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(1.00 MB 1920x1728 Climate-Model-Comparison.png)

(129.24 KB 1089x940 climate_deaths.jpg)

(76.25 KB 800x450 eclipse_the_truth.jpg)

(104.65 KB 620x445 artic_sea_cap.jpg)

Climate Fraud Anonymous 08/07/2021 (Sat) 23:03:54 Id: 166663 No. 749
Post content pertaining to the climate change scam, the elites pushing the agenda, and information debunking it.
(335.96 KB 1075x820 4000 year old forest.png)

(68.78 KB 1333x842 Electric vehicles.png)

(458.81 KB 1200x1188 Gases in atmosphere.png)

(2.32 MB 1395x1533 Climate change meme.jpg)

(332.58 KB 1600x1150 Global temperatures.jpg)

(76.96 KB 1080x647 Temp series.jpg)

(160.51 KB 598x403 Temperature anomaly.jpg)

(503.06 KB 1440x811 Solar activity.jpg)

(28.26 KB 575x312 Temperature.jpg)

(94.04 KB 800x421 Tesla generator.jpg)

(43.60 KB 693x475 lol global warming.jpg)

(46.56 KB 750x897 Carbon emissions.jpg)

(57.64 KB 960x552 Carbon emissions.jpg)

(65.33 KB 660x371 Carbon emissions.jpg)

(6.10 MB 720x720 EATBUGS.mp4)

(248.74 KB 2168x1376 The end of meat is here.png)

(399.62 KB 670x409 Common Core no bugs more food.png)

(143.05 KB 850x537 Eat the bugs.jpg)

(478.74 KB 643x1153 Vegetables aren't vegan.png)

(639.61 KB 1280x800 Vegan teeth.png)

(1.41 MB 1300x1800 Vegan.jpg)

(68.88 KB 640x693 Saving the planet.jpg)

(1.16 MB 1024x683 Planet.png)

(110.50 KB 1600x900 global_warming_hoax.jpg)

(99.12 KB 1334x750 david_bellamy.jpg)

(123.34 KB 600x334 aoc_global_govt.gif)

(69.14 KB 933x445 climate_flip_flop.jpg)

(151.78 KB 500x1041 control.jpg)

(105.71 KB 707x539 yearbook_of_agriculture.png)

(700.84 KB 1177x919 2_percent.jpg)

(94.69 KB 517x500 global_warming_before_man.jpg)

(86.29 KB 750x500 ice_caps.jpg)

(80.01 KB 468x286 topsy_turvy_climate.jpg)

(182.57 KB 964x507 damning_emails.jpg)

(253.24 KB 1200x1200 exit_glacier.jpg)

(84.03 KB 640x640 climate_denier.jpg)

(38.10 KB 750x500 5_years_to_act.jpg)

(28.25 KB 474x266 by_1995.jpg)

(286.54 KB 620x414 co2_volcano.png)

(292.68 KB 825x802 gmo-humans.png)

(329.50 KB 560x930 MI6 Green Spying.png)

(61.81 KB 750x680 nasa.jpg)

(132.87 KB 888x499 satellites.jpg)

(682.53 KB 1102x873 belgium and netherlands.png)

(70.39 KB 750x821 mt etna.jpg)

(208.39 KB 602x509 adjustments.png)

(495.78 KB 1024x758 last 11000 years.png)

(668.27 KB 500x376 two to five.gif)

(104.96 KB 506x900 climate alarmism recap.jpg)

(73.40 KB 960x534 sea_ice.jpg)

(195.31 KB 756x514 history_of_settled_science.jpg)

(221.03 KB 1200x748 GISP 2.jpg)

(180.49 KB 1200x533 saskatchewan.jpg)

(41.37 KB 474x494 kilimanjaro.jpg)

(41.12 KB 680x229 200-year-drought.jpg)

(60.86 KB 480x364 sunspots_vs_temperature.jpg)

(1.11 MB 11901x3600 polar bears.jpg)

(63.39 KB 823x615 landfalling hurricanes.jpg)

(42.59 KB 1370x533 GSM-and-Sunspots.png)

(57.45 KB 480x854 canadian trees.jpg)

(147.75 KB 1122x912 windmill.jpg)

(277.67 KB 548x531 greta cooling.png)

(367.37 KB 1501x569 sea ice extent.png)

(54.38 KB 794x587 north_pole_temps_2021.png)

(114.33 KB 408x592 look at the big picture.png)

(24.65 KB 474x264 cosmic rays.jpg)

(6.55 MB 2700x1962 Agenda-21-Map.png)

(61.55 KB 960x809 iceberg.jpg)

(40.64 KB 500x371 sunspots.jpg)

>>1203 4th image: doesn't this assume that the icebergs float?
>>1205 The artic sea ice floats.

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