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Gun rights, weapons technologies and attempts to disarm the populace Anonymous 07/26/2022 (Tue) 12:25:53 Id: 59a3ad No. 2528
Post content relating to guns, gun rights, means by which one may exercise these rights himself, function/maintenance/manufacture of firearms and discuss opponents to the exercise of these rights. If it can be posted on /k/, then it can be posted here. But unlike 4/k/, gun control discussion is not only not banned for being "unrelated to weapons" as is done there, but both discussion as to the architects of this gun-grabbling movement and the violent means by which they will seek to control you are highly encouraged.
(114.87 KB 960x876 Gun control.jpg)

(131.55 KB 713x741 Gun control.jpg)

(1.15 MB 1758x1395 Jews behind gun control.png)

(88.42 KB 640x690 Gun ownership.jpg)

(66.92 KB 460x780 Gun murder rate correlation.jpg)

(163.54 KB 1018x720 Gun murders per 100k.png)

(492.89 KB 1800x2732 Gun.jpg)

(108.55 KB 720x720 Honest truth about guns.jpg)

(131.20 KB 600x829 Gun control correlation.png)

(520.61 KB 1000x720 Gunnuts.jpg)

(64.93 KB 640x499 Home-made electronic gun.jpg)

(106.28 KB 1108x770 Sweden handgrenades 1.png)

(120.00 KB 1095x773 Sweden handgrenades 2.png)

(59.46 KB 1116x448 Sweden handgrenades 3.png)

(4.21 MB 720x404 kid in tank.webm)

(1.01 MB 900x3976 Militarisation of police.jpg)

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