resulting societal decay in practice. Not a mere moral critique (although that too may belong to it) or a purely hypothetical doomsday scenario, but rather an on-the-ground demonstration of the consequences in the respective countries where degeneracy takes root. Whitepills are most certainly welcome, although it goes without saying that the thread isn't going to have very much of that as it is not the main focus.

(501.06 KB 1250x802 Trudeau's wife gets BLACKED.jpg)

(77.25 KB 549x769 1469458636923-0.png)

(186.99 KB 657x545 1469770233937-3.png)

(253.62 KB 640x1324 1518113582184.png)

(419.84 KB 577x620 Branded with a hairpin.png)

(375.15 KB 657x783 Britain barbed wire.png)

(3.99 MB 400x224 Britain afraid cops.gif)

(5.95 MB 1925x1080 Britain audience.png)

(197.53 KB 642x1004 Britain banning Islamophobia.jpg)

(8.82 KB 599x162 Britain BBC-Bitesize.jpg)

(189.26 KB 894x960 Britain double dose.jpg)

(520.54 KB 626x804 Britain breeding.png)

(352.38 KB 519x1093 Britain equal force laws.png)

(1.57 MB 996x982 Britain extremism.png)

(515.02 KB 612x398 Britain eyes 2.png)

(72.25 KB 778x584 Britain eyes 3.jpg)

(281.70 KB 940x560 Britain eyes.jpg)

(774.02 KB 1520x2688 Britain eyes 4.jpg)

(113.17 KB 582x761 Britain kebab.jpg)

(73.17 KB 965x765 Britain self-defence means.png)

(288.25 KB 655x609 Britain spoon 2.png)

(541.44 KB 661x863 Britain spontaneous blowjobs.png)

(93.65 KB 490x870 Britain spoon.jpg)

(166.51 KB 684x665 Britain speaking the language.jpg)

(263.42 KB 1185x1270 Britain whistleblower.jpg)

(276.75 KB 1441x499 Britain YES.png)

(109.83 KB 379x500 Britain TV license.jpg)

(117.31 KB 400x712 Britain young mayor.jpg)

(1.99 MB 1500x2950 Britain.jpg)

(355.20 KB 617x597 LGBT police.png)

(114.02 KB 900x745 Knife victory.jpg)

(561.41 KB 1040x1857 Jewish police.jpg)

(442.10 KB 1346x900 Kenyan machete killer.jpg)

(48.38 KB 766x471 London schoolchildren.jpg)

(498.58 KB 647x1545 Minority by 2066.png)

(626.99 KB 663x4162 Mandela.jpg)

(580.88 KB 664x1103 More non-white schools.jpg)

(179.89 KB 651x502 Proving consent.png)

(100.24 KB 490x759 Puppy.jpg)

(385.81 KB 2458x1258 Report on everyone.jpg)

(37.01 KB 626x214 UK healthcare.jpg)

(316.85 KB 662x408 Tunde Ogungbesan.png)

(541.02 KB 1116x585 UK Olympics.png)

(256.75 KB 532x719 UK Ramadan.png)

(24.63 KB 586x210 Vulnerable children.png)

(460.14 KB 674x937 Violent vidya.png)

(157.52 KB 768x990 UK YES.jpg)

(619.10 KB 662x1983 Sweden crime concentration.png)

(233.11 KB 1129x852 Sweden double dose 2.png)

(562.16 KB 747x898 Sweden dental care.png)

(99.12 KB 1339x784 Sweden double dose.png)

(3.35 MB 1325x8856 Sweden crime.png)

(171.69 KB 878x901 Sweden foreign born.png)

(516.57 KB 668x1980 Sweden double rape.png)

(249.67 KB 412x1223 Sweden gang violence.png)

(1.46 MB 419x3819 Sweden foreigner.png)

(106.28 KB 1108x770 Sweden handgrenades 1.png)

(120.00 KB 1095x773 Sweden handgrenades 2.png)

(59.46 KB 1116x448 Sweden handgrenades 3.png)

(359.56 KB 740x897 Sweden HIV.png)

(299.91 KB 486x1588 Sweden jobs.png)

(566.90 KB 1051x895 Sweden holiday.png)

(337.91 KB 796x1533 Sweden joining European Union.png)

(292.35 KB 715x362 Sweden Mogadishu.png)

(145.10 KB 828x840 Sweden muh dick.png)

(282.21 KB 820x1600 Sweden literal whitewashing.jpg)

(982.03 KB 768x4590 Sweden media.jpg)

(243.66 KB 400x911 Sweden rape.png)

(242.90 KB 406x1125 Sweden rapist.png)

