Rules of /polarchive/

1 : The board is a place to store information, not a roundtable. Discussion, regardless of stance, is only permissable if it does not disrupt.
2 : Reposting of content is permissible to a certain extent if it pertains to the thread topic in sufficient amount.
3 : Archiving links is not enforced at gunpoint but is highly encouraged given the tendency for information to get memory-holed. This also extends to videos: if it's worthwhile enough for someone to post on one platform, it wouldn't hurt to repost it on another.
4 : Memes, while entertaining, shouldn't be the main focus of a thread or of discussion. Memes are acceptable in moderation. It's not an anti-fun zone but it's also not a circus.
5 : In very special circumstances cyclicals may be made, but in general everything yummy is also sticky.
6 : NSFW content is permitted and does not necessarily require to be spoilered. If certain lewd material is relevant to the topic at hand then it may be acceptable, but this isn't a porn board.
7 : This isn't a request board. Obviously posts may be made asking for information, but making an entire thread with zero content asking for some is just incredibly lazy. Even if there isn't very much content out there for this niche circumstance, is there really an excuse for coming with nothing to bring to the table? Replies without content are acceptable, threads without it are not.
8 : Stickying a thread isn't necessarily an endorsement. Stickies exist to ensure that the content within can weather the storm of potential spam and raids.

Remember that no matter the rules of the board, all global rules apply