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Academia, education "reform" and the cancer that is industrialised education Anonymous 07/04/2021 (Sun) 07:25:36 Id: 351962 No. 668
Post content pertaining to everyone's favourite indoctrination chamber, its failures in preparing people for the real world outside its walls and the communist takeover thereof that further culturally enriches its already wonderful legacy. Self-learning and homeschooling content is obviously welcome.
(183.30 KB 1280x720 Common Core #TRENCHFOOT.jpeg)

(41.85 KB 433x575 Common Core abstract nouns.png)

(254.03 KB 598x491 Common Core 9-11.png)

(150.74 KB 599x579 Common Core addition.png)

(1.14 MB 1818x1288 Common Core 1984.jpg)

(468.30 KB Common Core ADL.pdf)

(117.09 KB 1560x692 Common Core ADL 2.png)

(115.07 KB 1572x1177 Common Core ADL 5.png)

(154.39 KB 1570x882 Common Core ADL 4.png)

(223.62 KB 1567x1187 Common Core ADL 3.png)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Si-kx5-MKSE You can skip to 1:04:00 if you don't want to watch the whole thing. Here's the basic points: >Common core was passed into law with little to no democratic state approval >The people who wrote it were hardly approved to design what is now the basis for American education >Rather then uplift people, the standards hold everyone on the same level, and they aren't allowed to advance if they are above the standards >There was some organizer from Chicago (not making that up) who said that it is literally more important for the kids to feel comfortable with math then for them to get it right >they are fed horribly dry things in early English that will turn them off from reading, such as, (not making this up, again,) the history of the plastic bag >Young elementary students were once made to write why the state was "like the family, only better." >If the material isn't dry, it's hypersexual propaganda >Graphic descriptions of rape in reading material for eighth grade >Posters in the hallway that put hugging and saying "I like you" on the same level as any other sexual act http://i.imgur.com/eSMOxFM.jpg >this was in an ELEMENTARY SCHOOL hallway >even the creators of common core admit that it doesn't prepare kids for college math >There was a clip of a young girl demonstrating how they taught her to do a simple addition problem. She spent eight minutes drawing three dimensional cubes and dots, counting them all out, and got the wrong answer. She then solved the problem the normal way, and got the right answer in under a minute. They are only allowed to do things one way in the class. >They are always put in groups in math class >Children have been penalized for getting the right answer because it didn't correlate with what the majority of their group got
(376.14 KB 1154x1200 Common Core Afghanistan.jpg)

(495.09 KB 759x2768 Common Core Agenda 21.png)

(1.03 MB 1642x794 Common Core ADL.png)

(18.67 KB 963x318 Common Core email.png)

(92.51 KB 634x851 Common Core definitions.JPG)

(300.03 KB 800x2586 Common Core data mining.jpg)

(2.38 MB 2048x1365 Common Core David Coleman.png)

(67.00 KB 500x667 Common Core kidney dialysis.jpg)

(180.36 KB 1010x896 Common Core kids vote.jpg)

(542.20 KB 2448x1836 Common Core Islam.jpg)

(1019.36 KB 1800x5600 Common Core is it GG related yet.png)

(905.96 KB 614x805 Common Core Jews.png)

(57.29 KB 600x450 Common Core map of time.jpg)

(102.89 KB 620x348 Common Core Mohammed.jpg)

(30.10 KB 500x500 Common Core multiplication.jpg)

(424.25 KB 3000x1572 Common Core links.jpg)

(787.34 KB 1936x2592 Common Core masturbation.jpeg)

(7.96 MB 640x360 Common Core Pearson.webm)

(399.62 KB 670x409 Common Core no bugs more food.png)

(85.25 KB 571x350 Common Core Obama 2.png)

(294.83 KB 720x960 Common Core Obama 1.jpg)

(118.14 KB 574x768 Common Core perfectly normal.jpg)

(291.71 KB 1225x1581 Common Core pineapple 2.jpg)

(518.74 KB 1225x1577 Common Core pineapple 1.jpg)

(1.07 MB 2928x2336 Common Core pizza.jpg)

(736.65 KB 1500x3750 Common Core quantified student.jpg)

(34.13 KB 604x453 Common Core queer.jpg)

(294.03 KB 1478x604 Common Core Quran.png)

(470.76 KB 1076x1434 Common Core racism.jpg)

(1.91 MB 3264x1836 Common Core race-mixing.jpg)

(29.48 KB 500x732 Common Core teacher opinion.png)

(32.04 KB 1036x393 Common Core test secrecy.png)

(59.94 KB 599x799 Common Core the president.jpg)

(704.03 KB 3136x2152 Common Core Sweden.jpg)

(27.90 KB 535x401 Common Core write 20.jpg)

(266.74 KB 1279x1706 Common Core UK.jpg)

(573.51 KB 1920x2560 Common Core WWII.jpg)

(1.42 MB 2132x1236 Common Core Valkenburg.png)

(1.99 MB 3264x1836 Common Core Tupac.jpg)

(183.64 KB 1796x682 High school is shit.JPG)

(86.91 KB 720x995 Canadian public school.jpg)

(193.94 KB 1799x604 Common Core and high school.JPG)

