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Dead bankers thread Anonymous 05/01/2021 (Sat) 16:33:30 Id: 918c24 No. 475
Post content relating to deaths under suspicious circumstances. Bankers comitting suicide by three shots to the back of the head, leakers getting into car accidents at the most convenient of times, assassinations of political rivals and disappearing planes. Anything to do with people being suicided and their work suddenly being appropriated and/or memory-holed.
(104.23 KB 643x717 Shillary related deaths 2.png)

(762.64 KB 1070x2191 Shillary related deaths 1.png)

(689.84 KB 897x1850 Shillary death list.jpg)

(556.52 KB 1188x2346 Shillary death list 2.jpg)

(917.55 KB 2744x2724 Rothschild MH-370.jpg)

You're doing God's work, anon. Keep it up!

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