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(257.05 KB 988x1024 Hate crime hoaxes.jpg)

(1.08 MB 1072x4442 Black Jewish actor.png)

(201.41 KB 1171x415 Lavon Affair.png)

False flags, crisis actors and jet fuel can't melt steel beams Anonymous 06/28/2021 (Mon) 21:35:08 Id: e9d39e No. 555
Post content pertaining to undesirable occurances that are either knowingly allowed to take place with complete foreknowledge for political reasons, conducted against one's own people to set someone else up or just outright total fabrication that has no actual basis in reality.
(69.08 KB 756x858 Sandy Hook drill 2.png)

(77.42 KB 663x333 Sandy Hook had drills too 2.png)

(716.67 KB 752x2348 Sandy Hook drill.jpg)

(51.89 KB 761x322 Sandy Hook had drills too 1.png)

(612.14 KB 1124x3071 Sandy Hook switch tactics.jpg)

(711.64 KB 2023x1788 Sandy Hook appearance.jpg)

(738.64 KB 831x592 Sandy Hook Batman 2.png)

(1.48 MB 3780x1616 Sandy Hook actors.jpg)

(2.11 MB 2700x2548 Sandy Hook Batman 1.jpg)

(662.40 KB 1280x1286 Sandy Hook Batman 3.jpg)

(423.53 KB 472x1963 Sandy Hook Batman 4.jpg)

(197.63 KB 800x3128 Sandy Hook church 2.jpg)

(1.77 MB 2312x3698 Sandy Hook box.jpg)

(549.29 KB 1024x745 Sandy Hook church 3.png)

(283.04 KB 734x493 Sandy Hook church 4.jpg)

(131.46 KB 640x404 Sandy Hook demolition.jpg)

(363.00 KB 1510x1634 Sandy Hook church.png)

(420.67 KB 1276x1170 Sandy Hook Cuomo.jpg)

(231.83 KB 774x830 Sandy Hook DNA 1.png)

(219.92 KB 630x848 Sandy Hook DNA 2.png)

(126.33 KB 985x308 Sandy Hook DNA 3.png)

(516.34 KB 1692x927 Sandy Hook Dreamhouse.jpg)

(1.94 MB 2872x1676 Sandy Hook donations.png)

(47.74 KB 1246x377 Sandy Hook funds 1.png)

(2.26 MB 1368x3008 Sandy Hook fraud.jpg)

(271.93 KB 695x1045 Sandy Hook funds 4.jpg)

(440.86 KB 686x1330 Sandy Hook funds 3.jpg)

(583.26 KB 656x1916 Sandy Hook funds 2.jpg)

(887.09 KB 1252x2828 Sandy Hook Greenberg 2.jpg)

(249.82 KB 850x1118 Sandy Hook Greenberg 3.jpg)

(847.73 KB 1246x2081 Sandy Hook Greenberg.jpg)

(828.29 KB 1039x573 Sandy Hook guns.png)

(779.08 KB 1540x1648 Sandy Hook houses.jpg)

(1.48 MB 3780x1616 Sandy Hook Greenberg 4.jpg)

(2.11 MB 1149x1888 Sandy Hook I was there.png)

(32.20 KB 300x281 Sandy Hook IDs 3.jpg)

(984.58 KB 2048x2864 Sandy Hook letter 2.jpg)

(1.84 MB 3000x2904 Sandy Hook IDs 2.jpg)

(1.84 MB 3000x2904 Sandy Hook IDs.jpg)

(41.80 KB 447x732 Sandy Hook letter 3.png)

(39.34 KB 500x320 Sandy Hook masonry 3.jpg)

(520.46 KB 1708x1484 Sandy Hook masonry 2.jpg)

(989.40 KB 1432x3088 Sandy Hook letter.jpg)

(662.19 KB 1634x1368 Sandy Hook Newtown Bee.jpg)

(2.85 MB 2108x2076 Sandy Hook masonry 1.png)

(273.47 KB 592x3128 Sandy Hook Zohar.jpg)

(431.79 KB 1680x1010 Sandy Hook tax group.jpg)

(2.52 MB 628x332 Mag.webm)

(2.45 MB 640x360 Crisis initiation.webm)

(55.10 KB 1251x892 Nothing further.png)

(151.76 KB 926x893 Fed samefagging.png)

(392.47 KB 1544x1926 Glownigger status confirmed.png)

(179.33 KB 597x457 FBI (You).png)

(120.21 KB 601x861 Fedposters.png)

(301.22 KB 1545x1527 Glownigger.png)

(211.23 KB 1024x822 ATF.jpg)

(182.94 KB 1080x1080 Glownigger protesters.jpg)

(1.92 MB 320x180 White helmets fake.mp4)

(5.54 MB 640x360 White helmets BTFO.mp4)

(7.77 MB 640x360 White helmets.mp4)

(308.75 KB 1773x1773 Crisis Cast 2.jpg)

(1.05 MB 1079x2133 Crisis Cast.png)

(621.96 KB 1684x1262 Conveniently timed shootings.jpg)

(2.69 MB 840x7536 Las Vegas shooting.png)

(134.96 KB 640x360 London bombings.webm)

(66.01 KB 686x619 burning_buildings.jpg)

(61.75 KB 564x620 9-11 decided in advanced.jpg)

(296.15 KB 480x360 evidence_removed.png)

(249.36 KB 1491x605 william david sanders.jpg)

(72.42 KB 468x468 aluminum_cuts_steel.jpg)

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