(104.15 KB 1442x705 What you get from school.jpg)

(62.78 KB 553x579 Fagchild.png)

(65.52 KB 573x569 R E S E A R C H.png)

(149.15 KB 866x1166 Same Egeland as in Hjernvask.jpg)

(170.80 KB 883x725 Ethical sexbots.jpg)

(74.57 KB 851x391 Selling your soul for cash.jpg)

(46.68 KB 937x293 WE WUZ PHYSISIS.png)

(84.16 KB 976x485 White empiricism.png)

(164.55 KB 631x1200 Games trivialise fascism.jpg)

(44.74 KB 628x509 Transnecromancers.jpg)

(99.48 KB 1200x900 Grievance studies.jpg)

(100.27 KB 924x368 Straight time.jpg)

(180.34 KB 1001x672 BDSM participant.jpg)

(223.10 KB 985x774 Blood.jpg)

(35.27 KB 821x315 Ground 1.png)

(103.92 KB 705x513 Chrononormativity.jpg)

(230.95 KB 1147x1200 Ethical coding.jpg)

(61.68 KB 767x385 NYU or Berkeley.jpg)

(72.18 KB 822x377 Wetting your sheets.jpg)

(85.45 KB 841x582 White sociology.jpg)

(104.78 KB 1546x310 Youtube is too white.jpg)

(60.21 KB 1146x722 Beyonce making lemonade.jpg)

(142.94 KB 1042x578 Research is a dirty word.jpg)

(244.75 KB 1546x856 Beyonce is too capitalist.jpg)

(113.50 KB 1406x692 Not to be confused with SNPs.jpg)

(58.47 KB 1532x324 Rigorous research.jpg)

(72.18 KB 912x457 Ethnography.jpg)

(66.22 KB 548x397 Analysis isn't about truth.jpg)

(167.21 KB 822x725 Gendered tourism 1.jpg)

(44.58 KB 511x388 Gendered tourism 3.jpg)

(46.62 KB 520x290 MSU $750,000.jpg)

(78.15 KB 518x566 Gendered tourism.jpg)

(128.55 KB 524x801 Gendered tourism 2.jpg)

(140.22 KB 1053x1202 AllYallEdu.jpg)

(102.46 KB 856x416 Methodology.jpg)

(129.38 KB 997x867 oy vey.jpg)

(223.45 KB 1330x764 Scientific inquiry is BS.jpg)

(406.65 KB 2048x1298 Ecosexuality.jpg)

(400.77 KB 1262x1630 LSA postdoc requirements.jpg)

(111.42 KB 985x618 Is the cupboard a cupboard.jpg)

(38.14 KB 542x320 DCU porn interview.jpg)

(70.64 KB 628x273 U of Oregon.jpg)

(85.01 KB 821x502 BCU discovers podcasts.jpg)

(92.32 KB 637x874 MSU fatshion.jpg)

(105.61 KB 1036x623 UNM.jpg)

(155.06 KB 1165x664 Weaponizing the haters.jpg)

(365.09 KB 778x659 Teach that bitch to code.png)

(121.50 KB 540x772 Academic comic strips.jpg)

(69.44 KB 997x188 BBW models.jpg)

(129.72 KB 992x411 Beauty tyranny.jpg)

(157.47 KB 701x875 And what is work.jpg)

(109.03 KB 971x368 Being fat is being disabled.jpg)

(40.54 KB 1089x110 Big data.jpg)

(113.96 KB 1241x375 Dan jerking off is data.jpg)

(75.08 KB 737x654 Disturbing the academic.png)

(146.84 KB 1310x699 Jez interview1.jpg)

(60.98 KB 1296x288 Jez interview2.jpg)

(42.88 KB 693x373 Neo-colonialism.jpg)

(155.02 KB 1394x882 Jez interview3.jpg)

(122.77 KB 1004x366 Only a social problem.jpg)

(45.29 KB 774x377 Rethinking life.jpg)

(73.35 KB 1327x240 Sick cunt.jpg)

(277.88 KB 1339x778 Science is being re-educated.jpg)

(512.34 KB 977x717 Professor failed Stat 101.png)

(73.79 KB 994x220 Yoga.jpg)

(90.23 KB 904x490 Youtube transcription.jpg)

(163.73 KB 1005x526 What a catch.jpg)

(3.42 MB 640x360 academia.webm)

(306.89 KB 665x312 Communist propaganda.png)

(1.97 MB 1303x4720 Teacher in a black school.jpg)

(74.99 KB 988x1270 Socialist teachers vs Anon.png)

(76.77 KB 1570x327 Hardly fucking homeland 1.jpg)

(63.90 KB 650x442 Hardly fucking homeland 2.jpg)

(156.63 KB 1238x843 Hardly fucking homeland 3.jpg)

(171.96 KB 1594x845 Hardly fucking homeland 4.jpg)

(95.98 KB 1600x304 Hardly fucking homeland 5.jpg)

(55.22 KB 1254x271 Hardly fucking homeland 6.jpg)

(69.81 KB 899x388 Hardly fucking homeland 7.jpg)

(122.46 KB 1602x610 Hardly fucking homeland 8.jpg)

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