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(256.09 KB 555x584 Africa aid.png)

(353.27 KB 1281x728 America crime stats.png)

(431.43 KB 1346x2048 Blacks can't swim.jpg)

(180.00 KB 1024x865 Britain's changing face.jpg)

(4.52 MB 5528x4848 Ashkenazi diseases.png)

Statistics, experiments, funny graphs and data anal Anonymous 04/11/2021 (Sun) 08:23:26 No. 356
Post studies, government statistics, graphs, data analysis, derivations and any possible critiques regarding any of the former. This thread isn't dedicated to any specific topic, it exists to be a dumping ground for data. Shit that would belong in other threads is still welcome in this one. This is a place where the numbers do most of the talking.
(269.81 KB 1200x835 Circumcision in Europe.png)

(1.66 MB 1125x1231 Black racial statistics.png)

(57.64 KB 960x552 Carbon emissions.jpg)

(121.38 KB 405x567 Black-white normalised.jpg)

(171.48 KB 1024x609 Climate change glacier retreat.jpg)

(170.36 KB 626x729 CNBC budget breakdown.png)

(262.70 KB 1200x675 CNBC 'typical' budget.jpg)

(392.47 KB 1000x773 Cost of living US state.png)

(731.15 KB 1440x1305 Coalburner nations.jpg)

(144.51 KB 1199x636 Cuckmerica.jpg)

(389.54 KB 720x540 Crime in America.png)

(90.82 KB 944x442 Cuckold fantasy survey.jpg)

(151.61 KB 1946x2417 Dating men-women.png)

(307.91 KB 720x1036 Death by constipation.png)

(26.93 KB 500x375 Energy production in France.png)

(307.39 KB 1800x1582 Duolingo.png)

(619.30 KB 1270x817 Europe by nigger infestation.png)

(526.46 KB 1310x2064 FBI data.jpg)

(119.95 KB 1024x533 Female brains.jpg)

(980.67 KB 1377x884 Fertility rates.gif)

(79.39 KB 720x688 Fertility rates.jpg)

(277.70 KB 2048x1178 Food security.jpg)

(87.86 KB 1200x628 H1B visa recipients.jpg)

(452.31 KB 1185x669 Gay niggers from outer space.png)

(264.42 KB 557x774 Haidt.png)

(321.49 KB 700x2419 Hair eyes.jpg)

(187.63 KB 1096x2893 Homosexuals.png)

(435.86 KB 640x816 Hillary Trump election.jpg)

(1.57 MB 3116x1372 How do I.png)

(3.82 MB 6309x7364 Immigration and crime.jpg)

(188.50 KB 2560x1138 In-group bias.jpg)

(23.91 KB 666x412 Investment.jpg)

(166.00 KB 616x722 Interracial violence.jpg)

(503.09 KB 1334x1310 IQ map.jpg)

(1.06 MB 2560x2187 Iran on the map.png)

(2.78 MB 852x480 Japan earthquake map 2011.webm)

(502.78 KB 719x1768 Japan crime.jpg)

(264.88 KB 1842x1066 Jewish IQ myth.png)

(105.39 KB 800x600 Jewish slavery.jpg)

(120.18 KB 817x690 Jews in Europe.jpg)

(1.28 MB 906x1024 LGBT.png)

(204.81 KB 1276x997 Melting pot myth.jpg)

(16.55 KB 503x644 Men women standards.png)

(2.65 MB 400x300 Life expectancy - Income.gif)

(93.39 KB 854x601 No data.png)

(55.83 KB 810x960 Palestine.jpg)

(3.79 MB 2103x9389 Nordick in Ancient Greece.jpg)

(105.87 KB 477x417 Reasons for abortion.png)

(66.39 KB 1024x758 Roastie theory proven correct.jpg)

(932.34 KB 2057x3150 Russia.jpg)

(2.84 MB 4704x6728 Racepill.png)

(2.69 MB 4920x4161 Sexual immorality.jpg)

(86.51 KB 611x759 Spouse race newlyweds 1.jpg)

(225.06 KB 981x981 Slavs.jpg)

(86.86 KB 626x640 Spouse race newlyweds 2.jpg)

(266.90 KB 861x895 White privilege.png)

(287.94 KB 648x540 White women prefer.jpg)

(281.34 KB 648x456 White women loyal.jpg)

(3.40 MB 3497x1650 White.png)

(3.27 MB 3056x3483 Women in combat.jpg)

(1.62 MB 1918x3454 You fucking got that 2.png)

