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(200.17 KB 1000x941 itwasadarkandstormmynight.jpg)

Welcome to /s/! Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 16:50:31 Id: 4ac433 No. 1 [Reply]
This board is dedicated to collaboratively spinning yarns - that is, telling /s/tories to and with your fellow anons. Every thread is a story waiting for you to tell it, and the OP is the primary author. The OP decides just how much input, if any, other anons may have in their story; However, the best of them will happily include others in the creative process. (You) can tell stories in text, images, audio, video, or some combination of them all. The use of drawfaggotry and webmfaggotry are strongly encouraged! To good writefags, I say welcome to the board; I hope you write many compelling tales. To those who know or believe that they are bad writefags, take /s/ as an opportunity to improve in the furnace of imageboard culture. My advice to all aspiring writefags as BO and a recovering writelet myself is this: Read lots of books/scripts by good authors/screenwriters, and PRACTICE. Write something no matter how bad it is, get it critiqued by somebody, and then keep writing. Even people with no writing experience can provide valuable insight. There are only 3 rules on this board (sans global rules): 1. Be Original This does not mean you can’t put a unique spin on an already existing story; It means you can’t copy-paste something and pretend you wrote it. 2. Romance > Smut /s/ is a SFW board. Romance is allowed and even encouraged if you’re capable of writing it, but this is not the place for smut. If you can't tell the difference between the two, don't try to write it at all. 3. Dice == No Dice Dice rolling is fun and can make for good stories, but so can good storytelling all on its own. I leave it to the discretion of the OPs, just don't use it as a crutch.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:22:04.

(35.02 KB 480x360 50shades.jpg)

(208.30 KB 1069x801 1635214135113.jpg)

50 shades of Führer Anonymous 11/27/2021 (Sat) 02:59:25 Id: 000000 No. 216 [Reply]
I had an idea for a steamy taboo romance. Making something in the likes of 50 shades of gray but with a nazi male protagonist. Like for example she is a regular girl who believes in BLM and almost gets raped by a pack of blacks. But them the hero appears and saves her. He behaves all mysterious and hard to get while showing he has a heart of gold in the process but then she discover his secret and start trying to convert him. He gives her a ultimatum and asks her to submit to his whims. Then the 50 shades shit starts and he teaches her to feel like a real submissive traditional woman. While all her friend reprimand her. We could make some and try to get the media reverse hyped about it. How its despicable and racist and all that and then take advantage of the forbidden fruit effect to make women want to read it. It would be just so easy marketing. The idea is precisely to exploit that taboo thing to arouse interest. There's psychological research on it that says people will show more interest for an article if the researcher mentioned previously it was banned or something. It could be such a success. But more for ego boost for the writer. Because selling this would be a nightmare. Anyone wants to do it?
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Okay meta notes. I like writing here because it brings notice to anons board and I like him, and I like drawing attention here, this is a much more sfw board than >>>/lit/ however and this book can't really be finished here, so I'm gonna do what we can here before eventually moving the whole thing to /lit/ Heads up for future notice, when it happens I will announce it and provide a link. Probably a month from that happening though. Anyway as always thanks to anon for keeping a clean, spamfree board to write in, and thanks for his help when it's needed on projects. Looking forward to finally finishing a story for once, let's hope this is the one that actually gets to those magic words. "The end."
The idea is silly as shit, but more power to you. That said, no steamy BDSM smut on muh precious ded board.
>>222 >I needed him violent off the bat, because I find that easier to write Just remember the target are regular white girls. Don't take it too far. I think being as violent as a marvel movie is a safe bet >>224 Godspeed anon >>225 kek

(72.36 KB 450x450 24086_w_450_450.jpg)

