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Tech-giants, tech-priests and technotyranny Anonymous 03/29/2021 (Mon) 17:00:55 No. 306
Post content related to the overarching surveillance network, digital censorship, the cult of "science", transhumanism and the technological oligarchy. It does have pretty notable overlap with the Great Reset but it a much broader range of topics. It pertains to the tools of your enslavement but also to means by which to maintain your privacy and to strike back, it also encompasses alternatives and solutions to the centralisation of all aspects of life by Alphabet, Microsoft, Apple, Intel, Facebook, Huawei and Tencent. Along with their plans and past misdeeds. This includes smaller ones as well, ones such as Reddit and Wikipedia, even if those may not be comparable in size. Also friendly reminder that Kaczynski was right about everything.
Edited last time by idonothingharm on 03/29/2021 (Mon) 17:19:27.
(2.53 MB 3668x3245 Israel tech censorship.jpg)
(303.29 KB 1236x949 The techies' wet-dreams 1.png)
(361.99 KB 1229x923 The techies' wet-dreams 2.png)
(329.44 KB 1186x901 The techies' wet-dreams 3.png)
(363.25 KB 1190x904 The techies' wet-dreams 4.png)
(203.73 KB 480x629 Facebook 5.png)
(207.89 KB 481x676 Facebook 4.png)
(206.62 KB 481x637 Facebook 3.png)
(157.88 KB 484x758 Facebook 2.png)
(200.65 KB 484x632 Facebook 1.png)
(200.48 KB 712x859 Edit-a-thon Wikipedia.png)
(75.38 KB 792x821 Hiding tracks Wikipedia.png)
(531.28 KB 725x860 False consensus Wikipedia.png)
(276.94 KB 854x854 CIA Wikipedia edits.png)
(211.50 KB 940x459 Twitter admin panel3.png)
(158.06 KB 940x241 Twitter admin panel2.png)
(16.56 KB 1283x287 Twitter admin panel1.png)
(282.58 KB 828x909 Twitter admin panel.png)
(123.06 KB 1059x1239 Reddit shill browser extension.png)
(37.75 KB 921x660 Reddit worldnews.png)
(360.90 KB 1094x1735 Reddit shill browser extension 2.png)
(141.24 KB 1410x937 Reddit censorship.png)

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