(4.45 MB 1976x3720 You fucking got that 1.png)

(91.40 KB 1268x911 Covid-Flu stats.jpg)

(1.04 MB 2047x3482 Economic freedom.jpg)

(425.33 KB 1414x1096 Damn boomers.png)

(34.91 KB 310x541 Japan on immigration.jpg)

(103.29 KB 1226x992 IQ and fertility in Sweden.jpg)

(136.91 KB 1280x1158 United States respect.jpg)

(194.09 KB 737x1693 Weed makes you retarded.png)

(96.81 KB 1100x1200 White women love white men.jpg)

(173.41 KB 1206x641 Europe scaled.png)

(117.11 KB 630x532 Enrollment and tickets.png)

(713.66 KB 1552x3084 Terrorism.jpg)

(546.54 KB 2223x981 Circumcision.png)

(132.06 KB 963x908 Family environments.jpg)

(124.18 KB 1484x1510 Muslim population.jpg)

(165.29 KB 898x699 Net average monthly salary.png)

(1.30 MB 904x897 Median wealth per adult.png)

(3.26 MB 1122x4320 leftypol research.jpg)

(1.04 MB 1632x1372 Stats globally.png)

(1.04 MB 2202x3520 Social security.png)

(413.86 KB 2722x960 u wot m8.jpg)

(121.83 KB 906x639 Brexit.png)

(1.00 MB 1920x1728 Climate-Model-Comparison.png)

(150.37 KB 1924x1314 Pure coincidence.png)

(43.60 KB 693x475 lol global warming.jpg)

(500.55 KB 1400x2511 1467088816752.jpg)

(107.60 KB 1440x1080 lol climate change.png)

(135.94 KB 416x1349 2012 PISA.png)

(93.25 KB 1480x652 Poverty and crime rate.png)

(1.84 MB 2388x3004 Homosexuality.jpg)

(1.90 MB 1018x652 Fun control.png)

(45.37 KB 921x535 Muslim statistics.png)

(173.74 KB 1000x783 Who is the militarist.jpeg)

(75.43 KB 1024x479 Subjects firing on police.jpg)

(1.39 MB 1500x2268 We aren't equal - get over it.jpg)

(117.95 KB 500x568 Black lives matter.jpg)

(160.92 KB 1547x1114 The myth of the radical minority.png)

(712.42 KB 1280x1836 Deport.jpg)

(492.89 KB 1800x2732 Gun.jpg)

(163.54 KB 1018x720 Gun murders per 100k.png)

(108.55 KB 720x720 Honest truth about guns.jpg)

(906.95 KB 1080x3566 Reality of human biodiversity.png)

(382.44 KB 2709x1844 Sanic speaks.jpg)

(268.61 KB 1300x979 Not really 1 in 8.jpg)

(392.35 KB 640x1321 Women drivers.jpg)

(131.20 KB 600x829 Gun control correlation.png)

(1.34 MB 1029x4529 How guns are used by citizens.jpg)

(336.66 KB 1018x1899 Facts are not sexist.jpg)

(101.46 KB 1558x800 Mixed race depression.png)

(546.54 KB 2223x981 Circumcision.png)

(726.84 KB 939x1014 County prison.png)

(1.00 MB 1920x1728 Climate-Model-Comparison.png)

(129.24 KB 1089x940 climate_deaths.jpg)

(333.88 KB 1126x852 Jewish cities.png)

(148.34 KB 977x1280 Testosterone levels dropping.jpg)

(77.08 KB 1024x1512 Ethnicities.png)

(3.38 MB 540x360 Yakko's World.webm)

(52.13 KB 960x741 War on drugs.jpg)

(4.36 MB 3300x7000 DatingAppstores-beta.png)

(1.52 MB 1336x1368 Age gaps.png)

(17.49 KB 660x417 Atmospheric CO2.gif)

(76.50 KB 578x351 CO2 plant life.jpg)

(338.87 KB 1276x997 Melting pot lie.jpg)

(332.93 KB 1097x772 Global warming is a cult.png)

(82.35 KB 960x720 Europe ethnicities.png)

(168.29 KB 1024x922 Ethno-genetic map of Europe.jpg)

(479.97 KB 1019x1333 PC1-PC2.png)

(1015.00 KB 1159x1600 Africa genetics.png)

(732.62 KB cv18.pdf)

(40.28 KB 720x528 Antidepressant use.jpg)

(110.69 KB 795x615 Unarmed blacks.jpeg)

(3.70 MB 2394x5960 European ancestry correlation.png)

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