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The wars aren't real but the genocides of your people are Anonymous 03/28/2022 (Mon) 19:30:06 Id: 2af7c3 No. 1919
Post content relating to war along with the faces and noses behind it. There is no set-in-stone side that this thread stands with and there is no specific conflict that it focuses on. It sides only with the truth and the regular people who end up in the middle of these conflicts. Can be current war footage, statistics, military documents, historical data from past conflicts, war attrocities, trails of blood money, quotes from politicians, propaganda used to justify these conflicts and can even be war songs. That being said, this thread is not intended as a news bulletin for war updates, news updates may be posted but should be limited to lasting events rather than a swarm of infinitesimal piece-wise progress reports. War is, of course, not restricted to just guns and bombs, psychological warfare is just as important, so it too belongs in this thread. "In the practical art of war, the best thing of all is to take the enemy's country whole and intact; to shatter and destroy it is not so good. So, too, it is better to recapture an army entire than to destroy it, to capture a regiment, a detachment or a company entire than to destroy them. Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting." - Sun Tzu, The Art of War
(4.03 MB 426x240 Support the bomb.webm)

(467.19 KB 647x960 Barrel bombs.png)

(674.34 KB 1754x1754 Bombs for banter.png)

(7.84 MB 640x360 911 A Conspiracy Theory.mp4)

(4.23 MB 342x256 911 General Wesley Clark.mp4)

(50.63 KB 577x554 Mike Enoch 911.jpg)

(345.48 KB 700x560 Trademarking 911.png)

(793.52 KB 1035x1200 Top Israeli general speaks out.png)

(649.89 KB 1384x1700 Israel in Syria.png)

(464.58 KB 524x2973 Iran and Israel nukes.png)

(332.07 KB 1348x2032 Israel in Syria 2.png)

(1.40 MB 1000x1163 US-Israel relationship.png)

(369.30 KB 576x486 Kidnapped Syrians.png)

(604.76 KB 1006x1522 sg summary of Syria.png)

(739.86 KB 1984x1219 BBC anti-Syrian propaganda.gif)

(1.92 MB 320x180 White helmets fake.mp4)

(5.54 MB 640x360 White helmets BTFO.mp4)

(7.77 MB 640x360 White helmets.mp4)

(109.89 KB 463x640 Typhus ward.jpg)

(189.54 KB 719x641 War in the Middle East.jpg)

(13.35 MB 800x450 All_Wars_Are_Bankers'_Wars.webm)

(64.01 KB 850x400 WW3 information war.jpg)

(109.89 KB 463x640 Typhus ward.jpg)

(958.46 KB 687x2608 Sweden preparing for war.png)

(845.37 KB 1633x1927 Hitler warmonger.jpg)

(3.90 MB 640x360 Marawi4.webm)

(3.61 MB 640x360 Marawi3.webm)

(3.65 MB 640x360 Marawi2.webm)

(3.68 MB 640x360 Marawi1.webm)

(1.44 MB 568x320 Ministry of Defence.webm)

(3.81 MB 1920x1080 Final wave Maidan.webm)

(3.52 MB 480x360 Tank loading.webm)

(3.85 MB 640x360 mres.webm)

(1.08 MB 720x404 Soviet line of defence.webm)

(3.66 MB 480x360 Bird.webm)

(450.73 KB 480x360 Capping the objective.webm)

(2.89 MB 720x1280 Drafted into the army 2.mp4)

(2.03 MB 592x1280 Drafted into the army 1.mp4)

(3.95 MB 480x848 Scrap grenade.webm)

(663.61 KB 2048x1319 Spanish Minister of Defence.jpg)

(340.58 KB 580x451 Mossad sending 'art students'.png)

(693.97 KB 847x4179 Voat Mossad.png)

(926.96 KB 1737x1125 Mossad sending 'art students' 2.png)

(16.19 KB 440x440 Can't Mossad the Assad.jpg)

(182.13 KB 826x1102 1648284972563.jpg)

(175.99 KB 1080x1241 Distraction.jpg)

(477.60 KB 1080x2400 ADL Wolfsangel.jpg)

(19.00 MB 720x1280 First-class assets.mp4)

(431.24 KB 1440x2091 Elderly residents kicked out.jpg)

(32.36 KB 750x422 Igor Kolomoisky.jpg)