(301.86 KB 460x1381 Sweden ship.png)

(958.46 KB 687x2608 Sweden preparing for war.png)

(276.00 KB 409x1405 Sweden voting age.png)

(972.57 KB 653x2638 Swedish anti-racist Trump.png)

(116.12 KB 495x736 Swedish museum.jpg)

(3.92 MB 4655x5001 Sweden.jpg)

(79.14 KB 640x640 1471782123571-0.jpg)

(63.33 KB 600x800 1471782123571-1.jpg)

(1.25 MB 1991x2589 [enrichment intensifies].jpg)

(1.94 MB 1003x9805 1471782682233-0.jpg)

(49.16 KB 707x287 1471782682233-1.jpg)

(106.72 KB 870x629 Rapefugee status.png)

(303.78 KB 503x858 Norway YES.png)

(959.66 KB 680x2921 Scotland yes.png)

(615.34 KB 652x707 Stop incarcerating women.png)

(31.42 KB 940x470 1466529623982-0.jpg)

(44.59 KB 1200x600 1466529623983-2.jpg)

(573.09 KB 685x1383 100 percent humanitarian grade.png)

(107.01 KB 1600x1029 1466529623983-1.jpg)

(465.98 KB 3600x1801 1466537598513.jpg)

(43.63 KB 881x463 Circumsision ban.png)

(303.75 KB 1264x1368 EU group libel proposal.png)

(256.82 KB 830x634 EU police censorship.png)

(136.12 KB 1278x706 Coming to a Europe near you.jpg)

(527.59 KB 1003x2064 oy vey, shut it down.png)

(192.62 KB 650x541 1517685912972.png)

(245.45 KB 1052x1220 1517687837790.jpg)

(99.49 KB 659x536 1517688045447.jpg)

(240.52 KB 1083x621 1517688270697.jpg)

(239.05 KB 713x618 1517688465745.jpg)

(132.86 KB 746x960 1517688937145.jpg)

(137.92 KB 640x594 1517689331143.jpg)

(40.55 KB 486x437 1517689372557.jpg)

(78.75 KB 645x649 Holocaust excuses 1.png)

(518.57 KB 862x892 Goyfriend.png)

(386.10 KB 607x841 Holocaust excuses 2.png)

(442.62 KB 732x866 Israel no.png)

(11.26 MB 1300x14415 oy vey, shut it down 2.png)

(18.06 MB 640x360 oy vey, shut it down.mp4)

(10.01 MB 534x300 oy vey, shut it down.webm)

(537.52 KB 1060x4186 oy vey, shut it down.png)

(1.10 MB 1484x1572 oy vey.jpg)

(187.75 KB 894x982 Pan-European Congress.png)

(49.62 KB 600x414 Pure coincidence 2.jpg)

(64.59 KB 660x606 Pure coincidence 3.jpg)

(356.25 KB 954x1914 Sweden immigrant landfill 2.png)

(114.49 KB 648x588 Pure coincidence 1.jpg)

(572.15 KB 766x783 Sweden immigrant landfill 3.png)

(2.89 MB 640x360 Rule Britannia.webm)

(3.91 MB 254x460 Welcome to France.webm)

(1.43 MB 460x460 Diversity in Navy.webm)

(193.42 KB 1065x1289 Where is the diversity.jpg)

(3.89 MB 720x404 Not English.webm)

(8.68 MB 640x320 Sodomite pedos.webm)

(3.88 MB 852x480 Take that, Trump.webm)

(1.22 MB 854x480 We're seeing some shit.webm)

(54.90 KB 310x761 Damn boomers 5.png)

(34.74 KB 310x411 Damn boomers 4.png)

(425.33 KB 1414x1096 Damn boomers.png)

(36.62 KB 310x448 Damn boomers 3.png)

(27.52 KB 200x399 Damn boomers 2.png)

(42.68 KB 310x452 Damn boomers 9.png)

(30.83 KB 310x350 Damn boomers 8.png)

(35.15 KB 310x442 Damn boomers 7.png)

(54.45 KB 310x742 Damn boomers 6.png)

(286.53 KB 936x398 EU programming socks.png)

(541.63 KB 940x598 Your EU right.png)

(906.89 KB 943x598 17 percent shitskins.png)

(333.61 KB 940x598 Eufrican Union.png)

(85.17 KB 741x1094 NextGenerationEU.jpg)

(110.50 KB 640x1244 SHAMK.jpg)

(176.74 KB 710x873 Merkel would do it again.jpg)

(159.18 KB 890x962 I beat my wife - 96% upvote.jpg)

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