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Shills and evidence of the hidden war over your mind Anonymous 03/20/2021 (Sat) 19:53:52 No. 26
Post all the screencaps you have of shills doing what they do best and infographics of methods used to subvert online forums. Also proof of manipulation within the media used to control public opinion, if possible.
(3.35 MB 1926x7680 Jannies, jews - bad news.jpg)

(301.35 KB 814x768 John Bettendorf.gif)

(540.31 KB 1932x1684 Look mom, I'm in the army.jpg)

(1.76 MB 1241x8770 Mining the chans.png)

(1.71 MB 2800x2700 Plugmedia shill.jpg)

(77.10 KB 563x539 Brenton Tarran on rpol.png)

(182.74 KB 758x427 CIAniggers.png)

(179.33 KB 597x457 FBI (You).png)

(151.76 KB 926x893 Fed samefagging.png)

(120.21 KB 601x861 Fedposters.png)

(143.27 KB 756x1200 Feds Christcuckposting.jpg)

(392.47 KB 1544x1926 Glownigger status confirmed.png)

(301.22 KB 1545x1527 Glownigger.png)

(55.10 KB 1251x892 Nothing further.png)

(655.08 KB 3264x3264 Washington Post - White power.jpg)

(247.80 KB 1291x2226 Samefag shill.png)

(195.49 KB 908x1200 Antifa shill on pol.jpg)

(867.23 KB 854x2988 leftypol tries to shill b.png)

(346.12 KB 591x696 Macron.png)

(100.67 KB 851x324 Joan Donovan.png)

(351.93 KB 1865x1049 Talking about Israel on 4chan.png)

(104.75 KB 1024x665 Philly murder rate.jpg)

(50.44 KB 1024x378 Washington Post - Iran deal.jpg)

(670.05 KB 931x2446 The mods are just you.jpg)

(112.66 KB 720x720 CNN same girl.jpg)

(333.54 KB 1624x1458 PBS Brown.png)

(526.62 KB 1344x1662 intl spamming the site.png)

(293.78 KB 656x1311 CNN blackmail.png)

(210.66 KB 1256x1454 CTR Shareblue.jpeg)

(43.42 KB 824x660 Reddit politics 2.png)

(137.74 KB 1500x432 Fact check 3.jpg)

(47.25 KB 468x811 Fact check 2.jpeg)

(266.38 KB 1090x406 Fact check 1.png)

(186.68 KB 1400x1454 Wikipedia GG.png)

(20.19 KB 1054x160 intl religion.png)

(687.88 KB 2532x1566 Dude vote remain lmao.png)

(3.76 MB 3713x4966 1466235060797.jpg)

(63.99 KB 600x595 Imgur censors Trigglypuff.jpg)

(115.14 KB 832x671 1460866386266.png)

(40.52 KB 1571x382 1460855886782-1.png)

(1.85 MB 2022x2126 1460855882302-0.jpg)

(176.40 KB 636x721 1460855053672-1.png)

(104.39 KB 1366x692 1460854885675-1.png)

(524.29 KB 1868x2464 1460855292701-0.png)

(433.47 KB 2491x1835 1460855296607-1.png)

(366.62 KB 1446x1244 1460854885306-0.png)

(44.80 KB 863x455 Sanders shilling 7.png)

(179.16 KB 884x764 Applied Memetics.png)

(1.32 MB 1105x3898 Mixing with Japs 2.png)

(1.35 MB 1961x2198 Mixing with Japs.png)

(437.48 KB 1300x1563 Goon raids.png)

(15.10 KB 1120x252 Goons damage control 2.png)

(167.97 KB 1621x905 Sanders shilling.png)

(119.94 KB 900x334 Goons damage control 1.png)

(554.66 KB 716x1839 EU shilling.jpg)

(15.96 KB 646x343 Goon formatting 3.png)

(225.47 KB 907x1065 Goon formatting 0.png)

(84.95 KB 1276x660 State-funded antifa.png)

(26.10 KB 838x365 Israeli time 2.png)

