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(258.00 KB 1155x879 Aj London.jpg)

(320.13 KB 666x475 Bild teaching cuckoldry.png)

(781.08 KB 1080x1100 Cuckoldry.png)

(2.74 MB 1366x3920 Coma rape.png)

Anti-natalism, demographics and the engineered fertility crisis Anonymous 03/28/2021 (Sun) 10:10:27 No. 257
Post content relating to genetic warfare, dysgenics whether intentional or unintentional, demographic trends and white genocide. This includes the groups that are instrumental in these population trends and their methods. Welcome also is information on how one may overcome these hurdles. Content relating to child trafficking and abuse is also relevant to the topic.
Edited last time by idonothingharm on 03/28/2021 (Sun) 10:27:23.
(45.33 KB 555x524 Nurse trafficking women.jpg)

(123.70 KB 1024x634 Rabbi Abarron Haviv.jpg)

(922.51 KB 803x1574 Refridgerated roastie.png)

(1.28 MB 2223x4606 Roastie.jpg)

(109.34 KB 701x862 White children.jpg)

(427.94 KB 729x781 Tranny books.jpg)

(416.57 KB 655x820 White people shouldn't breed.png)

(2.14 MB 3308x2308 Anti-natalism.jpg)

(107.82 KB 598x1349 Bed and floor covered in blood.png)

(449.64 KB 747x996 Broadway.png)

(2.41 MB 2151x1516 Babyfirst.jpg)

(561.85 KB 1374x3035 Chem up little fuckers hard.jpg)

(188.75 KB 750x924 Mark Salling suicided.jpg)

(966.01 KB 1732x1764 NXIVM.png)

(1.27 MB 1152x2048 Oddly priced pillow.png)

(1.80 MB 1152x2048 Oddly priced pillows.png)

(2.04 MB 1152x2048 Oddly priced cabinets online.png)

(85.16 KB 607x641 Podesta leaker.jpg)

(1.11 MB 1152x2048 Oddly priced storage cabinets.png)

(3.41 MB 2244x1700 Orphanages.png)

(3.31 MB 7000x5893 Pizza time.jpg)

(81.35 KB 640x786 Podesta white house kevlar.jpg)

(748.89 KB 601x2138 Police refused to intervene.png)

(1.49 MB 1274x3412 Report.jpg)

(43.82 KB 719x719 Roy Cohn.jpg)

(2.84 MB 1029x1572 Spirit cooking.png)

(2.86 MB 2550x12598 Xenoestrogen.jpg)

(476.91 KB 1849x1617 Beer estrogen.jpg)

(200.21 KB 1080x1880 Israel makes the hormones.jpg)

(400.23 KB 1336x1980 Hormones.png)

(709.86 KB 2728x2128 Soylent.jpg)

(591.96 KB 1796x1498 Trannies.png)

(110.11 KB 640x677 Transgender book.jpg)

(122.92 KB 796x601 Tranny addiction.png)

(266.95 KB 633x667 Antinous.png)

(527.48 KB 2368x2384 Actor falseflag.jpg)

(93.72 KB 1024x576 As long as I'm making money.jpg)

(554.74 KB 2880x1966 Andrew Breitbart heart attack.jpg)

(144.53 KB 1290x1278 Bizarre fake story.jpg)

(138.79 KB 1200x819 Breitbart suicided.jpg)

(239.95 KB 1242x2208 Bring all children available.png)

(386.93 KB 571x629 Camp nose.png)

(1.15 MB 2942x3010 Cheesybay.jpg)

(585.59 KB 1811x1727 chicken.jpg)

(274.75 KB 1653x1249 Clinton Foundation funds.jpg)

(199.02 KB 1200x869 Comet Ping Pong falseflag.jpg)

(52.19 KB 1024x561 Compound.jpg)

(2.68 MB 2974x7639 Comet Ping Pong camera.jpg)

(381.07 KB 1376x1629 Convicted pedophile friends.jpg)

(40.54 KB 480x782 Cumpanda.jpg)

(465.13 KB 1024x768 Creepy bro.png)

(1.05 MB 1704x6930 Alertsense.png)

(851.58 KB 824x612 Cumin lamb.png)

(1.14 MB 1604x1322 DC police.png)

(97.93 KB 500x550 Family friendly.jpg)

(441.38 KB 992x629 Drag queen sex.jpg)

(668.05 KB 874x586 Favorite pedo.png)

(1.08 MB 1636x977 Gaybaby.png)

(215.65 KB 2880x1800 Inside Comet Pizza.jpg)

(94.41 KB 904x260 investigateforyourself.png)

(337.05 KB 854x480 Killroom.png)

(2.42 MB 1300x8944 Handkerchief.jpg)

(1.82 MB 1111x2047 Jimmy Saville.png)

(135.67 KB 640x507 Meatbodies.jpg)

(190.08 KB 1024x970 Missing persons.jpg)

(738.11 KB 1751x857 Might be time to vanish.png)

(191.32 KB 1024x819 Panda.jpg)

(3.98 MB 4040x6560 Moloch, Saturn and Satan.jpg)

(54.30 KB 1024x492 Secret entrance.jpg)

(490.22 KB 602x929 Pizzagate basement.png)

(1.35 MB 2622x2074 Spirit cooking.jpg)

(1.20 MB 2500x8815 Strangers with candy.jpg)

(242.65 KB 1242x2208 Toddler rubbing my nose.png)

(292.10 KB 538x516 whatwhatinthebutt.png)

(700.29 KB 674x922 What have you been up to.png)

(1.75 MB 2600x3704 Trudeau 2.jpg)