Demon: The Fallen a white wolf RPG Anonymous 08/09/2021 (Mon) 06:30:32 Id: 1ffe9d No. 18 [Reply] [Last]
Okay so I wanna run a demon campaign. Whether we start with one guy and eventually gain more, or instead wind up with a one on one personal experience is whatever to me. Either way sounds good. I have done both, and White wolf makes single player experiences relatively fun and easy. Your character, should you choose to make one and join, will be a Demon, a fallen angel. One of Gods own who turned and rebelled. After an unfathomable time spent in hell you escape. And find yourself in the late nineties. Where God appears to have long left his creation, and there are no angels to be seen. Left with no means of answering the only questions you still had, you turn to a personal philosophy to make life meaningful, and continue on in the possessed body you have stolen. We shall, depending on the backstory of your character, have antagonists, and vices. The monster within is the usual pretext to pretty much every WW gameline. And this is no exception. Morality is tracked quite a bit more than say DnD. Anyway if you are interested drop a post here, and we will see about getting you a corebook, and then walking you through character creation. Afterwards we can have the first session here. This site supports die rolls, and miniatures and graph paper are never really seen during a WW rpg anyway. If for whatever reason we do find them necessary I have backups for that possibility as well.
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Within seconds Andy had the worm hooked and was casting back out into the river. "Should stick with the crickets" said the older man Andy shrugged and slowly worked the line a little hoping to entice a faster catch. "Never hurts to try," Andy remarked and turned to wink at Taz "So you just out here to give out free bait, friend?" Andy continued "Something like that" returned Taz "Shit!" Andys pole almost scythed out of his hands as a large weight came on the line "Damn, you got one!" The older fella declaimed as he dropped his pole and turned in excitement to clap Andy's back "Fuck but he's a fighter!" The line seemed in danger of snapping as it worked like a blade across the semi still water, sending water spraying back and forth as Andy struggled to reel it in. "Pete get the fucking net!" Pete, as that was the older man's name, turned to the small pile of equipment to his left and grabbed a large net. Taz looked up the bank behind them to see if Liz was watching, but there was no sign of her, and the glare of the sun blocked the interior of the stolen car from view. "Fuck!, help me Pete he's stronger than a bastard!" Yelled andy as his pole continued jerking to and fro. Taz stepped towards the younger man and helped grab the pole and steady it. "C'mon reel!" Cried Taz as his adrenaline started to let loose.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Fishing. Liz can hear her stomach growl again for the third time in as many minutes, and her deadbeat dipshit boyfriend is fishing. Not bad enough that he's losing his mind, all that bologna about demons and angels, well that isn't exactly new she corrects herself, he was always talking about God to her for years, but now he's crazier since that last fight. Her stomach growls for the fourth time. She still can't believe he ripped off the only dealer still talking to them, and God only knows what happened to the muscle that came to collect at the apartment, the whole thing is still a blur in her mind, but hell do drugs long enough and that happens. For a minute she was starting to buy his shit. That was probably just the junk talking. Liz hates being ignored, her parents used to do that for years till she left when she was 15. And now here she is once again. In some shitty situation, hungry, thirsty, left in a hot car while someone else does whatever the fuck they want, but what about what she wants? What she wants is in her front right pocket, and she can't stop touching it. Just to make sure she tells herself, just to make sure she didn't just imagine that too, but there it is. A little plastic baggie, one of the hundreds from a backpack. She hears laughter from outside the car. Fucking men. "They always disappoint you" she murmurs to herself. Or maybe it's her mom talking. She said that once Liz thinks. Who knows though? Memory is such a blur. She looks at the clock on the dash, but the cars been off for more than ten minutes and the blank empty dial just stares back at her. "Fuck it," she says aloud as her hand comes out of the pocket with a plastic baggie tight in her grip.
Okay second hiatus time. I'm gonna work on the 50 shades thing through december probably. And im at a wall on this as well. I need to delete the past like three entries and rethink the direction. Otherwise I'm just gonna kill Liz out of annoyance. I think go back to the flight from Vegas even. I wanna finish that story there. With my planned other demon in control of a small organized crime outfit. Office in a casino, all about temptation, we deal with his mooks, finally have a big boss fight for true control of Liz soul (this other demon got there first and pushes H) and then start the cross country journey. Really I think we need to have a book set in Vegas, even if its a short novella, and then with a better grasp on liz characterization move into book two the cross country /pol/lack thing with better established core characters. I mean right now shes kinda a cardboard cutout. And I hate her. So yeah a break from this while I work on the other thing, come back to this with a clearer head, and just a better drive for the whole thing. There's just no tension here. Getting very paint by numbers, bland, boring. Yeah taking a break and when I come back massive rewrites.