(294.45 KB 1156x1206 Social media activism.jpg)

(65.06 KB 1019x857 Israeli time.png)

(334.04 KB 792x1421 switching costs.png)

>>26 >fifth pic >They helped plan the [...] El Paso shootings Wait, what? The shooting that was used as an excuse to take down 8chan was helped by mods on 4chan? Is there any source for that?
>>406 I don't remember what that line was about. Was a while ago that I had saved it.
(230.27 KB 1080x1160 Discord tranny cope.png)

(191.41 KB 1874x532 leftypol getting outsneeded.png)

(143.38 KB 1018x624 Trannies rope themselves.png)

(77.23 KB 1026x216 leftypol called out.jpg)

(855.46 KB 983x1727 Bunkerchan can't sneed.jpg)

(870.34 KB 2164x1824 AI bot threads.png)

(1.14 MB 2560x1440 Discord shill team quality.jpg)

(794.57 KB 2762x1114 Forum slide in full effect 2.jpg)

(1.55 MB 1280x2432 Forum slide in full effect 1.jpg)

(288.02 KB 1391x933 JIDF compensation.png)

(39.56 KB 640x477 SPLC USS Liberty.png)

(1.83 MB 1790x1220 Leftist fantasies.png)

(1.11 MB 2044x2084 Spambot.jpg)

Reposted from >>>/v/444303 [ ] U.S. Repeals Propaganda Ban, Spreads Government-Made News to Americans https://foreignpolicy.com/2013/07/14/u-s-repeals-propaganda-ban-spreads-government-made-news-to-americans/ https://archive.ph/vZLZc DATE ADDED: 2021-10-17 [ ] U.S. ends ban on 'domestic propaganda' https://governamerica.com/issues/global-issues/mind-control-propaganda/22190-u-s-ends-ban-on-domestic-propaganda https://archive.ph/y4ALy DATE ADDED: 2021-10-17 [ ] How the CIA Paid and Threatened Journalists to Do Its Work https://www.thedailybeast.com/cheats/2016/10/14/how-the-cia-paid-and-threatened-journalists-to-do-its-work https://archive.ph/3A4uW DATE ADDED: 2021-10-17 [ ] The CIA Used To Infiltrate The Media. Now The CIA Is The Media. https://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL2104/S00073/the-cia-used-to-infiltrate-the-media-now-the-cia-is-the-media.htm https://archive.ph/iCIen DATE ADDED: 2021-10-17 [ ] Why Amazon’s Collaboration With the CIA Is So Ominous — and Vulnerable https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-amazons-collaboration_b_4824854 https://archive.ph/T3NDL DATE ADDED: 2021-10-17 [ ] The Most Evil Intelligence Agency in The World – CIA – A summary of its Atrocities https://whatwhenwhy.net/worst-intelligence-agency-in-the-world/ https://archive.ph/KY6nl DATE ADDED: 2021-10-17
(603.06 KB 1861x1664 Pasha Chturgunov.png)

(1.15 MB 1758x1395 Jews behind gun control.png)

(755.88 KB 1345x2366 Government IP addresses.png)

(409.39 KB 1080x2220 Google AI bots for Twitter.jpg)

(599.07 KB 1079x2029 Replication crisis.jpg)

(1.55 MB 2000x2000 Russia in South America.jpg)

(2.05 MB 3000x3872 Russian psyops.png)

(3.90 MB 640x360 veritas_facebook.webm)

(5.71 MB 640x360 Science is bad.webm)

(409.39 KB 1080x2220 Google AI bots for Twitter.jpg)

(1.55 MB 2000x2000 Russia in South America.jpg)

(2.05 MB 3000x3872 Russian psyops.png)

(570.53 KB 700x1064 Common divide and conquer.png)

(599.07 KB 1079x2029 Replication crisis.jpg)

(432.53 KB 1896x1750 Brazil chink cuck.png)

(242.11 KB 1600x1799 Undertale viral marketing.png)

(754.48 KB 597x1024 memeflags.png)

(66.75 KB 960x807 glowing vax shill.jpg)

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