(93.90 KB 896x929 Trudeau Foundation.jpg)

(546.60 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 - 04.jpg)

(390.12 KB 1240x1754 HATE2018 - 05.jpg)

(41.20 KB 348x821 Alice movie.jpg)

(757.40 KB 1440x1729 Propaganda never stops.jpg)

(1.22 MB 1166x728 Yahoo.png)

(101.96 KB 680x1024 Casper.jpg)

(120.18 KB 736x682 1597698693693.jpg)

(293.74 KB 828x676 Men's health.jpg)

(479.94 KB 617x604 Propaganda 2.png)

(202.41 KB 500x334 160543124321.jpg)

(92.26 KB 576x1024 Meundies.jpg)

(70.37 KB 640x746 Race realism.jpg)

(135.76 KB 750x945 Kohls.jpg)

(568.96 KB 1194x1200 Prop.jpg)

(407.71 KB 1152x773 Thanksgiving.png)

(181.86 KB 1200x632 IMG_6859.jpg)

(17.38 KB 404x363 Expedia commercial.jpg)

(61.23 KB 1500x1000 Financial_Advisor_Graphic.png)

(317.94 KB 303x551 agenda.png)

(589.12 KB 1440x1580 HnM.jpg)

(376.89 KB 1264x830 DTF ok cupid campaign.jpg)

(691.08 KB 1440x1355 Beach boys.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1236x658 SnackCrate commercial.png)

(1.13 MB 1430x1843 Cafe press.jpg)

(71.49 KB 679x421 1576599435759.jpg)

(63.03 KB 851x316 1579831429044.jpg)

(418.35 KB 1440x840 FXX.jpg)

(140.92 KB 1080x1098 Public Health England.jpg)

(857.62 KB 992x588 1579813259862.png)

(618.60 KB 722x528 Arizona Tea.png)

(191.26 KB 640x1136 1530116414277.jpg)

(66.38 KB 660x990 Paris Fashion Week.jpg)

(481.39 KB 828x859 adrussia.jpg)

(61.05 KB 780x390 6048abe5886d3_p.jpg)

(42.46 KB 620x514 Nickelodeon show.jpg)

(53.18 KB 1021x503 2021_British_Census_2.jpg)

(49.02 KB 972x1032 Tastes like chicken.jpg)

(153.98 KB 705x474 French road safety ad.png)

(2.53 MB 1920x866 fall_guys_ad.png)

(93.70 KB 261x366 Secrets of the best bodies.jpg)

(178.22 KB 750x849 Lidl advertisement.jpg)

(976.46 KB 926x597 Get locked down.png)

(3.06 MB 2000x1333 BRIDGERTON.jpg)

(177.72 KB 402x371 Car insurance ad.png)

(280.02 KB 1970x1242 Finding love.jpg)

(491.31 KB 1313x776 Netflix open relationships.png)

(263.18 KB 1280x720 Dad being goofy.jpg)

(1.14 MB 600x600 Burgers.gif)

(766.09 KB 1438x1399 United we sleep.jpg)

(1.77 MB 2200x1295 British Christmas ads.png)

(2.42 MB 652x2982 Christmas in Britain on TV.png)

(69.76 KB 583x629 sweden_school_peace_prize.jpg)

(41.23 KB 447x406 blm_vasectomy.jpg)

(1.26 MB 946x4609 r_vs_K.jpg)

(161.35 KB 1059x852 Viking artifacts melted down.jpg)

(262.57 KB 1080x1942 White male.jpg)

(672.22 KB 445x6020 Humiliation ritual.jpg)

(512.31 KB 1248x960 Gassing whites.jpg)

(3.26 MB 1807x2180 Jews should support Catholics.png)

(374.77 KB 813x945 You're the dregs of society.png)

(159.09 KB 841x909 Emanuel Celler.jpg)

(115.42 KB 918x814 Twitter abusive behaviour.jpg)

(62.93 KB 720x610 The American dream.png)

(122.54 KB 1024x594 Fuck white people.jpg)

(51.29 KB 554x554 Reparations.jpg)

(91.77 KB 500x440 Melting pot hoax.jpg)

(217.33 KB 1024x936 The Great Replacement.jpg)

(102.57 KB 850x400 Multi-ethnic states.jpg)

(215.43 KB 1199x847 Unbearable whiteness.jpg)

(203.70 KB 1200x1200 White women drive me crazy.jpg)

(211.56 KB 1200x1200 Strategic tears.jpg)

(1.55 MB 2841x2390 Ethnocide.gif)

(1.80 MB 2668x1840 Sex reassignment surgery.png)

(778.71 KB 1172x2188 Hey pretty girl.jpg)

(14.72 MB 1280x720 trans parenting.mp4)

(433.49 KB 1284x2042 1.jpeg)

(335.58 KB 1284x1644 2.jpeg)

(447.71 KB 1284x1961 3.jpeg)

(344.98 KB 980x1912 World war rape.jpg)

(781.54 KB 933x684 Russian army public rape.png)

(1.66 MB 480x600 STATISTICS LMAO.webm)

(3.68 MB 640x360 Gender and John Money.webm)

(289.54 KB 1164x1549 Abortion education.jpeg)

(70.71 KB 679x640 Drag queen.jpeg)

(161.86 KB 987x1280 Winning replacement.jpg)

(74.03 KB 720x1005 Chinese trap streamer.png)

(74.53 KB 1242x819 Premium snap.png)

(3.86 MB 1776x5789 Literally vampires.png)

(1.76 MB 2344x3704 Neanderthal.jpg)

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