(100.21 KB 1079x971 Everything legally.jpg)

(335.02 KB 646x821 Fight somewhere empty.jpg)

(105.69 KB 861x461 Putin to blame for gas prices.jpg)

(255.76 KB 1280x1023 Rothschilds for Ukraine.jpg)

(122.28 KB 622x1024 Putin unipolar world.jpg)

(299.47 KB 1242x799 Roman Abramovich.jpg)

(146.65 KB 1024x785 Ukraine.jpg)

(77.59 KB 654x748 Zelensky banning opposition.jpg)

(1.36 MB 1741x3293 Ukranian refugees.jpg)

(23.25 KB 220x165 ClipboardImage.png)

(323.76 KB 900x506 ClipboardImage.png)

(29.91 KB 800x800 Proofs.png)

(524.27 KB 807x1280 Mariupol 2.png)

(504.14 KB 799x1280 Mariupol 3.png)

(521.22 KB 802x1280 Mariupol 1.png)

(4.24 MB 720x410 Solidarity against Russia.webm)

(1.19 MB 640x320 no more brothers wars.webm)

(2.00 MB 338x244 Noone allowed us to leave.webm)

(4.42 MB 640x360 1647865733732.webm)

(146.78 KB 1349x556 Israeli plan for Ukraine.png)

(91.43 KB 640x625 Gaddafi to America.jpg)

(61.94 KB 731x369 Lindbergh-Nazis-Quote.jpg)

(148.59 KB 679x1029 Ukraine adopting WEF proposals.png)

(280.40 KB 1280x928 Crimea.jpg)

(152.64 KB 881x1024 Zelensky Trudeau.jpg)

(1.26 MB 4000x4032 Putin's friends.jpg)

(156.19 KB 1024x945 no u.jpg)

(1018.07 KB 1177x1424 Ukranian oligarch refugees.jpg)

(908.42 KB 1280x853 Stepan Bandera mother father.png)

(880.06 KB 1052x1067 Dead civilians Luhansk city.png)

(340.92 KB 1200x1853 Georgian sluts.jpg)

(7.15 MB 352x640 Georgian sluts.mp4)

(404.69 KB 600x363 I can't leave.png)

(1.82 MB 1170x1176 Khazars.png)

(1.48 MB 1832x1418 Kyiv skyscraper.png)

(1.01 MB 1280x811 Stepan Putilo Svetlov.png)

(1.03 MB 1429x656 Stepan Putilo Svetlov2.png)

(163.61 KB 597x144 azov confirmed nazi.png)

(1.63 MB 1024x684 image.png)

(3.89 MB 2112x7968 Story of Belarus.jpg)

(4.30 MB 720x480 Img 6444.webm)

(4.54 MB 760x480 Soykraine.webm)

(949.09 KB 704x680 EXPLOoo~SION!.webm)

(5.69 MB 360x656 Slava Ahkrahn.webm)

(5.57 MB 880x720 Japan BioLabs Compilation.webm)

(4.24 MB 640x640 Bombing Israel with SCUDs.webm)

(4.57 MB 768x576 saddam.webm)

(4.83 MB 720x480 Biden suggesting.webm)

(4.59 MB 720x480 It was all planned.webm)

(4.23 MB 480x320 winter war.webm)

(3.52 MB 1000x720 Bandera fan.webm)

(4.17 MB 640x360 cow tails.webm)

(2.30 MB 640x500 No master but Israel.gif)

(138.02 KB 767x512 Puberty blockers.jpg)

(6.84 KB 250x195 Die for Israel.jpg)

(115.48 KB 1024x877 sexuality.jpg)

(416.05 KB 2318x875 White man's burden.jpg)

(136.34 KB 950x912 biden-genocide.jpg)

(47.20 KB 406x397 ukies.jpg)

(54.06 KB 400x527 Bombing attacks of peace.jpg)

(102.14 KB 960x426 Hermann Goering.jpg)

(240.36 KB 720x1191 Serbia's biggest football club.jpg)

(120.69 KB 976x549 azog usa.jpg)

(165.80 KB 1280x853 1652353197167.jpg)

(163.30 KB 1280x853 1652352656128.jpg)

(249.62 KB 1017x1010 Israel arming Azov.jpg)

(344.05 KB 1041x1090 organic posts.png)