(270.03 KB 1440x800 A_long_time_ago.jpg)

/s/ QTDDTOT & Meta Thread Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:01:45 Id: f270aa No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
Have a question about where to begin or what story to create on /s/? Want to call the BO a prancing lala homo in a tutu? This is the place for it. FAQ Q: "Howto tripcode?" A: To use a secure tripcode, add ## in your name and a password. Q: "Howto grammar?" A: You can use https://www.englishgrammar101.com/ to learn proper grammar, or you can use grammar correction software like https://www.grammarly.com/ For information on text tags and more, please refer to: https://8chan.moe/.static/pages/posting.html
Edited last time by bajabronze on 09/11/2021 (Sat) 20:08:14.
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Uh, happy birthday 8moe? lol, happened right as I came to the board.
>>214 Cool, the sage button works again

(160.52 KB 900x900 AppleholicSnoopy.png)

A Meme Is Worth 10,000 words Anonymous 08/31/2021 (Tue) 04:41:36 Id: 859bfd No. 165 [Reply]
This is the designated effortposting thread for all OC memes. Memes are just another form of storytelling, after all! Proven reposts and pornographic memes will be deleted. Have fun!
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(800.60 KB 1200x1800 wild shotas.jpg)

(810.79 KB 1536x2048 E8z0LRtVIAUU-8z.jpg)

Dumb edit I made some time ago.
Made this OC for the upcoming fang friday
>>187 Love the Jazz in bottom left.

(194.34 KB 299x129 implying.gif)

Greentext Containment Thread Anonymous 09/30/2021 (Thu) 18:54:55 Id: 55133c No. 193 [Reply]
>implying greentexts aren't a valid form of /s/torytelling
(9.88 KB 225x225 1631213277378.jpg)

>be me in college >drinking because friends birthday >friend brings in a pack of 6/10s to lighten up the mood >after drinking around like 8 shots of vodka one girl is starting to look like breeding material >as i start to approach the girl i start sweating profusely >i shrugged it off as the heat because our dorm room's AC was down for the day >just when i was about to flirt with her the vodka comes out the same way it came down >all of the girls and my friend look in shock as I throw up the New Amsterdam and the burrito that I had a few hours on her > all of the 6/10s scattered out of the dorm room > girl looked like she wanted to kill me and her self >timetogtfo.jpg

(1.69 MB 480x362 THEZ.gif)

Writing Prompt Thread Anonymous 08/10/2021 (Tue) 07:54:12 Id: 9b3548 No. 70 [Reply]
Are you a writelet with no creativity? Are you a writefag that wants to compose something short and sweet? You've found the right thread. Use this website (or any other like it) to pick a writing prompt at random: https://thestoryshack.com/tools/writing-prompt-generator/ Follow the generated prompt and post what you create for critique and perhaps compliments. Nobody worth a hoot cares if it's terrible; what matters is that (you) write it. Proficiency in anything worth doing requires practice, anons. If you prefer, (you) may also write a prompt for your personal use or for other anons to take a crack at. Remember to have fun!
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/10/2021 (Tue) 15:58:51.
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(212.16 KB 500x310 Imageboard AI.png)

>>70 Periodic Prompt #001 You have just acquired the rights to an imageboard run by an AI so advanced it replaces the need for site administration as we know it. Simply train the AI on whatever it needs to run/administrate the site, and it will do it. What do you name the AI, and what do you train it to accomplish?
Early star explorers. They land a bunch of supplies in one central area, and then use lightweight balloons to travel. Maybe rival explorers come to blows somehow, and we have scifi macguyver weapons launched from airships other airships, cobbled together from multiple explorer model balloons. Could be fun. Natural progression of landing, setting up, hopes of the future, actual exploring, drama, dramatic retreat, coming up with war designs, mega battle, call him victorious with awesome planet and maybe ancient ruins or some artefact maybe. Enough story beats for about idk what is that 6?, 10? Chapters.
>>189 Well damn, that's definitely not a short story prompt, but it's definitely something worth writing.

/s/ Banner Thread Baja Bronze Board owner 08/08/2021 (Sun) 17:10:35 Id: c4e89c No. 6 [Reply]
Want to flex your creative muscles without becoming a /s/toryteller just yet? Create a banner for the board! Remember that traditional banner sizing is 300x100. Good ideas for banners include writing cliches, famous authors/screenwriters/playwrights, quotes from the works of said famous folks, etc.
Edited last time by bajabronze on 08/27/2021 (Fri) 21:50:57.
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(37.01 KB 300x100 niggernovella.png)

>>147 I felt that attempt was too cluttered, so here's a better one
>>147 back to cuckchan
<<162 Stay apoplectic, altistic

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