(675.39 KB 1009x828 Salo For AZOV.png)

(345.03 KB 526x771 8 year war.png)

(718.53 KB 2100x1575 ukraine gas.png)

(1.66 MB 883x1059 based_rightsector.png)

(13.84 KB 673x257 uhg posters.png)

(753.05 KB 1307x702 Kursk 1943.png)

(422.40 KB 638x718 Artificially sleepy footage.webm)

(131.28 KB 1184x703 ISIS meaning.jpg)

(408.88 KB 952x1862 Israel main buyer of ISIS oil.jpg)

(750.47 KB 1052x622 Snake Island.png)

(1.63 MB 2200x890 Israel ISIS.png)

(71.80 KB 932x489 Flying ISIS flag is legal.png)

(507.47 KB 1894x1413 Stop attacking ISIS.jpg)

(177.15 KB 1379x692 Pure coincidence.png)

(320.29 KB 755x516 Remember the Iraqis.png)

(1.40 MB 1000x1163 US-Israel relationship.png)

(449.16 KB 384x1024 WE WUZ COSSACKS N SHIIEEEET.png)

(53.76 KB 750x415 azovstal eurovision 2023.png)

(915.17 KB 962x1096 BAD OMEN-Ukr flag torn.png)

(2.28 MB 1887x9061 BIOLABS.png)

(72.53 KB 751x401 Oops.png)

(99.85 KB 500x235 luka.png)

(896.15 KB 838x768 Azov wives.png)

(73.97 KB 596x629 Israel is the problem.png)

(147.45 KB 712x778 Mendel Sneedson.png)

(191.68 KB 764x725 hmmmmm.png)

(213.56 KB 512x339 HOMO forces.png)

(348.13 KB 594x602 China preparing for war.png)

(1.03 MB 480x360 Slavaukr-Ack06.webm)

(1013.94 KB 480x360 Based Belarus.webm)

(1.61 MB 480x360 Teasing Ukies.webm)

(1.76 MB 1280x720 ukraine front line.webm)

(2.40 MB 888x956 Karas-We like to kill.webm)

(3.77 MB 768x480 iraq.webm)

(5.12 MB 768x480 Spaniard1.webm)

(5.66 MB 768x480 Spaniard2.webm)

(5.37 MB 768x480 Spaniard3.webm)

(895.57 KB 480x360 Jewlenski.webm)

(4.91 MB 720x480 Scot.webm)

(5.08 MB 720x480 Pow7.webm)

(5.25 MB 720x480 natopower.webm)

(5.42 MB 720x480 Ukrainian Weed.webm)

(4.49 MB 720x480 If you cannot sleep.webm)

(5.49 MB 768x480 heros.webm)

(5.10 MB 720x480 Pow Ua.webm)

(1.08 MB 320x240 Skull and bones.webm)

(4.96 MB 768x480 Jewlenski Literally.webm)

(573.70 KB 600x600 The Bucha Conga Line.webm)

(3.59 MB 720x480 eurocucks.webm)

(5.21 MB 768x480 88iqUkies.webm)

(4.40 MB 720x404 ThanksToRussianSoldiers.webm)

(1.24 MB 650x364 Mendel Sneedson_.webm)

(38.36 KB 606x625 Shinzo Abe.jpg)

(102.01 KB 922x1280 -5062487920870533778_121.jpg)

(81.01 KB 606x910 Greetings from Serbia.jpg)

(207.65 KB 1280x689 1657878561831.jpg)

(758.68 KB 2367x2560 Ukraine closed due to aids.jpg)

(1.22 MB 1216x1347 Abe hit by CCP agent.png)

(1.51 MB 476x338 SEXU.mp4)

(5.56 MB 1920x1080 Heres to you.webm)

(798.37 KB 1462x1998 Israel satellite shot down.jpg)

(38.36 KB 606x625 Shinzo Abe.jpg)

(102.01 KB 922x1280 -5062487920870533778_121.jpg)

(207.65 KB 1280x689 1657878561831.jpg)

(1.11 MB 1242x1293 China determined to use force.jpg)

(207.65 KB 1280x689 1657878561831.jpg)

(38.36 KB 606x625 Shinzo Abe.jpg)

(102.01 KB 922x1280 -5062487920870533778_121.jpg)

(1.11 MB 1242x1293 China determined to use force.jpg)

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